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lanajean 28-10-2012 03:26 AM

Tila Tequila: Demonic Audio Frequencies/Brainwash

Tila Tequila has come forward with a "message from God" that she, an angel, was chosen to deliver to the masses.

Here is the video that she posted tonight:

Up to 13:16 is a build-up to relax mental muscles before the full brainwashing sets in. You may want to skip to 13:16.

She is experimenting with audio frequencies and hypnosis techniques to brainwash her followers into doing her bidding.

13:19 is not the voice of God as she wants you to believe. It is clearly the voice of a demonic voice ordering "YIELD TO ME NOW" before repeating over and over "I WILL DARKEN YOUR SUN"

Tila's voice appears at different parts throughout the video, a low monotone commonly used with hypnosis.

In the comments for the video, she repeatedly states that the message was given to her, that the man speaking for the first half of the video gave her that message which can not be found anywhere else online...THAT IS A LIE. Google what he is saying, he is reading aloud from a translated German text "Visions of a 14 year old boy."

Every word, verbatim, is contained on this website (run through Google translate)

Tila Tequila may be a joke to most but she has young, impressionable fans who have fallen prey to her deception. Two years ago, she published an open letter to the Illuminati begging to join them. She bragged about how she could deliver them her followers, whom she called her "trained ones."

Did they take her up on her deal?

While she masquerades as a light worker, her recent blogs and videos have all been demonic. Earlier today, she posted a video threatening to kill her critics. A few days ago, she threatened litigation against anyone who criticizes her online. She has children believing that anyone who questions her is a "CIA drone bot;" these fans are expected to show unwavering loyalty lest they be labeled a shill and have their personal info published online (That is the REAL reason that her accounts keep getting taken down)

A few days ago, she posted a blog which led some people to believe that she was setting her followers up for a mass suicide reminiscent of Heaven's Gate. In addition to claims that she was Joan of Arc, Michael the Archangel and others, she stated that she has her galactic card and will be leaving this Earth soon to travel to the Kingdom of God and all 12 dimensions.

At first I thought that this was all a bid for attention, but each day she has proven to be more and more demonic, and each day more children sign on to her cause. She needs to be stopped. We may be smart enough to figure her out, but children are not and she is leading them down a very dangerous path.

blissed 28-10-2012 05:06 AM

"Dear Higher Upper Shhhhhh!

Yes, ‘Tis I, Miss Tila. I know you have been following me for a while. I know you have been watching me very closely. I know you have done a lot to shush me up, but now is the time I call you out and we meet face to face. So how about it? If anything, you have the wrong people. If anything, I have all the right people you need, that you want, that you work oh so hard to get to. Yes. I have them at the tip of my fingers, all by my little self.

They won’t listen to you, however, they WILL listen to me. Now, if anything, you may want to re-think what you are doing and do this deal with me as I do have my MASSIVE TILA ARMY! Yes, I do, and I know you know that I do! I have a powerful voice, and I don’t hold back anything. We can either go to war with each other, even though you think you will win, however through the past decade, I have proven to you that no matter what you try to do to me, I still stand tall and am still here, with my “TILA ARMY” growing bigger everyday! Even my Corporations and Companies are growing more powerful and influential everyday, all by myself! hmmmm….

Now let’s get down to business shall we. This is not a letter to my fans nor my haters nor anyone else relevant to this blog nor pop culture. This is an open letter to.. AHEM.. YOU! Yes, YOU! I have known about you for quite some time now, and I do know who is with you. I have always been on the other side of “YOU AND YOUR TRAINED ONES” however, even with all that power you have and all of your trained ones, I still, all on my own, have my OWN POWER, and MY OWN TRAINED ONES. So how about it? Would you like to cut a deal? It would be very smart of you to do so as out of all of your “TRAINED ONES” I am the smartest of them all. The most outspoken of them all, with many faces and allure. Captivating and Enchanting people and luring them in is quite easy for me. I need no training in that area. However you spend a lot more time on your OWN “TRAINED ONES” to do what I was born to do NATURALLY.

