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jglee430 17-01-2019 08:15 PM

Marijuana is Crude Hash!!!-Bud is exempt!!
The system is the outlaw system. The attorneys are part of a secret society. They let you know what they are "outlaws." Attorney at law is attorney out law. To be "at" is near but not "in."

If you draw a circle, put a point on the line of the circle, and the "in law" is inside the circle and "at law" is outside, and the attorney at law will stand on 180 degree to your point and outside the circle.

The cops don't know the difference. Through word magic innocent people get arrested when the statutes state it is exempt. The bud is the mature stalk. The stalk includes the flower and the stem. It is exempt.

Marijuana is crude hash or chemically treated cannabis. Crude harsh is hash mixed with the plant natural product. The hashish and hash oils is synthetic. An allegory to Hash oil is hydrogenated fats or synthetic motor oil.

The semi-colon means is a joiner between independent clauses. The derivative is the synthetic.

What is a Derivative in Chemistry?
A derivative is a compound that can be imagined to arise or actually be synthesized from a parent compound by replacement of one atom with another atom or group of atoms. Derivatives are used extensively in orgainic chemistry to assist in identifying compounds."
- Chemicool Dictionary Online

(a) “Marijuana” means any part of the plant genus Cannabis whether growing or not; the seeds thereof; the resin extracted from any part of the plant, including hashish and hash oil; any compound, manufacture, salt, derivative, mixture, or preparation of the plant, its seeds or resin.
(b) The term does not include:
(1) the mature stalks of the plant;
(2) fiber produced from the stalks;
(3) oil or cake made from the seeds of the plant;
(4) any other compound, manufacture, salt, derivative, mixture, or preparation of the mature stalks (except the resin extracted therefrom);
(5) the sterilized seed of the plant which is incapable of germination;
(6) industrial hemp (as defined by IC 15-15-13-6); or
(7) low THC hemp extract."-
Indiana Code 35-48-1-19

The possession marijuana statutes involves the possessing intermediate product by manufacturers and not the ultimate user. It doesn't involves with 100% organic cannabis. It is through word deception that someone misidentify the cannabis marijuana.

Marijuana is a crude synthetic intermediate made from combining some chemical with the extract of the cannabis plant or chemically treated Cannabis plant part that result in hash and hash oil formed inside the plant parts.

If you read this website, you can see that the DEA cannot regulate the cannabis plant.

DEA Confirms It Cannot Regulate All Parts of the Cannabis Plant

(2) For offenses involving marijuana, hashish, or hash oil:
(A) the preparation, compounding, conversion, or processing of marijuana, hashish, or hash oil, either directly or indirectly by extraction from substances of natural origin, independently by means of chemical synthesis, or by a combination of extraction and chemical synthesis, and includes any packaging or repackaging of the marijuana, hashish, or hash oil, or labeling or relabeling of its container. It does not include planting, growing, cultivating, or harvesting a plant, or the preparation, compounding, packaging, or labeling of marijuana, hashish, or hash oil:......
- Burns Ind. Code Ann. § 35-48-1-18

Manufacture is the chemical synthesize marijuana, hash, or hash oil. Growing marijuana plant is still in the realm of chemical synthesize.

The system is based on word magic and deception. Cops don't know the difference. Legalization is to keep the cops off your back.

The legal system is outlaw system. What is legal may not be lawful. The statutes said that the ultimate user is exempt. The cops will say it is illegal. The possession is illegal for the pharmacist, manufacturer, or drug dealer who got their license to synthesize marijuana suspended or revoked. The possession statutes is written in the context of commerce.

The ultimate user can use the crude product for their personal use. Since they are not in commerce, the possession for personal use is exempt.

“Ultimate user” means a person who lawfully possesses a controlled substance for the person’s own use, for the use of a member of the person’s household, or for administering to an animal owned by the person or by a member of the person’s household."
-Burns Ind. Code Ann. § 35-48-1-27

"(a) A person who:
(1) knowingly or intentionally possesses (pure or adulterated) marijuana, hash oil, hashish, or salvia;
(2) knowingly or intentionally grows or cultivates marijuana; or
(3) knowing that marijuana is growing on the person’s premises, fails to destroy the marijuana plants;
commits possession of marijuana, hash oil, hashish, or salvia, a Class B misdemeanor, except as provided in subsections (b) through (c)."
- Burns Ind. Code Ann. § 35-48-4-11

The semi-colon means two independent clause to be joined together. The possession only applies to the grower or the cultivator who is the manufacture and not to the ultimate user. The growing and cultivate in chemistry is to make crystal. Crystal can be grown and cultivated by putting a crystal seed into solution.

jglee430 17-01-2019 08:41 PM

Schedule I control substance is a list of counterfeit substances. You cannot just read the middle of the control substance definition without the reading the beginning. Isomers are chemical compounds with the same chemical formular but different arrangement. Schedule I in Indiana Statutes deals with isomers and not the actual compound. The word "control" means "counterfeit."

