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sh2605 03-03-2015 01:25 AM

Targetted Individuals
I just want to start by saying im a targetted individual I have been for some time now.

I really have alot of information that is new to add to things for David as I am constantly harrassed and victimised 24/7 and have been for the last 6 years of my life. i will explain how towards the end of this note but would like to explain how this bagan.

In the beginning my life was normal, everything was great my carreer and everything going well working in a call centre and I was really a happy person but boy that changed over time. I was always into documentaries and stuff and started watching them on underground military bases in the united states i dont know why i just felt obsessed and every night after work I came home researching and looking into more and more I readbits about haarp, bluebeam the usual never making the connections i would later on.. i just looked at them as documentaries and it never all really sank in, id never heard of reptillians at this time.

I went to see a clairvoyant as my girlfriend of that time was into this sort of thing so after my afters shift at work i met her at our local pub and had a reading, the clairvoyant gave all this proof and told me i was a clairvoyant aswell,

I had a few more readings with a few other mediums who also told me i was gifted and this was the start of things.. I began to meditate after work and within 2 weeks I heard someone shout in my ear David, really loud and really clear.. started seeing shadows and all different lights begin flickering and orbs with my eyes open floating by me and I was hooked.. spirits where shouting me at work and constantly talking and it was difficult to concentrate

it gets worse so please read this I want to warn ppl about what has happened to my life so that people can have a good quality of life as I havnt anymore..

Anyways I was hooked, meditating and attending the spirit churches and open circles until i was so good that i could work the platform at the front and all my evidence was so accurate with names decriptions of how ppl had passed the lot, every detail i gave was accurate, messages seemd so loving and from family in the spirit world but this was a huge deception.

Things turned nasty and I firstly began having out of bodies and psychic dreams like being awake i was being constantly offered money, women, power and anything I would ever want to work with theese spirits which at the time I assumed where demonic entites and obviously I said no to them and have always said no to them even through to this day im constantly tortured and harrassed via voices and hallucinations and thoughts forced against my will into my mind as though im thinking them, it truly is a real battle to stay sane.

the psychic dreams and out of bodies became nasty almost from the start nasty and for about 6 years solid ive had nightmares every night without fail..

the supposed guides I had been working with who came in the guise of love turned out to be very evil and counterfeits.. and where actually theese supposed spirits which also turned out to be a lie aswell.

some where inter dimension and i did start to see some reptillian beings and greys with bent forward legs infact i have a photograph where i have cought reptillians and greys togeter while i was meditating...

my girlfriend at the time took a picture while i was meditatin and u can see like a hologram beeing beamed into the room from what looks abit like a ship..

the spirits that people think are there family and stuff are not, they are greys impersonating them, they have abducted me and i have marks upon my body scars at the back of my head where needles have been inserted and they dont seem to heal at all

i started to have sleep paralysis hich i had never ever had and also started to get raped in dreams, it put a great strain on my relationship as nothing i tried would work.. every crystal was used to amplify whatever was happening..

heres where things will make you think

just before this all had started to me i got my first blackbery smartphone, my life was great up until this point, and this is when the visions and rapes began.. i never made the connection that this was coming from the phone at all, istarted getting electric shocks too in all my metal fillings, buzzing constant in my head and threatened i was going to be killed if i looked further into things. in the last 2 years ive had 8 epileptic seizures, lost my job, girlfriend, home and almost my life..

although ive seen what appear to be alien beings and im not doubting there are but i genuinly beleive that this was a disquise by whoever was targetting me, im masored in bed and my head is heated up and ive even had to buy a quwave tabletop defender as i was always exausted on a morning after theese crazy dreams.

i want to try and summarise things up as things are getting abit jumbled but i want to add information for david to look into as im on an iphone and ive notice that when certain apps are installed my head hurts and things.. for example.. if i install facebook the voices get loud and its unbearable.. if i install facebook messenger i feel so angry and ill if i install ebay i feel sick and shaky, same with yahoo mail, by farfro me and im very sensitive but not because im special but because of whatever thees ppl have placed inside me.. when data is turned on especially 4g i cannot concentrate and am forgetful and its a constant battle as though theese beings or handlers are trying to posses me..

i have for certain v2k in both ears and hear 2 beep in the left ear when this is activated.. i had a sinus operation when i lived with my ex whic is what i beleive is used for the holographic projection into the brain ie what we think is clairvoyance but isnt..

