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anyhoo 02-09-2011 03:03 AM

A repeat 9-11
Who is afraid that whoever pulled off 9-11 is going to do a repeat of it. I hope I am wrong but consider the people we are dealing with. If you believe in a 9-11 conspiracy as I still do, then you must understand that whoever really did that is still out there and very capable of doing something similiar again. The date is very significant. Has it ever seemed odd to you that the date 9-11 was chosen? Just a little bit too odd not to be something significant. Its sure as hell nothing some Afghan freedom fighter would care anything about. That shows intelligence, cruelty, mockery, impudence, and arrogance. The choice of that date reveals much about the true architects of 9-11. Think about what it could be that makes the date signifiant? It was very imporant for some reason that it occur on that date. They planned for years in advance for it to happen on that date in NYC. It was planned for years and how many people know about it? Many people know about it. Many in New York City are in on the conspiracy. The truth of that number means that it very well could happen again.

Edit: You saw all of those people standing around WTC 7 about to be pulled. You clearly saw it in the videos, didn't you? Did you ever think of the significance of those people watching? Those people all knew WTC 7 was coming down. They were all in on it. They ALL knew it was coming down. A lot of people knew. Larry Silverstein was not lying when he said they gave the order to pull the building. It was no big deal. He knows. A lot of people know. They pulled WTC 7. Now, how could that be, you ask? You think about that just a little bit, and you prove your 9-11 conspiracy right there. Its not foreign terrorists. A lot of people inside of America know what is really going on. So, how can this be explained? I think I know, but I've connected enough dots for you to help you find the conclusion that I am not going to state here.

lacimonga 02-09-2011 03:12 AM

It is a Dead Certainty that something big is planned for this years 10th Anniversary. Probably much bigger than the first. Other than those involved, nobody is likely to know what it is until after the big event is over. Maybe Israel will start WW3 by bombing Iran and Syria or something along those lines.

302bluefog 02-09-2011 03:15 AM


Originally Posted by anyhoo (Post 1060177319)
Its sure as hell nothing some Afghan freedom fighter would care anything about.

Good point, what would that date be to them...idk


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