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thehiddenroom6669 10-09-2016 05:14 PM

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thehiddenroom6669 16-09-2016 03:48 AM

It's horrible that too honest feeling
When all you want to do is float
the brain never misses a trick
there is no antidote
i think i'll just relax
after all others are responsible for their actions
every little thing they do
each and every transaction
I have never hurt another
i bring exceptional to the table
but fear there is'not another like me
neither interested nor stable
but hell lets leave the seriousness there
got find room for a bit of fault
crispy nuisances
getting to no one
bit like a mouthful of salt
so i rub my soft fingers
glide them down your spine don't take nothing for granted
until your mine
i'll love you
i kiss you
A little out of breath
but promise i will not
fuck you to death
so i fluff all your hair up you wispery ole goat
then return to my head
where everyhing is gentle
charming and

thehiddenroom6669 28-09-2016 05:21 PM

Is everyone really a thug?
I took my blue traimers off
I had dome my shoe laces up too tight
The top of my tootie was sore
And hot, chey and cheesey
I stood in my blue foot spa
It was time for drastic measure poured the Lavender oil in the water
with Francincense , Gold and some treasures
As i stood there on one leg in my pants
i pondered about the world
Is everyone a thug?
we have no way of knowing
How the Hell would we know
should we just give up and run for the hills
or hide underneath a rock
bury our heads in an over sized frock
i'm frightened now
who really is a true friend?
Alot of difficult folks driving you round the bend
i wish i was a tortoise i'd fuck off back in me shell
and i would'nt come out for Christmas
nor the ring of a dinner bell
rollocks to life's shit it is cosey in ere
rubbing my teeney toes
not a worry in the world
nor upsetting feeling
shutting all doors to this planets foes n woes
finish of with a tasty packet of Skips
put twenty in your mouth
crunch crunch crunch crunch
someone give me a cuddle or jump with me in a puddle
sit with me in French cafe
hold my hand through the sweetie wood
share my lunch dinner and tea
and then i share your pud
my heart is beating can you hear
but it is full of beer
look in my eye
then inside this tear

thehiddenroom6669 28-09-2016 05:40 PM

Sing Song Haunted Poem
DON'T Press that button Fanny
The old bag will shoot down the shute
although she has a big crannie
I definitely would'not call her cute
OK Fanny you have pressed it
THough noone did request it
Freda has gone flying down the trap door
landing in green gunge on the lowest floor
I have no time for your games and tribulations Fanny
Stop ssmirking it is very naughty what you have done
Fiddling widderling jiggerling anything for a bit of fun
Don't forget to feed your rabbit dear
no having it off with that boy till its done
then you can sit with me by the fire light
and help me clean up my gun.
when we have finshed dear
best cease being a pain in the head
lest dothe pick up this ole gun dear and shooteth yow in the head dodo DODODODODODODODODHE HE HE HE HE HE

thehiddenroom6669 28-09-2016 06:35 PM

I'm sleepy
My eyelids are tingly and tired
my head has a bit of a flop
my hair is all curly ans wavy
but it.s clearly yawning and covered in qop
the country is feeling sleepy
all minds are tired and croaky
but i'm still feeling lively
if i was to snuggle within a blokie
i don't want fish and chips
i won't eat it
lay my head on the pillow
i won't fidget
because i'm tired
and my ears just popped
i think i'm going to go live in Alaska i am really getting bored
when everybodies attitude
bad manners and discord
i shall hunt for my own dinner there
don't think i won't becausei will
strong girl
with lovely legs
i shall find a Yeti to make love to
there are plenty out there
and i shall captivate hiim.
with hypnotism and the sexiest silk underwear
what a treat he will have
the lucky bastard
goodnight i'm tired.

thehiddenroom6669 28-09-2016 06:41 PM

So lets be honest
how the fuck is your emotions?
positive positive positive
conscious effort effort effort effort
then some wanker pisses you off
then you feel
shit shit shit shit
then start at the beginning again
read self help advice
try all this bullshit bullshit bullshit
but no start again at the begiining of the poem
best just cut the crap crap crap.

decim 28-09-2016 10:03 PM

Was a cat
Her had a friend, a bat
Lived in a flat, with a twat
That cat

thehiddenroom6669 29-09-2016 07:03 PM

Yours is my favorite poem so far
straight to the point about the cat and plenty of silvery depth

thehiddenroom6669 29-09-2016 07:11 PM

It's all about the golden nut
It is green on the outside
but i admire it's spikey prongs
a tough protective coating
As hot as a pair of tongs
mind the big spikes
tear open the cover and you will see
a big fat brown nut
as big as the deep blue sea
whip this straight open
pop it in the opening in your face
best you put a nut in your mouth
as your behaviour is such a disgrace.
I admire the tweeting Phoenix song
and this is the beginning of my Autumn song.
can't have two words the same
yes you can.

tawderono 08-10-2016 11:27 PM


Originally Posted by truthspoon (Post 1058334533)
Aye-up forummers... How about having a thread where poems can be posted by forummers without having them falling out of cyberspace and into obscurity on page 12.

