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st jimmy 07-12-2017 04:08 PM

Soros, Mabel and the destruction of Yugoslavia
Most people don't realise that Yugoslavia under Tito was unique in the former Communist Eastern Europe because it didn’t let the Soviet Union dictate their policy.
Even less people know about the involvement of George Soros and Mabel of Orange, and that the Rothschild crime syndicate effectively created a monopoly in Yugoslavia.

Yugoslavian civil war – Soros, OSI and Mabel
The most important player in the civil war in Yugoslavia appears to be multibillionaire, Rothschild agent George Soros (born: György Schwartz).
After Soros by his Open Society Institute (OSI) started financing the revolution against Milosevic in 1991, already the same year Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia and (in 1992) Bosnia declared their independence.
In 1991, Germany was the first to recognise the independence of Croatia and Slovenia, after which the United States declared Bosnia's independence in 1992.
The ”independent” radio station B92 was financed by the OSI to broadcast anti-Milosevic propaganda.

Not only George Soros, who supported the Yugoslavian war since 1991, played an important role in genocide in Yugoslavia, but also the Dutch Mabel Wisse Smit.
In 1993, Mabel worked for the UN and quickly became a girlfriend of the Bosnian ambassador Mohammed Sacirbey (with an American passport, who was married at the time); a relationship that lasted until 1998.

In 1994, Mabel Wisse Smit, with support from Soros, founded the European Action Council for “Peace” in the Balkans to support the civil war in Bosnia. Also the "independent" radio station B92 was set up by Soros, Mabel and Co. to spread propaganda against Milosevic.
Co-conspirators in this wonderful display of democracy were the Dutch Willemijn Verloop and Phon van den Biesen. Mabel, Willemijn and Phon also established War Child Netherlands in 1995. Philanthropy to support the armed conflict, and then “help” traumatized children so much that they could never suffer any more trauma. Fortunately our press is deaf, dumb and blind or we should wake up and find out that our wonderful “freedom” is very similar to being ruled by a ruthless dictatorship.

In 1995 the (first) peace treaty was signed, that effectively ended the war. But because Milosevic was still in charge of Serbia, and Kosovo has great wealth in metal ore, they supported the campaign to “free” Kosovo, charging the Yugoslavian army with all kinds of war crimes against Kosovo. Then they ordered Milosevic to give freedom to Kosovo, knowing in advance he would never do this voluntarily.
Now the NATO had reasons to bomb the infrastructure of Serbia: trains, bridges, power plants, schools and hospitals (to make this world a better place - of course). All of the dead civilians by NATO were unfortunate accidents ((including bombs on schools and hospitals) but the murdered soldiers from Kosovo by the Yugoslavian army were war crimes.
In 1999 finally the bombing stopped by the (second) peace treaty giving Kosovo some kind of unclear partial independence: http://www.globalresearch.ca/an-impe...i/15686?lang=1

NATO hasn’t even concealed that they destroyed Serbia's infrastructure, but of course we all believe this was in the interest of the people in Yugoslavia, who were ruled by a ruthless democratically elected president.
Mohammed Sacirbey was later suspected of embezzlement of $ 2.5 million as a UN ambassador, the USA didn’t allow him to stand trial. He was also involved in the lucrative arms trade (money laundering) to Bosnia together with Mabel: https://mightynose.wordpress.com/cat...-bloody-hands/

Because of the completely destroyed infrastructure; Yugoslavia could not compete economically and the whole economy collapsed. The civil war killed hundreds of thousands people and resulted in more than one million refugees.
Apparently Yugoslavia had to suffer to get rid of that mean Milosevic so that they could become part of Soros’ “Open Society”.

Soros the philanthropist
George Soros has bought a good name for himself by all the charity he pushes down our throats. His main charity is the Open Society Institute (OSI), which donates large amounts to “human rights”. From 1997 to 2008, Mabel Wisse Smit had a key position in OSI.
Perhaps Soros's most important charity work is the Human Rights Watch (HRW), which he effectively controls, to impose human rights on the people (preferably using a corrupt legal system) after first financing the “revolution” (for the Rothschild family).

