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smoothcriminal 03-03-2016 12:20 AM

The Nuclear Apocalypse on Venus
Currently, the joint American-Russian United Efforts Front in Space is carrying out apocalyptic nuclear bombardements of Venus and as of this writing, 14 hydrogen bombs have been detonated over the planet.

Understanding that there exists no trust towards the belligerent Venusians, no formal declaration of war and that they, the aliens, have not adhered to any standards of human warfare, the situation is a most difficult one, seen from the perspective of wanting de-escalation and finally, peace.

However, while the United Efforts Front in Space -UEFS seem victorious on every front, having disabled 17 enemy starcruisers, bombed enemy key installations, dock fascilities and nuclear powerplants, the authorization to wage a nuclear war was never given by the right authorities and these weapons, be they the enemey neutron-bombs, or US hydrogenweapons, are all banned by God.

The enemy is in recess and wants to find a way out of this horrible situation. May I remind the reader that Harry S. Truman, the 33rd President of the United States ended up on Venus himself for having authorized the nuclear attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, a move that ended the 2nd World War.

We are in jeopardy of creating a nuclear wasteland where we, the perpetraitors of that creation, will end up living there ourselves! Not to mention the millions of grey humanoid aliens of both sexes and their young ones who have perished due to these vehemently exaggerated show of military prowess.

We urge our leaders to take to reason: a grey is still life, still contains lifeforce, intellect and intelligence and by reason of cosmic law, has a right to life. We therefore plead on the behalf of our defeated foe, that the nuclear attacks on Venus is stopped and that humanitarian aid convoys be sent to the beleaguered planet to help in this horrible, cataclysmic situation that our defeated enemy is facing.

Failure to do so, we offer our sincere hope that our UEFS forces shall respect the white flag of truce and that any feelers or delegates of our defeated enemy, coming to parley or surrender shall be met with the courteous and respectful treatment one should expect of human beings.

Creating Hell in Hell is no solution to inter-planetary war and the use of Hydrogen Bombs is purely evil, regardless of the enemies' previous plans, schemes and campaigns against us humans. We should rise above the evils of our adversaries and present our forces as the shield of humanity, not stoop to the level of our adversaries and show no consideration for the lives and value of alien life.

While we applaud the successes of UEFS forces in keeping Planet Earth and our inhabitants safe from the eneme starcruiser fleet and its' neutronbomb arsenal, the current state of affairs can not be tolerated and shall not be tolerated. Humanity's desire for peace ought to be our driving force and self-preservation and the right to self-defence the grounds on which we act on our aggressors. Seeking the total annihilation of our enemies should not in any wise be our goal. We are neighbours afterall, with more commonalities than differences and with the same inherent desire for betterment of ones' situation.

This is not written under duress, but rather as a plea to Presidents Biden and Medvedev to cease the nuclear aggression and find within ones' heart the encompassing idea that life on Venus is a God-given right and that the greys are, despite the evidence to the contrary, something that humans have the capactiy to love, at least enough to spare them the nuclear apocalyptic cataclysm now befalling them.

smoothcriminal 03-03-2016 12:57 AM

Understanding the enemies' capabilities.

While the Joints-Chiefs-of-Staff will have Your Excellency believe that the enemy is soundly defeated and that its' fleet of starcruisers and their neutronweapons have been destroyed, it is my duty to inform You that none of that might be relevant.

The enemy possess a weapon that no strategic planning here on Earth has taken account of: a weapon so formidable that we're talking geostratic point zero results of they opt to use it. It is a weapon that we, the inhabitants of Earth really have no effective countermeasure towards. This weapon is the Planet Venus itself. By increasing the core-pulse of the planetary apex, our enemy can drive up the rotational speed of the planet, possibly tilt the whole planet out of its current lock-spin and breech the 'Great Deed' Agreement made some 300 000 years ago, send Venus on a crash-course towards Earth, and in a huge banzai planetary suicide charge, wipe out Earth and all life here on this planet.

