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surfer12 26-08-2016 09:13 AM

Donald Trump is Part of the New World Order
I'm starting a new thread on this topic because this video contains important information about Trump and the hidden forces working behind him...

Donald Trump is Part of the New World Order

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/PY6zxGQ0epU" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

surfer12 26-08-2016 09:29 AM

Not sure if the information in this article is still current as it was published a about 4 months ago...

Trump Already Surrounding Himself With Establishment Men

The constant refrain is that Donald Trump is taking on "the establishment". Well, Trump has started to name several individuals that he'll be surrounding himself with, and they're about as establishment as it gets!

First, let's not forget that Trump revealed his closeness to Rudy Giuliani. If you're looking for advice on winding down America's lost cause wars, you don't look to Rudy Giuliani, that's for sure.

Next, is Donald's long-time friend Chris Christie, whose over-the-top warmongering should still be fresh in everyone's minds. Rand Paul, during one the Republican debates reached his limit. Rand finally said of Christie: “I think if you’re in favor of World War III, you have your candidate.”

Christie is now on Team Trump.

Next, Trump has named as top National Security Advisor, the current president of the Council on Foreign Relations, Richard Haass.

For those who don't know, The Council on Foreign Relations literally is an establishment institution. You can't get more establishment than the CFR.

Robert Wenzel once attended a private reception for Richard Haass. In his observations, Wenzel wrote:
During the reception he [Haass] said that the United States should stop its fixation with the "Greater Middle East." He said there are no great powers in the Middle East, thus less focus needs to be given to the region. He said the focus needs to be "dialed down." On the other hand, he said the US should "dial up" involvement in Asia, with more of a military presence in the area and more diplomatic dialogue.
This matches Trump's tactic of pointing out obvious U.S. failures in the Middle East, but also with wanting to stir up trouble in Asia, or "dial up" trouble in Asia to use Haass' vernacular.

What a terrible idea! Such actions will not solve the tremendous drain that the warfare state places on our lives and liberty. It merely channels the drain in a different direction! Bush could've done that!....Obama can do that!

There's more....

Trump has named Sen. Jeff Sessions as Chairman of his National Security Advisory Committee.

?Target Liberty points out that Sessions:
Voted YES on extending the PATRIOT Act's roving wiretaps. (Feb 2011)

Voted YES on removing need for FISA warrant for wiretapping abroad. (Aug 2007)

Voted YES on enlarging NATO to include Eastern Europe. (May 2002)

Voted NO on limiting the President's power to impose economic sanctions. (Jul 1998)

In 2005, Sessions spoke at a rally in Washington, D.C. in favor of the War in Iraq that was held in opposition to an anti-war protest held the day before.

This is supposed to be anti-establishment?

The establishment will continue to sleep like babies at this pace. They're already 4-for-4 on getting in the Trump circle.

andy1033 26-08-2016 09:34 AM

Of course he is, and he will see himself as part of the establishment. You cannot be a billionaire, without playing there game.

Do you think high profile people will give him deals, if he was not, i doubt it. He plays there game, and knows how to play it.

There is no difference between donald, or hillary. You do not get to be either one, without being nasty in this world, and its amazing how people assume one is bad and the other not, lol.

He is out for his family and friends, like most people that high. He said it himself, he could not care less if he does not win, he still has a life to go back too, while getting all this world wide free publicity. Imagine how much publicity he has gotten for free, worldwide, just by being the republican nominee. He was well known in america before, but now is known worldwide. You cannot buy that sort of publicity for himself, and he gets it essentially free now.

oz93666 26-08-2016 09:53 AM

I've just watched this 10min video , and there is zero evidence in this video to support the title ..it just cover gingridge, cheney and others ..

I suspect the luke (who does a lot of great work) has modified his opinions , or there would be a more recent video.

I suspect David may also have adjusted his position , no more attacks on trump in 'headlines', only on clinton.

Look , we can't be 100% certain trump is genuine .... but we do know clinton is NWO for sure.

I don't believe he's fake nor do the real experts on this subject , like alex jones, steve quaile and others .

surfer12 26-08-2016 10:23 AM


Originally Posted by oz93666 (Post 1062785154)
Look , we can't be 100% certain trump is genuine .... but we do know clinton is NWO for sure.

If Trump wasn't surrounding himself with establishment figures, I'd agree we can't be sure that Trump's 100% genuine. Richard Haass, who's been the President of the Council on Foreign Relations since 2003, is a globalist and is a Trump supporter.


surfer12 26-08-2016 10:29 AM

CFR Globalist Richard Haass speaking on CNN in a segment on Libya titled: "The New World Order"

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/3sxHs6fBjLw" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

alfredo79 26-08-2016 11:50 AM

Donald Trump, The Anti-Establishment Candidate? Connections to Wall Street, Blackwater and the CFR

By Steven MacMillan
Global Research, August 21, 2016
Counterpunch 1 August 2016
print 26 16 1 44
Mr_Donald_Trump_New_Hampshire_Town_Hall_on_August_ 19th,_2015_at_Pinkerton_Academy,_Derry,_NH_by_Mich ael_Vadon_02
Out of all the individuals in the political sphere today, no one stirs controversy and divides opinion more than Donald Trump. For months now, Trump’s flamboyant personality and demagogic rhetoric has dominated the media landscape, turning the presidential race into the biggest entertainment event of the year. Hailed as the saviour of America by some, and as a train wreck waiting to happen by others; Trump still remains somewhat of an enigma.

There is no doubt that his straight-talking style has resonated with many Americans who are tired of career politicians more concerned with political correctness than confronting real issues. Many Americans are also encouraged by some of Trump’s stances on certain issues – including his comments on improving relations with Russia, and his seeming opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) – yet his constant flip-flopping on issues makes it impossible to decipher what his actual policies will be if elected.

