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garethicke 19-10-2017 10:47 AM

Would you like to write for davidicke.com?
Are you interested in getting into journalism?
Are you struggling to find a platform to showcase your content?
Are you just looking to start writing and/or recording videos?

If any of those apply to you, we want to hear from you.

The alternative media is a massively growing industry as more and more people are seeing the mainstream media for what it really is: a propaganda machine for the system, with few exceptions. More people are looking to the alternative media for a second opinion on what’s really happening in the world.

Now is the perfect time for you to start writing and making videos, as there is a growing number of people ready to hear what you have to say and wanting an alternative view on world events.

Please send over a 500 word article on any of the 4 subjects below of your choice to [email protected]

Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy compared the previous US Presidents.

Brexit (Good or Bad?)

The Western Demonisation of Russia

Reasons for the increase in Obesity Worldwide.

Please include your name and location in the email you send.

If you have a back-catalogue of work then please also submit an older article too.

We look forward to reading your submission.

the apprentice 19-10-2017 03:34 PM

No mention of skills or self sufficiency, ways of saving money and repairing or recycling, today I thought these would be on the most needed list.

getagrip 19-10-2017 04:03 PM


Originally Posted by the apprentice (Post 1062969494)
No mention of skills or self sufficiency, ways of saving money and repairing or recycling, today I thought these would be on the most needed list.

Perhaps the subjects were chosen with a reason in mind?
Maybe someone thought by giving a limited amount of subject matter it would be a good and fair way of comparing writing styles of any submissions made?

Besides, from reading Gareth's thread it would seem that he has already given the option to submit a second article of the authors choosing alongside the subjects which have been specifically requested.

Problem solved. :)

Are you going to have a do at it, the apprentice?

the apprentice 19-10-2017 04:32 PM


Originally Posted by getagrip (Post 1062969505)
Perhaps the subjects were chosen with a reason in mind?
Maybe someone thought by giving a limited amount of subject matter it would be a good and fair way of comparing writing styles of any submissions made?

Besides, from reading Gareth's thread it would seem that he has already given the option to submit a second article of the authors choosing alongside the subjects which have been specifically requested.

Problem solved. :)

Are you going to have a do at it, the apprentice?

I have been doing it right here for many years by encouraging folks make things for themselves, but not officially.

I suggested it a long time ago, that for a fraction of what was spent on other projects, I could have given dedicated one to two tuition to dozens of forum members already, but it seems politics are more important than securing our hand to eye coordination, a subject that David himself also encourages we do by walking away from the system en-mass, the very system that is eating away at everything we now cherish.

My model is walking away from the system in itself, but this can only be done gradually because the amount of people who are devoid of real life skills makes it nigh on impossible to do such an act, to ask such a vulnerable population to leave without any real alternatives is in my eyes irresponsible, and why do I think that, because I know what it took me to gain the knowledge I have today, sorry for being blunt, but I deal with reality not impossible odds.

I am not a born leader but a student for my own working day, a grass routes type of person, dedicated to giving first hand advise and knowledge using the tools at my disposal. Minds already stored with information, whether it is acquired by instruction from others, by dint, or trials of personal application, perceptive books or conjecture will be frequently rejected. What has been diligently attained is too often assiduously hoarded; where pride and envy co-operate with avarice, to render the progress of gathering others knowledge difficult and expensive.
Many people have asked me if I have ever believed in anything or anyone, my answer to them is still the same. I am a plain and practical man, not one of your theorists, splitters of hairs or a chopper of logic, I refrain from being placed in pigeon holes, most like to be in some kind of secured position to feel they belong, I tell people you are born unique, so one must go by their own life experiences.
The least important thing in my life is not what others might think about me; the most important matter in Life is to “know yourself”, if you can alter yourself, then the world can change with you, because we truly are composites of our own indoctrination. There are so many different ways to be, be-fooled within this emasculated reality, where the new age movements tend to make you feel that your special, who will block out the negatives and the bad feelings thrust upon us by modern day guru's, thus making you very vulnerable and egocentric towards those that don’t want to comply or lower themselves to anothers level of consciousness.

These words I submit in public 500 words for appraisal.

john white 19-10-2017 11:04 PM

Dammit JUST 500 words? ;) I'm sure I can cut something down...



And what about you-tubes?


john white 19-10-2017 11:34 PM


Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy compared the previous US Presidents.