the teeth are some sort of audio recievers aswell as causing pain, headaches etc.. everything i think they already know, its like an ai system that is being used and that we are plugged into the net via devices.. they have placed transponders within my body as i heard them talking and they said he knows they are transponders..

after the split up of my relationship ive had a few years on my own and theyve made my life hell.. please be under no illusion theese things we call spirits arent, a poltergeist is really done via a particle beam that can move matter much to nikoli teslas technology, ive worked alot out and thees beings and government are trying to kill me and ruin my life because of it..

clairvoyance is bluebeam tecknology, skullcap is telepathy, without the synthetic telepathy it doesnt exist.. we are having technology inserted into us to control us and theese people try and take oer my mind all the time.. im harrassed all the time...

i want to also point out that its my conclusion that the implaints inserted into chakra points are being used to wirelessly drain energy from a person.. so basically we are being used as batteries for soul or living energy.. please check how nikoli tesla could send wireless elctricity back in 1920 to light up bulbs set to different frequencies.. well let me tell u the truth, rich greeedy people are living long glorios lves on your energy and its being transferred wirellesly from you i never had a problem till wifi/bluetooth and the mobile internet was here.. and then i was exausted all the time, drained the lot..
the quwave device has been a odsend but only for energy levels, it does nothing at all to stop the voices or vivid dreams although im no longer exausted upon waking but i have to have it right next to me in bed to get that bennefit.

the top and bottom of what im trying to get accross is that the government and theese being are lying to ppl and people beleive they are spirits when its all technology beaming holograms and stuff, bulebeam, haarp,elf.. my head buzzes and im being threatened for typing this up to post but i hear in my head tones and noises like a 56k dialup modem would have made, its all computer language and theese beings are trying to basically take over people and this world like the borg in star trek

other dimensions aare simply time, and theese spirits possess technology to bend space and time and they are going backand forth passing this great evidence to mediums along side of mind reading and passing info to the medium beleive me i know ive been there and worked it out and had hell for it but wait till you hear what they did next

as i was single becausethey made me lose everything this is when all the fits started they wanted me dead and even told me before fits where gunna cause u a fit now and i heard it verbal in my head but out loud.. i also signed up to a dating site called pof.com and they have created fake profile after profile after profile got my hopes up and shattered them, they told me they needed to cause me trauma , i started to to hear hypnotic suggestions when falling to sleep an music clip, they where trying to instruct me to unlock my door and to go outside, but i also know they have teleportation technology also as ive seen them dissapear from my bedroom, i heard a man recently talking saying to get the anesthetic ready as when i turned over they where going to iject my bum so i didnt feel anything, i was just coming round and saw someone for a split second but then they where gone.. i honestly believe that they where going to rape me and im not homosexual..

i want to say that alot of human beings in overnment are hiding being the disquise of aliens during abductions etc and its all being done with technology, theese things are not spirits and are as physical as me and you but like david says can move frequincies.. im being tortured by thees people every day and they will not turn theese implants off they say they have to watch me as i know too much information about them..

my iphone is a nightmare if logged into appstore i feel ill and voces ar loud until i log out,i have to restrict the phone and turn it to 4+ apps just to stop thoughts being forced against my will but can still here them talking 24/7..

if itunes or delete app or appstore is enabled on the phone i can feel them looking through my eyes and feel not my self... infact i have to restrict everything such as location of gps off the lot, please understand that this is not me being paranoid.. the same voices have now started harrasing a friend of mine too who was concerned about me who also worked as a medium...

he has to restrict his phone aswell, plus when the phone is on stand by they are also sending ultrasonic tones and frequinces though th speakers causing paniic attacks and deppression..

if you are being targetted and earing voices please beleive me when i say its your smart phone and your wifi at home, and your plasma tvs

its all a big lie and not spirits at all..just beings as solid as me and you using technologies to control us..

i just hope this can help someone else, turn data off when not needed, all big notice how it gets worse when apps are installed and when logged in to there appstores etc..

notice how a blackberry is a black fruit, the apple has a bite out of itlike in eden from the bible.. and guess what.. android.. you work it out

but trust me ive worked as a medium and gave proof u wouldnt beleive and it was all in the name of love but it was a lie and i lost everything and am tortured still by theese handlers who use a synthesizer so there voices are squeeky and demonic sounding.

its all government and they want you to beleive its spirits and stuff so they cant be blamed.. its all done with underground technology and staeliites and celltowers and phones and stuff.. beleive me u wouldnt want to live like this.

