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motleyhoo 28-07-2015 05:45 AM

There's an old saying that you can tell if a people are good or not by how they treat their animals. We have a dismal track record unfortunately. And IMO, it is only getting worse.

If there was only 1 Bluefin Tuna left in the ocean it would be worth so much money that literally millions of people would be climbing all over each other trying to be the one who got to kill it. It all comes down to money and that's how most people really are in real life. The world right now is being driven by greed, vanity, and shallowness. All the new technology like smartphones that satiates people's desire for instant gratification only makes it worse. It's like people are being drugged and ungrounded until they no longer understand what's really important in life.


turquoisefire777 28-07-2015 02:36 PM

Victory! Animal Sacrifice Banned at Nepal's Gadhimai Festival, Half a Million Animals Saved


Gadhimai Temple Trust agrees to cancel all future animal sacrifice, urges devotees not to bring animals to the festival

Humane Society International, Animal Welfare Network Nepal

A water buffalo calf during the 2014 Gadhimai festival. Kuni Takahashi/AP Images for HSI

New Delhi—In a move that will spare the lives of millions of animals over coming years, animal sacrifice has been cancelled indefinitely at Nepal's Gadhimai festival, the world's biggest animal sacrifice event held every five years for around 265 years. The decision announced by the Gadhimai Temple Trust follows rigorous negotiations and campaigning by Animal Welfare Network Nepal and Humane Society International/India.

Gauri Maulekhi, HSI/India consultant & Trustee, People for Animals, who petitioned India’s Supreme Court against the movement of animals from India to the Gadhimai festival, said, “This is a tremendous victory for compassion that will save the lives of countless animals. HSI/India was heartbroken to witness the bloodshed at Gadhimai, and we've worked hard to help secure this ban on future sacrifice. We commend the temple committee but acknowledge that a huge task lies ahead of us in educating the public so that they are fully aware. HSI/India & People for Animals will now spend the next three and a half years until the next Gadhimai educating devotees in the states of Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal on the Temple Trusts’ decision not to sacrifice animals. Animal sacrifice is a highly regressive practice and no nation in the modern world should entertain it.”

Manoj Gautam, founding member of AWNN and campaigner against the Gadhimai festival, said, “We applaud the temple committee’s decision to end this mass slaughter of innocent animals and hope that they will continue to support us in our future endeavors for protecting animals in the country. AWNN’s progressive move to work directly with the temple committee, with Humane Society International/India’s support has been the key that changed the whole face of the campaign and is the reason for the achievement we have now.”

In 2014, HSI/India and AWNN's global campaign against the Gadhimai animal massacre captured the public imagination when thousands of national and international supporters expressed their ire and displeasure against the ruthless killing. Protests were held worldwide.

With the Supreme Court of India’s intervention to prohibit the movement of animals from India to Nepal, AWNN and HSI/India saw a reduction of up to 70 percent in the number of animals sacrificed from 2009. The Supreme Court’s order resulted in more than 100 arrests of those breaching the order, and more than 2,500 animals saved. Earlier this month the Supreme Court of India issued directions to states to set up mechanisms to prevent animals from being taken to Gadhimai in future and create awareness against animal sacrifice.

Earlier this year, following the global outrage stemming from the Gadhimai massacre, the temple committee also decided not to sacrifice any animals during the harvest festival (Sankranti). Instead, the temple officials have been confiscating the animals and caring for them until rescuers can rehome them.

Mr Ram Chandra Shah, Chairman of the Gadhimai Temple Trust, issued a statement on the decision to stop holding animal sacrifices during the Gadhimai festival, which can be found here.

Please thank the Temple Trustees for their decision. Then, consider donating to support our lifesaving work. You can also sign up to receive more news and action alerts about animal protection.