Brexit (Good or Bad?)

The Western Demonisation of Russia

Reasons for the increase in Obesity Worldwide.
Russia Russia is running VERY hot this week... I'll sort out 500 words in the morning

garethicke 20-10-2017 08:44 AM

If you have another subject that you feel passionate about, and have researched, feel free to fire across to us. We are looking to try and get as much grass roots information out as possible. The subjects were placed there to simply get the creative juices flowing. :-)

john white 20-10-2017 08:59 AM

These are glorious times right now with Clinton getting thrown under a bus Gareth, I don't think 500 words on Russia Russia is a great hardship, I am literally just sticking my thinking cap on now...

john white 20-10-2017 09:36 AM

FOR SUBMISSION (I emailed as well)

The week “Russia Russia” came home…

Amazing times for world Truth Seekers this week as finally, almost a year since the initial WikiLeaks that detailed how Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration colluded to transfer up to 30% of Americas top grade Uranium to Russia, the story has been forced onto the US mainstream media and it seems a real judicial investigation is now getting underway.

This is the same Hillary Clinton whose avowed policy, if she had won, was to force a no-fly zone over Syria which would have brought America into direct conflict with Russia and could well have triggered a US/Russia War: just as it is likely some of that uranium has found its way from Russia to Iran.
As soon as the Clinton Campaign lost the race for the Presidency, they fell back on their pre-prepared strategy of claiming the Trump campaign colluded with “Russian hackers” to steal the election.

Clinton is of course a protégé of that notorious political manipulator Saul Alinksy. His “rules for radicals” were in many ways a more modern version of the notorious “protocols of the elders of Zion” and updated Lenin’s revolutionary strategies. Alinksy advocated massively increasing the gap between rich and poor so that the poor could be most easily manipulated into going along with destabilising society and staging a revolutionary take-over: and looking at his rules and the actions of the democratic party, and the “alt left”, in modern America today, the parallels are very striking.

But Alinksy had another rule that Clinton, in particular, has followed religiously throughout her political career, a rule directly inspired by the mind-set of Satanism: accuse OTHERS of your own crimes first so that the dirt sticks to your enemies and NOT to you.

Despite the US corporate media, in full alliance with globalism, going full on mental for MONTHS, with an incredible 93% of Media coverage from January to June obsessing on the “Russian hacking” narrative, there has been not one scintilla of stand-up evidence to prove anyone in the Trump Campaign had anything to do with working with Russia to manipulate the election. Indeed, the very idea Russia “hacked” an election that yes, used voting machines, when those machines didn’t even have modems, is beyond ludicrous.

Jill Stein, from the US Green Party, famously received millions of dollars in donations after Clintons defeat to carry out recounts… another narrative that went quiet when the only voting irregularities found indicated cheating in favour of Clinton! The real results of those investigations showed democrats stealing “green” votes, and exposing that was of course Stein’s real aim all along: credit where its due, well played!

However, once in office the Trump administration did make some mistakes, and one of them is most likely Attorney General Jeff Sessions deciding to recuse himself from the “Russia Russia” investigation. This allowed the appointment of "Special Prosecutor" Mueller, another creature of the swamp.
Now we find the US Mainstream Media forced to admit the Alinksy inspired plot, as it becomes clear everyone now involved in leading investigating “Trump” collusion with Russia are in fact fully guilty of collusion with Russia themselves.

Not only did the Russian Nuclear Energy industry give kick-backs to the Obama regime to engineer this under-the-radar uranium deal, Obama, Clinton, Holder, Lynch and Comey are all implicated: and on top of that, Special Prosecutor Mueller was used as the mule to get the enriched uranium samples to the Russians!

This is a fantastic breakthrough for the truth movement, with a great debt owed to Assange and Wikileaks, both for the original leaks and for the more recent ultimatum he has given the US media: start covering this or I leak the REST of it… it is strongly believed that Assange has the contents of Anthony Weiner’s laptop, seized upon his arrest for sex predation upon a teenage girl, that according to NYPD leaks contained the full contents missing from Clinton’s famous email server.

Clinton has been on a tour promoting her book, and even showed her face at Swansea University in Wales, UK, this week, where the students cat-called “Fascist!” as she entered the building (she makes friends so easily!).