sh2605 03-03-2015 02:04 AM

also please restrict the camera when not using if on iphone its one of the worst offenders, if your targetted like im being then please try theese things and i hope it will help you get some releif.. u dont need any symbols fo r god to love u or protect u, please know that they want u to use theese to mock u and to keep u in a state of control and fear.. god would accept you for you and not force you to be a person you wherent.. theese beings and governments need you to be ery religous and have faiths in order to use your beleif system against you. i beleive in yahweh, yahshua and the holy ghost and i know that god is real but theese ppl dont want you to get through to him and thees cell towers are to hide you from him and to control you, its like a fog, reincarnation is simply where there dominion technology catches you and they replant you in a body, wipe your mind and use you to store energy until your old enough to eat it from you while your alive by transferring energy wirelessly from you through mobiles, although if they are oin the same room on a different station but in the same space they use there own technollogy to do this, ive seen a few different ships while out of body, all of theese beings are using technology, doesnt that say that there not just energy like mist? they only appear like this bcos they are not on the same station like david has said.. david if u read theese i really need to speak to you in person over the phone and show you the photograph i have. i threatened theese ppl that if they didnt turn it all off and leave me alone id do this tonight, im just beeing swore at and threatened to be illed as usual and tortured when ive passed over aswell.

kickmuck 03-03-2015 02:31 AM

Do you realize how insane you sound?

Anyhow i would like to see this photo :)

mr man 03-03-2015 02:33 AM

Your in a bit of a pickle my friend, how can i help?

Cryptoverse 03-03-2015 03:18 AM


Originally Posted by kickmuck (Post 1062430506)
Do you realize how insane you sound?

Only to those unaware of these situations being very real.


Originally Posted by sh2605 (Post 1062430472)
just before this all had started to me i got my first blackbery smartphone, my life was great up until this point, and this is when the visions and rapes began.. i never made the connection that this was coming from the phone at all, istarted getting electric shocks too in all my metal fillings, buzzing constant in my head and threatened i was going to be killed if i looked further into things. in the last 2 years ive had 8 epileptic seizures, lost my job, girlfriend, home and almost my life..

It isn’t your smartphone doing these things in almost all likelihood. They have a system they use for targeting that involves creating very deeply real seeming illusions. They attach the AI interaction(remote influencing tech) they use to do things to people based on triggers in their environment. Thus having them believe an illusion about the source.


Originally Posted by sh2605 (Post 1062430472)
although ive seen what appear to be alien beings and im not doubting there are but i genuinly beleive that this was a disquise by whoever was targetting me, im masored in bed and my head is heated up and ive even had to buy a quwave tabletop defender as i was always exausted on a morning after theese crazy dreams.

They did the same to me, they hide behind facades of inter dimensional beings and aliens, when it is really a human source playing wizard of oz.

It is almost always black ops technology behind these types of experiences with ID beings and aliens from my experiences and research.


Originally Posted by sh2605 (Post 1062430472)
if you are being targetted and earing voices please beleive me when i say its your smart phone and your wifi at home, and your plasma tvs

It isn’t those things in my view. They are likely just arranging the interaction with you based on such things, to hide the real source of them. The real source is EMVs in my theory. EMV = Electromagnetic Vehicle. They are inter dimensional, and operate behind the scenes. They are capable of telepathy, mind control, and much more. A smartphone is not capable of that.

Be careful of illusions. You have a lot right but it took me many years to adapt to their technology and be able to detect illusions when they happen.

You aren't alone. I am a very severe targeted individual myself. I began writing and producing videos about my experiences and knowledge, and they targeted me more severely for such things....

You have a lot right, but I have never met a TI that didn't have some illusions present. The idea it's coming from your smartphone detracts from your truth. A smartphone isn't capable of remote influencing you describe...

They did a similar system with me early on with what I ate,. They made a matrix that applied tortures and actions to me based on what I ate. For a while I was absolutely trapped in such a matrix...