It is estimated that more than 500,000 buffalo, goats, chickens and other animals were decapitated at Gadhimai in 2009, but in 2014 the numbers had reduced by 70 percent.
The origins of Gadhimai date back around 265 years ago, when the founder of the Gadhimai Temple, Bhagwan Chowdhary, had a dream that the goddess Gadhimai wanted blood in return for freeing him from prison, protecting him from evil and promising prosperity and power. The goddess asked for a human sacrifice, but Chowdhary successfully offered an animal instead, and this been repeated every five years since.
Among others, President Emeritus of the World Council of Arya Samaj and noted social activist Swami Agnivesh were at the forefront of urging Indian devotees to boycott the mass slaughter by holding a hunger strike at the heart of the temple.
B. D. Sharma, director general of SSB, was awarded with the ‘Leadership in Animal Welfare’ award for his exemplary contribution in curbing the illegal transport of animals during Gadhimai.


turquoisefire777 28-07-2015 02:47 PM


Originally Posted by The Tealady (Post 1062547721)
Tonight a girl came into our shop with a young cat that was lost. I don't care that its against the law. We didn't let it into the kitchen or anything risky like that. We were able to give her some food for it and the phone number of the council dog catcher so it can be reunited with the owner. The weather has been bad lately BUT it is July so those cute Christmas kittens will be being dumped.

I heard a saying once: "Help as many animals as you can. You might lose your mind but you'll find you're soul. :)


Originally Posted by huyi (Post 1062548376)
jesus christ, the chinese are ruthless and barbaric, what a disgrace, i feel sick looking at that site, i wish i could get a bamboo stick and beat them to death and chuck them in a cesspit and leave them to die.

+1 agreed.


Originally Posted by motleyhoo (Post 1062548962)
There's an old saying that you can tell if a people are good or not by how they treat their animals. We have a dismal track record unfortunately. And IMO, it is only getting worse.

If there was only 1 Bluefin Tuna left in the ocean it would be worth so much money that literally millions of people would be climbing all over each other trying to be the one who got to kill it. It all comes down to money and that's how most people really are in real life. The world right now is being driven by greed, vanity, and shallowness. All the new technology like smartphones that satiates people's desire for instant gratification only makes it worse. It's like people are being drugged and ungrounded until they no longer understand what's really important in life.


sadly yes. and there are some days I really feel like I've been cast in an annoying bit part of the movie "Invastion of the body snatchers" they way some act.

turquoisefire777 28-07-2015 02:50 PM

FFS!!!!! :doh: *facepalm*

PICTURED: The American dentist who killed Cecil, Africa's most famous lion, with a bow and arrow on $55,000 hunting trip
Walter J Palmer, a dentist from Minnesota, is thought to have killed the noble lion
The smiling hunter has previously been fined for lying over the location of where he killed a black bear in northern Wisconsin
Cecil the Lion, 13, was wounded by an arrow before he was shot dead,skinned and beheaded as a hunting trophy

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/arti...#ixzz3hCJu9tC0


An American dentist has been identified as the hunter, who used a bow and arrow to kill one of Africa's most famous lions.

Walter J Palmer, a dentist from the state of Minnesota, is thought to have travelled to Zimbabwe and allegedly paid £35,000 ($55,000) to kill Cecil the Lion.

The much loved lion was wounded by arrow after he was lured out of the national park by the hunter's bait. After spending two days tracking the injured beast, Cecil was eventually found and shot dead. The corpse was then skinned and the head hacked off as a trophy.

Professional Zimbabwean hunter Theo Bronkhorst and local landowner Honest Ndlovu will appear in court on poaching charges for allegedly killing Cecil.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/arti...#ixzz3hCKBZrXD


turquoisefire777 30-07-2015 05:59 AM

The hunter hunted: American dentist who paid $55,000 to kill Africa's most famous lion goes into hiding and says he 'did nothing wrong' as Zimbabwe police demand to speak to him

Dr. Walter J Palmer, a dentist from Minnesota, killed the famed lion on or around July 6
Palmer admitted in a statement that he was responsible for the death of the lion but said he was unaware it was protected
The smiling hunter has previously been fined for lying over the location of where he killed a black bear in northern Wisconsin
Social media and Yelp accounts of Dr. Palmer's practice inundated with furious messages about the hunt
Cecil the Lion, 13, was wounded by an arrow before he was tracked, shot dead, skinned and beheaded as a hunting trophy
Chairman of Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force said anyone convicted of involvement in the illegal hunt could face up to 15 years in prison