In 2010 it became known that Soros had donated $100 million to HRW in 10 years through OSI. Naturally he demands that HRW follows orders (Soros is also the main donor of Amnesty International).
Apart from Soros other interesting names on the donor list of HRW are the Rockefeller Foundation and the EHRM: https://www.hrw.org/news/2010/09/07/...n-rights-watch

In 2004, the following Soros agents were part of the "European" Advisory Group for HRW (except Soros itself): Peter Osnos, Warren Zimmermann (former United Nations Ambassador to Yugoslavia), Barnett Rubin and William D. Zabel.
Also noticeable are the many CFR members: Joel Motley, Alice Henkin and Stephen Del Rosso (Morton Abramowitz was also an advisor): http://web.inter.nl.net/users/Paul.Treanor/HRW.html
At the “independent” Yugoslavia Tribunal, we could see how this works. Soros provided this with equipment.
Evidence against Milosevic was brought to the court by HRW.
And Phon Van den Biesen represented Bosnia.

Mabel Wisse Smit
At the end of the 1980s, before Mabel (never an official “Princess”) married Prince Friso of Orange Nassau, and was working for the UN, she was the girlfriend of the Dutch drug lord Klaas Bruinsma (confirmed by Bruinsma’s bodyguard Charlie da Silva on national TV).
Bruinsma was liquidated in 1991...
Amidst controversy in the Dutch press (then) Queen Beatrix didn’t allow Mabel the title “Princess”.

On 11 January 2003, Dutch movie director Theo van Gogh revealed that Quote magazine had learned that Mabel was working as a prostitute in the Yab Yum bar, when she first met Klaas Bruinsma (story has been completely deleted from the internet...).
Amidst rumours that Van Gogh was about to publish a book about the interesting history of Mabel, he was reportedly killed by a “Muslim extremist” in November 2004.

It’s obviously quite dangerous to be friends with Mabel, the reported killer of Bruinsma was liquidated, and even Prince Friso died after a skiing accident and years in coma, although there are some rumours that Friso’s death was faked (did he also escape to Argentina?).

Here’s a photograph of Mabel Wisse Smit (M. van Oranje) and George Soros.

Milosevic suicided
In his court case before the “independent” Yugoslavia tribunal; in March 2002 Milosevic presented FBI-documents to prove that the civil war in Kosovo was financed by Al Qaeda from the USA. Earlier Milosevic had given statements that the UN and NATO had caused the civil war.
That horrible (democratically elected) Milosevic died on 11 March 2006 in his Dutch cell, one day after he wrote a letter that they were trying to poison him. The media claimed that he poisoned himself with Rifampicine which caused the heart attack, but never explained how he got this in his cell. The Croatian Milan Babic had died in his cell 6 days before Milosevic (an apparent suicide): http://www.informationliberation.com/?id=7903

In the state media, a lot of attention was given to the “genocide” of 7000 - 8000 Muslim men in the UN enclave in Srebrenica in 1995, (not) protected by Dutchbat…
I don’t believe this massacre (at least not like it was told) actually happened.
The 78 days bombing campaign of Serbia by NATO that followed Srebrenica, was nothing but a war crime.

I found some stories based on the investigative work of Alexander Dorin that show that the official narrative is filled with holes.
In 1993, the United Nations (UN) declared Srebrenica a “safe area”. It was supposed to be demilitarized, but wasn’t. Bosnian Muslim soldiers would use Srebrenica for safety to attack Serbs.
According to Dorin, the Srebrenica Muslim warlord Naser Ori? with his fighters was massacring Serb civilians for years in the area of Srebrenica (including a massacre in the town of Kravica on the night of 7 January 1993). In this light it isn’t strange that the Serbian army started a battle over Srebrenica.

“Independent” research shows that some 2000 Bosnian Muslim fighters were killed in this battle; that’s the amount of bodies Hague investigators found.
According to Milivoje Ivaniševi?, a year after the fall of Srebrenica, some 3000 Muslim men that were supposedly killed in 1995, were voting in the Bosnian elections.
In addition, at least 1000 of the alleged 1995 “Srebrenica massacre victims” died before or after the Bosnian Serb Army took Srebrenica over.
If I use these numbers, with a total reported deaths of 7000, this means that the Serbian army butchered a maximum of 1000 men after they had taken over Srebrenica.
Some of the deaths were fighters wounded in the battle against the Serb Army; the injured soldiers that died were later presented as victims of the execution.
There are also estimates that some 2000 Serbian soldiers died in the battle.

Drazen Erdemovi? who had been a soldier in the Bosnian Serb army testified that his commander Milorad Pelemiš “ordered him and few other soldiers to execute some 1000 - 1200 Muslim POWs”.
Dorin found evidence that most, if not all, of Erdemovi?’s story was made up.
Dorin concluded that neither civilian nor military leaders of the Republic of Srpska (Serb Republic and Bosnia-Herzegovina) ordered the execution of Muslim POWs.

