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lightgiver 05-02-2011 07:56 PM

The Parachute Regiment (United Kingdom)
The Parachute Regiment is the Airborne Infantry element of the British Army. It perceives itself as an elite unit by virtue of its selection process, rigorous training programme and by the requirement of its role to operate with minimal or no support behind enemy lines and against numerically superior forces. It forms the parachute infantry element of 16 Air Assault Brigade.


The regiment is formed of three regular and one reserve [TA] battalions. One battalion, the 1st Battalion, is permanently attached to Director Special Forces in the Special Forces Support Group

1st Battalion, The Parachute Regiment (1 PARA)
2nd Battalion, The Parachute Regiment (2 PARA)


3rd Battalion, The Parachute Regiment (3 PARA)
4th Battalion, The Parachute Regiment (4 PARA)


The 3rd Battalion includes the Guards Parachute Platoon, made up of men from the five Foot Guards regiments.


Originally Posted by lightgiver (Post 1059523612)


The Parachute Regiment is the Airborne Infantry element of the British Army. It is an elite unit by virtue of its stringent selection process, rigorous training program-me and by the requirement of its role to operate with minimal or no support behind enemy lines and against numerically superior forces.


The Parachute Regiment has its origins in the force set up by the British Army at the request of Winston Churchill. The UK was inspired in the creation of airborne forces (including the Parachute Regiment, Air Landing Regiments, and the Glider Pilot Regiment) by the example of the German Luftwaffe's Fallschirmjäger, which had a major role in the invasions of Norway, and the Low Countries, and a pivotal, if Pyrrhic, one in the invasion of Crete.


Originally Posted by lightgiver (Post 1059637513)

The UK's first airborne assault took place on 10 February 1941, when, what was then known as II Special Air Service (some 40 men of 500 trained in parachuting), introduced themselves to the enemy by jumping into Italy and blowing up an aqueduct in a daring raid named Operation Colossus.
After the German's successful invasion of Crete, it was agreed by the British Chiefs of Staff that the UK would need far more paratroopers for similar operations. No. 2 Commando were tasked with specialising in airborne assault and became the nucleus of the Parachute Regiment.


Originally Posted by lightgiver (Post 1059637845)



Booby Traps

in World War Two


lightgiver 06-02-2011 08:15 PM

Maroon Machine
The maroon beret is a military beret and has been an international symbol of elite airborne forces since it was chosen for British airborne forces in World War II. This distinctive head dress was officially introduced in 1942, at the direction of General Frederick Browning, commander of the British 1st Airborne Division.The colour of the beret was reportedly chosen by his wife, the novelist Daphne du Maurier. It was first worn by the men of the Parachute Regiment in action in North Africa during November 1942. Although maroon, the beret of the British Parachute Regiment is often known as the "red beret."


In the British Army, most regiments wear headdress or cap badges which reflect regimental traditions.


Members of the Parachute Regiment and other arms in 16th Air Assault Brigade are permitted to wear the maroon beret.


The beret is often called the "red beret" and the Parachute Regiment is known as the "red berets" or (within the Army) the "maroon machine" or "Cherry Berry".


9 Parachute Squadron RE (also known as '9 Para'), is an airborne detachment of the Royal Engineers, part of the British Army. Like other units comprising the Royal Engineers, soldiers in the squadron are called sappers.


A soldier of the Italian Folgore Brigade.

The Folgore Parachute Brigade is the largest unit of paratroopers (paracadutisti) of the Italian Army; a second smaller unit is the 4th Alpini Regiment Monte Cervino . The name Folgore is Italian for lightning.

The Robe Part 01/17

lightgiver 12-02-2011 08:30 PM

Goose Green
Lieutenant-Colonel Herbert Jones VC OBE

On 28th May 1982 Lieutenant Colonel Jones was commanding 2nd Battalion The Parachute Regiment on operations on the Falkland Islands. The Battalion was ordered to attack enemy positions in and around the settlements of Darwin and Goose Green.



During the attack against an enemy who was well dug in with mutually supporting positions sited in depth, the Battalion was held up just South of Darwin by a particularly well-prepared and resilient enemy position of at least eleven trenches on an important ridge. A number of casualties were received. In order to read the battle fully and to ensure that the momentum of his attack was not lost, Colonel Jones took forward his reconnaissance party to the foot of a re-entrant which a section of his Battalion had just secured. Despite persistent, heavy and accurate fire the reconnaissance party gained the top of the re-entrant, at approximately the same height as the enemy positions. From here Colonel Jones encouraged the direction of his Battalion mortar fire, in an effort to neutralise the enemy positions. However, these had been well prepared and continued to pour effective fire onto the Battalion advance, which, by now held up for over an hour and under increasingly heavy artillery fire, was in danger of faltering.

In his effort to gain a good viewpoint, Colonel Jones was now at the very front of his Battalion. It was clear to him that desperate measures were needed in order to overcome the enemy position and rekindle the attack, and that unless these measures were taken promptly the Battalion would sustain increasing casualties and the attack perhaps even fail. It was time for personal leadership and action. Colonel Jones immediately seized a sub-machine gun, and, calling on those around him and with total disregard for his own safety, charged the nearest enemy position. This action exposed him to fire from a number of trenches. As he charged up a short slope at the enemy position he was seen to fall and roll backward downhill. He immediately picked himself up, and again charged the enemy trench, firing his sub-machine gun and seemingly oblivious to the intense fire directed at him. He was hit by fire from another trench which he outflanked, and fell dying only a few feet from the enemy he had assaulted. A short time later a company of the Battalion attacked the enemy, who quickly surrendered. The display of courage by Colonel Jones had completely undermined their will to fight further.
Thereafter the momentum of the attack was rapidly regained, Darwin and Goose Green were liberated, and the Battalion released the local inhabitants unharmed and forced the surrender of some 1,200 of the enemy.

The achievements of 2nd Battalion The Parachute Regiment at Darwin and Goose Green set the tone for the subsequent land victory on the Falklands. The British achieved such a moral superiority over the enemy in this first battle that, despite the advantages of numbers and selection of battle-ground, the Argentinian troops never thereafter doubted neither the superior fighting qualities of the British troops, nor their own inevitable defeat.
This was an action of the utmost gallantry by a Commanding Officer whose dashing leadership and courage throughout the battle were an inspiration to all about him.

Goose Green & H Jones, Falklands War 1982

The Battle of Goose Green ...Operation Corporate (28–29 May 1982) was an engagement of the Falklands War between British and Argentina.

. He was awarded the VC for his actions as commanding officer of 2 Battalion, Parachute Regiment during the Falklands War after being killed in action during the Battle of Goose Green.


Goose Green (Spanish: "Pradera del Ganso", "Ganso Verde") is a settlement in Lafonia on East Falkland in the Falkland Islands. It lies on Choiseul Sound, on the east side of the island's central isthmus, 2 miles (3.2 km) south-southwest of Darwin. With a population of about 70, it is the second largest settlement of the Falkland Islands.

Goose Green has a shop and a small airfield. Local attractions include the nearby Bodie Suspension Bridge and the Vicar of Bray shipwreck, which participated in the California gold rush.
Goose Green farm itself is massive. At 1,700 square kilometres (430,000 acres), it is double the size of the farms as Port Howard or North Arm. During the Falklands War, it was the scene of the Battle of Goose Green.


It was almost noon before the British advance resumed. Inspired by their commanding officer's sacrifice, A Company soon cleared the eastern end of the Argentine position and opened the way forward. There had been two battles going on in the Darwin hillocks - one around Darwin Hill looking down on Darwin Bay, and an equally fierce one in front of Boca Hill, also known as Boca House Ruins. Sub-Lieutenant Guillermo Aliaga's 3rd Platoon of RI 8's C Company held Boca Hill. The position of Boca Hill was taken after heavy fighting by Major John Crosland's B Company with support from the MILAN anti-tank platoon. Crosland was the most experienced British officer, and as the events of the day unfolded, it was later said that Crosland's cool and calm leadership of his soldiers on the battlefield turned the Boca House section of the front line. About the time of the victory at the Boca Hill position, A Company overcame the Argentine defenders on Darwin Hill, finally taking the position that had caused many casualties on both sides. Majors Farrar-Hockley and Crosland each won the Military Cross for their efforts. Corporal David Abols received a Distinguished Conduct Medal for his daring charges which turned the Darwin Hill battle.


Goose Green was occupied by Argentine forces during the Falklands War. Over one hundred islanders were imprisoned in the community hall, while over 1,200 Argentine troops occupied the settlement and nearby Darwin. It was the subject of the first land battle of that conflict (see Battle of Goose Green), as it was relatively close to the site of the British landings, San Carlos, and the British leaders were looking for an early victory, even if the site was not necessarily of military importance. The area is still heavily mined.

Sgt Ian Mckay VC Falkland Islands War
Sabaton back in control


magenta_moonshadow 13-02-2011 12:13 AM

My uncle was in the Parachute Regiment, he was one of the first paratroopers at Pegasus Bridge during the D-Day Normandy landings...

lightgiver 13-02-2011 01:40 AM

Parachute Regiment

Originally Posted by magenta_moonshadow (Post 1059677847)
My uncle was in the Parachute Regiment, he was one of the first paratroopers at Pegasus Bridge during the D-Day Normandy landings...


The Fan Dance
Tackling the infamous Fan Dance

marpat 13-02-2011 11:05 AM

Isnt that bottom video about the stretcher race?

The Fan dance is a tab around various hills in the Breacon beacons. Pen-Y-Fan is quite nice ;)

lightgiver 13-02-2011 12:58 PM


Originally Posted by marpat (Post 1059678413)
Isnt that bottom video about the stretcher race?

The Fan dance is a tab around various hills in the Breacon beacons. Pen-Y-Fan is quite nice ;)


Pen y Fan
from Cribyn


Up and Down before Breakfast ;)

manxboz 13-02-2011 01:29 PM


Originally Posted by magenta_moonshadow (Post 1059677847)
My uncle was in the Parachute Regiment, he was one of the first paratroopers at Pegasus Bridge during the D-Day Normandy landings...

Funny that, as the Parachute Regiment was not the first units to get in the assault at Pegasus bridge, it was B and D Companies, 2nd Battalion, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry, a platoon of B Company, Royal Engineers, and men of the Glider Pilot Regiment.

The 7th Parachute Bn. arrived roughly half an hour after the first assault by the main task force.