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/arti...#ixzz3hLrKwB35

Jimmy Kimmel on the Killing of Cecil the Lion



Agonising last hours of an exhausted and horrifically maimed lion king and one man's deadly vanity that led to its trophy killing

Horrifically maimed by an arrow, Cecil managed to stay alive for 40 hours
Alpha male lion had been lured from a national park and shot by a hunter
American dentist Walter Palmer, 55, then followed animal's trail of blood
They finally caught up, where Cecil was shot dead and his head hacked off

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/arti...#ixzz3hLtQ1YNu

Another lion killer was director of Bank of England: As world reviles US game hunter, picture that shames a Tory donor and ex-BBC governor

Sir David Scholey posed by the bloodied corpse of a male lion in Zambia
The millionaire Tory donor defended the kill as an 'entirely personal matter'
Animal rights campaigners are calling on PM to strip him of his knighthood
Comes after US dentist went into hiding over the death of lion in Zimbabwe

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/arti...#ixzz3hLvGuYnh

Guides who helped dentist kill Africa's most famous lion face poaching charges: Hunter and farmer appear in court in Zimbabwe amid growing international fury over death of beloved 'Cecil'

Dr Walter J Palmer, a dentist from Minneapolis, Minnesota, US, killed the famed lion on July 1 in Zimbabwe
His guides, professional hunter Theo Bronkhorst and local landowner Honest Ndlovu appeared in Harare court
Both were charged with poaching Cecil and court documents accuse Bronkhorst of failing to prevent an 'unlawful hunt'
Both were released on bail of $1,000 and no mention was made in court of Dr. Pamer being a suspect
Cecil the lion, 12, was lured out of the Hwange national park and wounded by an arrow before he was tracked, shot dead with a gun, skinned and beheaded as a hunting trophy
Dr Palmer admits he was responsible but said he was unaware it was protected and said he 'regrets' the killing

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/arti...#ixzz3hLw4m0dH

R.I.P., Cecil #CecilTheLion—Celebrities React with Shock, Anger, Sadness

With the horrific news that Zimbabwe’s most famous and much-loved lion, Cecil, had been lured out of a national park to be killed for “sport,” social media exploded with shock and sadness. Even celebrities reached out to countless followers, to voice their disbelief:


Hunting industry told to clean up its act after protected lion killed in shock 'legal hunt'

Cape Town - An American hunter Walter Palmer, with a reported hunting felony history in the US, stands accused of illegally killing a protected lion in Zimbabwe.


turquoisefire777 30-07-2015 10:47 AM

Nepal chooses kindness — ENDING the world's largest animal sacrifice event

In a glorious tribute to the power of compassion, the Gadhimai slaughter festival will now be a 'momentous celebration of life.'

centuries the Gadhimai festival in Nepal has seen temple grounds awash with the blood of animals slaughtered in the name of 'tradition'.

This sacrifice has occurred every five years for the last 300 years.

And it stopped — today.

“The Gadhimai Temple Trust hereby declares our formal decision to end animal sacrifice. With your help, we can ensure Gadhimai 2019 is free from bloodshed. Moreover, we can ensure Gadhimai 2019 is a momentous celebration of life ... For every life taken, our heart is heavy. The time has come to transform an old tradition.”

Hundreds of thousands of water buffalo, goats, chickens and other animals will now be saved from a brutal death by bludgeoning or decapitation.

This achievement is no small feat. We take our hats off to the extraordinary efforts of the Humane Society International/India, Animal Welfare Network Nepal, and countless animal protection groups and individuals around the world who have helped inspire this victory of kindess over cruelty. The hard work is not over yet — with the big task still ahead of educating devotees of this significant change in the years leading up to the next festival.

And, of course, greatest credit must go to the members of The Gadhimai Temple Trust itself, who recognised that the power to change the trajectory of our common humanity is in our hands.


