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techman 10-02-2019 07:49 PM

Switching of ships aside for one moment, here's a slideshow of rare Olympic and Titanic photos for people to look over:


A lot of these photos I have never seen before. There are some that look familiar, but on closer viewing they are different and appear to have been taken by people different and/or at different times. There's a few seen later on showing Titanic entering the water for the first time inside the gantry, though these don't look like the same set of photos that were recently "discovered" just a few years ago which were thought to be the only photos known showing her berthing the water from Harland and Wolff with crowds watching inside. Why those seen in this video haven't been publicly released like other photos I don't know.

Watching the video that Titanic music certainly does pull the emotional heartstrings. Of course those of a conspiratorial mind who don't buy the official story know they use those things, particularly in Hollywood films to tug the public's heartstrings and instil the idea into their minds the official story of the tragedy as 100% fact. And the whole "romanticism" of Titanic works a treat on the masses.

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