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lastprophet 13-03-2014 01:36 PM

lluminati never managed to take control until 1959
Vatican: WHY illuminati never managed to take control until 1959; HOW was the solution finally discovered
The main reason was the electoral system.
It was extremely hard to infiltrate those who elect the Pope, the Cardinals of the Catholic Church.
No Bishop could become cardinal unless he was a priest for many decades.
The illuminati simply didn't have enough men:
- ready to sacrifice almost their entire life playing priests;
- additionally hoping to be promoted by a non-illuminati pope, first to Bishops and later to Cardinals.

The solution
In one word: [ _ _ _ X _ _ M]
But make no mistake: [_ _ H _] [X X_ _ _] was NOT a [ _ _ _ X _ _ T]

The double X riddle, it's solved in the Greatest COUP link.
Middle X Riddle is easy to solve. Same missing characters in both words.

End Times Paradox: electoral system or how two milleniums were reduced to two years
Once the solution was found it took only a few decades until the day of fate, in 1958.
From that day on the very same electoral system that protected the church during TWO milleniums started exponentially working for ist destruction.
In fact it's the basic reason why Illuminati could complete their ALL TIMES Greatest in TWO years.
One thousand times faster than the time they needed to start its execution.

Another hint to solve the riddle, from:
"Music legend of the LAST EIGHT DECADES has less chances to escape HELL than atheist icon Stephen Hawking":
Pete Seeger shares a key feature with Stephen Hawking: BOTH NOT aware of being used as illuminati icons.
But only Seeger:
- has also to respond for having particpated, although probably unknowingly and only indirectly but not unwillingly, in the preparation of Illuminati ALL TIMES Greatest COUP. that came to fruition 1958.

Illuminati *** ALL TIMES *** Greatest COUP: election for and action in role of [_ _ H _] [X X_ _ _] exposed worldwide first

Riddle is implicitly solved in the explanation for one of these FOUR Key dates of Illuminati End Times.
FOUR Key dates of Illuminati End Times: 1918, 1945, 2004, NOW: what did/do the illuminati control


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