Nepalese boy fights to save sacrificial goat



turquoisefire777 02-08-2015 06:32 AM

Woman 'sexually harassed' by Cecil the lion's killer says 'karma's a bi*ch'

THE dental receptionist paid £81,000 ($127,500) by Cecil the Lion slayer Walter Palmer after she accused him of sexual harassment has spoken of her "lack of sympathy" for the US dentist as a worldwide hate campaign against him grows.


‘Cecil Bill' May End Trophy Hunting In America

Overnight, we learned that Zimbabwean officials will seek to extradite Walter Palmer from the US, for luring a male lion named Cecil out of a park and wounding him in an unauthorized area, before killing him 40 hours later. The HSUS and Humane Society International (HSI) strongly urge the US to cooperate with the extradition effort.

If Palmer broke the law, plaudits are due to Zimbabwean officials for seeking his prosecution. Apparently, the authorities have charged the guide involved and plan to bring charges against the landowner. Let's face it — these three horsemen of the apocalypse knew exactly what they were doing. Palmer has a museum full of dead animals registered in the Pope and Young and Safari Club International record books — from lions to polar bears to rhinos, most of them taken with bow and arrow. Throughout his life, he has intentionally sought out the biggest specimens of animals in order to get his name memorialized as a "successful" trophy hunter. He had designs on Cecil because he was one of the biggest lions around. This was not chance, as Palmer claimed; it was a professional hit.

I am glad that there's such worldwide outrage about Walter Palmer and his trophy killing. What he and his shoot-for-pay guides did was evil. Editorial boards, columnists, and average citizens are talking about his moral crime across the globe, and demanding justice. A White House petition calling on the US government to extradite Palmer had gathered more than 170,000 signatures this morning.

But if the focus begins and ends with Walter Palmer, we will not have appropriately addressed the larger problem. That's why we are glad to see so many others focused on the larger issues.

Yesterday, Reps. Raul Grijalva, D-Ariz., ranking member of the House Natural Resources Committee, and Earl Blumenauer, D-Ore., co-chair of the Congressional Animal Protection Caucus — both stalwart champions of animal welfare — led a letter signed by 48 other House Democratic members urging the US Fish and Wildlife Service to finalize its proposed rule listing the African lion as threatened under the Endangered Species Act. The United Nations General Assembly has also passed a resolution condemning the poaching and trafficking of wildlife and calling on governments worldwide to take action to tackle these challenges. And on Monday, US Senator Robert Menendez, D-N.J., a devoted friend to the work of The HSUS and HSI, is introducing a bill to ban all imports of trophies and parts from African lions and other at-risk species into the US. The bill is called the Conserving Ecosystems by Ceasing the Importation of Large (CECIL) Animal Trophies Act.


Here's What Arnold Schwarzenegger Has To Say About Hunting Lions


In the wake of the killing of Cecil the lion , many people — even celebrities — have been voicing their opinions on the topic.

Arnold Schwarzenegger made a statement on his Facebook page on Wednesday saying, "Killing a lion isn't ballsy."

The celebrity also calls for people to donate to support keeping big cats safe. It's great to see people with huge followings standing up for animals like Cecil. The more voices speaking out on the subject, the more people will hear them and hopefully we can put an end to horrendous acts like poor Cecil's murder.


turquoisefire777 02-08-2015 08:40 AM

Dog Saves Baby Dolphin on Criccieth Beach



A scared Golden Retriever panics during her rescue. Her reaction once she was saved is amazing!


Frank, the happiest dog ever


Pygmy Hippo baby makes a splash


Botswana bans sports hunters after Cecil killing

JOHANNESBURG – The Government of Botswana made it clear on Friday that sports hunters would not be welcome in its country as it lamented the killing of Zimbabwe’s Cecil the lion by American dentist Walter James Palmer.

Government spokesperson Jeff Ramsay said sports hunting had been banned in Botswana and last year the government had also moved to ensure that Botswana’s lions and other large carnivores were not exported to South Africa or any other country for so-called “canned hunting”.

Ramsay said his government had learnt with deep concern about the killing of the collared and protected lion which it understood had been lured from Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park.