According to Muslim politician Hakija Meholjic in an interview for the Sarajevo newspaper Dani in June 1998; in April 1993, President Bill Clinton made an “offer“ to Bosnian leader Alija Izetbegovi? to have “the Chetnik [Bosnian Serb] forces enter Srebrenica and massacre 5,000 Muslims, which would result in the [Western] military intervention” against Bosnian Serbs.
Dutch UNPROFOR troops testified that Serb Army treated Muslim civilians properly: http://www.dutchanarchy.com/2016/12/08/454-2/
(archived here: http://archive.is/LVyQL)

An obvious ploy to make this act of “genocide” more convincing is the ridiculous story by assistant Secretary of State Richard Holbrooke, who stated that he had warned Queen Beatrix shortly before the Srebrenica “massacre”.
On 12 March 2002 Holbrooke for the Dutch state network NOVA said, that at the Bilderberg conference of 8 June 1995, he warned (then) Dutch Queen Beatrix:

I said to her: Your Majesty I wanna talk to you about a very serious issue. Your troops are sitting in the valley in Srebrenica. The hills are surrounded by Serbs, the situation could not be more dangerous. I sketched out for her on a piece of paper what it looked like. I said: I am intensely worried, you don’t have enough men there to defend themselves or the people around them. But you have enough to be very vulnerable, and I am more worried about it than any other place in Europe.
Never mind that according to the state media our Queen/King only has a function of ceremony...

Holbrooke further claimed that at the 1996 Bilderberg conference Beatrix referred to their talk a year earlier:

But the next year after the tragedy had occurred we met again at Bilderberg this time held in Canada. And she said: “You know Mr. Holbrooke, I will never forget that conversation as long as I live, I knew that something was serious, I talked to people about it (she didn’t say who) and I will never forget your warning.
Holbrooke leads to Wesley Clark, who commanded Operation Allied Force in the Kosovo War when he was Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) of NATO from 1997 to 2000 (appointed by President Clinton). So he was the commanding officer of the genocide in Yugoslavia from 24 March – 10 June 1999.
He defended these war crimes with BS like: “But in war, accidents happen (…) And I think the United States military was as humane and careful as it possibly could have been in the Kosovo campaign. But still, civilians died. And I’ll always regret that” - http://www.globalresearch.ca/we-re-g...udan-iran/5166

Clark spent most of his youth in Little Rock, Arkansas from a Jewish father (Benjamin Jacob Kanne, who died when he was just a little boy) and studied at Oxford on a Rhodes scholarship. He campaigned for Hillary Clinton in 2008, before endorsing Barrack Obama.
On 2 May 2000 Clark resigned from the military and set himself the goals: to earn $40 million in the business world and practice philanthropy…
Clark also tried to enter politrics, but wasn’t too successful because he had been photographed in a friendly meeting in 1994 with Ratko Mladic, who was later accused for genocide.

The stories about Wesley Clark in the state media are filled with all kinds of lies to make this war criminal look like some kind of hero.
In 1994 Wesley Clark was sent to help assistant Secretary of State Richard Holbrooke in planning the war (genocide!) in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Then supposedly the following occurred:

While the team was driving along a mountain road during the first week, the road gave way, and one of the vehicles fell over a cliff carrying passengers including Holbrooke's deputy, Robert Frasure, a deputy assistant Secretary of Defense, Joseph Kruzel, and Air Force Colonel Nelson Drew.
Clark and Holbrooke attempted to crawl down the mountain, but were driven back by sniper fire. Once the fire ceased, Clark rappelled down the mountain to collect the bodies of two dead Americans left by Bosnian forces that had taken the remaining wounded to a nearby hospital.
So the Serbians are war criminals, for an act of genocide that never happened.
But Clark and Holbrooke, who were responsible for numerous acts of genocide, get some kind of B-movie story to make them look like heroes - crawling “down the mountain” under “sniper fire”...

This wasn’t the first time that a story was invented to make Clark look good.
In January 1970, Wesley Clark was given command of a battalion in Vietnam. Only one month into his command, he was shot 4 times by the Viet Cong.

The wounded Clark shouted orders to his men, who counterattacked and defeated the Viet Cong force. Clark had injuries to his right shoulder, right hand, right hip, and right leg, and was sent to Valley Forge Army Hospital in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, to recuperate. He was awarded the Silver Star and the Combat Infantryman Badge for his actions during the encounter.
Being shot after only a month doesn’t sound very smart (unless of course this was a ploy to get decorated)...
Shouting “orders to his men” after being shot 4 times?!? If a commanding officer is shot 4 times, the next in line takes command. Or was it more like he was shouting "shoot ‘em Jack" in a state of delirium?