I visited there when I was doing a tour on my Regiment's History. My old Regiment precedes them in the order of precedence.

lightgiver 13-02-2011 01:32 PM


Originally Posted by marpat (Post 1059678413)

The Fan dance is a tab around various hills in the Breacon beacons. ;)


On the route from the Storey Arms (once a coaching inn on the Brecon to Merthyr road) to the summit, a memorial obelisk commemorates a five-year-old boy who died in August 1900. The son of a Rhondda coal miner, Tommy lost his way near Cwm Llwch Farmhouse while visiting his grandparents, starting a twenty-nine day search which aroused nationwide concern. His body was found at the spot marked by the obelisk. Tommy had died from exhaustion and hypothermia or exposure, but how a small boy managed to climb so high remains a mystery.

Tommy Jones Obelisk.

According to some demonologists of the 16th century, August is the month during which this demon's attacks against man are stronger. ...

After an anxious search of 29 days his remains were discovered September. Erected by voluntary subscriptions. W Powell Price Mayor of Brecon 1901."

The obelisk, a useful landmark in misty conditions, was paid for by the proceeds of a memorial fund started when the jurors at the boy’s inquest waived their fees.
The search was used as the theme of the 1980 film, Tommy Jones.


An obelisk (from Greek ὀβελίσκος - obeliskos,


diminutive of ὀβελός - obelos, "spit, nail, pointed pillar"


St Johns.


Stuck Clock Obelisk...C. HILL and Accomplices.


As ABove
So Below

Northern Territory

Wet Season storm at night

A/Ton...Iron Maiden.
Blood Brothers.

jimmyoc 27-11-2013 11:22 AM

Parachute Regiment / Falklands
Hi, if anyone is interested in the 3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment during the bloodiest battle of the war, if you read Three Days in June the definitive account of the battle for Mount Longdon, please read the reviews on Amazon for the kindle version, you will see it is well worth reading. Ideal for a Christmas present
http://www.amazon.co...ee days in june
bye for now J

lightgiver 27-11-2013 08:50 PM

Pegasus Lodge 9393


SUPERBE SERVUINT \ “PROUDLY WE SERVE”...For further information please contact:- The Secretary Chris Pegasus Forces Lish Lodge,Farnborough Masonic Centre...

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lightgiver 16-04-2014 02:03 AM


The 1st Marine Infantry Parachute Regiment (French: 1er Régiment de Parachutistes d'Infanterie de Marine, 1er RPIMa) is 1 of 3 regiments (1er RPIMa, 13e Régiment de Dragons Parachutistes (13e RDP), 4e RHFS) in the French Army Special Forces Brigade (BFST)..Despite of its name, the 1er RPIMa does belong to the French army.. The Naval Infantry background dates back to 1762 when units of the French army were detached to the French navy for ship borne and overseas duties..The Free French SAS took an important part in the liberation of Europe. In Brittany, a little after midnight on D-Day June 6, 1944, Caporal Emile Bouétard (born in Brittany, 1915) was the first killed in action in Plumelec, Morbihan. On August 1, 1944, the 3ème and 4ème Bataillons d'Infanterie de l'Air were renamed 2ème and 3ème Régiments de Chasseurs Parachutistes..Today, this SAS heritage is still evident through its regimental motto "Qui Ose Gagne" ("Who Dares Wins") and in the awarding of the RAPAS Wings, reminiscent of the wartime SAS "Operational Wings" that can only be awarded to 1er RPIMa operators after they have successfully passed a series of strict selection requirements, including operational deployments..Having understood with time and experience that it is always better to act on intelligence which had been gathered and analysed by operators that intimately know which method of operation would be best used by the action groups, the 1er RPIMa has decided to include in its specialized teams the PRS concept. - They are infiltrated ahead of the action teams and provide real time intelligence on the target area. The information gathered by the PRS is then transmitted by a variety of secure means to the command level...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjKO10hKtYw

The 8th Marine Infantry Parachute Regiment (French: 8e Régiment de Parachutistes d'Infanterie de Marine, 8e RPIMa) is an airborne battalion of the French Army. It is part of the 11th Parachute Brigade and is stationed at Quartier Fayolle, Castres, France..It is an elite unit that can be rapidly sent anywhere in the world. Part of the regiment is the Commando Parachute Group, a French special forces unit..Paratroop training is conducted at the École des troupes aéroportées (ETAP) in Pau..is a commune on the northern edge of the Pyrenees, capital of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques Département in Aquitaine, France. It was also the capital of the historical Béarn Province. It forms the communauté d'agglomération of Pau-Pyrénées with 13 neighbouring communes to carry out local tasks together..Mary Todd Lincoln, the widow of the American president, lived in Pau for several years in the late 1870s..In the centre of Pau is a large castle, the Château de Pau, that dominates that quarter of the city. It is famous as the birthplace of Henry IV, the 16th-century king of France..Its small garden was tended by Marie Antoinette when she spent her summers in the city. Napoleon used it as a holiday home during his period in power..The château has been designated as a French historical monument and holds a collection of tapestry..Place Clemenceau, the heart of the downtown area, is the site of many public festivals, great shopping, and a beautiful fountain..The village of Yonville in Gustave Flaubert's Madame Bovary is traditionally held to have been based on Ry..The Consolidated C-87 Liberator Express was a transport derivative of the B-24 Liberator heavy bomber built during World War II for the USAF..A total of 287 C-87s were factory-built alongside the B-24 at the Consolidated Aircraft plant in Fort Worth, Texas.. Converted former C-87s were the basis for a USAAF flight engineer trainer designated as the AT-22, a United States Navy VIP transport designated as the RY, and a Royal Air Force VIP transport designated as the Liberator C.IX...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1o1t-PhkFAQ
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lightgiver 17-04-2014 09:17 PM

El Capitan

KIA, JULY 7th 1915
5th BATTN. 2nd BGDE.

In World War II, British prisoners arrive at a Japanese prison camp in western Burma..The commandant, Colonel Saito , informs them that all prisoners, regardless of rank, are to work on the construction of a railroad bridge over the River Kwai.. The senior British officer, Lieutenant Colonel Nicholson , reminds Saito that the Geneva Conventions exempt officers from manual labour...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kM6uU9CWjAI

War veteran and civil engineer Keith Best OBE, of Chessingham Gardens, off Tadcaster Road in York, designed and built the centrepiece of the 1957 film, which scooped 7 Oscars, including Best Picture..While the bridge was constructed by prisoners of war in two months, the actual one built in Sri Lanka by Mr Best for the filming took 8 months, with the use of 500 workers and 35 elephants..It was demolished in a matter of seconds, and the total cost was £85,000 pounds, equivalent to more than £1.2 million in today's money...

Born in 1923 in Sheffield, Mr Best was in the parachute regiment during the Second World War and was dropped behind enemy lines in France before D Day..He was captured by the Germans and put in a prisoner of war camp for a year until it was liberated..After the war he finished university and trained as a civil engineer before starting work with a company called Husband's in Sheffield and went to work for them building bridges in Sri Lanka..

It was while out in Sri Lanka that he was asked to work on the iconic bridge, which was 425ft long and 50ft above the water..The film, which was directed by David Lean and stars Guinness and Jack, uses the construction of the Burma-Siam Railway in 1942-43 for its historical setting...

The River Kwai, Khwae Noi (Thai: แควน้อย, "small tributary") or Khwae Sai Yok (Thai: แควไทรโยค), is a river in western Thailand. It rises to the east of the Salween in the north-south spine of the Bilauktaung range near, but not over the border with Burma.. It begins at the confluence of Ranti, Songkalia and Bikhli Rivers. At Kanchanaburi it merges with the Khwae Yai River to form the Mae Klong river, which empties into the Gulf of Thailand at Samut Songkhram...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nflu3gL-rvo

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lightgiver 17-04-2014 09:53 PM



The 501st Airborne Infantry Regiment is the first airborne unit by designation in the United States military. 1st Battalion has been assigned to the 4th Brigade Combat Team (Airborne), 25th Infantry Division, U.S. Army, and is located in Fort Richardson, Alaska, to serve as a strategic front to the Department of Defense's Pacific Command.. Only the 4th Brigade Combat Team is on airborne status, not the entire 25th Infantry Division. 2nd Battalion is assigned to the 1st Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division..The 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment was activated at Camp Toccoa, Georgia on 15 November 1942. The 501st was part of the 101st Airborne Division during World War II and the Vietnam War..

Thus, when the 101st fought again, this time in South Vietnam, it included the 1st and 2nd Battalions of the 501st. The division participated in 12 campaigns and was decorated by the Republic of Vietnam on 3 occasions. The 2nd Battalion, 501st, while attached to the 3rd Brigade, 101st received a presidential unit citation for the heroic actions of all elements of that brigade in the bloody fight at Hill 937 in the Ashau Valley in May 1969. The soldiers called it "Hamburger Hill," but the battle streamer is embroidered: Dong Ap Bia Mountain. Geronimo was also in Lam Song 917 (Dewey Canyon II).In all this unusual and difficult combat, both 501st units performed as bravely as their predecessors had in World War II. In May 1968 the division's jump status was terminated and the 101st was reorganized as an Airmobile division..

Its initial group of officers were hand picked by its first commander, Colonel Howard R. Johnson..The first commander of the 501st PIRKnown by his peers as "Skeets", he was very much in the swashbuckling mold of most of the original parachute regimental commanders, of whom the popular saying was .."To command a parachute unit, you don't have to be nuts, but it helps!"..Golden Nest, Archangel Zero-6! We have been engaged!..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_ogmLOR7Ac
http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...5&postcount=88Archangel is down and I am on the run!.Always a playground instructor, never a killer..Always a bridesmaid on the verge of fame or over.. He manouvered 2 girls into his hotel room..One a friend, the other, the young one, a newer stranger..Vaguely Mexican or Puerto Rican..Alpha Whiskey, this is Zero-6, come in...http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showthread.php?t=164774

lightgiver 18-04-2014 12:53 AM


The number of the 39 categories of activity prohibited on Shabbat according to Halakha..The actual number of lashes given by the Sanhedrin to a person meted the punishment of 40 lashes..The number of Scud missiles which Iraq fired at Israel during the Gulf War in 1991..In Afghanistan, the number 39 is considered unlucky, due to the belief that it is associated with pimps, allegedly living in the western city of Herat, who was nicknamed "39" after the registration plate of his expensive car and the number of his apartment...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9c7EAlfyaM
Pararescuemen, also known as PJs (Pararescue Jumpers), are United States Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) and Air Combat Command (ACC) operatives tasked with recovery and medical treatment of personnel in humanitarian and combat environments. These special operations units are also used to support NASA missions and have been used to recover astronauts after water landings. They are attached to other SOF teams from all branches to conduct other operations as appropriate. Of the 22 enlisted Air Force Cross recipients, 12 are Pararescuemen. They wear the maroon beret as a symbol of their elite status, and to symbolize the blood shed by past PJs, as well as the blood current PJs are willing to shed to save lives. Part of the little-known Air Force Special Operations community and long an enlisted preserve, the Pararescue service began commissioning Combat Rescue Officers early in the 21st century...