“We commend the concerned authorities for acting swiftly and arresting the culprits,” Ramsay said in a statement. “We remain hopeful that they will all be prosecuted for carrying out this unjustified act.

“It is our stern belief that safari hunting of threatened species such as lions has the potential to undermine our regional anti-poaching efforts as it encourages illegal trade which in turn promotes poaching.

“To this end, individuals partaking in such sport hunting expeditions will not be welcome in Botswana.”

Ramsay clarified his statement in an interview by saying that sports hunting had been banned.


Man Helps Dead Shark Give Birth To 3 Babies On Beach


turquoisefire777 03-08-2015 04:50 PM

Animal rights activists save 1,000 cats on their way to be slaughtered illegally for meat in China… with hundreds feared to have been snatched from their owners because they were wearing collars

Truck was seized holding 50 cages, with around 20 cats crammed into each
Local man tipped off animal rights activists in China's Jiashan county
One in three of the rescued cats was reportedly still wearing its collar
Many of the animals were badly-injured, nearly half died after the rescue

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/arti...#ixzz3hltPFNrN


turquoisefire777 04-08-2015 12:44 PM

Largest US airline to transport hunting trophies in SA issues outright ban

Cape Town - Delta Air Lines, said to be the main transporter of hunting trophies out of South Africa to the US, will no longer transport lion, leopard, elephant, rhinoceros and buffalo trophies.

The airline issued a statement saying, “Effective immediately, Delta will officially ban shipment of all lion, leopard, elephant, rhinoceros and buffalo trophies worldwide as freight.”

Prior to this ban, Delta said its strict acceptance policy called for absolute compliance with all government regulations regarding protected species and confirmed it will review acceptance policies of other hunting trophies with appropriate government agencies and other organizations supporting legal shipments.

READ: Illegal kill of Cecil the lion sparks worldwide call for trophy hunting ban

Three months ago in May, the world's largest airline, Emirates issued an outright ban on hunting trophy cargo, sending the hunting industry into a tailspin, as national carrier South African Airways also issued a temporary embargo. SAA has since overturned its decision, citing the DEA’s implementation of "additional compliance measures for permits and documentation".

British Airways has also issued a statement affirming its standpoint against the transportation of hunting trophies of endangered species.

“We have never carried hunting trophies from endangered species. We have always adhered to the rules set out by the 1973 Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) treaty which puts in place safeguards for hundreds of species. In addition we have a total ban on any form of hunting trophy,” said BA spokesperson Stephen Forbes.

READ: 7 Tough questions about the hunting of Cecil, the big lion of Hwange that need answering

At the time of the Emirates and SAA decision, Chris Green, Chair of the American Bar Association’s Animal Law Committee created a Change.org petition calling for the End the Transport of Exotic Animal Hunting Trophies, specifically asking the CEO of US- Atlanta-based Delta Airlines, Richard Anderson, to join the list of airlines refusing to carry hunters’ exotic trophies.

More than 400 000 signatures were added to the successful petition, which has also seen a number of other airlines follow suit, including Lufthansa, Qantas, Qatar, Etihad, Iberia, Singapore and Brussels Airlines.

“The sad recent news surrounding the illegal poaching of Cecil the Lion outside Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park has captured the hearts of humans across the globe, and thrust the grisly practice of trophy hunting back into the international spotlight," said Green in a statement commending the success of the call for Delta Airlines to issue a ban.

READ: Hunting industry told to clean up its act after protected lion killed in shock 'legal hunt'

"The outpouring of attention and sentiment was a wake-up call demonstrating how many people care about the plight of endangered animals.”

“Today’s action by Delta Air Lines shows that corporations can see the value in being compassionate, even when it potentially could cost them some income to do so. I sincerely want to commend and thank Delta CEO Richard Anderson and his fellow Delta executives for taking this courageous stand and doing the right thing to protect our precious world wildlife resources.”


turquoisefire777 09-08-2015 11:15 AM

They All Had Eyes Promo


They All Had Eyes: Confessions of a Vivisectionist." Help the author bring the cruel practices of the animal research industry to light

turquoisefire777 13-08-2015 07:13 AM

Animal Rights Body Hits Back at Panchayat Resolution, Says Dog Meat Export 'Illegal'

An animal rights organisation today termed as "illegal" a controversial resolution adopted by gram panchayats in a Kerala district proposing export of dog meat to China to counter stray dog population, saying the state government was bound to follow rules established by the Centre in this regard.

