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turquoisefire777 12-02-2019 02:10 PM

Pride Of Lions Eats Group Of Poachers Alive In South African Game Reserve
February 11, 2019

Due to the reserve’s large diversity of animals, the Sibuya Game Reserve in South Africa has seen plenty of action from poachers over the last few years.

Recently though, karma came calling for a group of poachers who broke into the reserve in an effort to hunt rhinos. presumably, it seems the hunters became the hunted after park rangers found the poachers remains the following morning.

Nick Fox, who owns the park reckons that the poachers were eaten alive by the park’s pride of lions, because there were only a few remains found, rangers couldn’t be sure exactly how many of the poachers were killed.

Along with the scant bodily remains, three pairs of men’s boots and three pairs of gloves were recovered from the scene.

“The only body part we found was one skull and one bit of pelvis, everything else was completely gone.” said Fox.



turquoisefire777 18-02-2019 05:03 PM

Albino baby turtle born with its heart OUTSIDE its body has survived (despite having a condition so rare vets have yet to give it a name)
The small turtle is albino and appears to be almost completely white
Known a Hope, the turtle also has her heart situated outside the heart cavity
The condition is so rare it has not been given a name in veterinary medicine



cosmic tramp 24-02-2019 06:30 PM

With a 30% decline in population over the last 10 years, the UK hedgehog population now numbering only 1 million threatens to be totally extinct by 2030. Hedgehog facts, figures, demographics, infographics, award winning film and ways to feed and house these 7,000 spined creatures here:


4 page downloadable pdf analysis here: http://www.britishhedgehogs.org.uk/pdf/sobh-2018.pdf

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