The Vietnam War was a pivotal conflict for the Pararescue teams. The Air Force's scope of operations became so large that demand for Pararescue teams expanded as well. The use of helicopters caused new tactics utilizing the speed, distance, and support they could provide. Rescue "packages" were created utilizing FACs (Forward Air Controllers), rescue escorts (such as AH-1 Cobras or A-1 Sandys), protective fighter CAP (Combat Air Patrol), HC-130 "King" Hercules for Rescue Mission Coordination and helicopter refueling, and the HH-3 Jolly Green Giant and HH-53 Super Jolly Green Giant helicopters to provide fast rescue for pilots shot down far behind enemy lines. Pararescue personnel were part of these packages to provide medical assistance for injured aircrew as well as the ability to patrol for missing aircrew that might have been unconscious or dead..Pararescue team members would be inserted to conduct LSO (Limited Surface Operations) searches while the escorts maintained an aggressive patrol to provide instantaneous support. Sometimes they would be inserted to search for personnel who were being forced to escape and evade; in such cases the mission might last for days...

Headhunting was practised by many Austronesian people in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands. Headhunting has at one time or another existed among most of the peoples of Melanesia,including New Guinea.. A missionary found 10,000 skulls on Goaribari Island in 1901..In Southeast Asia, anthropological writings exist on the Murut, Ilongot, Iban, Dayak, Berawan, Wana, and Mappurondo tribes. Among these groups, headhunting was usually a ritual activity rather than an act of war or feuding and involved the taking of a single head..In what is now known as New Zealand, the Māori preserved the heads of enemies, removing the skull and smoking the head. Māori are currently attempting to reclaim the heads of their ancestors held in museums outside New Zealand.. "Samurai also sought glory by headhunting. When a battle ended, the warrior, true to his mercenary origins, would ceremoniously present trophy heads to a general, who would variously reward him with promotions in rank, gold or silver, or land from the defeated clan..Headhunting was a common practice among the Taiwanese aborigines has been a practice among the Naga tribes of India and Myanmar.. Shuar in Ecuador and Peru, along the Amazon River, practised headhunting in order to make shrunken heads for ritual use..The Quechua Lamistas in Peru..A tzompantli is a type of wooden rack or palisade documented in several Mesoamerican civilizations that was used for the public display of human skulls, typically those of war captives or other sacrificial victims...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_GRATs8h-bI
http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...&postcount=426Yes. We must follow the custom.. A fresh cup of T is poured for the loved one departing..A place rich with all the strange beauty of your nighttime dreams...http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...&postcount=842

lightgiver 25-04-2014 02:27 AM


McNab was born on 28 December 1959.. Found abandoned on the steps of Guy's Hospital in Southwark in a Harrods shopping bag, he was brought up in Peckham, with his adoptive family. He did not do well in school, dropped out and worked at various odd jobs, usually for friends and relatives, and was involved in petty criminality, finally being arrested for burglary in 1976. Partly inspired by his brother's time in the army, he wanted to join the British Army. He failed the entry test for training as an army pilot, but enlisted with the Royal Green Jackets at the age of 16..From Dec 1977 to June 78, he was posted to South Armagh, Northern Ireland, as part of the British Army 's "Operation Banner"...In 1982, after 8 years with the Royal Green Jackets, he attempted SAS selection. After failing his 1st attempt, he passed in 1984..During his 10 years with Air Troop, B Squadron, 22 SAS, McNab served with Al Slater, Frank Collins and Charles "Nish" Bruce...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0hFPewOr2M
Al Slater was a member of 1 Para.. He appeared in the 1982 British TV documentary titled The Paras as one of the instructors to a group of Parachute Regiment recruits undertaking their basic training. The programme began filming just prior to the onset of hostilities of the Falklands War..and was 1 of 4 SAS soldiers to be killed during the Troubles..In 1982, Bruce was the first special forces soldier to parachute into the South Atlantic during the Falklands War a couple of weeks ahead of the fleet carrying the main task force to recapture the islands and was a member of Operation Mikado..Joined the Parachute Regiment in 1973 at age 17 and in 1978 spent 4 years with the The Red Devils Display Team..HAHO jumps would involve deploying the main canopy at 26,000 feet into high airspeed and drifting down with 20–30 minutes descent time..In the early 1990s Bruce trained with Loel Guinness' High Adventure Company and Joe Kittinger to skydive from the edge of space from 130,000 feet and break the highest altitude freefall record previously set by Joe Kittinger himself in the 1960s.. In return for NASA support on the 'Skydive from Space' project, Nish Bruce, Taylor and experienced mountaineers from High Adventure joined renowned NASA scientist and Space Shuttle Challenger crew member K Gordon Henize in a joint expedition to climb the North Ridge Route of Mount Everest in late 1993..Although the expedition was marred by the death of Henize,the TEPC meter had done its job, and when it was later analysed at NASA HQ, an increment was added to the human physiology database..Frank Collins (b. 1956-57 - d.16 June 1998) was a Church of England Minister and the first 22 SAS soldier to enter the building in the Iranian Embassy Siege in 1980. Whilst with 22 SAS B Squadron Air (7) Troop..He left the service to pursue religion. After becoming a vicar, he was commissioned as a chaplain in the 23 SAS Regiment and served as padre in the The Parachute Regiment..During the 1st Gulf War, McNab commanded B20, an 8-man SAS patrol that was given the task of destroying underground communication links between Baghdad and north-west Iraq and with tracking Scud missile movements in the region.. The patrol was dropped into Iraq on 22 January 1991, but was soon compromised, escaping on foot towards Syria, the closest coalition country...



Scud is a series of tactical ballistic missiles developed by the Soviet Union during the Cold War. It was exported widely to other countries, in particular third world countries. The term comes from the NATO reporting name Scud which was attached to the missile by Western intelligence agencies. The Russian names for the missile are the R-11 (the first version), R-17 and R-300 Elbrus (later developments)..All models are 11.35 m (37.2 ft) long (except Scud-A, which is 1 m (3 ft 3 in) shorter) and 0.88 m (2 ft 11 in) in diameter.. They are propelled by a single liquid-fuel rocket engine burning kerosene and corrosion inhibited red fuming nitric acid (IRFNA) with UDMH, unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine (Russian TG-02 like German Tonka 250) as liquid igniter (self ignition with IRFNA) in all models..The R-11M had a maximum range of 270 km, but when carrying a nuclear warhead, this was reduced to 150 km..North Korea obtained its first Scud-Bs from Egypt in 1979 or 1980.. These missiles were reverse engineered, and reproduced using North Korean infrastructure, including the 125 factory at Pyongyang, a research and development institute at Sanum-dong and the Musudan-ri Launch Facility..The Scud missile (including derivatives) is one of the few ballistic missiles to be used in actual warfare, second only to the V-2 in terms of combat launches (the SS-21, MGM-140 ATACMS, Fateh-110 and 9K720 Iskander being the only other ballistic missiles fired in action)..More than a dozen Scuds were fired from Afghanistan at targets in Pakistan in 1988..Ira q was the first to use ballistic missiles during the Iran–Iraq War, firing limited numbers of Frog-7 rockets at the towns of Dezful and Ahvaz. On 27 October 1982, Iraq launched its first Scud-Bs at Dezful killing 21 civilians and wounding 100.. Scud strikes continued during the following years, intensifying sharply in 1985, with more than 100 missiles falling inside Iran..The most intensive - and less well-known - use of Scud missiles occurred during the civil war in Afghanistan between 1989 and 1992..3 districts in the rebel-held eastern part of Aleppo and the nearby city of Tel Rifat were hit by ballistic missiles on February 22, 2013, flattening up to 20 houses in each of the places hit..A small number of Scuds were used by Russian forces in 1996 during the 1st Chechen War and in late 1999/early 2000 during the 2nd Chechen War..Scuds were responsible for most of the coalition deaths outside Iraq and Kuwait. Of a total 88 Scud missiles, 46 were fired into Saudi Arabia and 42 into Israel..killed 1 Israeli directly and 1 Saudi security guard by a hotel..28 members of the Pennsylvania National Guard were killed when one struck a US Army barracks in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia..The USAF organized air patrols over areas where Scud launchers were suspected to operate...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQHtx0nYQio
http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...8&postcount=81You know Meade should have taken another 35,000 casualties. Could have ended the rebellion right then and there. Hell, Grant would have done it.. Pickett's charge was up Cemetary Ridge, not Little Round Top..Saunders. Head of Section "V" Vienna. You're *bloody* late. This is a mission, not a fancy dress ball...http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...postcount=1295

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The 1 that Got Away' has been heavily criticized by Trooper Mike and SGT McNab,particularly in relation to its negative portrayal of Sergeant Vince Phillips, who died of hypothermia during the patrol's attempted escape..The SAS's Regimental Sergeant Major at the time the book is set,(to relieve the OC of A Squadron).. said of the book, "[It is] insensitive to hide behind pseudonyms when they named their dead colleagues in their books, in deliberate contravention of the Regiment's traditions..He subsequently led the squadron on a raid on a communication site known as "Victor 2" for which he was Awarded the DCM...After the conflict Ratcliffe was Commissioned as an Officer...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xxo5vYeDF80


4 British Army soldiers, including 2 members of the Special Air Service, who are assassinated by a hit squad known as "The Clinic".. The murders are carried out over a 17-year period, on the orders of a Dubai sheikh whose 3 sons were killed by British forces in Oman during a battle with Communists..Fiennes claimed that he himself was targeted by the group, but was saved by a group of vigilantes calling themselves the "Feather Men".. The Twin summits of Pen y Fan and Corn Du were formerly referred to as Cadair Arthur or 'Arthur's Seat'...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7J9tAjxi4p4


Hypothermia (from Greek ὑποθερμία) is a condition in which the body's core temperature drops below that required for normal metabolism and body functions..The signs and symptoms vary depending on the degree of hypothermia, and may be divided by the three stages of severity. Infants with hypothermia may feel cold when touched, with bright red skin and unusual lack of energy..As the temperature decreases, further physiological systems falter and heart rate, respiratory rate, and blood pressure all decrease. This results in an expected heart rate in the 30s at a temperature of 28 °C (82 °F)..1 of the lowest documented body temperatures from which anyone has recovered was 13.0 °C (55.4 °F) in a near-drowning incident involving a 7-year-old girl in Sweden in Dec-ember 2010..An apparent self-protective behaviour known as terminal burrowing, or hide-and-die syndrome, occurs in the final stages of hypothermia.. is the opposite of hyperthermia which is present in heat exhaustion and heat stroke..In the UK 28,354 cases of hypothermia were treated in 2012/13 – an increase of 25% from the previous year..Rising fuel bills have increased the numbers who have difficulty paying for adequate heating in the UK..A notable example of this occurred during the sinking of the Titanic, when most people who entered the −2 °C (28 °F) water died within 15–30 minutes..Napoleon Bonaparte's retreat from Russia in the winter of 1812, many troops suffered from hypothermia...
http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showt...162415&page=84Gentlemen, this may only be an exercise so far as the MOD is concerned.. But for me, it is a matter O-f pride that the 000 section has been chosen for this Test...http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...postcount=1296

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The Parachute Regiment is the Airborne Infantry element of the British Army.. It perceives itself as an elite unit by virtue of its selection process, rigorous training programme and by the requirement of its role to operate with minimal or no support behind enemy lines and against numerically superior forces. It forms the parachute infantry element of 16 Air Assault Brigade...