N G Jayasimha, Managing Director, Humane Society International (HSI), India, said Animal Birth Control (Dogs) Rules, 2001, formulated under Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, to manage population of stray dogs, "is proven to reduce stray dog population, reduce incidence of bites and rabies and the state of Kerala is bound to follow these rules, as established by the Central Government."

"I request you to instruct the Panchayats to abide by the law and ask them to channel their time, energy and resources in legal, scientific and humane methods as per the Animal Birth Control Dog Rules 2001, to control stray dog population and not resort to illegal, unscientific and illogical ideas such as trade in dog meat," he said in a letter to Kerala Panchayats and Social Welfare Minister M K Muneer.

HSI, which works on animal protection issues around the world, also cited the Food Safety and Standards Authority order which expressly prohibits slaughtering of animals which are not specified under Regulation 2.5 of the Food Safety & Standards (Food Products Standards and Food Additives) Regulation, 2011.

Kerala Body Denies Decision on Exporting Dog Meat

Thiruvananthapuram: The Kerala Grama Panchayath Association on Thursday denied media reports that its recent general body meeting decided to cull stray dogs and export their meat to northeast India and to other countries.

The association represents 978 panchayats (village councils) in the state.

Speaking to IANS, P.T. Mathew, the president of the association, said the media reports that came out were totally baseless and unfounded.



turquoisefire777 13-08-2015 12:21 PM

A Teary Mother Bear Killed Her Baby and Committed Suicide – A Heart Breaking True Story

Traps were laid in the wild illegally. When the bear was trapped, she lost not only her paws and four limbs for a good fortune of money, but she was locked up in the cage and had to endure daily torture of bile collection up to 25 or 30 years. This bile collection process requires a hole to be cut in the bear stomach and an iron pipe inserted into the bear gall bladder. Bile was then taken several times a day. The entire procedure was done without anaesthetic in order to save cost. The pain was excruciating. The bear could not bear it and attempted to kill herself by punching her stomach. However, human prevented this suicide act by forcing the bear to wear an iron vest. With this iron vest, her movement was restricted; committing suicide was an impossible task. A mother bear knew it too well. When the bear worker wanted to open up her cub’s stomach, the mother bear broke open the cage and went after the cub. After failing to release the chained cub, she hugged the cub. The mother bear then killed the cub to save it from a life of hell.

A friend asked me for a favour. He needed my assistance to manage a bear farm for a few days. The location was remote and unknown by many.

I reached there at night. It was just before dawn, but I was still not able to sleep. I could hear the wind blow, as if someone was weeping with pain and hopelessness. At that very moment, I heard the sound of the door moving and heavy breathing. I sat up, pulled to a stand and turned on the light. "Who is it?" There was no answer. The silence was terrifying.

I reached out and grabbed a broom. Gently, I walked to the door and with a quick pull, opened it. Ha ! It’s a bear cub curling up her body looking sheepishly as me. I extended my hands and the cub waddled towards me. She rested her small palms on my hands. Then she licked my hand with her warm and soft tongue. It was so heart-warming.

Suddenly, I heard commotion from far. The cub quickly went under my bed.

Then, there was a knock on the door.

I opened the door and asked, “What’s up?”

A man said, “A bear cub just escaped from the bear farm. Has it come to disturb you?”

“Oh, yes, there it is.” I pointed at the cub’s hiding place.

The man squat down and grabbed the cub with one hand. With such roughness, he pulled the bear out and tied her four limbs to a long wooden stick. They lifted the stick and the cub was carried away from the room. As she left, she turned and gave me a begging and pitiful look.