The Dutch state media have actually criticised the Dutch army for not protecting Srebrenica, because they should have known what kind of beasts the Serbs are...
Whenever I hear criticism like this, this confirms to me that the “genocide” was invented for propaganda reasons.
On 27 June 2017, the Court of Justice in The Hague issued its verdict in the appeal of the case of the “Mothers of Srebrenica” (10 plaintiffs) against the Dutch State in the Srebrenica “genocide”.
In its ruling, the court in The Hague upheld a decision from 2014 by the lower court that Dutchbat stationed in Bosnia-Herzegovina was at fault for expelling Muslim men from the Dutch UN base, many of whom were murdered by Bosnian Serb forces.

The appeal court ruled that the Netherlands is only responsible for the deaths of around 350 Muslim men and boys in the 1995 Srebrenica “massacre”. According to the verdict 7000 were murdered.
The Dutch state isn’t responsible for the majority of the murdered men, because these were killed after they ran into the forest surrounding the enclave.
This almost confirms that the genocide consisted of “only” 350 men (instead of 7000-8000)…

The presiding judge said that Dutch actions meant the Muslim men “were deprived of the chance of survival”.
The court restricted the liability of the Dutch state to 30%, as it estimated that the men would have had only a 30% chance of survival if they had been allowed to stay in the Dutch base.

A lawyer for 206 former Dutchbat soldiers said that they are suing the government for damages for sending them to defend Srebrenica, after Defence Minister Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert admitted last year it had been a "mission impossible".
These 206 soldiers are claiming compensation of 22,000 Euros each, which could amount to around 4.5 million Euros: https://nz.news.yahoo.com/dutch-stat...113525358.html

The court awarded a total of €25,000 per killed relative to the 10 plaintiffs.
Missing in the verdict is how many of the lost relatives for the 10 plaintiffs will be accountable to the Dutch state. They still need an additional procedure (schadestaat) to determine the height of the compensation.
Here’s the full verdict of 27 June (in Dutch): https://uitspraken.rechtspraak.nl/in...HDHA:2017:1761

The Rothschild monopoly in Yugoslavia
The strategy has been used over and over again by the Rothschild crime syndicate.
First a war is financed.
Then countries are made into “democracies” (in our world that’s upside down: effective dictatorships) with a friendly government.
After the crash of the economy (first the war and if necessary the government and World Bank, IMF help): the Rothschilds, and their henchmen buy companies pennies for dollars.
They lend “money” (that’s easy to do when you have the “right” to print new money) to rebuild the country that was destroyed by the war.
They own the companies that rebuild the country, so once again they get back the money they have lent. So now they still have the money, own the economy, decide what government does and have the state indebted.
Of course, nobody can blame them for taking a nice profit of billions for all of their philanthropy.

The Metals Bank was purchased by JNR Limited (Jacob and Nat Rothschild Limited).
NM Rothschild is adviser to Slovenian banking group NLB Continental.
The largest banks in the region - Banca Intesa, Credit Agricole, Unicredit Group and Société General – are all controlled by the Rothschilds. Soros was sentenced for insider trading in France involving Société General (to make it more difficult to read, and in violation with the rules, the judgement by the ECHR under case nr. 50425/06 is not available in English...): http://landdestroyer.blogspot.nl/201...-criminal.html
The Rothschild Bank Société General bought the Montegrin banks of Podgorica and Ohrid.
The OTP group, where Rothschild stooge Shandor Chanyi calls the shots, has already bought 3 banks in Serbia: Kula, Nis and Zepter.
In Montenegro, OTP bought the Montenegrin Commercial Bank (Montenegro's largest bank): http://www.truedemocracy.net/hj37/03.html
(archived here: http://archive.is/ciPcs)

In Kosovo, the Carlyle Group and the International Crisis Group (funded by Soros, Rupert Murdoch, Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan) are active.
Rothschild's Riotinto own the mines near the Baljevac; also Glenkor, controlled by Rothschild agent Mark Rich and Phelps Dodge (controlled by investments of the investment fund Atticus of Rothschild) is active in this region.
Russian multi-billionaire Oleg Deripaska (good friends with Nat Rothschild) owns RUSAL, bought the Montenegro aluminum company KAP. RUSAL bought the bauxite mines in Niksic by his partner Salamon.
Alferon bought Feroniki (including several mines for metal). Alferon is owned by 3 businessmen from Kazakhstan, associated with Rothschild. The head of Alferon is Johannes Sittard, who was the right hand of Lakshmi Mittal (who is partners in crime with Rothschild). Mittal invested 100 million dollars in Alferon.
Mittal Steel, together with the Russian state companies Juzuralzoloto and Zarubeznev, bought the iron ore mines of RZR Ljubija. In Bosnia, the Mittal group owns the iron plants in Zenica and in Serbia Mittal owns the mines in Ljubija. Mittal also bought the metal mines in Skopje in Macedonia.
Global Steel (owned by Pramod Mittal) used his Bulgarian daughter Kremikovici to buy Lamkos in Vucitrn (Kosovo), and in Leskovac: Lemind and Zastava Smithy.
The Mittal and Rothschild families are long-term partners in crime.

