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chokra 28-02-2010 07:08 PM

Paranormal Duplication?
When I was a child I experienced paranormal duplication.
Has anyone else experienced this?

jorn87 28-02-2010 08:05 PM

What is it? :confused:

jorn87 28-02-2010 09:25 PM

Anyone know what it is? sounds interesting :D

eustacekidd 28-02-2010 09:32 PM


Originally Posted by chokra (Post 1058678401)
When I was a child I experienced paranormal duplication.
Has anyone else experienced this?

What were your stats and equipment? I think I need to level up a bit first.

coco 28-02-2010 09:49 PM

Is this it????

Main article: Self-replication
See also: Molecular cloning
Ability to create physical duplicates of oneself.
Examples: Jamie Madrox[38]; Multiplex; Naruto Uzumaki[39]

Temporal duplication
Ability to bring past and future versions of oneself back to the present.
Examples: Flashback[40]; Damian Tryp[41]

passing 01-03-2010 07:40 AM

Perhaps it's astral projection...?

logan 5 01-03-2010 08:59 AM

Or more like a doppleganger..

chokra 08-03-2010 11:25 PM

I think I should explain further
.....About 35 years ago, my dad had a UK provisional drivers licence. In those days it had to be renewed each year.
My dad used to give me his old expired one. It was always in mint condition, still in its plastic sleeve.
I was about 8 or 9 then and I'd pretend it was mine.
One summers morning during the school holiday, I was about to leave with my sister for summer school. My jacket was hanging up on the peg. I was looking for money to spend at the tuck shop. I put my hand in the right pocket of my jacket. I pulled out the drivers licence. I put my hand in the left pocket...I pulled out ANOTHER driving licence. It was at that point my sister said, how comes I had two of them??? I obviously replied 'I don't know!!'
If I could turn the clock back I would, but I put one of the licences back in the left pocket leaving one hand free to search in the inside pocket for money. I had no money. I put my hand back into the ;eft jacket pocket; And the other licence was gone!!!

I wonder if anyone else can explain this?
35 odd years later, nothing like that has happened again to me.
If it wasn't for my sister asking me about the licence, you could assume it was my imagination....Even to this day my sister remembers it too.

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