Keep on keepin on. And don't tell any mental health people your story(or police). They will want to lock you up in a mental ward... The psychiatry field is largely infiltrated by these govt sources, and is set up to suppress, alienate, drug, and lock up TIs...

sh2605 08-03-2015 02:56 PM

Apps are a huge part of this i swear, if i download certain ones to my iphone i feel so ill get clicks in my ears and nose constant dizziness anger the lot, a few things have helped on my jailbroken iphone, remove aslr seems to weaken the psychotronic thru the apps when it removes the aslr code, i swear if i install certain apps i go into such dizzy spells that i cannot concentrate or think clearly and even feel like im going to go into a seizure, my head starts to hurt and stuff and the voices get loud and my head buzzes... As soon as i notice that its worsened i delete the new app i just installed and i get clicks in my head and the voices and buzzing and even my mood changes like a switch clicking in my head.. Thry are human beings hiding behind the guise of aliens in my opinion as well... Firewall ip on cydia lets u block apps to the net but ive noticed even when not connected to the net certain apps change the frequency i hear in my head, if u have problems similar to mine even if its just voices and thoughts and dreams then try blocking apps and stuff and ull see... I never had any voices or haloucinations or any ill health all my lufe really until i watched dicumentaries on military bases and technology

grandmasterp 08-03-2015 03:04 PM

Welcome to DIF sh2605
Whenever we get TI narratives on here or 'gang stalking' threads they tend to be so subjective that it is difficult to know what to say.
So difficult and so subjective in fact that it seems next to impossible to actually agree of what a 'TI' is and what constitutes 'gang stalking' towards any mutually agreeable definition.
Hence, what you describe as being a TI...
and I am not dismissing what you say has happened to you...
some readers of an account such as yours here might think...
" mental illness."

sh2605 08-03-2015 03:05 PM

Ive found adblocking software on cydia helps.. But every app ive ever used that connects to facebook has caused me many probles, insomnia, vivid dreams and out of bodies.. Even being logged into cydia thru facebook makes me feel ill so i have to log out. There evil and alk i can say is to the person that doubted me to thabk himemself lucky that this hasnt happened to him.. I used to have a great job, prospects and good life but theese pol set up everything in your life to fail.. Things happen that u just cannot beleive, they set u up to fail everyday.. Thank yourself lucky. When i figure out how to ill put the photo on that my ex took while i was mediating, it looks like a faded out holgram being beamed into the room

sh2605 08-03-2015 03:17 PM

I understand what your saying but ive never been mentally ill. All of the problems began when handsets became smartphones and i was looking and researching into groomlake, dulce and peasborough as i was watching documentaries. Up until this point id never had telepathic powers or clairvoyance or clairsentience etc. people used to come to watch me as a medium in spiritual churches when it began and the proof i gave them was all accurate, names of the family members they had that had passed and how and messages etc but i know this was part of the deception and is skullcap technology.. I hear 2 to es in my right ear then the buzzing gets louder clicks in my right ear and bridge of my nose, i do t onow how i e managed to stay sane with what theese ppl have done.. I'm Lus my friend who is also a medium heres the same voices and conversations i am at the same time and they swear at him aswell now and threaten us bothsaying we know too much about them

sh2605 08-03-2015 03:20 PM

If the voices where mental illness then the voices would not follow my friend who is a medium home and torment him aswell. We both hear the exact same conversation thees voices say while in the same room or not so how can this be just in ny mind

grandmasterp 08-03-2015 03:24 PM

Over here in the UK those who work as mediums in recognised spiritualist churches are trained.
The training begins with 'opening and closing' routines.
Some of what you describe sounds a bit like someone who hasn't 'closed'.
Just a thought.
Best wishes to you anyhow and I hope that all turns out well for you.

sh2605 08-03-2015 03:49 PM

How can you close an unplanned bthats been placed inside you down? I know what your saying but trust me visulisations do nothing at all.. Spiritualism is just aboart of the deception .. After sll there not going ti say were military and have placed technology inside your brain.. They just pretend to be spirits and angels and read minds and pass the info to you, i workd platforns in spiritualist churches in maby of them and have a good name as the proof ive given was always accurate but ive stopped as ive learned the truth that its ti get pol to beleive in something so much so that when they supposedly open up to spirits they will accept the voices as that and notbrreakise its military.. Beleive me its not fun laying in bed with your eyes closed and then u see blue swirling and then its as though uour eyes are open and u can see in the room when your eyes are closed and up on the ceiling, future events etc and remote veiwing.. Theese ppk have asked ne to wirk for them for about 7 years but ive said no all this time and been tirtured and list the lot bcos of them

rickmccarthy 08-03-2015 04:00 PM

I don't know too much about the cause of your situation but I will say that discounting something as insanity just because we don't understand it is the height of ignorance. I hope that you find peace with your situation. Cheers!