We have bombed Venus now with 14 hydrogen bombs. Our enemies have been defeated and now have to experience the cataclysmic results of nuclear holocaust, and while 'civil war' for lack of a better word does exist on Venus as of writing this, the toppling of the planetary leadership is in no wise assured, nor is the effectiveness in humanity's blockade of Venus' Space. A small ship might get passed, who knows. Regardless of this, the existential threat a breech of the 'Great Deed' Agreement by Venus poses on Earth can and should in no wise be discarded or forgotten by those making descisions on behalf of humanity. That Agreement was made between the planetary souls in our solar system - Venus, Gaia, Mars, Jupiter, etc. and dictates that the planets all remain still. After 'The War in the Heavens' where Venus almost collided with Gaia, releasing the waters in our stratosphere, creating our oceans and exposing us inhabitants of Earth to sunlight, that agreement, which is now over 300 000 years old, has been upheld by all planets 100% (with the exception of the microaggression caused by removing and bringing to Earth of moonrocks). This agreement, despite being over 300 000 years old, is as relevant as ever, as the enemy is threatening its' nullification and declaring it and all other inter-planetary agreements as null and void.

It was reiterated to us only this night, that they (the Venusians) are coming! Be it another starcruiser packed with neutronbombs, or be it their planet, we do not know. Needless to say, we urge our leaders to show reason, plead that the nuclear attacks on Venus is halted and wish for an expanded comprehension of the forces at play here and the agreements previously made between Mother Earth and Venus. To ascertain the Truth in what I here write, just ask her...

She is afraid, and so are we all. Military might may not be the solution to the challenges and difficulties we meet in our inter-planetary relationships. War between our planets, while still an ascertained fact, is still something we ought to strive to de-escalate, not increase to the regimen of Operation Doomsday.

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smoothcriminal 18-03-2016 03:08 PM

Venus' primary desires are as follows:

1. An open line of communication with the American-Russian United Efforts Front in Space, its' leaders and representatives.
2. A de-escalation of hostilities away from the use of thermonuclear weapons.

For these two conditions, Venus' is willing to extend an immediate halt to all Asteroide and planetoid attacks on Earth, effective upon confirmation of adherence to the will of Venus' in opening a line of communication and the ceasing of thermonuclear attacks.

Further communique from Venus ascertains the belligerent's desire to uphold and honour the ancient 'Great Deed' Agreement.

cosmic tramp 18-03-2016 03:12 PM

Fan as I am of your writing Smoothcriminal...is this one fact or fiction ?

iamawaveofthesea 18-03-2016 04:04 PM


Originally Posted by cosmic tramp (Post 1062698186)
Fan as I am of your writing Smoothcriminal...is this one fact or fiction ?


smoothcriminal 18-03-2016 04:35 PM


Originally Posted by cosmic tramp (Post 1062698186)
Fan as I am of your writing Smoothcriminal...is this one fact or fiction ?

I am so sorry that almost everything I write here on this forum, with the exception of some smear attacks on the US military is all true and factual.

There's a war going on in space between the military of Venus and an alliance of the US, Russia and China along with some minor states. Earth has been subject to attacks, some 40 asteroids have been tossed at Earth, 14 spaceships carrying advanced neutronbomb weapons have been intercepted and neutralized and our world leaders in their assessment of the situation and in their wisdom to preserve life on Earth and secure humankind from these and other existensial threats have authorized and used thermonuclear weapons against the civillian population on Venus.

We do not inquire as to the extent of damage caused to Venus as we're too afraid for the answer, but we would like to share this information to Presidents Medvedev and Biden as to the dispositions of Venus' Master when the ill-fated descision to bomb Earth was made. After having threatened a Tellus-living human with death and burial in a black hole, he struck out, but too late. With the Egyptian tool Ankh, the star Proxima in the Alpha Centauri star system was ignited to life, hoping it would use its' power to intervene in the conflict between Venus and Earth. Ankh was also used to kill a mountain of Tourmaline on Venus, reducing the mountain's consciousness to that of an amobea, and at the same time rendering the mountain unable to defend its' master and its' peoples. After the death of the mountain, Venus' Master tried to moon a Tellus-living human into a black hole, but our own native Torumaline from a mine in the US, sought to it that the incoming vortixes of black-hole pull on the human being was sent back to its originator, where it had the effect of trapping Venus' Master in the black hole. There, subject to a force of gravity one cannot fathom, Venus' Master was crunched and forced to suffer death numerous times, from gravity and from incoming bombs and weapons from angels of Allah. It was under these circumstances, deprived of freedom to act and think, deprived of ones natural habitat, council of war, good suggestions, aid and ultimately reason itself, that Venus' Master decided to deploy the starfleet against Earth.