In politics, polarization (or polarisation) refers to the divergence of political attitudes to ideological extremes. Polarization can refer to such divergence in public opinion as a whole, or to such divergence within a particular sub-set or group (like party elites)..Almost all discussions of polarization in political science consider polarization in the context of political parties and democratic systems of government. When polarization occurs in a two-party system, like the United States, moderate voices often lose power and influence...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7J9tAjxi4p4
http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...&postcount=118Usurp leadership in a situation where you are normally subordinate. Infiltrate your target. Initially, pretend to be a guest to be accepted, but develop from inside and become the owner later..Everything goes away, Jack Sawyer, like the moon.. Everything comes back, like the moon...http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...&postcount=221

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Red Caps

The maroon beret is a military beret and has been an international symbol of elite airborne forces since it was chosen for British airborne forces in World War II. This distinctive head dress was officially introduced in 1942, at the direction of General Frederick Browning, commander of the British 1st Airborne Division.The colour of the beret was reportedly chosen by his wife, the novelist Daphne du Maurier. It was first worn by the men of the Parachute Regiment in action in North Africa during November 1942. Although maroon, the beret of the British Parachute Regiment is often known as the "red beret"...

Send your enemy beautiful women to cause discord within his camp. This strategy can work on three levels. First, the ruler becomes so enamoured with the beauty that he neglects his duties and allows his vigilance to wane..2nd, other males at court will begin to display aggressive behaviour that inflames minor differences hindering co-operation and destroying morale..3rd, other females at court, motivated by jealousy and envy, begin to plot intrigues further exacerbating the situation...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fV41hb9Fz7E


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Fan Dance

Gorgonacea is an order of sessile colonial cnidarian found throughout the oceans of the world, especially in the tropics and subtropics. Gorgonians are also known as sea whips or sea fans and are similar to the sea pen, a soft coral. Gorgonians are closely related to, but technically not coral, themselves. Individual tiny polyps form colonies that are normally erect, flattened, branching, and reminiscent of a fan. Others may be whiplike, bushy, or even encrusting.A colony can be several feet high and across but only a few inches thick. They may be brightly coloured, often purple, red, or yellow. Photosynthetic gorgonians can be successfully kept in captive reef aquariums..The name "Gorgonacea" is no longer considered valid and Alcyonacea is now the accepted name for the order.A pencil in projective geometry is a family of geometric objects with a common property, for example the set of lines That pass through a given point in a Projective Plane...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0dFkchrhqs


Fan is a municipality in the Mirditë District, Lezhë County, northwestern Albania..The Great Fan rises near Qafë-Mali in the Pukë District. It flows west through Fushë-Arrëz, then south through Gjegjan and to Rrëshen..Fan County falls under the jurisdiction of Puyang, Henan Province..Puyang is a prefecture-level city in northeastern Henan province, People's Republic of China. Located on the northern shore of the Yellow River, it borders Anyang in the west, Xinxiang in the southwest, and the provinces of Shandong and Hebei in the E and North respectively...The Fan Dance - YouTube

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Para LySis

The UK's first airborne assault took place on 10 February 1941, when, what was then known as II Special Air Service (40 men of 500 trained in parachuting), introduced themselves to the enemy by jumping into Italy and blowing up an aqueduct in a daring raid named Operation Colossus..After the German's successful invasion of Crete, it was agreed by the British Chiefs of Staff that the UK would need far more for similar operations..No. 2 Commando Were tasked with specialising in airborne assault and became the nucleus of the Parachute Regiment...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rej-DRF1jIs

Paralysis is loss of muscle function for one or more muscles. Paralysis can be accompanied by a loss of feeling (sensory loss) in the affected area if there is sensory damage as well as motor.. About 1 in 50 people have been diagnosed with some form of paralysis, transient or permanent.. The word comes from the Greek παράλυσις, "disabling of the nerves", itself from παρά (para), "beside, by" and λύσις (lysis), "loosing" and that from λύω (luō), "to loose"..Pseudoparalysis (pseudo- meaning "false, not genuine", from Greek ψεῦδος) is voluntary restriction or inhibition of motion Because of pain, incoordination, orgasm, or other cause, and is not due to actual muscular paralysis.. In an infant, it may be a symptom of congenital syphilis..Oh what the heck, it's always Green...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hta0ndC7Dqw
http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...75&postcount=3The whole world is a Cheque Circus if you know how to look at it.. The Way the sun goes down and The Way The desert looks at night, with the Moon EMbracing...http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...&postcount=610

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O- that we now had here-But one 10 thousand of those men in England-Band of Brothers was a phrase used by Rear-Admiral Horatio Nelson to refer to the Captains under his command just prior to and at the Battle of the Nile in 1798.. The convey runs into an ambush in which Dancer is captured. The smugglers release Dancer who recognizes the voice of their leader, as a local member of the landed gentry...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPae_l0291I

He arrived at Toccoa in mid-August 1942 and was assigned to Company E, 2nd Battalion, 506th PIR, serving under First Lieutenant (later Captain) Herbert Sobel..Company E was also known as "Easy Company" per the contemporaneous Joint Army/Navy Phonetic Alphabet. Initially he served as a platoon leader in charge of 2nd Platoon, but later, in October 1942, he was promoted to 1st lieutenant and became the acting company executive officer, although this was not made official until May 1943..The 506th PIR was an experimental unit, being the first regiment to undertake airborne training as a formed unit..As many of the men had very little previous military experience the training at Toccoa was necessarily very tough and as a consequence there was a high level of personnel wastage. Indeed, of the 500 officers who had volunteered, only 148 successfully completed the course. The enlisted men had it equally tough, with only 1,800 men being selected out of 5,300 volunteers..Promoted to first lieutenant, Sobel commanded Company E for all of their basic training at Camp Toccoa, Georgia.. He was known to be strict, earning hatred by many of his men. However, because of the intense training he gave his men, he was credited with creating the finest company in the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment. He was promoted to the rank of captain in recognition of his ability as a trainer..Shortly before Easy Company took part in the invasion of the Netherlands, Sobel was assigned to the 506th once again, this time replacing Salve Matheson as the regimental S-4 (logistics) officer for Operation Market Garden P..Sobel was negatively portrayed as inept in the television series Band of Brothers, a depiction which has proved controversial..Since the series, his son Michael has spoken out on his behalf.. In various interviews, Easy Company veterans have acknowledged the importance Sobel's training played in the company's later successes..In the late 1960s, Sobel shot himself in the head with a small-caliber pistol.. The bullet entered his left temple, passed behind his eyes, and exited out the other side of his head. This severed his optic nerves and left him blind.. He was later moved to a VA assisted living facility in Waukegan, Illinois. Sobel resided there for his last 17 years until his death due to malnutrition on September 30, 1987.. No services were held for Sobel after his death...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4y3csTi_Es
http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...&postcount=467Here's the deal.. it's been strongly suggested that we turn over Arthur and abandon these refugees OuT here in the bush. I'll tell you right now: I'm not gonna do that. Can't do that. Broke my own rule - started to give a fuck. And brought you guys along With me. We're about to walk into some serious shit. Before we do, I just like to hear what you guys have to say about it..What 'bout you, Red..Christianity's most sacred codices are in that Archive...http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...postcount=1710

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Kehlsteinhaus (in English-speaking countries also known as the Eagle's Nest) is a chalet-style structure erected on a subpeak of the Hoher Göll known as the Kehlstein.. It was built as an extension of the Obersalzberg complex erected in the mountains above Berchtesgaden.. The Kehlsteinhaus was intended as a 50th birthday present for Adolf Hitler to serve as a retreat, and a place for him to entertain visiting dignitaries..The Kehlsteinhaus was commissioned by Martin Bormann, with construction proceeding over a 13-month period. It was completed in the summer of 1938, prior to its formal presentation to Hitler on his 50th birthday on April 20, 1939. It is situated on a ridge at the top of the Kehlstein mountain 1,834 m (6,017 ft), reached by a 6.5 km (4.0 mi) long and 4 m (13 ft) wide road that cost RM 30 million to build (about 150 million euros in 2007, adjusted in line with inflation). It includes five tunnels but only one hairpin turn and climbs 800 m (2,600 ft)..The last 124 m (407 ft) up to the Kehlsteinhaus are reached by an elevator bored straight down through the mountain and linked via a tunnel through the granite below that is 124 m (407 ft) long..The inside of the large elevator car is surfaced with polished brass, Venetian mirrors and green leather (the elevator is still used daily).. Construction of the mountain elevator system cost the Lives of 12 construction Workers...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIEb3d--B9U


The 10th (Sussex) Parachute Battalion was an airborne infantry battalion of the Parachute Regiment, raised by the British Army during the Second World War..When the Territorial Army was reformed after the war in 1947. A new 10th Battalion was raised. It was part of the reserve 44th Parachute Brigade in the 16th Airborne Division. However as a result of defence cuts the battalion was eventually amalgamated with the 4th Battalion..The original 10th Parachute Battalion was a war-formed unit which as part of the British 1st Airborne Division fought at the Battle of Arnhem (Operation Market Garden)..During this action Captain Lionel Ernest Queripel was awarded a posthumous Victoria Cross..I was on parade (following a week of training at Windsor Barracks) at the presentation of colours by HRH Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, at Duke of York's HQ, Chelsea on 3rd June 1983.. A new 10th Battalion was raised in 1947 as part of the T.A. based in London..The 12th (Yorkshire) Parachute Battalion and 13th (Lancashire) Parachute Battalion were dropped at Normandy as part of the 6th Airborne Division during the 'D' Day landings (Operation Overlord) and on 12 June took part in the action at Breville..On the right sleeve of the smock worn by XV PARA soldiers just below the wings was a tartan DZ flash. This was similar to that used by the Lowland Scottish Regiments being a section of the Hunting Stewart Tartan.. It was also worn on the beret behind the parachute regiment capbadge..The Battle of Bréville was fought by the British 6th Airborne Division and the German 346th Infantry Division, between the 8 and 13 June 1944, during the invasion of Normandy in the 2nd World War..The British attack occurred over the night of 12/13 June 1944, when Major General Richard Nelson Gale committed his only reserves, the 12th Parachute Battalion, a company from the 12th Battalion Devonshire Regiment and the 22nd Independent Parachute Company...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2osSsbB09Ps

http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...5&postcount=49 Why are you running away from me,Char-ley..I'm here to teach you but also I'm here to help you.. Chapter 11, Verse 13..Any problems you come to me. Don't be afraid, day or night, any advice..I love you, Mark..You're like my brother..We're gonna get to Know each other.. I see you're an O-rphan..http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showt...=65232&page=58