Bears Rescued from Torturous Bile Farm


turquoisefire777 14-08-2015 05:55 AM

Amazon slowly eaten away by gold rush's illegal mines

Lima - Seen from above, the Amazon resembles a huge billiards table - a field of intense green pockmarked by brown stains.

These are the sites of illegal mines, and they reveal the scope of a gold rush that threatens the lungs of the planet.

"The loss of our natural resources is incalculable," says Antonio Fernandez Jeri, Peru's high commissioner on illegal mining.

"Each lost hectare represents unique flora and fauna species," he told AFP.

In his country, a new, unprecedented operation has shut down 55 illegal mining sites since mid-July. Those sites are in the Madre de Dios region, where approximately 60 000 hectares of forest have already been lost due to illegal mining.

Peru leads South America in gold production and ranks fifth globally, but authorities there say 20% of its exported gold comes from these clandestine mines.

But this mining, which first began in the 1980s, extends beyond Peru. In every Amazon country, the largest forest in the world is being slowly eaten away by an explosion of tiny, unreported mines.


According to a study published in January, in the British journal Environmental Research Letters, approximately 415 000 acres of tropical forest were cleared for potential gold mining sites in South America between 2001 and 2013.

"Although gold mining deforestation is usually less extensive than deforestation for agriculture, it happens in some of the most bio-diverse tropical regions," said lead author Nora Alvarez-Berrios of the University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras.

She says up to 300 different species of trees can be found in a single hectare of Peru's Madre de Dios region. Her study refers to the region as "one of the most biologically rich areas on Earth."

"Like drug trafficking, illegal mining activity is widespread," Fernandez Jeri said. "That's why we need to find strategic allies and do something. We have a technical commission with Ecuador as well as with Bolivia and Colombia. We still need to sort out the question with Brazil."

In Brazil, illegal mining activity is taking place in nine of 26 states. President Dilma Rousseff recently set a goal of achieving a rate of zero deforestation over the next 15 years.

Mercury pollution

In Colombia, flying over the Puinawai reserve, near the Brazilian border, reveals the scope of the damage, as trees are cut and brush torn out to get to the precious metal.

But there is other, less immediately obvious damage as well. To extract one gram of gold, miners have to use two to three grams of another metal: mercury, which then pollutes surrounding soils and streams and threatens those living nearby with "proven cases of infertility and skin and stomach damage," according to Fernandez Jeri.

This deforestation and pollution has destroyed some indigenous lands in Peru, forcing inhabitants to leave their seclusion and search out new food sources, resulting in conflicts with other tribes.

No permits

In Bolivia, mining sites are increasingly operated by cooperatives with their work papers in order but no environmental permits, according to a report from the Peruvian Society of Environmental Rights.

"Mining activity, whether legal or not, impacts the environment," said Alvaro Pardo, director of the Colombia Punto Medio Centre for Mining Studies.

"The problem is that when illegal miners leave an area, they just go, leaving behind huge losses that all of Colombia then needs to pay for," he said.

Mining is nevertheless a critical part of the South American economy, as the region remains one of the world's main sources for raw materials.

"Small-scale mining activity, as the World Bank calls it, or artisanal mining, has to continue to exist. It can't stop," Pardo conceded.

"But it has to be an economic activity that is developed sustainably, without affecting the environment."

In Peru, permit applications for 60 000 mining sites are already filed, but, according to official estimates, there are still 100 000 unreported sites in the country, destroying a little bit more of the forest ecosystem each day.

turquoisefire777 15-08-2015 11:31 AM

Real Life Bambi and Thumper - a fawn playing with a bunny


turquoisefire777 19-08-2015 11:55 AM

Just One Man Remains in Fukushima Radiation Zone – He’s Feeding All the Animals Left Behind


Naoto Matsumura is adamant: “Animals and people are equal.”

That’s why the 55-year-old rice farmer returned to the Fukushima exclusion zone after being forced to evacuate. Despite warnings about high levels of radiation, he wanted to check on his family’s farm dogs.

In the wake of the devastating March, 2011 earthquake and subsequent melt-down of the nuclear reactor in their hometown, most people left their pets behind, expecting to return in a few days.