We do not condone the use of neutronweapons, nor the threat of its' use, we do however think it wise to try and comprehend the enemies' whereabouts and his reasoning for escalation in this conflict. While he has somehow escaped the black hole, seeing an allied demon use his own Ankh, of which he was in possession, to retrieve the body of Venus' Master from the black hole and see him returned to Venus, still alive, the reasoning of today is a genuine desire for de-escalation in this on-going conflict, where as outlined in the previous post, the offer extended is an immediate halt to all planetoid and asteroid threats to Earth, of which some 40 have already been slung towards Earth prior, deflected by planets' gravitational fields, incoming comets, Angels and Earth military missile-shield technology and the sworn adherence to the 'Great Deed' Agreement of some 400 000 years ago. Further it is wished for and made demands that an open-line of communication be established between Earth's representatives and that of Venus, where the wish is for humans to take an active role in speaking on the belieguered planet Venus' case, overseen by grey representatives of our enemy. -An open line of communication between the warring sides.

The de-escalation asked for is the immediate cessation of the use of thermonuclear weapons against Venus.

We hope our leaders will take this point de guerre into consideration and that real deliberation upon these points are made.

eurosianguy 18-03-2016 04:43 PM

Any way you can provide us with any sort of info about where you get this information? Is it channelled?
Eller er det en god fantasi du har? ;-)

smoothcriminal 18-03-2016 04:44 PM


Originally Posted by eurosianguy (Post 1062698254)
Any way you can provide us with any sort of info about where you get this information? Is it channelled?
Eller er det en god fantasi du har? ;-)

It is being channeled from Venus, along with information from Washington D.C and Moscow.

kaito9 18-03-2016 05:28 PM

If the earth is concave and we live inside it, this becomes a channeled disinfo, doesn't it?

smoothcriminal 18-03-2016 05:48 PM

Your Excellency,

We know it must be difficult to read these words, coming from me, yet while I symphatize with Your Excellency, we none the less feel obliged to write this and to share our viewpoint. We've been attacked and that with a force of destruction we should never have to face, as a human species, as a planet Earth.

Back when Moses walked the planet, we had no joint-resolution chamber, no starfleet of our own, no launching sites in Houston, nor in Kazakhstan. We had no living recollection of nor knowledge of nuclear weapons and the Wright brothers' experiment was still a far-gone dream not yet made reality. Today, humanity is equipped with weapons of mass destruction and has satellites and spaceships of its own. While Moses might have endured the unendurable in his carrying out of sentence by our enemy, for an eternity, and while no alternatives presented themselves to him, ultimately, the angels fought for his safekeeping, relentlessy and when they failed, they showered him with blessings and good wishes for his demise - for silence, for sleep, for slumber, for pain-free existance, it might have all been in vain.

They're threatening Earth and we've retaliated. Now is the time for diplomacy. Feelers from Venus are stating a desire for de-escalation and offering us that chance, wherever it may lead and seeing the roster of Allah's fateful, of Angels and beings whom have fought this enemy of ours to death and beyond, being so long, so agonising, we cannot but grip this opportunity now that it has presented itself. We're not writing this to lower morale, to cause damage or harm, but rather as a waking call that God must have us in his minds also as we try to preserve life, both that of humanity at large, but also that of wretched decisionmakers who will one day stand to face the accusations of our deeds, misdeeds, facts and lies.

We hope that the desires of our seemingly defeated enemy is at least taken into consideration and that US-Russian security questions are adressed in a more wholesome, realistic and unilaterally more condusive to the wishes of both planets' wishes for betterment and long-term sustainability.