Now she faces returning to the US to find the Mainstream media compelled to throw her under the metaphorical Bus, as well as exposing all the complicity in corruption of her co-conspirators. And lets not forget, none of us are powerless spectators: sharing the developing news from the Mainstream US media, where it’s impossible even for closed minds to ignore, is a meaningful and positive action we can all take:

Avoiding serious consequences and time in a jail cell is starting to look impossible for Clinton now as the Deep State swamp stench offends the nostrils of Americans, and the world: watch this space as this story continues to unfold!

John White


eek 800 words but you know it takes what it takes ;)

john white 20-10-2017 09:59 AM

This is more typical for the length I tend to write for, 3235 words....

Exposing the Brexit Race Baiters: OF REMAIN!!!

In recent times, over the 16 months since the EU referendum vote, the media has consistently highlighted an increase in reported Race Hate Crime in the UK.

And statistics do seem to reflect an increase of 25-30% in the immediate aftermath of the Vote, and a general increase month on month since.

At this years Labour Party conference last month, a protest by Anti-brexit activists marched under the banner “BREXIT IS RACIST”.

But what is really going on?
Firstly, I do accept, that there is a small minority of people who are openly racist. And with immigration being broken out of political correctness jail, and becoming an open public issue from 2014, this has emboldened those individuals to express themselves more blatantly.

Many areas with the highest Leave vote, are the most deprived areas in the UK, where mass immigration has put the highest pressure on impoverished councils struggling with austerity cuts, leading to extra pressure on schools, doctors, and all forms of local authority assistance. Mass immigration into these areas already struggling with high unemployment/low wages/in-work benefit dependency has increased pressure on those communities, and people getting stressed by life becoming harder, has always been fertile ground for scapegoating "the other".

Its also well understood that there is a relationship between Hate Crime and “triggering” events. A political vote can be one of those, and the Brexit vote is a prime candidate, but so can other events like Radical Islamic terrorism, and Britain has seen some of the worst terrorist attacks ever carried out in this country this year: Westminster Bridge, Manchester Arena, London Bridge and the failed detonation at Parsons Green, and who knows how many more attacks foiled by Security Services before they occurred. It would be naïve not to see a link between Radical Islamic Terror and increased intolerance towards Muslims.

So it is possible, indeed probable, that the increase in Hate Crime is at least in part genuine, and may be at least be in part attributed to Brexit. For those on the receiving end of racial or cultural abuse, that is always deeply unpleasant, and they both require and deserve protection and justice under the Law.


The media has made easy column inches and easy TV out of this and has contributed directly to the perception of a Racism increase. The magnifying effect of the media's focus makes relative molehills into veritable mountains.
I happen to be in a position where I regularly converse with young people, and as far as they are concerned, they have been led to believe that EVERY person who voted for Brexit is inherently Racist and motivated by Racism, exacerbated by "Social Justice" theories that paint "colour blindness" as a form of racism in and of itself.

Being as this traduces the majority of the active UK electorate, this demonization is very serious and divisive, a gross distortion of the facts: and the worst of the anti-Brexit activists have directly sought to capitalise and magnify this, and become nothing better than Race-baiters themselves.
There is a desperate need for balance, and that’s what I seek in this article to provide.


On May 3rd 2017 the Metro published an article detailing the findings of Implicit Association Tests (IAT) carried out on behalf of the European Union in every EU member state.


After being told constantly that Brexit is driven by xenophobia and racism over the last three years by the UK media, it is without doubt a major surprise for many to discover, the findings show the UK is in truth leading the rest of the EU in tolerance and integration. British respondents were significantly less likely to have attitudes based on race than any mainland European nation, a lot less than France, itself better than Germany, with Spain, Italy, and the East European nations having the highest racist attitudes across the EU.

Isn’t that surprising? Doesn’t that contradict the media narrative that is putting fear into the hearts and minds of migrants and Britons alike?


On the 30th August 2016, two months after the Brexit vote, there was a fight in Harlow, Essex, that led to Arkadiusz Jozwik, a migrant from Poland, being killed. 6 teens were arrested and the media lost no time in attributing the death to the “hate crime” spike after Brexit.

“The killing of a Polish man exposes the reality of post-referendum racism” wrote the Guardian on the 5th of September 2016


And this attack was directly referenced by Juncker and other major EU politicians as “proof” Brexit was motivated by racism.