deca 08-03-2015 04:08 PM

yeah just keep sticking that GPS enabled "smart" phone next to your head walking around in the E smog and keep believing that government can`t track & target you ....happy shopping

sh2605 08-03-2015 04:41 PM

If data is restricted and slowed down m say edge gors everything eases off so i definetly beleive data is being used, when i have 4g on it almost feels like im being hypnotized if u get me and you i hear the frequency completely change in my head and become higher pitch, also ive niticed when i used ultrasonic frequencies through the handset the sudden feelings off depression and sadness that cone over me ease off and seem to stop but i still get clicks in both left ears and it clicks every about 6 seconds until i hear tones sort of in my head and it seens to shut off, its like theres an on tone and off tone its hard to beleive but i swear its the truth.

Ive ordererred a signal jammer for data etc in hopes that it will block the frequencies so i can get sleep, everything they have done is really just fir watching documentaries after work, i cant beleive a government could ever be so cruel as im just a civillian with no clearance ir anything... Just a few vids in youtube after a shift at wirk with my tea. I know its defo something to di with data as i hear data in my head when laying in bed similar to a 56k modem..

I think someohow the phones are synced to an individual persons implants that they have put in so it doesnt affect everyone but just the target they want. Since getting the quwave tabletop defender next to the bed ive had much more energy and my head no longer feels like its being cooked as i lay in bed but it diesnt stop the voices and dreams

andytaylor32a 08-03-2015 11:38 PM

good luck matey im a ti too

Originally Posted by sh2605 (Post 1062437838)
I understand what your saying but ive never been mentally ill. All of the problems began when handsets became smartphones and i was looking and researching into groomlake, dulce and peasborough as i was watching documentaries. Up until this point id never had telepathic powers or clairvoyance or clairsentience etc. people used to come to watch me as a medium in spiritual churches when it began and the proof i gave them was all accurate, names of the family members they had that had passed and how and messages etc but i know this was part of the deception and is skullcap technology.. I hear 2 to es in my right ear then the buzzing gets louder clicks in my right ear and bridge of my nose, i do t onow how i e managed to stay sane with what theese ppl have done.. I'm Lus my friend who is also a medium heres the same voices and conversations i am at the same time and they swear at him aswell now and threaten us bothsaying we know too much about them

YOU my friend are not insane or mentally ill, sensitive people, questioners thinkers, are all being targeted some more than others, and yes its all blackops, as someone else says, have they tried serving you to change your religion, your sexuality, your personality etc yet.
The stronger you are in your faith, and I respect whatever faith you are in, as long as you accept that faith having researched its beginning, the more smarter you are, the more you question, the more they think of you as a challenge, a guinea pig, a stooge .
Its a game sick as it sounds so you give up your faith whatever god you believe so they can then destroy that god and thus that reality completely.
Know thine self albeit from another mans faith and thus religion, is so true, in that its about taking over your personality completely and thus your body

To make you become a Manchurian ghost, awaiting activation to do their bidding, whilst they in their shitty little houses and its not all black ops, its imbeciles connected to computers playing satanic games invoking devils and emons that need somewhere to go and they come to us, some will try to get you to do stuff that is against your moral code, they are after all sent by those with no moral code but greed and insensitive imbecility

Beware the peadophiles settings, you could suddenly flip and become their patsy and a willing participant in their turn them all into zombies horror story.
I believe we may have a implant and they are watching on their screens serving themselves in ABSOLUTE IMPUNITY while you do their bidding, and it gets nastier as they serve sweetness and light one minute and sadistic go hang yourself and worse suggestions the next

kids are sadly being taken in by these entities, vibrations, frequencies and we are losing our kids to being activated and deactivated to perform or die.

Compassion says send them back to the womb, and stop anymore kids coming out into this mind tyranny, intelligence says that's their game , we are at war and while we are nicey nicey they have an agenda torule the world

So all we can do is warn, prepare and protect the kids, and yes serving a karmic apology to your kids, we never knew life would get to this, and WE ARE TRUELY SORRY, we should have protected the kids sooner

andytaylor32a 09-03-2015 12:17 AM

its a free for all
After all the end is nigh revelations crap of the last part of the 20th century, when the big man, upstairs didn't turn up, if you believe in that god, entity etc, Christ jesus, yeshua, etc, and the ptb challenged him or them to come down and take them out before going insane, they went deeply dark in their minds

Jews Moslmes, Christians and especially Chinese, as HE DIDNT Show, and then the Mayans and their Armageddon stories arrived, then the Bulgarians etc etc, its about total annhilaition of the planet so these crazed imbeciles can then stand with whichever god they serve and win praise and thus absolution s for doing a grand job
Build a death star and then I will come and give a big high five well done congratulations, on you all, but now the next part of the game is PRESS THE FUCKING BUTTON, and not one of these imbeciles have the balls to PRESS THE FUCKING BUTTON and thus become the pariahs of the universe, as they know their god has abandoned them insed get this ACCOUNTABILITY.

