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brian 17-04-2012 11:42 PM

twilight_sparkle 25-04-2012 07:06 PM

I am a singer (soprano) but talented in both classical and pop genres. I am always available to sing vox for projects. If you have a project and would like to work with me, or for me to write lyrics please PM me.
My influences are classical/pop crossover, Yes, Genesis, Eva Cassidy, Kate Bush and Bjork.
(I can't send you links to my Youtube or Soundcloud, because I don't with my real name to be known on the forum. Sorry!)

itsallinus 13-05-2012 12:29 PM

New tune, free download 320kbps Prog Psy Trance

It Came From Over There

doodahman1969 13-05-2012 10:00 PM

New weird tekno/haus mix with a tropical vibe called Coreshine Loincloth IX.

Stream: http://www.mixcloud.com/MulattoThund...-loincloth-ix/

DL: http://*******/Ii4nke

Beatport: http://dj.beatport.com/mulattothunder


Gurhan- Between Us (Terry Lee Brown Junior Remix) [Deep House Proposal]

Nhow Nhow- Little Helper 34-4 [Little Helpers]

Livio & Roby- Shinichi [Vakant]

Crossninetroll- Forma Matika [Metroline Limited]

Stimmung Andern- Little Helper 33-4 [Little Helpers]

Ex Sound System – Obramak’s End (Dub Mix) [Potobolo]

Philip Arruda & Paul Leoric – Artstyle (Philip Arruda Remix) [Land Of Voodoo]

Matthew Burton & Kate Rathod- New Funk [Visionquest]

Alex Celler- Bellawatt (Kabale Und Liebe Remix) [Cinematic]

Marc Miroir & Andreas Henneberg- Faces (Einzelkind Remix) [Paso]

Dual Method & Loud One- Loud Method [Resopal Schallware]

Santos- She (Coyu Kitties Ponies Remix) [Rockets & Ponies]

Daniel Pscheid & Gene Richards Adnew- Illusions [Session Deluxe]

Deltano – Vrede [Soundpark]

Matthew Lima & Maiki- Area 51 [Disco Royal]

Demian Muller & Andre Butano- Yopo Feat. Manu [Babaloo]

Milton Channels – Tequila [Back]

Juliano Silva – Erase Una Vez (Cristian Arango Remix) [Kult]

Sawlin- Neid Auf Vacuum [Ann Aimee]

Larry Peters & Miguel Lobo- Atemporal 2 [Bondage]

Talking Props- Rabalahara (Martinez Remix) [Dedge]

Re-Up- Little Helper 35-1 [Little Helpers]

Butane- A Rave Mistake (2012 Mix) [Alphahouse]

Aldo Cadiz – Waripolazo [Elevation Limited]

Frank Leicher- What Is The Reason Why [Chaca Chaca]

Avenir & Gabriele Mancino- Everyone Else [Carmella]

Paul C & Paolo Martini- Ammagamma (Nekes Remix) [Kiara]

Beesmunt Soundsystem- Wip Wap Circulation [Soweso]

Chube.Ka – Gorgeous Dub [Intacto]

Camea- Body Magnet [Bpitch]

Remi De Montsabert- Insane [Time Has Changed]

Ross Evana – Gold Digger [Alive Black]

Mar-T- Who's Got Samba (Alex Celler ‘El Cierre’ Remix) [Wow!]

Anil Chawla- Tandrum (Hermanez Remix) [Takt]

Deepbass- Process (Cio D’Or Mountain Remix) [Informa]

Robert Evans– Black Out [Deep Water]

Plankton- Kaloff [Hidden]

Bryan Chapman- Amplified Koma [8 Sided Dice]

Lando Kal- Rhythm Sektion [Hotflush]

Hans Bouffmyhre- Hypnosis [Electric Deluxe]

Clouds – Optic (Jesper Dahlback Remix) [Turbo]

Bastien Jaramillo- Algo Oscuro [Resopal Schallware]

Marc Antona- Gloves Off [Truesoul]

Chris Wood & Meat- JR Juniors (Tiefschwarz Remix) [Souvenir]

Miguel Alvarez- Amatista [Black Eye]

Ruede Hagelstein - Shades [Upon You]

Toktok – Ice Cream Headache [TokTok]

Intruder- Amame feat. Jei (Radio Slave Remix) [Defected]

Octave One - Nicolette (Ken Ishii Remix) [430 West]

Michael Knop – Fab [Clap Your Hands]

Jeff Derringer- The Trail Of Your Blood In The Snow [Perc Trax]

Matt Everson- JLR [Monique Speciale]

Pablo Ceballos – Adagio For Drums (De Rivera & Rivas The Slave Mix) [Drumatika]

Mark Reeve- Backdoor Stalker [Trapez]

Phonogenic- Jeppis [International Sound Labratory]

Pedro Romero- Oversize [Equim]

Unbalance- Fluid (Jonas Kopp Remix) [Mutex]

Laps– Joyful Process [Cadenza]

Kiko- Zuub [Signature]

Seph - Moon Flare [Harry Klein]

Alberto Pascual- Last Train To The Party [Plus 8]

Sasha Jam – Weltraum (Beano Remix) [Eastar]

Mikael Pfeiffer – Make It Up (Lazy M Remix) [Roof Audio]

Sam Barker & Andreas Baumecker- A Murder Of Crows Part 1 [Ostgut Ton]

Shifted- More Static [Mote Evolver]

Synox- Hypnoise [D-Lab]

Maelstrom- Pool Chicks [Sound Pelligrino]

