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raburgeson 12-10-2015 05:56 PM

Pennsylvania sovereignty
If you have been reading PA has declared sovereignty at Hague international courts. It was the first of many states to do so.

I would like to bring your attention to this.

Need I remind you that it is internationally illegal to do human experimentation.




They sprayed Pennsylvania last week. Health problems are still ongoing. Car wrecks are up. I took pictures. OK, I will come forward with the results of their experiment.

Pennsylvania has sent Ambassadors to the following locations. Hague to start criminal proceedings, two to 2 neutral countries ready to talk to Chinese consulates at Embassies about military support.

Texas is sovereign territory also, sovereign from the US federal government, get the hell out of there! We have information to barter with the Chinese that will bring the end to the NWO quickly. Quit spraying completely or else.

This is not an act of treason, this is a Constitutional act. The message our forefathers left was clear. Washington used foreign troops to help bring about this Republic. For anyone here that does not believe that check out what NAVY help they got from which countries to take down the British NAVY.

raburgeson 12-10-2015 06:25 PM

I'm going to add to this. Those men are ready to walk through the doors at the locations and do you dirty. Need I remind you that the Constitution of 1912 has been reinstated in the majority of the states and the FED is illegal. You Washington inc. had better shake in your boots and get all the layers of chemtrail activity down for the rest of time. That's right, even the top powdery looking layer. You don't have time to quit, you quit now!!!

raburgeson 12-10-2015 10:03 PM

It's too late for you. The people sent are starting negotiations right now. All the information needed will be handed immediately over the counter gratis before discussions begin.

For all you people out there that don't understand, the cloud cover is increasing here. We believe they have given us an answer.

raburgeson 13-10-2015 03:29 AM

The only thing holding up Hague right now is number of victims. The samples are over there ready. Lab reports are over there ready. We will be careful to get Obama the top of the chain of command of the services and, the secretary of defense and the top dogs of the DOD, DARPA, CIA, NSA and, the national clandestine service.

The evidence was gathered from Lake Erie, the ground, and the air. The NAZIs did this and now these new NAZIs did it. When we get them in for proceedings things will go smoothly. Yes we want their necks in a noose.

Now I want to address the Noble Peace prize bullshit. Specially the fact that they gave Obama a prize!

raburgeson 13-10-2015 03:14 PM

It's on people, we don't have to prove there is victims. They have sprayed a populated area with the intent to do mental harm and circumvent the will of the people. It will be the government's burden of proof that they did not cause harm and we have 1000s of testimonies that they did. They are legally liable for their actions. We will not fall into the legal traps. While we use a day to reconfigure before walking into make legal complaints. Time for the criminals to bend over and kiss their butts goodbye.

raburgeson 14-10-2015 08:30 AM

While they are procrastinating I have a great number of people here with dirty hair and itchy heads. I do not understand the hold up but, we will collect hair samples and signatures and attach the Pennsylvania seal to the pouches they are put in. That is where the proof is, the record of Lithium.

Now we are stuck with a internal investigation. I'm being told the hold up is over in house PA government tax issues and the possibility that he may be drug out of the governor's mansion and tried for slavery.

They have a man over there waiting and he needs a home while he is doing it. The Chinese part worked out well. Now we go into in fighting and cluster [email protected]#$

raburgeson 14-10-2015 09:26 PM

OK, the complaint is in in a different International Court. Now we have to stand in line, apparently a huge amount of people have legal complaints so the action may be years. I have high hopes that other actions crush them before we ever get to the investigation/hearing phase of this journey. (Them) being the military/industrial complex. So for the foreseeable future this topic is dead.

raburgeson 14-10-2015 09:35 PM

New business! William Penn gave Pennsylvania to all the people who reside within it's boarders.

With a stroke of a pen it was deemed legal by the crook who decided he could take a large chunk of that property for a National Forest. Since that time they have illegally occupied this land. They have destroyed the area and estimates are it will take 75 years to fill the description of a proper forest again.

Again I tell the US government to get the hell off our land.

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