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R Waves

In 1940, Motorola (then the Galvin Manufacturing Company) received a contract from the War Department to develop a portable, battery powered voice radio receiver/transmitter for field use by infantry units. The project engineering team consisted of Daniel E. Noble, who conceived of the design using frequency modulation, Henryk Magnuski who was the principal RF engineer, Marion Bond, Lloyd Morris, and Bill Vogel..The final acceptance tests took place at Fort Knox, Kentucky. The performance of the SCR-300 during those tests demonstrated its capacity to communicate through interference and the rugged quality of the design. Motorola was to produce nearly 50,000 of the SCR-300 units during the course of the war..The British adopted the design of the SCR-300 for their own use from 1947 as the "Wireless Set No. 31"...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCKaTkxDSWs


Military organizations use handheld radios for a variety of purposes. Modern units such as the AN/PRC-148 Multiband Inter/Intra Team Radio (MBITR) can communicate on a variety of bands and modulation schemes and include encryption capabilities..The MBITR was developed by USSOCOM and Thales Communications in the 1990s and went into production in 2000, to address the need for a secure multiband handheld radio.. As the US Army realized the benefits of the system it began wider deployment with Stryker Combat Teams and then with troops deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan. As of August 2007, 100,000 MBITRs have been fielded, over 31,000 of which are in use by the US Army..Encryption has long been used by militaries and governments to facilitate secret communication.. It is now commonly used in protecting information within many kinds of systems...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SaGAkTMFtWU
http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...55&postcount=1Never you mind, boy, never you mind.. Let's get on back to home.. I got enough trouble teaching you the difference between Manure and Massa... http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...&postcount=147

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Royal Army Physical Training Corps

Royal Army Physical Training Corps (Rob) is the British Army corps responsible for physical fitness and physical education and is headquartered in Aldershot. Its members are all Royal Army Physical Training Corps Instructors (Roy)..The RAPTC was formed in 1860 as the Army Gymnastic Staff. It was renamed the Army Physical Training Staff in 1918 and was given corps status as the Army Physical Training Corps by Army Order 165 in 1940..Famous former APTCIs include Nik Stuart (former National Gymnastic Coach) and Olympic medallist Kriss Akabusi..At the Festival of Remembrance on 13 November 2010 Huw Edwards announced that the Army Physical Training Corps had been granted the title Royal Army Physical Training Corps by Her Majesty the Queen.. This became effective immediately..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXhKpUfITV0


Pegasus Company (also known as P Coy) is the rigorous training and selection British military organisation based at the Infantry Training Centre, Catterick, North Yorkshire. P Coy run the 'Pre-Parachute Selection' Courses for trainee Parachute Regiment soldiers and officers as well as an "All-Arms Course" for Regular and Territorial Army (TA) troops. P Coy is also responsible for delivery of the TA Combat Infantryman's Course (CIC) for candidates for the TA Parachute Battalion, 4 Para..Pre-Parachute Selection must be undertaken by all Army candidates for parachute training who have not already undergone a strenuous form of training, such as UK Special Forces..Training in P Coy culminates in a series of 8 tests undertaken over a 5 day period (starting on a Wed and finishing on Tue, with the weekend off).. For recruits directly joining the Parachute Regiment, the tests are attempted at week 21 of training, All-Arms candidates attempt the tests after 2 and a half weeks of build-up training..Upon successful completion of the course, candidates participate in the Basic Parachute course at RAF Brize Norton, OXfordshire.. Did they say why, Willard, why they want to terminate my command..In a war there are many moments for compassion and tender action.. There are many moments for ruthless action - what is often called ruthless - what may in many circumstances be only clarity, seeing clearly what there is to be done and doing it, directly, quickly, awake, looking at it...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F6YqvYkNDM8
http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...&postcount=615Some of you know me already! Those of you who don't are in for a great, big foooooookin' surprise! For those of you who do can expect an infinitely more horrible time than they can remember! Any man here who steps out of line and I will kill stone dead, it will not worry me in the slightest! There are no Queen's regulations here! When I say jump, you ask how high,Do I make myself clear? I want to hear it! Do I make myself clear? RIGHT! On the command Right and Left turn, A and B squads turn to the right, C and D squads turn to the left. SQUADS! Right and Left TURN! Right! Let's drive for our first heart attack shall we!.. http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...postcount=1709

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RAF Brize Norton

Royal Air Force Brize Norton or RAF Brize Norton (IATA: BZZ, ICAO: EGVN) in Oxfordshire, about 65 mi (105 km) west north-west of London, is the largest station of the Royal Air Force.. It is close to the settlements of Brize Norton, Carterton and Witney..The station is home to Air Transport, Air-to-Air refuelling and Military Parachuting, with aircraft operating from the station including the Lockheed C-130 Hercules, Boeing C-17 Globemaster III and Airbus A330 MRTT Voyager which replaced the now decommissioned Lockheed TriStar in March 2014..Major infrastructure redevelopment began in 2010 ahead of the closure of RAF Lyneham in 2012, at which point Brize Norton became the sole air point of embarkation for British troops..By the end of June 2011 all flying units from RAF Lyneham had moved to RAF Brize Norton..

RAF Brize Norton was opened in 1937 as a training station and one of the first squadrons to use the airfield was No. 110 Squadron RAF which was mainly based at RAF Wattisham but a detachment used Brize Norton from June 1939 until 17 March 1942 with the Bristol Blenheim Mks I and IV before leaving for the far-east.. 296 Squadron and 297 Squadron both moved in on 14 March 1944 with their Armstrong Whitworth Albemarles before 296 squadron added the Handley Page Halifax V to their inventory and moved to RAF Earls Colne on 29 September 1944 and 297 squadron moving to the same place a day later.. 297 Sqn returned after the Second World War had ended, on 5 September 1946 with the Halifax Mks A.7 and A.9 from RAF Tarrant Rushton before leaving during the summer of 1947 on 21 August moving to RAF..

1 November 1990 - 3 'pink' Puma HC1s leave Brize Norton inside a USAF C5 Galaxy, followed by eight on 2 November and 4 on 3 November for No 230 (C) Squadron at Ras Al Ghar, Saudi Arabia. RAF base commander there is Gp Capt Sam Hunt. Pumas have been fitted with infra-red jammers, chaff/flare dispensers and enhanced navigation equipment. RAF Hercules begin flying routes within the Gulf theatre, using Riyadh as a central base. Typically 4 aircraft at any one time..Tuesday, 1 August 2006..US military flights carrying bombs to Israel will no longer use any civilian airports in the UK, the BBC has learnt..The decision follows criticism of the use of Prestwick Airport, near Glasgow, to refuel flights suspected of carrying bombs to Israel..It has emerged that in future only military airfields will be used..The decision was reached after protests at the airport and discussions between various government departments, led by the Foreign Office..Brize Norton has 2 public houses.. The Chequers and The Masons Arms. Brize Norton has a women's Football Club and a Women's Institute..

Málaga Airport is one of the oldest Spanish airports that has stayed in its original location..In 2008, it handled 12,813,472 passengers, making it the 4th busiest in Spain..You know what I'd love for lunch- Fresh asparagus, then, um, pasta - angel hair pasta with heaps of basil, garlic, olive oil and, um, apple pie..Steward-ess Monarch Airlines, also known as and trading as Monarch, is a British airline based at Luton Airport, operating scheduled flights to destinations in the Mediterranean, Canary Islands, Cyprus, Egypt, Greece and Turkey, with additional charter services to Europe, the United States, the Caribbean, India and Africa..Owned by Globus Travel Group, the airline's headquarters are at Luton with other bases at Birmingham, East Midlands, Leeds/Bradford, Gatwick and Manchester.. Monarch is the oldest UK airline to have not changed its original name.. It has around 3000 employees..Monarch Airlines was formed on 5 June 1967 with financial backing from the Swiss Mantegazza family, as a subsidiary of Globus Getaway Holdings.. At the time of Monarch's inception, the Mantegazza family were the owners of UK-based tour operator Cosmos Tours (now Cosmos Holidays)..In 1993, Monarch Airlines introduced the first Airbus A320 aircraft into its fleet. (The first of the larger Airbus A321s joined Monarch's fleet in 1997.).. Airbus A320 family aircraft eventually replaced the airline's Boeing 737-300s..In 1998, Monarch Airlines leased two McDonnell Douglas MD-11 widebodied aircraft from World Airways for its long-haul operations whilst awaiting the delivery of a pair of new Airbus A330-200 widebodies..Destinations 100+ (30 scheduled)..In November 2005 Monarch opened a base at Málaga.. It based an Airbus A320-200 there and operated scheduled services were added to Aberdeen, Blackpool and Newquay. However, due to their routes being unpopular, the base was closed in 2007....Charley Says Most of the topics dealt with everyday safety issues children face, such as not playing with matches,or smoking in the Lav on other occasions, Charley suffered the consequences of doing the wrong thing ( in Charley's Tea Party he pulled a tablecloth and a T-pot fell on him )...Borgias were X-perts in poisons for the mind, but in the decoction of poisons for the body they have attained a mastery which has never been EQualled in the history of the human race.. Their skill and knowledge of the terrible art died with them; they have left to history the name of their dreaded poison, "cantarella," but the secret of its preparation and the manner of its use are buried with them.. Modern science has evolved Toxi-cology, a special knowledge of poisons, but the "cantarella" of the Borgia Pope has baffled even the experts in toxicology.. Airlines with a base at the airport are Helitt Líneas Aéreas, Norwegian, Ryanair and Vueling..In 1937, Málaga Airport became a military base. Training ACademies for the Air Force were set up, under the command of Republican...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOZuxwVk7TU
http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showt...151467&page=12You'd better tell the Captain we've got to land as soon as we can.. This woman has to be gotten to a hospital.. When Charley and the boy did the right thing, they were rewarded with something for the boy and a fish, which he ate rapidly..Charley says never go anywhere with men or ladies you don't know.. L.A. departure frequency, 123 point 9'er..Roger, Roger. What's our Vector, Victor..Excuse me, Captain Oveur, but I have an emergency call on line 5 from a Mrs. Hamm...http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...postcount=1309

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Originally Posted by PP (Post 1059494967)
The Vajroli Mudra. This practice is apparently one method that is used, it is known as the Thunderbolt Seal, which reminded me of this seal with the thunderbolt, snake, phrygian cap,spear of destiny etc etc.....