In a television interview on September 16th 2016, the BBC directly accused Nigel Farage of having “blood on his hands” regarding that attack, as a result of his part in campaigning for, and to win, the EU Referendum.

But fast forwarding a year, and we find a VERY different story.

Because it was not Racism towards Mr Jozwik that sparked the fight that led to his death:

It was Racism FROM Mr Jozwik, who, with his friend, racially abused the six teenagers, provoking them into a response, that sadly led to Mr Jozwik toppling backwards, striking his head, and sustaining the injuries he died from a few hours later.

This was a POLISH individual engaging in Racism: Towards Britons!
Yet the reported angle on this event was a direct 180 degrees from what actually occurred, and it is impossible not to see how highly politicised this was from a staunchly pro-Remain media establishment who grasped any straw to denigrate the majority of the electorate who voted to LEAVE the EU…
Brendan O’Neill covered this extensively in Spiked, 15th September 2017


The boy who shoved Mr Jozwik has received a 3 ½ year sentence for his part in contributing to his death.


The truth here is that reported Hate Crime for 2016/17 stands at 80,393, compared to 62,518 the year before.

Given the UK population of roughly 70,000,000, this amounts to 0.11% of the population experiencing a “hate incident”, an increase on 0.08% the year before. Obviously this is not good, but in terms of perspective, it is a tiny problem and hardly a social epidemic like the media suggests.
Added to this, the question of honesty.

Since the referendum, the hard core of Remain activists, have taken to denouncing Brexit or putting a bad light on Brexit in any way possible.
And in alliance with this, the Media has delighted in every sort of negative association it can conjure, their naked distortion of the Jozwik case being a prime example.

While 17.6 million people voted to leave the EU, the largest Democratic vote for anything, EVER, in the entire History of the United Kingdom.


Remain activists now consistently claim that “not all Leave voters are racist but every racist voted Leave” whereas in truth, their own distortions against Brexit themselves constitute a form of Anti-British Racism.

It is commonly agreed to be racist to make race observations about people as a collective group, without recognising nuances and differences of views. By seeking to create the false impression that the majority of the British electorate voted for racially motivated reasons, it’s the Remain activists themselves who have used race as a political tool, and by fuelling the false fear of rampant racism, in a way that is itself Racist, created racist assumptions about the character of the majority of the British People.
While Europhiles understandably disagree with the judgement of the majority, it is again the failure to offer coherent and positive reasons to be part of the EU, and focusing only on fear based narratives regarding race motivation, or economic impact, that defines their activism. This is entirely negative and they are guilty of sweeping generalisation.

And can we be entirely sure that people who have been convinced by the media Britain is riven by racism, haven't reacted to incidents in that light, or even had a motive to over-egg their reports?

Certainly some organisations have been exposed for falsely magnifying allegations of "hate Crime", as in the case of the "Tell Mama" program that has been exposed for fabricating Hate Crime reports:


Given the radical extremist edge to organisations like "Hope not Hate" or "Unite against Fascism" can we be certain such activities are still not taking place? Could there be those who feel justified trying to "stop Brexit at any cost"? And has that pushed them over the edge into radicalism and campaigning via deception?

When the BBC recently broadcast Panorama "Hate on the Street", in an episode focused on looking at the increased Hate Crime reports, it featured a scene with 3 youths in hoodies and caps with covered faces and CGI blurred features saying outrageously racist things: with their every word voiced by ACTORS. What confidence can the public have this reporting is genuine, when it could so easily be scripted and staged, and indeed, radicalised Remain activists would have every motive to fool the BBC by responding to requests to appear on the program and delivering what the BBC, with its massive Remain bias, expects to see?

And there can be no justification what-so-ever for the blatently racist banner under which Remain activists marched outside the Labour conference “BREXIT is RACIST”:

This is race baiting demonization, pure and simple, worthy of Stalin or Hitler: NOT Britain: but it has been accepted uncritically by the establishment media in its desperation to delegitimise the Brexit result.

Furthermore, the issue post-Brexit may very well be a matter of increased reporting: not increased incidence.

At the Jozwik trial, despite how the facts had been presented in the media in the run up to the case, it was an issue during the trial as to whether a group of 15 year olds were even aware of Brexit, let alone motivated by it, and of course the facts turned out to be the absolute reverse of those earlier assumptions.