When Matsumura defied government orders and returned to Tomioka, he discovered his neighbor’s dogs still tied up, starving and begging for help. Touched by the suffering, he decided to stay behind and care for all the area’s abandoned animals— pets, as well as, ducks, pigs, ostriches, cattle and a pony.couple get new home after fire-KDKA

Generous Stranger Donates House To Family Homeless After Fire

One pooch he found had been locked in a barn for an entire year surviving only on the remains of dead cattle. Matsumura named him Kiseki or “Miracle.”

Every day for four years he’s been exposed to high levels of radiation. In fact, a University of Tokyo doctor said after an examination, his body contained the highest amount of radiation of any person in Japan. But, he also told Matsumura that he wouldn’t feel any symptoms for some 30-40 years.

“So the animals and I are staying here,” he told a documentary filmmaker last year.

They welcome occasional visitors, like journalists and crews of international media— especially in March around the disaster’s anniversary. Supporters sometimes bring donated food and water for both him and his animals. He travels out of the zone, to speak about the hazards of nuclear energy, and to visit family.

Even in his beloved town ravaged by radiation, new life springs forth— a calf, some kittens — while the fifth generation farmer raises a new generation of animals born there.


The Last Farmer in Fukushima's Post-Nuclear Wasteland: VICE INTL (Japan)


But then...................................URGH!!!!


Japan First Restarted Reactor Now Under Volcano Threat

Scientists have tried to warn Japan’s NRA and other decision makers of the high risk for volcano danger to impact the Sendai nuclear plant. Just days after the nuclear plant was allowed to restart the nearby Sakurajima volcano has gone into a high level alert. People within 3km of the volcano have been told to evacuate.

The nearby volcano has the potential to take out incoming power lines, block roads and foil machinery even far away from the volcano.


turquoisefire777 25-08-2015 09:07 AM

UK group raps food giants for ‘shocking’ animal tests

A British advocacy group has condemned international food giants for carrying out ‘shocking’ animal tests to gain and maximize their profits.

Cruelty Free International, a London-based animal protection and advocacy group which campaigns for the abolition of animal experiments, has in its latest report exposed cruel animal tests carried out by some of the world's leading food companies: Danone, Nestlé and Yakult.

In an exposé published on the Sunday Express, the group said pet dogs, hamsters and pigs are being radiated, force-fed and subjected to tubes implanted in their organs during cruel animal testing by the world’s leading food giants to ‘identify new money-making angles on products.’ The animals were ultimately killed.

The report quoted Katy Taylor, director of science at Cruelty Free International as saying that “the public will be shocked to learn these well-known and familiar high street brands are involved in sickening experiments on animals.”

In one case, Yakult researchers working in South Korea force-fed five-week-old hairless mice with probiotic bacteria an hour before beaming them with ultraviolet light from lamps just 12.7cm away from their skin.


turquoisefire777 28-08-2015 11:23 AM

Video: McDonald’s Chicken Supplier Caught ‘Stabbing Chickens With Spikes’

Graphic factory farm abuse uncovered

by Anthony Gucciardi | infowars.com | August 28, 2015

A major chicken supplier for both McDonald’s and Tyson Foods has been caught deeply abusing chickens in some of the most graphic and disturbing ways possible. As documented by an undercover video investigation (see below for the video), factory farm workers can be seen beating the chickens with spikes, breaking their necks by stomping on their heads, and much more.

It’s absolute detestable, and I’m most certainly not lovin’ it.



turquoisefire777 29-08-2015 05:02 PM

Disgusting Undercover Video Forces McDonald's to Change Tune


gnat 29-08-2015 05:35 PM

We nursed a dove through PMV a year or so ago. It lived in our spare bathroom for about 4 months. Had to have feed the little fucker several times a day. Really hard work.

In the end we found someone to take her. We were recently sent photos of her with her new husband and new chick. Which was awesome.

PMV is basically a virus which attacks the nervous system and inhibits their moving flying etc. After a while the symptoms can improve somewhat. Which is what eventually happened.

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