The 23d Fighter Wing was activated on 10 August 1948 at Northwest Guam AFB, Guam as part of the "Wing" or "Wing-Base" plan, which prescribed a standard organizational setup for all USAF bases worldwide..In 1957, the group converted from the F-89D to the nuclear capable F-89H armed with AIR-2 Genie rockets...On 23 September 1980, the 74 TFS received the 23 TFW's first operational Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II aircraft...
In response to the buildup of forces following the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in August 1990, the 74th and 76th Tactical Fighter Squadrons deployed with numerous support personnel to King Fahd International Airport, Saudi Arabia, attached to the 354th Tactical Fighter Wing (Provisional) as part of Operation Desert Shield...The 23 TFW flew more than 2,700 combat sorties over Iraq and Kuwait while maintaining a mission-capable rate of 95 percent.. They also airdropped relief supplies into Bosnia and Herzegovina and flew relief missions into Sarajevo for more than 28 months..Both the 23 WG and 23 FG are charged with carrying on the historic Flying Tiger's heritage...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GqyE4u6rp5Q
http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...0&postcount=57Don't you tell me to relax, goddammit! You're an E4, I'm a goddamm full bird Colonel! You don't talk to me like that.., You understand me, soldier..That's OK, sir, I understand the kind of pressure you're under.. My fiancée is here on base, so we arranged for a transfer together.. http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...postcount=1706

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Ley Line
US Army Special Forces Tube...
Aged 22, Royal Corps of Signals,1 of 6 soldiers (June 1988)..
IRA bomb kills 8 soldiers (Aug 1988) - Broadcast Yourself...

In Assyrian and Babylonian mythology, Pazuzu is the king of the demons of the wind, and son of the god Hanbi.. He also represent's the southwestern wind, the bearer of storms and drought..The Royal Gurkha Rifles (RGR) is a rifle regiment of the British Army, forming part of the Brigade of Gurkhas. Unlike other regiments in the British army, soldiers are recruited from Nepal, which is neither a dependent territory of the United Kingdom nor a member of the Commonwealth. Their motto is: Better to die than live a coward..The 2nd King Edward VII's Own Gurkha Rifles (The Sirmoor Rifles) was a rifle regiment of the British Indian Army before being transferred to the British Army comprising Gurkha soldiers of Nepalese origin on India's independence in 1947.. The 4th Battalion joined the Indian Army as the 5th Battalion, 8th Gurkha Rifles (Sirmoor Rifles), where it exists to this day. As part of the British Army, the regiment served in Malaya, Hong Kong and Brunei until 1994 when it was amalgamated with the other 3 British Army Gurkha regiments to form the Royal Gurkha Rifles. It is the only Gurkha regiment which did not have Khukuri on its cap badge..The 10th Princess Mary's Own Gurkha Rifles, (10 GR), was originally a rifle regiment of the British Indian Army comprising Gurkha soldiers of Nepalese origin.. The regiment was first formed in 1890, taking its lineage from a police unit and over the course of its existence it had a number of changes in designation and composition. It took part in a number of campaigns on the Indian frontiers during the 19th and early 20th centuries, before fighting in the First World War, the Third Anglo-Afghan War and the Second World War. Following India's independence in 1947, the regiment was one of four Gurkha regiments to be transferred to the British Army. In the 1960s it was active in the Malayan Emergency and Indonesian Confrontation. It was amalgamated with the other 3 British Gurkha regiments to form the Royal Gurkha Rifles in 1994...Quatermass 1979 (Episode 3, Part 4)..
http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...6&postcount=86Oh dear. How sad. Never mind.. I don't know, but if you can remember any hymns, sing 'em!. Solly, the only hymn I can remember, is "Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam"!...http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...&postcount=174

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Skill at Arms

A general-purpose machine gun (GPMG) is an air-cooled, belt-fed weapon with a quick change barrel that can be used in a variety of roles, from bipod- or tripod-mounted infantry support, to deployment as a helicopter door gun, or a vehicle-mounted support weapon.. Modern GPMGs fire full-power rifle cartridges such as the 7.62×51mm NATO, 7.62×54mmR, 7.92x57mm Mauser, etc.."With the MG 34, the German Wehrmacht introduced an entirely new concept in automatic firepower - the general-purpose machine gun (GPMG).. In itself the MG 34 was an excellent weapon: an air-cooled, recoil-operated machine gun that could run through belts of 7.92mm ammunition at a rate of 850rpm, delivering killing firepower at ranges of more than 1,000m..Such were its qualities of firepower and usability that it became the foundation of an entire series of postwar machine guns, including the MG 1 and MG 3 - the latter is still in production and service to this day"..German Heckler & Koch HK21, based on the Heckler & Koch G3 rifle and Wid-ely Xported...

The Bren Gun, usually called simply the Bren, was a series of light machine guns adopted by Britain in the 1930s and used in various roles until 1991.. While best known for its role as the British and Commonwealth forces' primary infantry light machine gun (LMG) in World War II, it was also used in the Korean War and saw service throughout the latter half of the 20th century, including the 1982 Falklands War and the 1991 Gulf War.. Although fitted with a bipod, it could also be mounted on a tripod or vehicle-mounted..The Bren is still sold by Indian Ordnance Factories as the "Gun, Machine 7.62mm 1B"..X-maglen or Crosmaglen (from Irish: Crois Mhic Lionnáin, meaning "Mac Lionnáin's cross") is a village and townland in south County Armagh, Northern Ireland. It had a population of 1,459 people in the 2001 Census and is the largest village in south Armagh. The village centre is the site of a large Police Service of Northern Ireland base and formerly of an observation tower (known locally as the "look-out post")..The square's name commemorates Cardinal Tomás Ó Fiaich, a local man who became Primate of All Ireland (head of the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland), and who died in 1990..X-maglen also gives its name to a famous GAA team..On 13 January 1921, during the Irish War of Independence, the Irish Republican Army (IRA) shot dead an Ulster Special Constabulary (USC) constable in X-maglen.. He was the first member of the USC to be killed whilst on duty..Crossmaglen Rangers hold the national record of 39 County Titles, including 13-in-a-row. They also hold the record of 9 Ulster club titles..During the Troubles, at least 58 police officers and 124 soldiers were killed by the Provisional IRA in South Armagh, many in Crossmaglen itself.. It was here that a team of snipers killed 12 members of the security forces in the 1990s...
http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...&postcount=334 Media's like the weather, only it's man-made weather. Murder? It's pure. You're the one made it impure. You're buying and selling fear. You say "why?" I say "why bother".. It's just cold blooded murder.. All God's creatures do it.. You look in the forests and you see species killing other species, our species killing all species including the forests, and we just call it industry, not murder..You know, the only thing that kills the demon... is love... http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...&postcount=649

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Scars Of War

Documentary following the journey of 2 injured soldiers: 19-year-old Ranger Andy Allen who, in July 2008, had his right leg blown off and his eyes badly burnt by an improvised explosive device; and 24-year-old Lance Corporal Tom Neathway, who lost three limbs after moving a booby-trapped sandbag..Unconscious and watched by their families they fight for their lives, but surviving their injuries is just the beginning..Psychological trauma is a type of damage to the psyche that occurs as a result of a severely distressing event..Trauma, which means "wound" in Greek, is often the result of an overwhelming amount of stress that exceeds one's ability to cope or integrate the emotions involved with that experience.. A traumatic event involves one experience, or repeating events with the sense of being overwhelmed that can be delayed by weeks, years, or even decades as the person struggles to cope with the immediate circumstances, eventually leading to serious, long-term negative consequences, often overlooked even by mental health professionals: "If clinicians fail to look through a trauma lens and to conceptualize client problems as related possibly to current or past trauma, they may fail to see that trauma victims, young and old, organize much of their lives around repetitive patterns of reliving and warding off traumatic memories, reminders, and affects"...

Children of War foundation "She picked up what she thought was a rock, but actually it was a grenade. She hit it on the floor and it exploded."A Worcestershire paratrooper who lost both legs and an arm in Afghanistan has denied newspaper reports that is quitting the Army over bullying..Cpl Thomas Neathway said he was leaving to pursue a career in motor sport..He confirmed there was a continuing investigation into complaints he made about bullying, but said "the reason for me leaving the Army is not that"..In a statement the Army said Cpl Neathway's complaint was being "thoroughly investigated"..A spokesman said the Army has a "zero-tolerance approach" to all forms of bullying, discrimination and abuse..BBC News..A pipe bomb is an improvised explosive device, a tightly sealed section of pipe filled with an explosive material. The containment provided by the pipe means that simple low Explosives can be used to produce a relatively large explosion, and the fragmentation of the pipe itself creates potentially lethal shrapnel..Corporal Antionio Sivo is a a Bomb Disposal Advisor working in the Counter-IED and Search Task Force. In this video he tells you more about his job in Afghanistan..http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showt...t=74914&page=7

An improvised explosive device (IED) is a homemade bomb constructed and deployed in ways other than in conventional military action. It may be constructed of conventional military explosives, such as an artillery round, attached to a detonating mechanism. Roadside bombs are a common use of IEDs..IEDs may be used in terrorist actions or in unconventional warfare by guerrillas or commando forces in a theater of operations. In the second Iraq War, IEDs were used extensively against US-led Coalition forces and by the end of 2007 they had become responsible for approximately 63% of Coalition deaths in Iraq.. They are also used in Afghanistan by insurgent groups, and have caused over 66% of the Coalition casualties in the 2001–present Afghanistan War.. ARMED Forces veterans have slammed a new Winchester café saying its name is an insult to their fallen comrades..They are angry the Falling Plates Café has opened its doors at their historic regimental home, calling it a “slap in the face” and “an insult to the memory of the dead”..The former Royal Green Jackets (RGJ) soldiers say Falling Plates is a derogatory nickname for heavy casualties suffered in Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan..Plate smashing, a traditional Greek folk custom involving the smashing of plates or glasses during celebratory occasions. In popular culture, the practice is most typical of foreigners' stereotypical image of Greece, and while it occurs more rarely today, it continues to be seen on certain occasions, such as weddings, although plaster plates are more likely to be used...
http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...&postcount=133They were moving him to the Isle of Wight while it happened.. We think he's left the country.. I Understand your little girl's feeling better, eh..Bloody proud of yourself, aren't you.. I couldn't just stand there and watch him shoot those people right in front of me. It was...RAge..Pure RAge..She's in the recovery room..They're watching her..Bring up Camp 18 again..I'm not after your job, Marty..GW..Satellite now entering target area...http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...&postcount=457