MOL is strategic partner of the state oil company Montenegro Bonus.
MOL has bought the Bosnian state oil company Energopetrol.
MOL is also active in Serbia.
The Hungarian oil company MOL is owned by Rothschild agent Shandor Chanyi.

Salford was founded in 2001 and these days has an (almost) completely monopoly of the dairy industry in Serbia, it controls: Imlek, Novi Sad Dairy, Subotica Dairy, Impaz, Zemun, Bambi, Banja Luka dairy and Knjaz Milos. Salford also owns Mlekoprodukt and Campomil in Bosnia.
Salford is an investment fund of Nat Rothschild, where Boris Berezovski is is the second man. Salford's director is Klaus Mangel, who sold Mercedes cars in Russia with Berezovski. Tim Bell is on the steering committee of Salford; Bell was an advisor to Margaret Thatcher and is friends with Berezovsky, Rupert Murdoch, Viktor Yuschenko and Boris Yeltsin.
The Ashmore fund took over Carnex. Ashmore is controlled by Michael Benson, previously of Amvescap, which was financed with funds from Attic.
Rothschild and Mittal founded FieldFresh Foods in 2004, which exports food from India to former Yugoslavia.

Wilbur Ross, a Rothschild bankster, works at Mittal and controls the Kosovar Alcatel BY Globaklstar LP.
Soros has a considerable amount of stocks in Stonebridge Communications, which controls the Macedonian MT. Blackstone is a major shareholder in Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile), owned by the Hungarian Matav, which is the majority shareholder of MT. The Montegrin Monet is part of Deutsche Telekom. T-Mobile itself is Macedonia's second largest telecom company.
The Blackstone Group was founded in 1985 by Rothschildagenten Peter George Peterson and Stefan Schwartzman (formerly of Lehman Brothers and Kuhn Loeb Inc). Blackstone is one of the (many) investments funds of Jacob Rothschild.

Deripaska owns a significant share of the Austrian Strabag, which purchased Crnagoraput, which owns and buys an attractive location for (holiday) villas in Montenegro.
Peter Munk, manager of JNR Limited (R: Rothschild), through OTP bought the construction company Arsenal, which builds a large port in Tivat. Arsenal will also build the financial centers of Podgorica, Ulcinj and Budva.
The Slovenian publisher Mobtel is (by Mladinska knjiga) part of Rothschild's Readers Digest.

Most of the information on the financial interests of Rothschild in former Yugoslavia is from:
(archived here: http://archive.is/NpqJr)

iamawaveofthesea 07-12-2017 04:34 PM

always the same players behind the chaos everytime...rothschilds, soros, house of orange and black nobility bloodlines...

st jimmy 08-12-2017 11:02 AM


Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea (Post 1062982181)
always the same players behind the chaos everytime...rothschilds, soros, house of orange and black nobility bloodlines...

It is difficult to find the information though.
Yesterday when I searched for info about Mabel working in the prostitute bar Yab Yum, immediately after posting the thread, this thread popped up in the Google search results. Today it doesn't...


Originally Posted by st jimmy (Post 1062982173)
On 11 January 2003, Dutch movie director Theo van Gogh revealed that Quote magazine had learned that Mabel was working as a prostitute in the Yab Yum bar, when she first met Klaas Bruinsma (story has been completely deleted from the internet...).
Amidst rumours that Van Gogh was about to publish a book about the interesting history of Mabel, he was reportedly killed by a “Muslim extremist” in November 2004.

