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davebeard 28-02-2019 09:18 PM

3 David Icke books
if you could choose 3 books written by David Icke,

which 3 would you say are the best? :peace:

serpentine 01-03-2019 04:46 AM

I dont read books much these days and take care of my focus but I did ask for a single protestor carrying a banner to be sent to the wrong exit at the Margate talk what with it being a favourite place of my younger days and a place which in time we took our own children there to the beach.

Also in time all books will fade and be lost but the single protester who lacked the courage to raise that banner (I left that bit open to choice) is just as much part of Infinite Conciousness as everything else.


serpentine 01-03-2019 05:06 AM

Yes, it's true and therefore the answer to the question would be any of the books mentioning Betty Shine talking about "the others" and any of those that gently unpick long held illusions or at least initiate the idea of thinking about those long held illusions will do nicely.

In time when the illusions we currently hold can no longer be maintained or are indeed shattered hopefully there will be some that won't crap out completely. :)

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