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kaito9 18-01-2019 05:39 AM

Mysterious Ancient Greek Diagram of Hollow Earth


kaito9 18-01-2019 05:39 AM

Source high resolution images if someone decides to translate to english:



Existence of these diagrams can possibly mean that Ancient Greek scientists were aware that the Earth is Hollow and they were going to inner earth or were being taken to inner earth to obverse electromagnetic and plasma phenomena happening above inner earth skies.

kaito9 18-01-2019 06:30 AM

I wonder if that something completely mysterious on the first diagram is how birkeland currents power the inner sun.

Birkeland Currents Explained: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?lis...4i-KviQnAhQhBM

screamingeagle 18-01-2019 07:27 AM

yes,myths are left as clues......they just need to be decoded as proved by thunderbolts.info crew

phar_out 01-02-2019 09:50 AM

The earliest mention of this map that I can see online is from 2012, which would tie in with the '2003-2012' date in the upper-left corner of the first map.

I wonder what's under the censored bit in the left-centre of the bottom of the first map? Unfortunately, a Google Reverse Image search only comes up with post-censorship versions.

Also, the signature to the right of the panel with 2003-2012 written in it in the first map shows distinct marks of being written with a ball-point pen if you zoom in (regardless of the other traits of the 'maps' being drawn with modern stationery, such as what appears to be Tipp-Ex on both maps).

I'm pretty sure this is the work of a modern fantasist, rather than anything ancient. Without reading the text, I'd guess it's either something from a fantasy/sci-fi story or a role-playing game. It can't really be considered a 'forgery' even in the loosest interpretation of the word, as I doubt the creator was out to actually fool anyone.

decim 02-02-2019 12:37 AM

Maybe we are already inside a hollow Earth, with another inside that.
The Sun and Moon we see are openings to the surface.

kaito9 02-02-2019 12:28 PM

Its possible but who knows, maybe these diagrams are real, maybe they are made up diagrams, maybe these diagrams are the only thing someone was able to print out before the ancient greek book got hidden away by vatican or something. The diagram fits eerily with the electromagnetic and plasma phenomenon to be dismissed as made up, check Primer Fields for similar example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9EPlyiW-xGI. The diagrams need more in depth research as to where it came actually from. It is possible internet may not have the answer if the ancient book was quickly hidden away by vatican or something.

Electric universe model proves beyond any doubts that space is very real. https://www.youtube.com/user/ThunderboltsProject/videos So no we are not living inside the hollow earth, we are living on the outer surface.

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