I saved a copy on a USB-stick. Here it is:

Columnist Max Pam (NRC Handelsblad) aan de lijn: “Zeg, ik hoor dat Quote volgende maand gaat publiceren dat Mabel werkte in Yab Yum!”
“Van wie weet je dat?”
Pam: “Dat mag ik niet zeggen.”
Ik word er zo moe van. Toch maar even de hoofredacteur van Quote gebeld.
Jort Kelder: “We hebben diverse bronnen die dat inderdaad bevestigen; dat ze Mabel in Yab Yum zijn tegengekomen en van haar diensten gebruik hebben gemaakt. Maar niemand wil geciteerd worden. Wij publiceren voorlopig niet.”
Mocht Mabel inderdaad het oudste beroep ter wereld aankleven, ik buig voor haar; want juist wie op haar rug tot de hoogste toppen reikt, verdient onze eerbied.

mranderson 10-12-2017 01:29 AM

I've stayed clear of mentioning Yugoslavia so far because I coudn't find enough about that period in time that was not obvious propaganda.

It's very, very difficult to find any information that does not come directly from a very biased perspective.

This is an excellent thread st_jimmy !

It appears Soros is attempting the same scheme Europe wide.

st jimmy 11-12-2017 03:07 PM


Originally Posted by mranderson (Post 1062982710)
It appears Soros is attempting the same scheme Europe wide.

George Soros has been involved in whole lot of looting. When he was a kid, he even helped the Nazis to plunder the Jews.
If I understand correctly, for a lot of people in former Yugoslavia Soros is considered as some kind of "hero" for helping them fight the evil Serbs...


Originally Posted by mranderson (Post 1062982710)
I've stayed clear of mentioning Yugoslavia so far because I coudn't find enough about that period in time that was not obvious propaganda.

That really is the problem.
Most of the stories that disagree with the official story on Yugoslavia and Milosevic, seem to take the pro-Serbian point of view in which the Croatians were to blame for all of it.

At the end of June, begin July this year I spoke to a Croatian tourist in Amsterdam (when Srebrenica was in the news in the Netherlands over the verdict of the Court), with an interest in “conspiracy theories” and open-minded....
When I brought the topic Srebrenica up, it was clear that this wasn’t a topic to discuss. My conclusion that the war crimes, genocide, by the Serbian army have been highly exaggerated made him angry. He “knew” that the Serbian army was really evil and even mentioned that “we” were helped by the Americans.
So after asking if he agrees that Yugoslavia was better before it fell apart (on which he agreed with me), I dropped this topic.
He actually had some interesting things to say, and was certainly no fan of the US foreign policy.

st jimmy 27-01-2018 04:07 PM

Bayrock and the Kazakh trio
Rothschild really is one giant “octopus” that effectively has a monopoly through all industries and political flavours.

It’s really amazing; I’ve been looking very hard for information on Bayrock that for years was in business with Donald Trump.
I only had to look for Salford to find the Rothschild link; see the following quote from this post on Bayrock: https://forum.davidicke.com/showthre...post1062967450

Rixos owns 20 hotels across the world, mostly in Turkey, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Russia and UAE, with an annual revenue of around half a billion euro. Sembol is one of Turkey’s leading construction companies; its turnover is estimated at nearly $1.5 billion, mostly through public contracts in Kazakhstan, and also building 4 Rixos hotels. Secret documents disclosed by Football Leaks show that by a hidden arrangement Tevfik Arif owns a majority share in Rixos and Sembol.
A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) decrees that a new committee will decide on investments, which includes Tevfik, Fettah Tamince, Mutlu Simayli, and Eugene Jaffe of Salford Capital Partners. Salford is a London based investment firm that was reputedly owned by the deceased oligarchs Badri Patarkatsishvili (from Georgia) and Boris Berezovsky (from Russia). In 2010 and 2011, the Arifs provided Berezovsky – under his alias “Platon Elenin” - with 2 unsecured loans totalling 6.5 million GBP (around 8 million Euros).

When I searched for more information on Salford, it was very difficult to find the following story, which is very similar to “big story” on how Rothschild took over the complete economy of former Yugoslavia. I’ve also found some more good stuff.

Originally Posted by st jimmy (Post 1062982173)
Most of the information on the financial interests of Rothschild in former Yugoslavia is from:
(archived here: http://archive.is/NpqJr)

Salford is an investment fund of Nathaniel “Nat” Rothschild located in the Virgin Islands, where Boris Berezovsky is the second man.
Salford was founded in 2001 by Eugene Geffy, who made his career in the Russian Alfa bank, which is connected to Boris Berezovsky and Friedman.
On Salford’s committee is “Lord” Tim Bell, who is very close to Berezovsky, Rupert Murdoch, Viktor Yuschenko, and Boris Yeltsin. The president of Salford is Klaus Mangel, who partnered with Berezovsky.
Nat has boasted of having excellent relations with Oleg Deripaska. Deripaska’s company Rusal bought KAP (The Alluminium Plant Podgorica) and through its affiliate Salamon, took over the bauxite mine in Niksic. Rusal and Glenkor often act together.

