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howlingmad 14-02-2014 06:03 AM

Walter Russell science/cosmogeny
Forgive me if it's been brought up before, but a little-known genius/polymath by the name of Walter Russell (1871-1963) made substantial contributions to our understanding of reality, providing new concepts of science and definitions of the most daunting of mysteries.
If you have discernment, and I assume you have some if you're here, you will readily appreciate his work. I started with "A New Concept of the Universe", wherein he explains light, gravity, electricity, and magnetism, forces whose effects we use but do not fully understand.

An excellent site that presents his work (and much more that David Icke fans -like me - would appreciate) is located at:
Free Energy And Free Thinking
Several of Russell's books are available for download.

As far as I can tell, David Icke is not aware of him, although I think he would most certainly appreciate his work. How can one get the information to him? He's probably swamped with email to the point that one cannot expect an answer.
BUT -- If you're reading this, David, (shot in the dark) I'd like to invite you back to Grass Valley for a pint(s) at the Holbrooke Hotel. We met that long ago, mate!

inversedivinity 14-02-2014 12:01 PM

Decent enough artist might have designed a building or two. May have even known Tesla which I doubt but his physics is abominable. He uses get out causes like god to explain most of his shit. I had to stop reading it before it did untold damage to my own physics education.

Just a older charlatan no longer with us. He lied about his education he obviously had more than he let on to be able to blatter the way he does or he self educated somewhat on the current questions of the time. I say of the time because progress has been made and if man lives long enough he will through main stream science get the answers he seeks.

It depends on how long we live and if we can keep producing maths and physics geniuses. Before you come in all mad and all in his defence I will point to the simple logic that you are surrounded by technology, science created and there is more coming everyday. Walter never patented a device in his life.

If things you can buy feel touch and use don't convince you then your a lunatic.

Electro-Magnetism, Gravity, The strong and weak force are some of the fundamental forces within our galaxy. There may have been one force at the beginning I am willing to put my money on electromagnetism as that force and the rest split from it. Well some kind of primordial electro magnetism and gravity will eventually be found to be tied to this in some form either through the graviton force carrying particle or through some other means. A consequence of the big bang we have already found the higgs mechanism responsible for mass. As to the cause of the big bang the jury is out it could have been a omnipotent creator or it could have just been probability.

The fundamental forces are fine in our part of the universe but the place holder names of dark energy and dark matter need to be discovered as to exact nature. We have no idea about it but it lies in regions of the universe outside our galaxy so as it stands now it isn't really fundamental to our way of life but it obviously is to the universe if dark energy is hypothesized to be responsible for actual expansion overturning gravity.

Another one where the jury is out is if consciousness is a fundamental force some have alluded to it being possibly as in they have not ruled it out so science isn't all that bad.

inversedivinity 14-02-2014 12:17 PM

Man pursue real science its hard but it's worthwhile if you approach it from bottom up you will excel, your wasting your time with this egocentric rubbish where the gender of man plays a prominent import on the forces of the universe what a load of bullshit do you know how big the fucking universe is.

Do you know the stats for life arising on our planet we may have even came from mars which science does support. As in we are only 1 per cent different than our ape cousins. Imagine another species 1 per cent different from us in the opposite direction. They wouldn't even talk to us and I'd tell you they would laugh at this god rubbish

If anything the universe is god and it is not conscious as far as we know.

howlingmad 15-02-2014 04:58 AM

As I stated in the start of the thread, you would need discernment to appreciate, which I discern you lack. What did you read, two pages? Shameful. Really.

Did you check out the symmetry of his Table of Elements? He makes the point that Chlorine and Sodium, when combined, completely cancel each other's properties because of their 'opposite' energy.

If you take the time (this isn't for you, inversedivinity, you're dismissed) to compare similar elements in the same positions as Chlorine and Sodium are in this Table, i.e., Lithium Fluoride, Potassium Bromide, Rubidium Iodide, etc. you will also find his statement is true that similar combinations will always make cubic crystals.

I will sincerely apologize for providing a poor link to the information; it has changed a lot since I last looked. A more direct link to this specific book can be found here.
Also provided is "Atomic Suicide" and a book entitled "The Man Who Tapped the Secrets of the Universe"

Sure, the mention of a Creator, or even the use of the word God will scare off a lot of ego-filled people. If you ACTUALLY READ what he says about it, (I'm baffled as to why you're here; do you READ David Icke's books?) you'll find that he isn't in ANY WAY referring to the Biblical use of the term, although he may reference the Bible. You must understand the language and culture he was trapped in; there were no better concepts available to Westerners to express what he was trying to say at the time.

