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cosmicpixie 10-10-2018 02:46 PM

How could Reptilians mating with humans create super tall "giants" ?
The Nephilim - I know it means "mighty men/men of renown" but it also refers to a race of literal GIANT men. These crazily tall people are several times linked to being the offspring of the gods and men. What I can't wrap my head around is this : Given the creator gods were reptilian, and this race is around 6-8 foot tall , how did the sexual mingling result (a) in beings 10-14 foot tall and (b) the giant offspring are never to my knowledge represented as looking anything like a reptile ?

Yes, perhaps by genetic engineering this could happen, but the texts talk about actual MATING. I find it very odd that the resulting hybrid offspring would have no reptilian features whatsoever ? And be ridiculously taller than them.
This is a quandary.

oz93666 11-10-2018 04:50 AM

There seems little doubt that these giants were real .. Many reliable researcher have spent a lot of time on this subject....


Among the UFO community "reptilian" refers to a large group of different species. They all have rep. traits .... some will have a tail . horns , and stubby wings ... others will be more human looking ... they cannot breed between themselves , so the likelihood of them breeding in the normal way with humans , seems remote ...

Some reps are masters of genetics , and in the lab , would have created all sorts of creatures (as well as us) , not with the soul aim of mixing in their own DNA...

The giants (like the cone heads) may have been an attempt to leave a group of leaders behind for when the reps departed (in their UFOs) ... it seems they had some success with the cone heads who became the pharaohs for a brief time , but the giants quickly became extinct , probably due to the stress gravity produces in larger bodies.

supertzar 11-10-2018 10:56 AM

There is a guy who wrote a book about polyploid genetics in Cannabis and human beings. Let me see if I can find it. I thought it was interesting enough to probably want to order the book at some time.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/oeEMjzhDHps" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Video Transcript:

The Pink Kush Theory by William Harold Bradshaw AKA Billy Budd:

Aliens, giants and God were actually human tetraploids mistaken for these other worldly entities. They were called the Anunnaki after their father Anu, the Sky God. The Anunnaki were actual flesh and blood humans but not normal diploid humans. The normal diploid humans living in that area of Sumer at that time were Semitic. The Anunnaki were not of Semitic origin but were probably originally from Europe and were genetically modified by accident.

Humans are usually diploid which is two sets of chromosomes. Their chromosomes were doubled creating a tetraploid. This was due to a chemical called colchicine which is present in the Autumn Crocus plant. Women were using this plant, found throughout Europe, to relieve labour pains. This accidently created tetraploids when the timing was correct and the solution strength of the alkaloid was proper. It was a very low probability event but it happened and it created these tetraploid humans who eventually grow into giants. These tetraploid humans were much bigger, stronger, more intelligent and wiser than normal diploid humans. They also lived much longer such that they told the humans that they immortal and were gods from heaven as they also had the technology to fly. They deceived the humans and enslaved them forcing them to serve them with tributes and sacrifices. They then tasked the Akkadians (ancient Hebrews Hyksos/Judeans) with implementing their bureaucratic structure amongst the humans in order to create a civilized and controlled world. As above, so below and the Lord's Prayer contain their message.

The depictions of the Anunnaki show them with wings (a symbol of their flight technology) just like the angels in the Bible. That is because they are the same thing. The Anunnaki were referred to as the Rephaim class of giants in the Bible. There is another class of giants and they are the offspring of tetraploid humans/giants mating with diploid humans and are referred to as the Nephilim. The Nephilim are sterile as they are a genetic mismatch. The Bible supports this genetic fact by stating that the Nephilim were not fruitful unto God. Yes, the Bible was written by God but he was not really a god but a tetraploid human. Note that Anu, the father of the Anunnaki was the sky god and had developed the technology to fly. He lived at the time of the great flood (circa 5600 BC) and, it was he who authorized the Great Flood for population control.

This theory supports what Charles Hall had to say about the Tall Whites except that the aliens lied to him about their origin. It also supports the Edward Snowden NSA leaked documents about Tall Whites running the U.S. government. They have always been here and we have common ancestors. They are the Queen Bees of civilization.

tnt1 11-10-2018 12:44 PM

They weren't really reptilian they simply wore croc scale coats, snake skin belts, hats, dangles made of rattle snake tails and so on. This on top of the fact that they looked serpentine in appearance due to the long skull heads they sported which were 20 to 25% larger in cranial capacity than ours and had an additional cranial nerve, a 13th that humans do not exhibit made them look like lizard people.

When primitive people never seeing a horse before first witnessed men riding in on them they depicted them in their myths and their drawings as one being, not a man and a horse! They simply saw a strange creature quite intimidating ride by and interpreted it as some new strange creature they had never seen.

I suspect much the same occurred here with these snake priests which are reported to have sailed the seas with trader ships. These ones were feared and they often brought bad feelings because when they showed up some would die and be sacrificed or found to be criminal and so on and in new places where these snake priests had not been seen before by the primitives I don't see it to be that much of a stretch to see them interpret killing one of them as 'slaying a dragon' or in some cases slaying a giant because these were tall hominids compared to most they walked amongst.

supertzar 11-10-2018 12:47 PM

How long will it take for the second post??? First one took ten years!

saturn010 17-10-2018 12:34 AM

It's this simple, Reptilians for centuries have been interbreeding with Human Life Forms which results in Hybrid beings.

For example Russia is populated mostly by hybrid beings that of Human And Reptilian Genetics.

David often mentioned interbreeding in his earlier teachings.

Reptilian genetics is also commonly found in the Aboriginal/Asian/Nigro community as well and for that part you will find Reptilians almost everywhere on this Planet occupying the minds of those who dont know. :)

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