The International Crisis Group (ICG), led by George Soros, is very active in the region and was financed by Soros, Rupert Murdoch, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and former Chase Manhattan Bank CEO David Rockefeller.
Some of the people involved with ICG are Marti Ahtisari, James Lion, Morton Abramovich, Louise Arbour, Brzezinski, Mihail Hodorkovski, Thorvald Stoltenberg, and Wesley Clark.
Wesley Clark was the NATO commander that bombed the hell out of Serbia in 1999.

Donald Trump’s Secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross, has worked for Rothschild for decades, and occupied a management position at Mittal.
International Mineral Resources (IMR) is part of the Eurasian Natural Resources group (ENCR). The ENRC and Alferon are chaired by Johannes Sittard, who was the right hand man of Lakshmi Mittal. Mittal invested $100 million in Alferon.
Alferon is owned by the Kazakh trio, Alexander Mashkevich, Alijan Ibragimov, and Patokh Chodiev.
Mashkevich is also a member of the ENRC: https://centurean2.wordpress.com/201...ada-sindjelic/
(archived here: http://archive.is/VUUiZ)

IMR/Alferon acquired the nickel plant Ferronikeli Complex, LLC in Kosovo: https://web.archive.org/web/20060518...focuskeco1.htm

This became a little controversial because Alferon received the approval from the Kosovo Trust Agency (KTA), even though they were not the highest bidder, with (only) 33 million Euros.
US-Albanian Adi Nickel’s bid was 49.5 million Euros: http://siteresources.worldbank.org/I...%2031May05.pdf

See Musa Bazhaev, Alexander Mashkevich, and Tevfik Arif.

st jimmy 22-03-2018 03:44 PM

Montenegro, Saif Gaddafi for president

The son of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, was also in business with Nathaniel “Nat” Rothschild and Oleg Deripaska in the £500 million Porto Montenegro project.

In 2008, Saif Gaddafi was invited by Nat Rothschild for a party held in New York.
In 2009, Saif Gaddafi visited the Rothschild estate in Corfu for a meeting with Lord Peter Mandelson: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk...r-1776482.html

Saif Gaddafi studied at the London School of Economics.
Saif met Mandelson (and Rothschild) again when they were guests at Lord Rothschild's mansion in Buckinghamshire.
Saif invited Nat Rothschild to his 37th birthday party in Montenegro, where they are investing in Porto Montenegro.

Saif even met the paedophile Prince Andrew at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle and they also met in Tripoli.
Others good friends of Saif Gaddafi include Tony Blair and the late Austrian politician Jörg Haider: https://www.theguardian.com/world/20...-islam-profile

See Rothschild associates Saif Gaddafi and Oleg Deripaska.

Why do I post this information now?!?
On Monday, Rothschild puppet Saif Gaddafi launched his campaign to become president of Libya.
Libya descended into chaos after the NATO-orchestrated “Arab Spring”, with multiple governments competing for control of the oil-rich country. Saif claims that he runs to “rescue” his country.

Saif Gaddafi has not appeared in public since his release from prison in June 2017, where he had been detained by a local militia after he was captured in 2011. In July 2015, Saif was sentenced to death by Tripoli in absentia for war crimes, but Zintan authorities refused to execute the sentence. In June 2017, the Tobruk-based government granted Saif Gaddafi full amnesty.
Saif still has an outstanding ICC arrest warrant over alleged crimes against humanity during the 2011 “Arab Spring”. Saif Gaddafi is presumably hiding in neighbouring Tunisia: https://www.rt.com/news/421764-gadda...idential-race/

screamingeagle 22-03-2018 04:39 PM

Vatican was first to declare indepedence.....

hate between croats and serbs goes long back beafore the civil war........nationality the best tool for manipulation

did the elite started a war i don't know
but they certainly "took over " when democracy stepded in

edit: i'm sure they did but its hard to find the evidence if you know what i mean

st jimmy 11-04-2018 03:42 PM


Originally Posted by st jimmy
On 11 January 2003, Dutch movie director Theo van Gogh revealed that Quote magazine had learned that Mabel was working as a prostitute in the Yab Yum bar, when she first met Klaas Bruinsma (story has been completely deleted from the internet...).
Amidst rumours that Van Gogh was about to publish a book about the interesting history of Mabel, he was reportedly killed by a “Muslim extremist” in November 2004.

In one of those wonderful examples of "freedom" of speech, Postimage.org where I have uploaded images (and posted hotlinks to) hasn't deleted my images but changed the images' URLs...
Is it usefull for me to join another image site or will they use the same kind of trickery?