Speaking as a long term Brexit activist, I would make the following observations:

1) When I started to campaign for a referendum on the EU, following Gordon Brown's signing of the Lisbon Treaty, without providing the referendum the 3rd term of New Labour had been elected pledging to provide, no-one was even talking about immigration. It certainly wasn't on my radar (most people were terrified for their house prices post Credit Crunch) and wasn't even mentioned in the two hour talk I gave launching my personal campaign. Instead, I was focused on questions of law and parliamentary supremacy, subject to democratic oversight.

Immigration became THE issue because immigration became the transparent and socially unavoidable evidence that signing Lisbon was having consequences outside the British Governments control. If we had been a southern European state and part of the Euro, the Brexit arguments would have resolved around the loss of control over the economy, as has been the case in Eurosceptic movements in all those countries.

2) UKIP and other parts of the Leave campaign found themselves unable to have a TV interview where they could talk about anything other than immigration: it was the only question the Media would ask them. Indeed, during the 2015 general election campaign, this was especially obvious, where UKIP spokespeople, especially Farage, were visibly frustrated at being subjected to the same narrow questioning ad nauseum and not allowed to talk about the wider UKIP manifesto.

3) Wilder fear stories about desires to “send migrants back” and “deport people back where they come from” have NEVER been part of any UKIP or Leave campaign platform or policy. The issue has always been about needing there to be control of immigration to be in balance with societies ability to accommodate and integrate, NOT zero immigration and especially not anything as monstrous as deportation.
Indeed the perception of insecurity in EU migrants status has not been resolved, not because of the British government, that tried to settle the issue immediately after the Referendum, but because of the EU, who have made migrant rights part of their Brexit timetable that they currently refuse to allow to progress to a point where this can be settled: because Britain hasn't agreed to pay their fantasy billions "divorce bill".

4) I happen to have worked in an industry (healthcare) over the last decade with high levels of migrants in the workforce. I especially found that co-workers who were non-EU migrants supported Brexit, because they have been at the rough end of a partisan and biased migration system that has massively preferenced white people from Europe over people from the rest of the world: the EU’s own migration policy, coupled to free movement, is inherently racist and many non-EU migrants understand that to be the case.

5) I also happen to live with EU migrants. I currently occupy a shared house with 3 Romanians, a Bulgarian, a Russian, a Pole, and a couple of Englishmen. Every single one of them supports Brexit, indeed the attitudes of the EU migrants are significantly more “hard core” than my own. While none of my fellow Brexit campaigning Britons have ever supported deportations, many EU migrants I have met absolutely do: which ties in to Race based attitudes being far more prevalent in the wider EU than they are in the UK: even in France and Germany.

6) A common understanding amongst Migrants I have talked to, is the awareness that an immigration policy that commands public confidence is in everyone's interests, especially migrants, who know that allowing immigration to run hot and cause social imbalance makes intergration and acceptance harder. And another consequence of uncontrolled immigration, and the labelling of economic migrants as "refugees" for political expedience, has been the destruction of the credibility and public confidence in the long standing tradition of Britain being a safe harbour for those genuinely persecuted and in need of Asylum. The very phrase “Asylum Seeker” has been become synonymous with chancers tying it on making up stories and abusing Briton’s characteristic generosity, a disaster both for our culture and those who deserve our support.

7) Mass immigration with no checks or controls has impacted strongest on areas that are underprivileged and under strain. Even the wealthiest areas of the country have struggled with the load, and areas that were struggling beforehand have struggled even more. But its also those struggling areas that have the lowest housing costs. Its cheaper to live while working a minimum wage job in the north of the country than in central London, and many migrants are here to work, not settle, and look to send money home. Pounds sterling, especially when that home nation is a country like Romania, can have a lot more punch in other EU member states. So migrants have looked to live in cheaper areas, but that has pressured the bottom section of society, who lack the education and skills to compete for better paying jobs, which has magnified social pressures in those areas even more. These communities are the forgotten victims of globalism, who have lost out, and lost out again, and then again, as global corporates have profited.