Don't want to offend you or any others who may have faith, but the intrusions hva ealso been sent to those of none faith, or those questioning all faiths, and guess what as a person in none faith you get to hear a lot lot more, hence why some get targeted more and the intrusions at my head are a lot more than those inside their supposed faith

I suspect at this time those same are hearing voices, saying ITS FINE ITS FINE, they are just taking out the infidels, those of none faith you are safe, stay here don't question keep your head down, we are in the Passover, you can come out when they are dead, or better still our deactivated dehumanised robots

be under no illusion of the turds on this site who hear that sweet and light voice, its a deceit lie too, embrace all faiths as against one faith and believe me, they all hate each other with so much veraity they are all competing for your time, your money your allegiance and your most important TITHES, I hear the lot so its easy to then see its satellite technology being served on those that question and think, so that we stop questioning and thinking

MY argument to them all is, for an omnipotent all seeing god, to ask my permission to come and talk to me after an army technology intrusion blasted in first, serves both are a deceitful lie, serving good cop bad cop arrogance
It asked me what was my wish when it enetered my head in my sleep
I answered YOU are in my INNER SANCTUM, that's supposed to if you follow faith be sacrosanct to my communion with the man upstairs.

If you have JUST ENTERED that hoiliest of places you already know what I want and wish for you are GOD for fuck sake you know everything, only you can go in there otherwise its trespassing, this in my head isn't that manifestation, so you know what I want FUCK OFF GOD, and bring me the manifestation who is in chage of stopping the trespassing, and NOT FORGIVE THEM who trespass against us, it then did what I wasn't expecting it removed all spiritual protection, and life turned totally shit

I told God to fuck off, and he did, he took one massive fucking strop and fucked off, I lost all my peace that served my own inner sanctum, but get this that sudden removal of GODS protection, serving my mother serving me as Cof E and my christening, and me never following and faith ever since, but clearly I had silence before then GOD fucks off in a strop, and even after respecting and appreciating that all religions serves a hive mind inteligence, and im still searching my own spirituality, I heard everything, and still do.

Therefore for not having a faith and being inside inner sanctum peace and silence, I then get to hear everything, GOD has left and he;s taken his inner sanctum protection with him

It insisted what is your wish, and I answered in thought as against verbal , as you do an end to poverty, world suffering, more compassion and a return to purer intelligence aad joy, isn't that what we all wish for, apparently not most went for, girls, gold and greed, selfishness

Anyways I got my wish now this sounds sick but
Return to purer intelligence= I hear it all the hive mind twists and turns the lies the deceit the bullshit and the apologies, opened my eyes to what we are all about I can tell you that.
retrun to joy=, I now see more kids happy and smiling and joyful, as if there nemesis has left suddenly, I get sent loads of vids with smiling kids and kids playing , and it brings me a smile, the more I do the more they arrive

more compassion=my mother my gran my father and my brother were all dead within 2 years of that first FUCK YOU DICKHEAD YOU ARE NOT god thought I served to the intruder in my head.
Now my mother was riddled with smokers diseases and my dad died of lung cancer, very good god that's them now out of the picture no more suffering
My gran is elderly and heading into dementia very good god put her out her misery too, and away from this sadistic coulnt care less world
finally my brother has suffered for over twenty years form a brutal and vicious assault, he had to wait 20 years for his compensation and when he did, shortly after, he died, and then I saw the truth about the liars and sharks around me
so in 2010 2012, I lost four members of my family, then my boyfriend, and my friends and my job, and my livelihood, and yet I still had pure joy
BECAUSE I HEARD YOUR EVERY INTRUSION MICHAEL, GOD, ASRAEL, JESUS, YEHOVAH, EINSTEIN BEEZELBUB, and many more and I went oh my its a recording on a loop serving all the gods and manifestations that every other faith are preying too and I heard it all inside no faith