There are pain relieve medication that based on the isomer of the salicylic acid that originated from willow bark.

(d) Hallucinogenic substances. Unless specifically excepted or unless listed in another schedule, any material, compound, mixture, or preparation which contains any quantity of the following hallucinogenic, psychedelic, or psychogenic substances, their salts, isomers, and salts of isomers whenever the existence of these salts, isomers, and salts of isomers is possible within the specific chemical designation (for purposes of this subsection only, the term “isomer” includes the optical, position, and geometric isomers):
-Burns Ind. Code Ann. § 35-48-2-4

supertzar 17-01-2019 08:46 PM

What do you mean by synthetic? Do you know what hash is?

oneriver 17-01-2019 09:25 PM


Originally Posted by supertzar (Post 1063056103)
What do you mean by synthetic? Do you know what hash is?

Hash should only contain plant trichomes, in no way is it synthetic.

OP, can you explain what you mean by 'synthetic'?

jglee430 17-01-2019 09:37 PM

The word synthetic means it is man made. The substance can be found in the plant but it is combine with a substance not found in the plant. The drug laws are based on patent infringement. You won't find the patent because it is in a private registry.

What we call "government" has a public and private side. Attorneys took an oath of secrecy so they won't tell you.

Someone patented the process behind extracting the juice from young plant of cannabis and reacting with some chemical to make a new substance called hash.

The police is arresting someone for patent infringement. The ALL CAPITAL NAME belongs to a corporation. That doesn't belong to you but the person. They charges the ALL CAPITAL NAME account because the corporation is getting paid for the patent infringement. The state is prepaying the fine by charging the ALL CAPITAL NAME. Some corporation behind the scene is getting paid.

According to Locke Management Association v. Martha Esche, the judge ruled that Locke Management Association is a public corporation formed by the Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency. Since it is a public corporation, it doesn't have to register with the California Secretary of State. It is also exempted from registering fictitious business name with the county. That why you can never find out who owns your ALL CAPITAL NAME.

The actor which is Upper and Lowercase (ex. Joe Job) is the one committing the patent infringement and have to reimburse the state for prepaying the fine on a finding of guilty.

jglee430 17-01-2019 10:00 PM

Cocaine is Chemically Treated Coca Leaves!!!
“Cocaine” includes coca leaves and any salt, compound, or derivative of coca leaves, and any salt, compound, isomer, derivative, or preparation which is chemically equivalent or identical to any of these substances. However, decocainized coca leaves or extraction of coca leaves that do not contain cocaine or ecgonine are not included."-Burns Ind. Code Ann. § 35-48-1-7

"(a) A person who, without a valid prescription or order of a practitioner acting in the course of the practitioner’s professional practice, knowingly or intentionally possesses cocaine (pure or adulterated) or a narcotic drug (pure or adulterated) classified in schedule I or II, commits possession of cocaine or a narcotic drug, a Level 6 felony, except as provided in subsections (b) through (d)."
-Burns Ind. Code Ann. § 35-48-4-6

The cocaine statutes is to regulate compound pharmacist. In the old days, pharmacist have cocaine leaves to prepare medicine. Also in the old days, pharmacist made medicine.

The cocaine possession is for the pharmacist. They need a prescription from the doctor to manufacture or purchase this crude product. Cocaine is a crude intermediate product that contains coca leaves and synthetic molecules that made from molecules found in the coca leaves. Cocaine is chemically treated coca leaves. Chemicals are added to the Coca leaves and the reaction results in any salt, compound, isomer, derivative, or preparation which is chemically equivalent or identical to any of these substances.

If you don't have the coca leaves but coke only, it is not cocaine. If you have coca leaves without the synthetic compound, it is not cocaine.

The ultimate user is the customer. The ultimate user is not in commerce and it never said in statute that the ultimate user needs a prescription.

supertzar 17-01-2019 10:28 PM


Originally Posted by jglee430 (Post 1063056122)
The substance can be found in the plant but it is combine with a substance not found in the plant.

Not traditionally. You can make hash by handling plants and making a ball out of what sticks to your hands.


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