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techman 19-08-2018 09:25 PM

Fylde fracking
Today I was in Lytham St Anne's (Ben Emlyn-Jones's favourite place I believe, though I couldn't imagine him living there as the house prices in posh Lytham will be sky high). As I walked down the main high street I saw a pick up type van parked in front with a triangular advertising type board on the back. On it was a display about fracking and Quadrilla releasing toxic fumes that causes birth defects, etc. I thought that was interesting to see in view of pedestrians and shoppers. A lot of people were taking notice of it too.

One thing that puzzles me is, how come its so easy to go about talking about fracking, yet when it comes to chemtrails, people just laugh it off as the ramblings of conspiracy theorists. I suppose, unlike chemtrails, fracking isn't seen as an "out there" fringe subject. Fracking seems to have become a familiar term, mainly because its been bantered around in the news, particular in my neck of the woods in the north west.

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