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hayed joe 21-04-2018 10:34 AM

You Can't Be Mean About Esther McVey! It's Official!

A link saying charities carrying out work for the DWP mustn't say anything mean or horrible about UK MP Esther McVey.
Well she's got a difficult job and... Oh who the fuck am I kidding? I would accept walking out if job and losing home to go into destitution if they gave me conditions like that!

And apologies if the DIf forum gets shut down as mean things like she's a lunatic psycho who at least should be in the Hague for mass manslaughter get stated in this thread.

better21 02-08-2018 05:21 AM

Labour MP Ruth George, who’s a member of the DWP Select Committee, discusses Esther McVey’s apology to MPs for giving them misleading information about the Universal Credit programme.

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