8) Mass immigration has also reduced working conditions and made the workplace a far tougher and less reasonable place. Factories that used to operate on workers contracts of 5x 8 hour shifts on a 3 shift system, now operate a minimum of 4 x 12 hour shifts on a 2 shift system, because its cheaper for the employers and they can fill the positions with the constant flow of replacement workers. "Like it or lump it if you want to work", they say. But there is a great difference, both psychologically and physically, coping with a lifestyle working 12 hour shifts, especially when the pressure is there to work 5 or 6 x 12 hour shifts a week, with major knock-ons for Health and Well-being. There is a palpable sense of impermanence at work and poorer working conditions and harder working life, indeed, this is a key part of the left-wing political Brexit case: that EU membership and free movement have reduced the quality and security of working life and its the poorest and most vulnerable paying the price.


The Race baiting anti-British racism of Remain extremists is indeed a matter of hypocrisy and shame. In lieu of persuasive political argument, the "race card" and demonization of the Leave majority have given cheap political capital that has also suited the agenda of an establishment that was doing very nicely and has no incentive to change.

The media, run by global corporations with an inherent bias towards the government-by-corporations that characterises the underlying corporatism of the EU, have been complicit in stoking Race based fears, and that in turn has emboldened the tiny percentage of a percentage who might commit a Race Hate Crime to behave bolder than they otherwise would have done. And there has been no balance in reporting to point out the anti-British attitude of some migrants.

I find it both tragic and horrifying that young people especially, who lack the critical experience not to take the media at face value, have had an extremely negative vision of Britain and their fellow Britons amongst whom they live day by day pushed upon them.

How ironic is it, that they assume the EU must be a paradise of racial harmony compared to the UK, when again, it is the exact opposite that is the truth?

These Race-Baiting Racist Remainers MUST be called out on their prejudice, and the fear that they sow across society.

Creating these false narratives is indeed a HATE CRIME against the tolerant and inclusive spirit that is the TRUE spirit of Britain: AND Brexit:

While the people of Britain, especially the younger generation who have been denied the opportunity to have the pro-Brexit arguments fairly explained to them by as a result of media bias, deserve SO MUCH BETTER!

We do NOT tackle racism, intolerance, extremism and radicalisation by playing dog-whistle politics, and the demonising of political opponents from the bitterness of the losing side, that has lost the ability to demonstrate political good grace, MUST end.

Indeed, its when we unify, around our shared values, and dedicate ourselves to being BRITISH, first and foremost, above ethnic identity, that we truly safeguard and preserve the sort of society we want to be:

And it is that unity of the collective majority, showing by action as well as words that we are an inclusive society, that sends the strongest message to those who are intolerant and opens up transforming those attitudes through social education.

Provided, of course, that Brexit is successfully completed and the issues of the "left behinds" are finally acknowledged, with policies that once again safeguard the interest of ALL Britons: wherever they come from!
For if Remain race baiting succeeds in derailing Brexit, the consequences would be saying to all of those left-behinds that democracy is denied to them, and there isn't a democratic society on the planet that could be confident of what would happen if hope and faith that the system can work is destroyed.

They play with VERY dangerous fire and ALL Britons who believe in justice and fairness must respond by calling out their destructive and divisive game....

John White

Firewand 25-10-2017 01:58 AM

I'm a crap writer, so I wouldn't be interested at all on that score, Gareth. Writing makes me fall asleep. :D

Motion Graphics and video editing I certainly can do though. What sort of stuff did you have in mind? Basic video editing, or more advanced motion graphics?

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/9WgJBNPMW50" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/japUZ1Lb4wg" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/eY_qhzwyr84" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

leighcgilbert 26-10-2017 02:44 PM

Will we get a reply on why we are rejected? I submitted my website for consideration but don't know if it was received or not or rejected.

john white 26-10-2017 03:00 PM

On the topic of "Twisted Morals" I present:

"Le Grande Omelette"

Le Grande Omelette.
By John White

“President Junter, what are we going to do?” the young aide asked, as he stood with his I-pad next to the middle-aged man sat at the desk before him “The banks say they need another 20 billion Euros before Monday morning or there’s no way Greece won’t drop out!”

Junter looked up and considered his young aide, a polite and efficient young Swedish male, well-groomed and suave. He relied on his people but sometimes, like children, they had to come back to him. Some things were too big for them. Like actual decisions! He chuckled ruefully to himself.

Standing up, he crossed the office and looked out of the window, taking in the Brussels cityscape, the city lights laid out before him. All of this that they had built. No, they had gone too far. There could be no turning back…

“Bring me the Chateuneuf, Henriks. Give me five minutes. Then come back and I shall dictate the press release for you.”