If we regularly update this thread with our poems and random lyrical thoughts
then we can have a place to keep track of the poetic talents of the many Icke forum members, through the weeks and months of forum activity.

One of my efforts:


fairyprincess 08-10-2016 11:41 PM

Oh where, oh where have my pomes gone?
Lost somewhere in the void.
A needle in the net.
How can people see what a whiney little fuck i am now????

quilliard 17-10-2016 04:21 AM

I am he...
I am he, the one you seek, from above I bring God's love, together we are one.

What is God's nickname?



Because from the Wondernut grows the 'Tree of Life'

Life is not suffering. Life is like a bowl of fruit. In it are many things Apples, Oranges, Pears, Banana, and Grapes, and just because the Grape may be sour, doesn't mean the Orange can't be sweet.

If I had a name to describe myself, it would be Pan Buddha Muse. I am Pan as I am here for the planet and all nature, I am Buddha as I have understanding of self within the 'Universe' and I am Muse as I inspire.

Hello, I am fully awake and I am not afraid. :welcome:

mr stoppitall 11-12-2016 05:54 AM

Egg Butty
I waited for the eggs to roll

from the basket which was tipped

as it seems some need an edging

some of them need a Spinner-Whip

The wave that fell about the shore, deliberate

They had to wait and see

It brought up quite some monsters

One's of which that feed on the likes of you and me

An Order now subsiding like a Castle nevermore

For the Greater Good,my ass Sir!

Tis only the lies that we emplore.

mr stoppitall 11-12-2016 05:59 AM

Rigid like a mast of sturdy timber

Afloat where none would guess to be

The sail, made of love and spirit gesture

If there ever was a promise

Then my heart belongs to thee.

hayed joe 17-12-2016 02:23 PM

I thought I swore off writing poetry this year as it was part of the changes.
Turns out I wrote 18, so was able to get a top ten put together.


deaftears 18-12-2016 08:05 PM

My poem
Contemplating Hiroshige's woodblock of irises
in my room
as the Chinatown cherry blossoms begin blooming.
I picture the century of men before me
pleasantly inspired
for whom the blue tints of time
in Hiroshige's print
awoke the heart's hummingbird dance
for the laborious turning of the ground.
It is as if
by engraving them as painters
the human-ness of a flower
becomes real.
Through the woodblock
the little garden blossoms become wise men
much as the Buddha smiles from a living lilac.

hayed joe 31-12-2016 08:49 PM


The purpose of Ding Dong
All harkens back to siren
An echo homage
To imitate sounds of hatched

From original human species merge
Then uploaded into avatar


Firework cuddles
Scratch flesh in
Next April's bed clothes
But then whoever told

Past had melted
Sabotaged development
Wrapped tight stabbed flesh
Countercharge directed correction
Back from opponent
Captured helpless
To engage in flesh
An interest or wondering
Muses spat from duress
It's surrounding effect

The purpose of Ding Dong
And once sequence repeat
Nee nah
As far back projected
Further past pyramids
Ancient construction

But an egg
First human hatched
Egg shell cracked
Click crack



hayed joe 01-01-2017 08:49 PM


What the songs played internal
Most importantly not out of choice
More instincts what insides grab your neck
Keeping insects for amusement of exotic pets

When not concentrating on terminal
Bleep then voice then react
From conversation under attack
Get used to enjoying their awe dying

When exposed they see you
In truth pushing buttons
In another world playing the Bugle
Driving licence and raising funds

The songs play internal from memory
But when ink scratched canvas lingers
Watch how much of language
Is used collected sequenced worded bolded pasted
Paper advert television bus stop shelter escape to market
Demonstrated now in your home

Here I am talking to you
And only doing button pressing
In hope spider web procedure
Catch date of birth
Expiry date
Some numbers from telephones

When the songs that had played internal
No longer play out of courtesy
Faceless voices until proved identity
Looking for something else from what I'm offering.

hayed joe 03-01-2017 10:26 PM


Deeper further than reactionary
Of sending people to war
It's the death cult in spirit
Harvest children to cull
And more

The blackmail of child abuse
Caused by power undocumented
Every investigation
Brings strings of allegations
As many resignations
Until appropriate members
Of Royal Family die
And even then 100 years

Are you content one day?
In televised reconstruction
Of not even your life
You will see a portrayal
Of human woman others male
Sitting watching contestant TV programming?

As did their family
Flock wallpaper times
Oblivious to reality
Of four week strikes

At most powerful
Secretive protocols
Shaking hands with palms
Soaked from Children's
Blood and sperm

Breaking NEWS!!!
Investigation says it all happened
In the past

If that happens
Then revelation tampered
With information.

hayed joe 08-01-2017 06:32 PM


We got it all
And interlinked
Stop trying control
Of narrative

How many fingers blamed
How back slapped heavy
With intention of friend
Is there a calculator
For the nodding of heads
In acknowledgement

Too many figures
Incalculable with retail
Down to Earth shatter
Or illusion dominate

Always more people
Don't know I exist
Even though we are me
As everybody
Finding time

To be rubble scientist
Digging away to make all free
Regular supplies of Hendrixium.

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