Tamzali- The Last One (Ross Alexander Dub Kick Remix) [Afrotek]

A. Trebor- T.F.R Pt.2 [Trapez]

Mattias Fridell– Conquer Or Overcome [Sonntag Morgen]

Mark Broom – M28 (Truncate Remix) [Gynoid]

Kardinal & Lowkey- Spangle [AFULab]

Syntax Error- Unfree Download [Snork]

Sintek - Abissum [Capsula]

Pepe Arcade- Paranoid (Pepe Arcade Remix) [Rez]

Mid Wooder – Empire Of Shadows [Black Pearl]

Thomas P Heckmann – Goldrausch [AFU Limited]

Pascal Roeder – Direction (Raszia Remix) [LCR]

Conforce- Grain [Clone Basement]

Cassegrain- Hyena [Prologue]

Trus Me- Sweetmother (Marcel Dettmann Mix) [Prime Numbers]

Stickman- If You Stay [Mindset]

Knobs- Atavic [Nachtstrom Schallplatten]

88UW – Alone In The Ark [Translucent]

Xhin- The Realm [Token]

Robert Feedmann – Traversing The Asteroid Belt [Resopal Schallware]

Laaker- Bkro [Blueprint]

Lighter & Thief – Like Dat (Ben Sims Remix 1) [Beard Man]

Daniel Romero- Daimyo [Zua]

Delusions- Manipulate [Ballistic Delusions]

Gohai & Input C- Hedora [AK]

Healium – Slush (John Rowes Uk Acid Techno Remix) [Hypnohouse Trax]

Future Blondes- Levialthin [:.:::..:]

hooded stranger 17-05-2012 03:23 PM

Systema Synthetica
Hi all,

I was busy writing a new lyric today and thought I'd share it with you for comment before I write the final draft and record it.

Before you read it, you may enjoy watching and listening to some of our tracks here:





And so the truth is supposed to set you free
Yet they broadcast controlled news
Everything is a conspiracy

They have an agenda which would never pass
So they create a problem for our reaction
We demand solution we applause en-masse

They make believe
From the lies and deceit
They make believe
From the words that deceive

From problem to reaction then solution
Accepting the agenda that would never pass
Everything is an illusion

Wake up and open your eyes
Humankind is in demise
They have control but we are strong
Fight for our consciousness where we belong

And so the truth is distorted for their cause
We believe because we are trusting fools
To their false solution we stand and applause

Are our minds no longer our own?
Why are we all so fucked up and dumb?
We stare at the TV with its subliminal drone
We move like a herd to the sound of their drum
Dumb so fucking dumb!

© 2012 hoodedstranger.com


ps. You can check out my portfolio of lyrics here: www.hoodedstranger.com

alteredge 19-05-2012 03:53 PM

New anti jubilee song
Please take a look at our new anti jubilee song, it's a new version of the Housemartins song 'The people who grinned themselves to death'

Thank you

innerspaceage 24-05-2012 11:00 AM

itsallinus 31-05-2012 09:01 PM

In Dreams Awaken

Free download 320kbps Psy

snapshot 29-06-2012 11:51 PM

This is Without You, a track influenced pretty heavily by Portishead and King Midas Sound.

If you like it there's a full mini album by me free to download here http://neuroticwreck.bandcamp.com/al...mixtape-side-1.

itsallinus 22-07-2012 12:11 AM


This says a lot about me right now..

itsallinus 31-07-2012 12:07 AM

Couple of new tunes..

The Secret Life Of A Rock

Vepid Lovfraks

the_ohmbudsman 31-07-2012 09:37 AM

Living in the Matrix!
Here's one I made up on one Keyboard - no computer sequence software - with edited TV footage...

itsallinus 08-08-2012 10:47 PM

The Gathering Of Zork

twilight_sparkle 22-10-2012 08:51 PM

This is a really old track of mine (as producer, not opera singer!!) from '04

I've sampled BBC's Fingerbobs, if you wondered where the sample came from. I was a big fan of Mr. Scruff.


twilight_sparkle 22-10-2012 08:56 PM

This one is probably even older, like 2002, found it on an unlabeled CD and thought I'd post it. The chant is in pig latin.

hayed joe 02-11-2012 07:47 PM

hayed joe in "learns Soundcloud" shock!

If I had someone singing I could play the acoustic bass better. If someone else played the acoustic bass better I could pass for signing.

This is me last October. My second live singing and playing performance. I still bottled out of going to folk night, and eased my way into it at a local poetry night that has musician guests.
The track is called "Best Ghost" and it's meant to be an Academy Award that never actually got made, and they had no intention of including on Oscar night!

Welcome to my psychedelia!

cluas 15-11-2012 09:59 AM

My rockband Future Shock. We are from Denmark. Conspiracy-themed lyrics.

This is from about a year ago. We are doing another demo soon:


astrochicken 20-11-2012 07:04 PM

My stuff

guzzibob 13-12-2012 10:38 AM

vy duty:HeaMolecular Design Gone Wrong NOAD
This song was written,produced and all instrumentation done by my son,Mike
Vocals were laid on him by an American guy...we can`t sing in my family:p
It`s a bit "screamo" for old farts like me..but what the hey..I(being totally biased:))likes it

It`s heavy as hell,djent music...if you can handle it give it a go!

He`s in uni in Ealing,London at the moment and looking for a band locally to join/start

check out more and contact him at https://soundcloud.com/noad

ghostviking 08-01-2013 03:14 PM

Any MCS out there? I need some to help form a hip hop super group , with possibilities to work with well known underground artists if all goes well.

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