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yozhik 07-05-2009 10:58 AM

Financial Crisis Fraud ... more IMF bs
I found this interesting report today ... its an article on the appreciating Eastern European economies recently - a stark difference from the doom and gloom that was being painted a couple of months ago.


HUF appreciation is also bolstered by the fact that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said on Wednesday it overstated external financing needs of some eastern European countries in a recent report, largely because of double-counting errors, and would publish corrected data soon.

It is not clear just yet how large the IMF's revisions might be.

At issue is a table the IMF included in its Global Financial Stability Report, which was released on 21 April, showing many eastern European countries had large financing needs.

"We are in the process of correcting numbers ... regarding refinancing needs of countries listed in the table," IMF spokeswoman Simonetta Nardin said in an e-mail to Reuters in response to a question about the figures. "We expect to have the corrected numbers published soon."

The table had appeared on page 10 of the financial stability report. A version of the report on the IMF's website on Wednesday showed a blank box and the words, "Temporarily withdrawn -- pending update and correction."

The IMF said the corrections mostly involved double-counting errors, although in the case of the Czech Republic the figure initially published was the result of a typographical error.

Source Article


Double counting errors???
Typo errors???

Sorry, but the IMF does not make double counting errors in its statements.
That just does not happen.

... and typo errors in its reports??? Are you kidding me??

Anything produced by the IMF is checked, double checked, triple checked, quadruple checked, then audited, reaudited and then checked again.

Double counting errors?
Who the hell are they trying to fool?

I smell a HUGE rat.

Interesting to also note that J P Morgan is at it again ... seems the EMBI+ (JPMorgan Emerging Markets Bond Index Plus (EMBI+) is a US-dollar emerging markets debt benchmark that tracks total returns for actively traded external debt instruments in emerging markets.) is also promoting further risk exposure in the Emerging Markets ...

It is spelt ... M - A - N - I - P - U - L - A - T - I - O - N

redpill41 07-05-2009 12:48 PM

Very well spotted

the nine 07-05-2009 12:57 PM

yeah..good find, Yo

grannymoose 07-05-2009 01:00 PM

oy oy lets blame the disabled person who had to be taken on becouse of equal rights that they having 15 fingers couldn't even work a calculator:D

yozhik 07-05-2009 07:26 PM

I'm still shaking my head at this one ...

2 months ago, the headlines were full of doom and gloom ... how Ukraine was on the verge of implosion and had to take out a massive IMF loan because of the global financial meltdown, Poland was sinking, Hungary was on the verge of a similar meltdown ... then they were speculating that Austria and its banking system would collapse because of its exposure to the Eastern European emerging markets ...

Now its just a shrug of the shoulders and a ... "whoops ... we made a little double counting error and a couple of typos ... sorry about that ... its not as bad as we thought" ?????

I mean ... that is so ridiculously absurd, it defies all known stretches of the imagination and then some!

better21 27-06-2018 07:06 AM

Interesting post. Something to think about.

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