OK, people with DISCERNMENT may comment; others may return to counting to infinity.

howlingmad 15-02-2014 05:20 AM

Well, you've gone on a bit, more than I was aware at first. As I read your posts there were a number of items I would question, but I know how these things go and I don't want to get into it. But your last statement shouldn't go without comment.

"If anything the universe is god and it is not conscious as far as we know."
You're not making sense here, anyway. A conscious-less entity?
But your are conscious, right? Is your mind the supreme entity? How do you know this? How do you know anything? You must be a fan of Stephen Hawking.

Stephen Hawking has gone mad, in only the way the British can. It doesn't seem to be a phenomenon in cultures that haven't been seriously tainted by British culture. Hawking recently published the ridiculous notion that at the end of the day (favorite Brit saying) the universe is mindless. Of course I had to laugh, because with what did he reason this? His mind, of course. Maybe he believes his is the only one (Solopsism - a bullshit philosophy). But I say he's mad in a British way because of the propensity of Brits to chase illusory concepts, like Time, for example. A BBC production that played here (I couldn't watch it all, fucking ridiculous) made it seem all dark and weird; this way leads madness.

Time doesn't exist, but your science (or psyence) depends on it's actual existence.

howlingmad 15-02-2014 08:32 AM

Just adding a little more--

Time is an illusion, that should be self-evident: there is only an eternal 'now'. The "Big Bang" concept was concocted by a Jesuit priest by the name of Georges LemaƮtre to "prove" the Biblical concept of "creation". Creation is something that occurs perpetually, at all times. The only "evidence" we have that the Universe is "expanding" is red-shifted light from some galaxies. The current interpretation assumes that light waves behave the same as sound waves and therefore can produce a "Doppler effect", even though the they propagate in a completely different way. There have been found galaxies that are physically paired to each other; sharing stars, etc., that have different spectral qualities that, under the current dogma, stipulates that these galaxies must be billions of light years apart.

But they're not.

Newton has declared the Death Of The Universe to be a wide dispersion of all matter (tiny little BB's, right? Hyuck!) to the point to where interaction ceases.

But he completely neglected to see that the Universe also SELF-ASSEMBLES; new forms are created, constantly. Study Fractals, and you'll learn that they represent that apparent chaos at one level is order at another.

Russell's science at least recognizes that Reality is an illusion; the "reality" of nature is NOT substance, but MIND, which all beings share in an individuated way. Doesn't it make more sense that Mind came first, then thought, then material manifestation? That's how I create things, i.e., a musical composition, a poem, a tool, a mechanical device, etc.

I just wonder what the psyentists like Hawking were expecting to find, Mind particles? Sentientrons, perhaps? You should be laughing at these people. Hawking reasoned himself right out of his mind.

Anyway, Russell's cosmogeny is, in a lot of ways, the Taoist viewpoint. His wife, an active partner in his work, was given the nickname Lao, to Lao Tzu attributed author of the Tao Te Ching, of which she was an avid student.

WE ARE IN A NEW PARADIGM. At HAS occurred already. It's just now taking shape. I don't know about you, but everywhere I turn I find that everything we know is wrong, is an illusion, a lie. Maybe you're just now getting acquainted with Icke's work, but that is the substance of it in a nutshell. Everything we have been taught is wrong, an illusion, a lie.

the nine 16-02-2014 11:22 PM

I think russell is an unsung genius too..

didnt he say that neutral particles are a sphere and all charged particles are a wave?
(something like that.)

very profound considering the time he said it..

I believe God is a field of some kind, which resonates to allow creation and change to occur

his harmonics and table of elements makes more sense if we consider the nature of what we deem 'reality'

Im surprised more people have never heard of him

perhaps you could check out dale pond on youtube..
his work is an extension of walter russell and john worrel keely

the latest machine is said to eminate a feeling that people describe as a 'pure love'

very interesting times indeed eh?

mahabaratara 18-02-2014 10:40 PM

Book marked for weekend.

Have you heard of itzhak bentov?

He was Israeli had a book called stalking the wild pendulum and has a one hour interview that was posted on youtube.

For me it was well maybe not life changing, but a definite head spinner.

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