Columnist Max Pam (NRC Handelsblad) aan de lijn: “Zeg, ik hoor dat Quote volgende maand gaat publiceren dat Mabel werkte in Yab Yum!”
“Van wie weet je dat?”
Pam: “Dat mag ik niet zeggen.”
Ik word er zo moe van. Toch maar even de hoofredacteur van Quote gebeld.
Jort Kelder: “We hebben diverse bronnen die dat inderdaad bevestigen; dat ze Mabel in Yab Yum zijn tegengekomen en van haar diensten gebruik hebben gemaakt. Maar niemand wil geciteerd worden. Wij publiceren voorlopig niet.”
Mocht Mabel inderdaad het oudste beroep ter wereld aankleven, ik buig voor haar; want juist wie op haar rug tot de hoogste toppen reikt, verdient onze eerbied.

st jimmy 08-10-2018 02:51 PM

Belgian NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on his visit to Serbia said that the precision bombs in 1999 on residential areas and hospitals were done to protect the population from Milosevic: “we did this to protect civilians and to stop the Milosevic regime”.
He also apologised for the civilian casualties, claiming that this was purely accidental.
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/0QHV07TtG28" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

During the bombings, NATO dropped “between 10 and 15 tons of depleted uranium, which caused a major environmental disaster”.
In 2017, it was reported that "In Serbia, 33,000 people fall sick because of this every year. That is one child every day": https://www.rt.com/news/440616-stolt...-nato-bombing/

I guess that we can’t complain that Soros, Rothschild and partners in crime hijacked the complete economy of former Yugoslavia as the “democratically” elected Milosevic was such a horrible man.

st jimmy 25-11-2018 03:24 PM

The following information comes from William Engdahl’s excellent – A Century of War; Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order: http://www.takeoverworld.info/pdf/En...f_War_book.pdf

Even before the fall of the Berlin Wall, Washington and the IMF were working “shock therapy” in Yugoslavia. In 1989, the IMF demanded that prime minister Ante Markovic would structurally reform the economy.
In 1990, the Yugoslavian GDP sank with 7.5%, and another 15% in 1991. The IMF ordered wages to be frozen at 1989 levels, while inflation rose dramatically, leading to a fall in real earnings of 41% by the first half of 1990. By 1991, prices had risen with more than 140%.
To make matters worse, the IMF ordered full convertibility of the dinar and “freeing” interest rates.

The living standard of Serbs, Kosovans, Bosnians, Croats and others declined dramatically. The IMF explicitly prevented the Yugoslav government from obtaining credit from its own central bank, crippling the ability of the central government to finance social and other programs.
This led to the formal declaration of independence by Croatia and Slovenia in June 1991. In 1992, Washington imposed a total embargo on Yugoslavia, freezing all trade and plunging the economy into chaos, with hyperinflation and 70% unemployment as the result.

In a June 1990 EU summit, Dutch prime minister Ruud Lubbers proposed a European energy community, to bind the countries of the “European Economic Community with the USSR and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe”. In 1995, the EU had initiated the Interstate Oil and Gas Transport to Europe (INOGATE) program, “to promote the security of energy supplies”.
In February 1999, just before the Clinton administration began bombing Serbia, EU commissioner Hans van der Brock stated as the goal of INOGATE: “to help free the huge gas and oil reserves of the Caspian Basin by overcoming … bottlenecks which have impeded access to local and European markets”.
A pipeline route, Albanian Macedonian Bulgarian Oil Pipeline Corp. (AMBO), backed by the US government and First Boston Bank, had been on hold for several years. Before it could move ahead, Washington decided it had to get rid of the Milosevic regime obstacle. Thousands of tons of bombs later, and after an estimated $40 billion of destruction to the economy and infrastructure, the Pentagon began construction of one of the largest US military bases in the world - Camp Bond Steel near Gnjilane in southeast Kosovo, for 3,000 soldiers. By 2001, Washington was in control of the Balkans.
In June 1999, when the bombing of Serbia was finished, the US government announced it was funding a feasibility study for the AMBO pipeline. The AMBO feasibility study was done by Halliburton Corporation’s Brown & Root, when Dick Cheney was chairman. The US ambassador to the UK from 2001 to 2004, William Farish, a trusted friend of the Bush family and heir to the Standard Oil fortune, admitted that the oil riches of the Caspian area was a major reason for American interest in the Balkans.

For a longer summary of Engdahl’s book: https://forum.davidicke.com/showthre...post1063047619

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