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stargategazer 28-02-2014 01:47 PM

Neil Kramer - Vocationally Flexible Robots
Neil Kramer in this interview talks about from 30 minutes in, the Education System producing Vocationally Flexible Robots amongst other things: information avalanches, ceaseless unveilings, the subjective nature of establishing relevance, personal and cultural fulfillment, activating higher will, divine presence, sleepers protecting themselves from reality, withdrawing investments in unreality, knowing truth through direct contact, inner expression of being, loosening the boundaries of self, opting out of mainstream conditioning education, Frank Zappa, real renaissance education, creating new mystical colleges of truth, creating tangible things now, taking command of oneself, the importance of wise elders, new sovereign self-governing tribes, unlearning unreality, dismantling the hamster wheel.

The show aired on “What In The World” on Canada Talks, broadcasting on Sirius XM, Channel 167. Original broadcast date, Friday 21st Feb 2014.

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