Please, Your Exellency, we urge a rethinking of strategies here. It is still not too late to share anti-radioactivity technology with our defeated foe, to send aid convoys, or to establish some sort of mutual understandings in the prosecuting of the war. As our enemy has expressedly wished for a hot-line to be established, we cannot but think that such an idea should be undertaken. We've been close here on Earth too, many times in the past, of hot war between nunclear powers, yet that telephone link between the Kreml and the White House in D.C. has probably saved humanity's future many, many times already. While the situation is now a hot-war with nuclear armed aliens, the wish, called for from Venus' Master, does still sound like hope to me, to us all.

Allah has mobilized His hosts of Angels. Jesus has been resurrected from the black hole, Proxima is alight and Moses is saved from the black hole too, so some good news in this on-going conflict there is. However, as leaders of humanity, Your Excellency, we fear that we've been brought to a wrong place to be, that of a nuclear aggressor. To endeavor what we're endeavouring here is no easy task. We would like to see us all saved, Moses, Jesus, You, me, Harold, everybody, but we've crossed a line that we ought not have crossed with the deployment of nuclear weapons. While we do understand the decision and feel we have a good insight as to the arguments for its use, we none the less chose to speak out against it. It cannot be undone, that we're in full knowledge of, however we can see to it that it is not repeated. No, Your Excellency, that Smith shall not be fired! You are to man up and face these challenges alive! Allah we have found respite in and hope in. He is alive! Be He God we do not know. Jesus of Nazaret is also alive, but probably needs quite some time recuperating. It is not all lost, we're both breathing air, no nuclear weapon has been detonated over Earth and Your ever watchful vigilance, clear thinking and sound decision making has kept us all safe, thus far. So, no suicide on my watch son.

But this nuclear attack business is just plain wrong. The marshal will have you discard everything we here write, and should you opt not to discard it, you'll find that everything we here write is true, if you investigate.

The hosts of Angels have been mobilized. The Harold Saga is not written to last chapter yet and we shall endeavor still to fight on. However, the most pressing concern is the cessation of nuclear confrontation. We know we were not the first to play the nuclear card. We know they came for us, with spaceships packed with neutronbombs. We do however weep as we chose to the use of these weapons. We've ended up becoming that which we shall never have been. We ended up becoming our enemy. - Aliens aboard spaceships laden with nuclear weapons. Please, Mr. President do not retort to using nuclear weapons again and please to retract any authorization of its' use. These weapons are all banned by God and should we ask and pray to Him for guidance, safety and ultimately, life itself, we cannot be the ones weilding that kind of destructive force.

We've asked, thrice reiterated our wish and we thank You for granting it.

Venus claims millions of civillians have been lost, under Your watch. We ask that millions more be spared. Please, Mr. President, our enemy has stated they are in recess, that they seek a way to de-escalation and considering the nature of the warring sides, we humans might not afford a Yalta-conference-like demand for unconditional surrender.

smoothcriminal 18-03-2016 05:49 PM


Originally Posted by kaito9 (Post 1062698268)
If the earth is concave and we live inside it, this becomes a channeled disinfo, doesn't it?

If you believe the Earth is concave and we live inside it, this info does carry the likeness of channeled disinfo, yes. However, earth isn't concave and you live on top of it, not inside it...

kaito9 18-03-2016 06:27 PM


Originally Posted by smoothcriminal (Post 1062698280)
If you believe the Earth is concave and we live inside it, this info does carry the likeness of channeled disinfo, yes. However, earth isn't concave and you live on top of it, not inside it...

There are few experiments that say it is concave. We don't know for sure we live on top of it nor we have any real pictures of entire earth from space thanks to certain space authorities.


markritter 23-03-2016 12:29 PM

Haven't heard about venusians since the time of Adamski.

Are these the supposedly blond Nordic types?

smoothcriminal 23-03-2016 06:48 PM


Originally Posted by markritter (Post 1062701680)
Haven't heard about venusians since the time of Adamski.

Are these the supposedly blond Nordic types?

Greys. In retrospect we can all be happy I suppose that Eisenhower rejected the Andrews Treaty, i.e. the TAU IX Treaty, as we might not have been able to disable the enemy starfleet without those Chinese mininukes. Too bad we still possess and have used thermonuclear strategic weapons on Venus though, IMHO.

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