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Heay MeaTle Jacket

The Final Cut is an anti-war concept album, whose lyrics explore what Waters regards as the betrayal of fallen British servicemen — such as his father — who during World War II sacrificed their lives in the spirit of a post-war dream. This post-war dream was that their victory would usher in a more peaceful world, whose leaders would no longer be so eager to solve disputes by resorting to war. The album's lyrics are critical of Thatcher, whose policies and decisions Waters regarded as an example of this betrayal. She is referred to as "Maggie" throughout the album, with the introduction of the Welfare State, we felt we were moving forward into something resembling a liberal country where we would all look after one another ... but I'd seen all that chiselled away, and I'd seen a return to an almost Dickensian society under Margaret Thatcher.. I felt then, as now, that the British government should have pursued diplomatic avenues, rather than steaming in the moment that task force arrived in the South Atlantic..The 2nd half of the album deals with various war-related issues. While "Southampton Dock" is a lament to returning war heroes, and also those soldiers heading out to a likely death, "Not Now John" addresses the ignorance of society toward political and economic problems.. "Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert" deals with Waters' feelings about war and invasion, and "The Fletcher Memorial Home" (the title is a nod to Waters' lost father) reflects the fantasy of gathering together political leaders including Leonid Brezhnev, Menachem Begin, and Margaret Thatcher, and applying "the final solution" to them.. The album's title track deals with the aftermath of a man's isolation and sexual repression, as he contemplates suicide, and struggles to reconnect with the world around him. The album ends with "Two Suns in the Sunset", a song that portrays a nuclear holocaust, the final result of a world obsessed with war and control...

Columbia Records is an American flagship recording label, under the ownership of Sony Music Entertainment, operating under the Columbia Music Group. It was founded in 1888, evolving from an earlier enterprise, the American Graphophone Company—successor to the Volta Graphophone Company.. Columbia is the oldest brand name in recorded sound, being the first record company to produce recorded records as opposed to blank cylinders..It is one of Sony Music's 3 flagship record labels with the others being Epic Records and RCA Records..The Columbia Phonograph Company was founded by stenographer, lawyer and New Jersey native Edward Easton (1856-1915) and a group of investors. It derived its name from the District of Columbia, where it was headquartered..At first it had a local monopoly on sales and service of Edison phonographs and phonograph cylinders in Washington, D.C., Marylandand Delaware.. As was the custom of some of the regional phonograph companies, Columbia produced many commercial cylinder recordings of its own, and its catalogue of musical records in 1891 was 10 pages..His Master's Voice or Italy's Fonotipia Records. After an abortive attempt in 1904 to manufacture discs with the recording grooves stamped into both sides of each disc—not just one—in 1908 Columbia commenced successful mass production of what they called their "Double-Faced" discs, the 10-inch variety initially selling for 65 cents apiece.. The firm also introduced the internal-horn "Grafonola" to compete with the extremely popular "Victrola" sold by the rival Victor Talking Machine Company..During this era, Columbia used the famous "Magic Notes" logo—a pair of .16th notes (semiquavers) in a circle—both in the United States and overseas..
http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...&postcount=170I am Gunnery Sergeant Heartman, your senior drill instructor.. From now on you will speak only when spoken to, and the first and last words out of your filthy sewers will be "Sir".. Do you maggots understand that..Do you think I'm cute, Private Pyle.. Do you think I'm funny..Private Pyle I'm gonna give you 3 seconds; exactly 3-foooking-seconds to wipe that stupid looking grin off your face or I will gouge out your I-balls and skull-fcuk you! ONE! TWO! THREE! ...http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...postcount=1697

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Pig Saracen

The FV603 Saracen Weight 11 t was the armoured personnel carrier of Alvis' FV600 series. Besides the driver and commander, a squad of 8 soldiers plus a troop commander could be carried. Most models carried a small turret on the roof, carrying a Browning .30 machine gun. A .303 Bren gun could be mounted on an anti-aircraft ring-mount accessed through a roof hatch and there were ports on the sides through which troops could fire. Although removed from active service, it saw extensive use into the 1980s in Northern Ireland and was a familiar sight during "The Troubles". At times they even appeared on the streets of Hull, a less-hostile atmosphere for driver training in a city of similar appearance to Belfast, and only a few miles from the Army School of Mechanical Transport..


The Humber Pig Speed 64 km/h was a lightly armoured truck used by the British Army from the 1950s until the 1990s. The Pig was also used by the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) for a short period during the late 1960s and early 1970s, who painted their Pigs in Admiralty Grey, rather than the standard Army Deep Bronze Green gloss (BS381c colour 224).. From 1976 all army vehicles (except public duties vehicles and some specialist vehicles) were painted NATO green (BS381c colour 285) in a matt finish paint with IRR (Infra-red reflecting) properties. The Pig became particularly well known from its presence on the streets of Northern Ireland
during the worst of the Troubles...
http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...6&postcount=21Somebody once said that peacekeeping is not a soldier's job, but only a soldier can do it!. A promise..I am warning you. Something terrible is coming.. And once it starts, nobody will be able to stop it..We're gonna stay to bear witness to what the rest of the world doesn't want to see!..http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...&postcount=534

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Domhnach na Fola

Bloody Sunday —sometimes called the Bogside Massacre—was an incident on 30 January 1972 in the Bogside area of Londonderry, Northern Ireland, in which 26 civil rights protesters and bystanders were shot by soldiers of the British Army.. Thirteen males, se7en of whom were teenagers, died immediately or soon after, while the death of another man four-and-a-half months later was attributed to the injuries he received on that day..Two protesters were also injured when they were run down by army vehicles.. The incident occurred during a Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association march; the soldiers involved were members of the First Battalion of the Parachute Regiment (1 Para)..The people planned on marching to the Guildhall, but because of army barricades designed to reroute the march, the protesters redirected it to Free Derry Corner. A group of teenagers broke off from the march and persisted in pushing the barricade and marching on the Guildhall. They attacked the British army barricade with stones. At this point, a water cannon, tear gas and rubber bullets were used to disperse the rioters. Such confrontations between soldiers and youths were common, and observers reported that the rioting was not intense. Two civilians, Damien Donaghy and John Johnston, were shot and wounded on William Street by soldiers, who claimed that the former was carrying a black cylindrical object..At a certain point, reports of an IRA sniper operating in the area were allegedly given to the Army command centre. At 4:07 pm Brigade gave the British Parachute Regiment permission to go into the Bogside.. The order to fire live rounds was given, and one young man was shot and killed when he ran down Chamberlain Street away from the advancing troops. This first fatality, Jackie Duddy, was among a crowd who were running away. He was running alongside a priest, Father Edward Daly, when he was shot in the back.. Eventually the order was given to mobilise the troops in an arrest operation, chasing the tail of the main group of marchers to the edge of the field by Free Derry Corner..Despite a cease-fire order from the army HQ, over 100 rounds were fired directly into the fleeing crowds by troops under the command of Major Ted Loden.. Twelve more were killed, many of them as they attempted to aid the fallen.. Fourteen others were wounded, 12 by shots from the soldiers and two knocked down by armoured personnel carriers...

Although there were many IRA men—both Official and Provisional—present at the protest, it is claimed they were all unarmed, apparently because it was anticipated that the paratroopers would attempt to "draw them out".. March organiser and MP Ivan Cooper had been promised beforehand that no armed IRA men would be near the march. One paratrooper who gave evidence at the Tribunal testified that they were told by an officer to expect a gunfight and "We want some kills".. In the event, one man was witnessed by Father Edward Daly and others haphazardly firing a revolver in the direction of the paratroopers. Later identified as a member of the Official IRA, this man was also photographed in the act of drawing his weapon, but was apparently not seen or targeted by the soldiers.. Various other claims have been made to the Saville Inquiry about gunmen on the day...

The O'Develins claimed a common descent from Develin ( Dobhuilen or "Raging Valour", an Irish noble of the royal blood of Aileach who flourished in or about the 8th century AD and was 8th in descent from Owen, the founder of the clan)..Following the events of Bloody Sunday Bernadette Devlin, an Independent Socialist nationalist MP from Northern Ireland, expressed anger at what she perceived as government attempts to stifle accounts being reported about the day. Having witnessed the events firsthand, she was later infuriated that she was consistently denied the chance to speak in Parliament about the day, although parliamentary convention decreed that any MP witnessing an incident under discussion would be granted an opportunity to speak about it in the House.. Devlin punched Reginald Maudling, the Secretary of State for the Home Department in the Conservative government, when he made a statement to Parliament on the events of Bloody Sunday stating that the British Army had fired only in self-defence.. She was temporarily suspended from Parliament as a result of the incident.. Nonetheless, six months after Bloody Sunday, Lieutenant Colonel Derek Wilford who was directly in charge of 1 Para, the soldiers who went into the Bogside, was awarded the Order of the British Empire by the Queen, while other soldiers were equally decorated with honors for their part on the day..In January 1997, the United Kingdom television station Channel 4 carried a news report that suggested that members of the Royal Anglian Regiment had also opened fire on the protesters and could have been responsible for three of the fourteen deaths..Evidence given by Martin McGuinness, a senior member of Sinn Féin and now the deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland, to the inquiry stated that he was second-in-command of the Derry City brigade of the Provisional IRA and was present at the march. He did not answer questions about where he had been staying because he said it would compromise the safety of the individuals involved..A claim was made at the Saville Inquiry that McGuinness was responsible for supplying detonators for nail bombs on Bloody Sunday. Paddy Ward claimed he was the leader of the Fianna Éireann, the youth wing of the IRA in January 1972. He claimed that McGuinness, the 2IC of the IRA in the city at the time, and another anonymous IRA member gave him bomb parts on the morning of 30 January, the
date planned for the civil rights march...

