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mannybash 24-03-2018 12:25 PM

Before I start there nothing that you would call evidence for this. Even so to use a phrase of einsteins that david quotes sometimes. You cannot solve a problem with the same level of consciousness that created it. Most lawyers I think it's fair to say are corrupt. Someone I once knew said that all lawyers wanted to do was win their cases. This is true but it's a mild version of the truth at least for certain lawyers. I can't say why I believe this but I have my reasons. Certain lawyers advise how to kill. They will or maybe they do advise to actually kill but they will make their position untenable over a very long period of time. Essentially causing deep stress in many different areas family life and so on. This is one reason why so many households are full of strife which in the normal situation would not exist. Some people have put on my posts that I have to provide examples or evidence. This type of thing is unseen and probably links into paedophilia though that is not what I am talking about here but it could be a first stage.

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