So, I am writing this offer to you once and once only. I have more to say but we can discuss in private. You know how to find me, as I know you have been following me for quite some time now and have been setting me up with many “OBSTACLES” to which I surpassed them all. Sure you can just kill me off, but wouldn’t that be a little too obvious? Why am I writing this for all the public to see? well that is because I don’t care and they do not know what I speak of. However, i know YOU know what I am speaking of. So go ahead. Let’s cut a deal and meet half way. What I can do is a million times more powerful tha what your “TRAINED ONES” can do. Trust me. I know you have followed and watch my career very closely. You’re the only ones who KNOW, I know EXACTLY what I am doing.

Meet me halfway. I am here. How to find me? [email protected] – NDA and all that… No worries. DONE.


Miss Tila, The Greatest of All Time.

A Legend in the Making. Are you in or out?


This was her open letter to them? Hm. Well to me it all seems cray. Sigh. I'm disappointing. Because she seemed to have so much knowledge. And she does have some general knowledge of conspiracies. But .... just with all this stuff i'm seeing her posting, it reminds me of something who has multiple personality disorder.

lanajean 28-10-2012 05:46 PM

Immediately after posting that video, Tila began sending people veiled death threats from her YouTube sockpuppet channels. Not really the behavior you'd expect from an angel of God.

This was sent to an online friend of mine. She believes that Tila is an Illuminati shill, and has chronicled her evidence on her YouTube channel. Tila PM'd her this message:


The video she sent is posted on one of Tila's sockpuppet channels, "HugeCockNympho":

As you can see, the video starts out normal enough but soon progresses into gunfire. This is not the first veiled threat that she has sent to her haters. Another video has since been deleted off Tila's main channel but is mirrored here: (UPDATE: Its back on Tila's Tila Army Official YT channel)
Tila posted it aside a listing of "Our Enemies" (YouTubers who have criticized or questioned her) In addition the gunfire, she explicitly states "I will fucking kill you."

The newest video on "HugeCockNympho" was then set as a featured video on the "Tila Army Official" channel. Tila realizes that she can have her YT suspended for sending veiled threats, so by uploading it to a sockpuppet and then featuring it on her main channel, she is only at risk of having the "HugeCockNympho" channel suspended.

If you want more proof that she is indeed "HugeCockNympho," compare the "favorites" on that channel with the favorites on "Tila Army Official"
You'll see both have "favorited" the same obscure french porn video.

Another sockpuppet that is using to leave threatening comments is "Hulk Hogan did 911" http://www.youtube.com/user/HulkHOGANdid911

Compare the videos on that channel to both Tila Army Official & Huge Cock Nympho. One of wrestler "Ancient Warrior" is featured on HugeCockNympho's channel. Favorited is the same "Blowjob Sex Party" video that is favorited on the Tila Army Official channel.

Tila has been awake for at least 4 days at this point, posting back to back blogs and videos. Besides the threats, she also blogged about how the Illuminati took down a fan's website devoted to Tila Tequila. Both Tila and the fan are aware that the reason behind the site's deletion was an abuse complaint sent to the hosting company, after the fan publicly posted the IP and email addresses of the site's visitors, which is a violation of TOS. This is something that Tila has done herself on her old blog and Twitter, both times resulting in a suspension. She also encouraged another fan to do the same, and his website was taken down due to abuse complaints. At this point, she is purposely violating TOS on every site she is on because it allows her to claim that the government and/or Illuminati is trying to silence her by deleting her web accounts.

lanajean 28-10-2012 09:41 PM

She is watching this thread. I tweeted the link to this forum and immediately, Tila and her sockpuppets deleted the YT favorites that I used to link the accounts together.

I anticipated this, which is why I took screenshots before I posted the above thread.

I think the fact that the TilaArmyOfficial, Hulkdid911 and HugeCockNympho channels all simultaneously deleted the links that I included here, within an hour of my posting of this, should be enough evidence that she is indeed using all 3 accounts.

Very odd that an "Angel of God" and "reincarnation of Michael the Archangel" would create such vulgar YouTube accounts which they use to send death threats to people. I doubt Jesus would approve of such behavior.

Screenshots of evidence that was coincidentally deleted off three separate channels by 3 "different" people immediately after I tweeted a link to this forum on my twitter account that is being watched by Tila Tequila:




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