January 1 - "Company" closes at Alvin Theater NYC after 690 perfs-Designed by architect Herbert J. Krapp, the developer, real estate mogul Alexander Pincus originally named it the "Alvin Theatre" as an amalgam of the names of producers ALex Aarons and VINton Freedley -Kurt Waldheim becomes Secretary General of the United Nations- China performs nuclear test - KDSD TV channel 16 in Aberdeen, SD (PBS) begins broadcasting/2 - "Rothschilds" closes at Lunt-Fontanne Theater NYC after 505 perfs – Pierre Hotel Robbery: Six men rob the safety deposit boxes of The Pierre Hotel in New York City for at least $4 million\3-MGM's 1951 Show Boat is presented on television by NBC for the first time/4-Rose Heilbron becomes the first woman judge at the Old Bailey in London\7 - An Iberian Airlines passenger plane crashes into a 250-meter peak on the island of Ibiza; 104 are killed-Howard Hughes speaks by telephone to denounce Clifford Irving's supposed biography of him/9 – The RMS Queen Elizabeth is destroyed by fire in Hong Kong harbor– The National Union of Mineworkers held a strike ballot in which 58.8% voted in favour.. Coal miners begin a strike which lasts for se7en weeks\10 – Sheikh Mujibur Rahman returns to Bangladesh from Pakistan/14 – Queen Margrethe II of Denmark succeeds her father, King Frederick IX, on the throne of Denmark\20 - President Zulfikar Ali Bhutto announces that Pakistan will immediately begin a nuclear weapons program-Unemployment exceeded 1,000,000 for the first time since the 1930s/21- A New Delhi bootlegger sells wood alcohol to a wedding party; 100 die\22 - 22nd NBA All-Star Game: West beats East 112-110 at LA/24 – Japanese soldier Shoichi Yokoi is discovered in Guam; he had spent 28 years in the jungle\26 - Yugoslavian air stewardess Vesna Vulović is the only survivor when her plane crashes in Czechoslovakia. She survives after falling 10,160 meters (33,330 feet) in the tail section of the aircraft-Aboriginal Tent Embassy is set up on the lawn of Parliament House in Canberra/30 - Pakistan withdraws from the Commonwealth of Nations\31 - US launches HEOS A-2 for interplanetary observations – King Birendra succeeds his father as King of Nepal-Nepal's stability was threatened even more when Birendra and his family (including Queen Aishwarya) were massacred at a royal dinner on 1 June 2001..
http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...&postcount=341How much suffering and fear, and how many harmful things are in existence?.If all arises from clinging to the "I",What should I do with this great demon?..http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...postcount=1476

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Originally Posted by manxboz (Post 1059678641)
Funny that, as the Parachute Regiment was not the first units to get in the assault at Pegasus bridge, it was B and D Companies, 2nd Battalion, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry, a platoon of B Company, Royal Engineers, and men of the Glider Pilot Regiment.

The 7th Parachute Bn. arrived roughly half an hour after the first assault by the main task force.

I visited there when I was doing a tour on my Regiment's History. My old Regiment precedes them in the order of precedence.

She did say her uncle was one of the first paratroopers - a paratrooper, not a glider-borne soldier. He was in the relief column that relieved them. John Howard's book about the attack he led is very good.

I knew a man who parachuted into Armhem, and I feel gratitude that we have such men. You can see him if you search for Oosterbeek Patrol. He is third from the left, second from the right, in the photographic re-enactment of their activity.

When he died, his ashes were scattered from an aeroplane over Arnhem. I hope no one was having a picnic at the time or their sandwiches might have been a bit gritty.

lightgiver 19-09-2014 12:33 AM

Astra Kadett
The car in which Karen Reilly and Martin Peake died..

Sergeant Lee Clegg is a British Army soldier who was convicted of murder for his involvement in the shooting dead of two teenage joyriders in West Belfast, Northern Ireland.. His conviction was later overturned..The shooting took place in West Belfast on 30 September 1990.. Clegg, then a private originally from Bradford, England, and his fellow soldiers manning the checkpoint on the Upper Glen Road, fired nineteen bullets into a stolen Vauxhall Astra that passed through their checkpoint travelling at high speed. Clegg fired four of the bullets, the last of which killed 18 year old passenger Karen Reilly.. The driver, 17 year old Martin Peake, also died at the scene, and the third passenger, Markiewicz Gorman, escaped with minor injuries..Clegg was sentenced to life imprisonment for murder in 1993, the court having decided that lethal force had been used without a lawful purpose.. The fourth bullet was said to have been fired through the back of the car as it was leaving the checkpoint and was therefore no longer a threat to the soldiers. The murder conviction was condemned by unionists and some British newspapers, including the Daily Mail (First published in 1896 by Lord Northcliffe), which began a campaign for Clegg's release on the grounds that he was just doing his job in difficult circumstances..Clegg continued to serve as part of 16 Air Assault Brigade. In September 2007 the Daily Mail reported that Clegg would be serving in Afghanistan in 2008 as combat medic with the 2nd Battalion Parachute Regiment..The Astra name originated with Vauxhall's 1980 model, though the car had originally been launched almost a year earlier as the Opel Kadett D..Production began at Opel's West German plant at Bochum in August 1979, and the first British customers took delivery of their cars in February 1980..In Hinduism, an astra was a supernatural weapon, presided over by a specific deity.. To summon or use an astra required knowledge of a specific incantation/invocation, when armed...


Astraea, the celestial virgin,was the last of the immortals to live with humans during the Golden Age, one of the old Greek religion's 5 deteriorating Ages of Man..Iain West (born 25 April 1944, death 23 July 2001 Hastings, East Sussex) was a British forensic pathologist.. He was involved in examining numerous deaths, many which are described in the book Dr Iain West's Casebook he published in collaboration with journalist Chester Stern.. From 1984 to 1998 he was head of the Department of Forensic Medicine at Guy's Hospital..Among the deaths Iain West investigated were that of Robert Maxwell. Maxwell had fallen, jumped or been pushed overboard his yacht Lady Ghislaine 5 November 1991..The partially burnt body of Dr Robert Ouko, Kenya’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, was officially found at the foot of Got Alila Hill, 2.8 km from his farm at Koru, near Kisumu, north western Kenya, on the 16th February, 1990, following a police search.. He had gone missing in the early hours of the morning 3 days before (13 February)..On the 19th February the Kenyan government announced that 3 detectives from Scotland Yard, Detective Superintendent John Troon together with Detective Inspector Graham Dennis and Detective Sergeant David Sanderson from ‘the Yard’s’ International and Organised Crime Branch, would take over the investigation. They were accompanied by Dr Iain West, then a Forensic Pathologist from Guys and St Thomas Hospitals, London..The Scotland Yard team arrived in Kenya on 21 February..The study of pathology, including the detailed examination of the body, including dissection and inquiry into specific maladies, dates back to antiquity..The modern practice of pathology is divided into a number of subdisciplines within the discreet but deeply interconnected aims of
biological research and medical practice..
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Para's in NI

X Recruits 480 Pla- Toon - First transmitted in 83, this programme follows a group of new raw red arsed recruits - the 480 Recruit Platoon - as they Begin their Training with the Parachute Regiment...


The 1st Battalion, Parachute Regiment (1 PARA), forms the United Kingdom's Special Forces Support Group.. All personnel will have completed the Pre Parachute Selection (P Company) course at the Infantry Training Centre Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire (previously it was at Aldershot, Hampshire)..The 1st is based at St Athan, Wales, and is permanently attached to the Special Forces Support Group (SFSG).. To be selected for the 1st Battalion, Paras first have to have served 2 years with the 2nd or 3rd battalions...

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Karaite Disaster

A Karate master gets kicked in the nuts by student..Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy...

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Maroon Machine
A soldier of the Italian Folgore Brigade..

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The maroon beret is a military beret and has been an international symbol of elite airborne forces since it was chosen for British airborne forces in World War II.. This distinctive head dress was officially introduced in 1942, at the direction of General Frederick Browning, commander of the British 1st Airborne Division.The colour of the beret was reportedly chosen by his wife, the novelist Daphne du Maurier.. It was first worn by the men of the Parachute Regiment in action in North Africa during November 1942. Although maroon, the beret of the British Parachute Regiment is often known as the "red beret."..In the British Army, most regiments wear headdress or cap badges which reflect regimental traditions..Members of the Parachute Regiment and other arms in 16th Air Assault Brigade are permitted to wear the maroon beret..The beret is often called the "red beret" and the Parachute Regiment is known as the "red berets" or (within the Army) the "maroon machine" or "Cherry Berry"..

Revolution Number 9-The Beatles..

The Folgore Parachute Brigade is the largest unit of paratroopers (paracadutisti) of the Italian Army; a second smaller unit is the 4th Alpini Regiment Monte Cervino ..The name Folgore is Italian for lightning..9 Parachute Squadron RE (also known as '9 Para'), is an airborne detachment of the Royal Engineers, part of the British Army.. Like other units comprising the Royal Engineers, soldiers in the squadron are called sappers..The Squadron recently returned home with the rest of 23 Engineer (Air Assault) from Afghanistan.. They absorbed the tasks of 12 (Nova Scotia) Headquarters and Support (Air Assault) Squadron which was placed in suspended animation...



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Waco CG-4A of the USAF..

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The Parachute Regiment has its origins in the force set up by the British Army at the request of Winston Churchill.. The UK was inspired in the creation of airborne forces (including the Parachute Regiment, Air Landing Regiments, and the Glider Pilot Regiment) by the example of the German Luftwaffe's Fallschirmjäger, which had a major role in the invasions of Norway, and the Low Countries, and a pivotal, if Pyrrhic, one in the invasion of Crete..The UK's first airborne assault took place on 10 February 1941, when, what was then known as II Special Air Service (some 40 men of 500 trained in parachuting), introduced themselves to the enemy by jumping into Italy and blowing up an aqueduct in a daring raid named Operation Colossus...After the German's successful invasion of Crete, it was agreed by the British Chiefs of Staff that the UK would need far more paratroopers for similar operations.. No. 2 Commando were tasked with specialising in airborne assault and became the nucleus of the Parachute Regiment...

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Cameroon Rifle
Cap Badge of The Cameronians..

The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) was an infantry regiment of the British Army, the only regiment of rifles amongst the Scottish regiments of infantry. It was formed in 1881 under the Childers Reforms by the amalgamation of 2 other regiments:

26th Cameronian Regiment..
90th Perthshire Light Infantry..

After the amalgamation, the 1st Battalion preferred to be known as "The Cameronians" while the 2nd preferred to be known as "The Scottish Rifles" and relations between the two battalions were correct rather than friendly. The regiment saw service during the Second Boer War in South Africa, and raised 27 battalions during the First World War...

The Douglas tartan..

The regiment's cap badge featured a Mullet from the coat of arms of the Douglas family on a stringed bugle within two sprigs of thistle...

Every new member of the regiment was issued a Bible, as a nod to Richard Cameron, after whom the original 26th Foot was named..

The regiment's only Colonel-in-Chief was King Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden...

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