Junter crossed his arms and continued to look out over the city, as he heard the soft swish of his aides departure. He was going to have to do some calls, but he was sure he could hold it together. What was some more Quantitative easing now?

In the background Henrick slid back in and placed the tray with the glass and bottle on the desk, then withdrew. Junter wandered over, poured a generous glass, and settled back down in his chair…

People and their facts! Always so obsessed by them, always so easily distracted by them! Junter had not risen to President of this great project to worry about some silly little numbers.

No, he knew it wasn’t the facts that mattered, but how you talked about them. He’d seen it over the years, as that cartel of a few companies became a trade club, then became a government, now was becoming a superstate: Europe unified at last! Now there was a heroic tale!

What was a few broken eggs to that? Always, that was the price of Le Grande Omelette..

So what if they had used the Americans at Goldin Sacks to massage the figures to get those lazy Greeks locked into the Euro ten years ago? The Greeks would be better off in the long run. The new Europe must have more ordered ways!

Henrick returned with his I-Pad. Junter took a deep sip of the fruity red, and started to dictate the statement…

Henrick kept his mind neutral as he focused on his job… ‘confident the Prime Minister of Greece will confirm the new bail-out package’ he transcribed, 'market over-reaction'... 'fundamentals sound'. But he knew for himself, who had been in those compromising pictures, in that file he had prepared for the President, just two days ago…

Afterwards, he flipped the cover closed on his I-Pad, turned to his boss and asked, “Do you think this will work Sir?”

“My dear Henrick”, said Junter, “haven’t I always told you? When it becomes serious, you have to lie…”


getagrip 26-10-2017 03:37 PM


Originally Posted by leighcgilbert (Post 1062971308)
Will we get a reply on why we are rejected? I submitted my website for consideration but don't know if it was received or not or rejected.

I have spoken to Gareth about this and he said that all submissions are being worked through at the moment. So please bear with it and I'm sure Gareth will give a more detailed reply when he returns to the forum. :)

Firewand 02-11-2017 07:09 PM

A photo realistic contemporary design. Rendered in Cinema 4D.


Firewand 04-11-2017 11:36 AM

O.K, what about making a series of short films as a joint project? Though there doesn't seem to be an awful lot of interest for that kind of thing around here? Most people here seem indifferent or uninterested in graphic design and/or aesthetics?

John, would you be interested in helping out in writing the script? Would anybody be interested in helping me out in the workflow on the editing & motion graphics side? Also some Photoshop work perhaps? Maybe also somebody who is more musically minded for making soundtracks or atmospherics?

What I had in mind was a creating a film, or series of short films, which warn people of all the artificial fastens of the modern day. The film, or series, would cover many areas, from media to the ''culture creation'' industries, and so on. Everything really. The message would be quite simple, to cast off the chains from all the artificial fastens and nonsense of the modern World. I want it to appeal to everyone, therefore I will leave race alone.

The editing side of things and graphics would be the same style as shown the videos below.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/xPMM5_SRnKQ" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/1r54t-7vFz8" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

cafe beelzebub 11-11-2017 09:43 AM

Cool, What's the pay rate?

blue2 05-01-2018 01:24 PM

No pay but there may be in the future i was advised via email.

ink 05-01-2018 07:17 PM


Originally Posted by blue2 (Post 1062988580)
No pay but there may be in the future i was advised via email.

Well thats me out of the equation as my considerations are not even acceptable to the alternative community!


To be paid for that which I consider would feel wrong to me :dizzy:

TheArranger 17-06-2018 08:16 PM

Obesity spread in the Western world because we made food a leisure, fatness or obesity just marking the difference between rich and poor. Those who can afford good or luxury food get fat, while those who must satisfy themselves with bad or junk food get obese.

You may stretch as many scientific data and theories as can be found but the fact will remain : I think there is one main and universal cause of disease : what we ingest.

‘Gastronomy’ may therefore be regarded as a slight crime against the Humanity, a luxury industry created for the rich by chefs and prestigious restaurants, then resized for the poor’s means and the new formula thus obtained instilled in these ones through advertising. Problem is that the poor being way more numerous than the rich, the obese population now hurts the sight while the fat one goes unnoticed. And that’s it.

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