sh2605 09-03-2015 12:18 AM

constant suggetstions and thoughts over my own, it got nasty as i wouldnt work with them.., offered me money women and power and stilll do, they want my soul but ive told them no.. the thoughts can be very subtle so they think your thinkinkuing them or forced strongly against your will.. but yea they putthoughts in why not buy this nwhy not buy that, and then i hear 2 voices talking saying how theyve made me spend x amount of money and laughing congratulating themselves, they want me to be broke too.. constantly swearing and stuff... its funny you know because i went to a pub not so long back and a young kid was there about 11 with his mum and had torrettes and ticks and i preyed for him in my head and told my mate who works clairvoyantly too and all of a sudden half way through the prayer he shouted my name really angrilly, both me and my mate thoutght it was freaky.. theres alot of things going on that people are just taking for granted, they dont like that i beleive in jesus christ,yahweh or the holy spirit.. ive never been one to attend regular church services and wasnt really religous until i though angels and guides where speaking to me and showing me future stuff and then all the spirits shouting me in bed etc.. but like i said i found out that theese werent spirits or angels or guides.. just deceivers.. i mean what angel needs a device to be implanted in a persons head to communicate with you? if they are energy and just pure energy why do they need a radio device? its noticable before the buzzing like a tuned out radio gets loud and the voices as i get 2 tones in my left ear and it starts bad.. but like i say when installing certain apps i feel like im losing my mind and then when i realise that its ever since the app was added i remove it and it eases off... ive literally got to restrict everything on my iphone, but they use family mebers phones when im around them, making me feel sick and confused like i cant think, one of the voices says es too strong minded and to go but the other wont let it go for love no money and its got personal, tell me it hates me, wants me dead, and the traps are unbeleivable.. u just cant make them up, the ammount of things they can set up to go wrong in one day is unbeleivable... they cant see too far into the future though, its like david says they bend light or something so its non visible but they are just as solid as me and you wether they are human beings or not or both.. they can see some things that could happen but i think they set up alot to play out in certain ways.

i just dismass the crazy psychic dreams now forget them and dont try working anything out as i know its not psychic at all its just data or a signal in my opinion just decoded by theese implants they placed in my head as i slept (without my consent or permission) ive still got on the back of my head about 4 scabs that are close to my spine that are always raised and will not heal properly at all and theese arent spots..

im unna try and find a way to put the photos online for you guys to see what was captured on the photo, ive had this years and only found it while cleaning out the junk on my pc from an old camera, its a few years old from about 2012 but ill try and get a site to put it on and put a link , the strange thing is that its not visible but only in the reflection of the mirror but u can by all means check it as its genuine

andytaylor32a 09-03-2015 12:47 AM

so then what
Having identified its a loop, being projected into our heads, served by which ever god you identify with and thus stand beside, it then starts demanding money, very strange for an all knowing omnipotent god
So therefore this loop, being played over and over again is a money grabbing satellite who WANTS YOUR MONEY
ahwell, you are god as if you haven't had enough already
tell you what god I have no money whatsoever, however I have ten properties and in those properties are tenants that I suspect are hive mind controlled, go and tell them to trash the property , having already had several turds do similar before, I didn't expect the following to happen
OMg every tenant after my intrusion has left me shit and crap, shithouse salmonella fridges, shit on the walls, trashed properties and little sly calling cards.

Well that shows these turds listening to me telling god to tell my tenants to trash the place, are controlling god, and he in turn is controlling them, such that after six years now its become laughable
That voice comes back everyso often to ask how im doing, oh same old same old GOD, I told you to tell them to trash it to see if you nd they are hivemindsynchronised, and at the sametime please don't, I cant afford to keep doing them up every time the tenant hears you and trashes it, please don't because you are starving me into submission and you are deliberately destroying my livelihood and thus aspirations, to do what god
STEAL TEN properties that are getting more and more dilapidated after one tenant after another does the same thing

And before you serve get better tenants the last served a majors son, who trashed it and yet his fathers a guarantor, he doesn't give a shit and so neither does his father, because gods on their side and gods told them to trash it. Funny its me in my own head telling them do it, and then don't doit straight after
Prove me wrong god all these turds are not totally nmindcontrolled in order to steal all my money, destroy my business, serve me into submission, all because I said in my head, you have entered my inner sanctum, that's trespassing and therefore you are not god.

