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ink 12-10-2018 05:30 PM

Can You justify Your own existence?
Removed in case it offended anyone of insufficient self....here have a poem instead

Bourne now upon the spiral current, a single I shattered to form
within this fractal of compassion, this eye can rend a single sojourn.

In tumid love of possessive companion, I seek to pay with material gain
mind motiveless through want of being, this eye of empathy is paid via pain.

When vexed by languished whimsicality, this I left being by given right
then viewed motiveless physicality, the eye once spells eternal light.

Written from already thought, an I corrupts a corporate court
counterpart of judge and jury, may eye conceive of that as sought.

Once brought into the lack of seeing, must I conflate the way to perceive
too complex the verse in action, could eye contend with sceptered malaise.

Now use of imagination, I contend with visual current creation
Through a timed confirmation of configuration, our eye will confirm elation.

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