Prove me wrong god, that having done that, I suddenly heard you are CHRIST, because you i.e me told GOD to fuck off you are trespassing
Are you having a laugh, I tell god to fuck off for trespassing and now im Christ.

Ahwell if I was Christ id work miracles like compassion, and locating truth and serving truth, instead im seeing god is mondcontrolling you all to steal christs mind, his humanity, his passion, his compassion, his integrity, his hope his joy, his insight his experience, his awareness, but im not Christ, so that's an implanted suggestions, and oh boy oh boy, how vicious the Christ loop is there

How dare you deny my, don't questionme, don't argue back, with my response and don't you fucking SHUSH Me, if you are Christ and you are now in my head, before I commit to you and then tithe all my worldly goods to you, after fucking god off, can you just answer a few burning questions I have had for most of life
like the cannabilism vampirism symbolism serving your satanic church of rome, the mindcontrolled people inside revelations and your HARVESt of the true people, leaving the turds behind and many more anomalies and contradictions, Oh and btw am I dead now having had god kill me in my sleep, and the world I entered next becoming so surreal and the opposite of what it was like before.
What a surprise that manifestation in my head fucked off too, but not before serving me answers to them burning questions and more

Now I can relax and im at peace
then another manifestation shows it self, and now its become very easy to work them, they come to see you, you walk with them awhile, you get answers that serve intelligent questions, you tell them the first manifestation GOD took all your money and theres nothing left, some stay, and you get every increasing awareness and more joy and smiles
some as soon as they see I have no money and I don't lie fuck off and leave, when I tell those entities you and god have taken me to starvation, and you cannot feed off me as a starving man headed into death, they leave too

andytaylor32a 09-03-2015 01:07 AM

its perception in the eyes of the questioner
if you read my story over the last 6 years its on this site if you care to search, and the synchronicity I have endured, its easy to question am I a nutter, am I mentally ill, I must be a I told GOD to fuck off, so I could find the truth.

It did, I got my truth, I met compassion, in put them out of their misery, tell these hangers on and turds the games up, it was always about the money, tell the leeches and the vultures to fuck off too, and look, the whole fucking lot left

The truth at this point, leeches entities and fakes, none of them were real, and so neither were their friendships, theywere all sent in by a stroppy piece of shit, who sulked and took his toys away, because I dont need the twat.

After the initial shock that served oh my god, ive told an intruder to fuck off and this is the shit I getin return, you then get stronger TEMPER TEMPER STROPPYHEAD, it was merely a question. DONT QUESTION ME, FOOL, ahwell god gets in strop because I say you are starving us into submission and death,
GOD can I suggest that is not the mind of a business man, driving his customers and future clients, away with arrogance intrusions and stroppy sorcery

considering you have a machine geared solely around money god, driving your customers away and those possibly willing to be your customer and most humble servant, isn't very customer friendly gOD

Fuckyou you twat, whats that god inside my head you have just served fuck you you twat go fucking hang yourself, but god you own me already what more can I give you# Fuck you you twat, GOD intruder you are not GOD, you are Greed and because I didn't bow to your will, you murdered my family, or inside duality another served them compassion

God you are a bully and telepathically synchronised but god you have to wait what your turds are telling you every time they fuck up and I then go back iside their pretty little heads and served LOSER and they are gone never to be seen or heard of ever again, begone you pathetic little prick, you are army technology attached to a computer, and I shame you all inside KNOW THINESELf
if that's Satanism, and I am therefore an aleister Crowley cultist, even though I have never read or been to anything I knowingly am aware is connected to him or his cult, then so be it, I am an anti trespassing Satanist and therefore begone shameful turd begone
IF that is the case I am satan im the flesh, begone shameful turds begone

If that's the case, Satan has banished god and all his shithead turds, begone turd heads begone, and take your stroppy jihadist jinn manifestations with you

Is my life suddenly looking up, couldn't care fucking less, god attacked me for no other reason than he it is skint and he needed my converting to whatever faith he controls and when ii wouldn't without my questions being answered he left and so did therefore all his turds

Im talking to Betelgeuse now inside cosmos awareness and hes just fucked off too, onwards and upwards hey god, onwards and upwards

PS GOd your turds are a lousy fucking shot, they shoot me once in the head, and I have heard your pathetic sniggering and stroppy suggestions ever since

BYE GOD nice knowing you, see you around sometime not too soon I hope NEXTTTTTT

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