Trump’s chances are emboldened by the fact that his major competitor in the race is so hated by every thinking person in the world, that many Americans may support Trump purely as the lesser of two evils. With Hillary at the helm, the American people know exactly what they are going to get: more war, more corruption and more policies that will only benefit special interests.

Trump: The Anti-Establishment Candidate?

Trump supporters are often very vocal in their belief that the real estate magnate is an anti-establishment outsider. In many of his speeches and comments, Trump plays up to this (probably carefully constructed) persona. Judging by the nature of people advising the presidential candidate however, Trump’s anti-establishment populism looks anything but genuine.

In addition to the establishment heavyweights Trump has already met with – including the former US Secretary of State and member of the influential Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Henry Kissinger, and the former Director of Policy Planning at the State Department and current head of the CFR, Richard Hass – Trump’s official advisory teams on both foreign and economic policy reveal some troublesome connections to the neocons, Wall Street, Soros and the CFR.

A Foreign Policy Ran by Blackwater and the Neocons

Trump’s official foreign policy team includes a minimum of two neocons, with Joseph E. Schmitz the clear winner of the award for the worst foreign policy adviser in Trump’s selection. Schmitz, a lawyer by trade, is the former Inspector General of the Department of Defense in addition to being a former executive at none other than Blackwater Worldwide. Blackwater, which rebranded itself as Academi in 2011 due to its atrocious reputation (similar to what Jabhat Al-Nusra just done), is the notorious military contractor that has been involved in various controversies.

It is probably most infamous for the horrific incident in 2007, when Blackwater guards killed 17 Iraqi civilians and injured a further 20 after opening fire at a traffic junction in Baghdad. Other Blackwater enterprises include making a fortune of pretending to fight the booming opium trade in Afghanistan (which so ‘curiously’ skyrocketed following the US-led invasion of the country in 2001), in addition to fighting alongside the Western-backed terrorists in Syria who are trying to overthrow the government of Bashar al-Assad.

Schmitz is also connected to the Center for Security Policy (CSP), a neocon think tank whose publications fuel the anti-Islamic hysteria that is so prevalent in the US today. As Professor Michel Chossudovsky of Global Research has documented, CSP is an organization that has received funding by corporate powers who are promoting Islamophobia in America. CSP is also reportedly financed by numerous giants of the military-industrial complex, including Raytheon and Lockheed Martin.

Economic Advisers Connected to Wall Street and the CFR

At the beginning of August, Trump officially announced his economic advisory council. Considering that Trump has criticised Hillary Clinton for her overt Wall Street connections, you would think that Trump would pick a council devoid of any Wall Street titans. Well think again; Trump’s economic team is largely comprised of bankers, hedge fund managers and Wall Street insiders, who do not in any way represent the interests of the average American voter.

Steven Mnuchin, Trump’s National Finance Chairman and a major economic adviser, could not be more in bed with Wall Street and the establishment. Mnuchin is a former partner at Goldman Sachs, spending a total of 17 years at the financial powerhouse, according to Bloomberg. In addition to working for Goldman for close to two decades, Mnuchin also worked at Soros Fund Management, a firm founded by the billionaire and regime change extraordinaire, George Soros.

Another prominent economic adviser to Trump is John Paulson, the billionaire and hedge fund manager who founded Paulson & Co in 1994. Paulson, who formerly worked at Bear Stearns, is famous forshorting the housing market in the run up to the financial crisis of 2007-08, earning approximately $4 billion from the trade. The billionaire is also a member of the CFR, in addition to previously backing Mitt Romney in his failed 2012 presidential bid.

In addition to Mnuchin and Paulson, Trump’s economic advisers include Stephen Feinberg, the CEO of the private investment firm, Cerberus Capital Management; Stephen Calk, the founder of the Federal Savings Bank who has previously worked for Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corp and Bank of America; and Wilbur Ross, the billionaire who spent 25 years running Rothschild Inc’s bankruptcy practice. Trump has also reshuffled his campaign team recently, appointing Stephen Bannon, a former investment banker at Goldman Sachs, as his new campaign CEO.

It is clear that Clinton is the pick of the establishment, which explains the largely negative coverage of Trump in the mainstream media. But considering the nature of the advisers surrounding Trump, the establishment has pulled its usual trick of ensuring that it controls both major candidates in the presidential race.

Steven MacMillan is a freelance writer and editor of The Analyst Report.

The original source of this article is Counterpunch
Copyright © Steven MacMillan, Counterpunch, 2016
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alfredo79 26-08-2016 11:51 AM

About a super rich supporter of Donald Trump, Robert Mercer

alfredo79 01-09-2016 08:51 AM


Donald Trump Wins Over Secretive “Children of Israel” Megadonor

Jon Schwarz
Aug. 30 2016, 10:57 p.m.
DONALD TRUMP ATTENDED a $25,000-per-ticket fundraiser Monday night at the Woodside, California home of Saul Fox, the CEO of private equity firm Fox & Paine.

Fox is the donor behind Children of Israel LLC, whose $884,000 in contributions has made it the second-most generous “ghost corporation” in the 2016 cycle. This election has seen a surge in “ghost corporations,” the term used for businesses that appear to exist solely to shield the identity of individuals who want to put money into the U.S. political process.

Fox’s ownership of Children of Israel was unknown until The Intercept reported on it several weeks ago.

Children of Israel gave $150,000 in 2015 to Pursuing America’s Greatness, a Super PAC supporting Mike Huckabee’s presidential run; $400,000 in 2016 to Stand for Truth, a Super PAC supporting Ted Cruz’s candidacy; and $334,000 to the Republican National Committee.

Fox is also a longtime GOP donor under his own name. He most recently gave $100,000 to Team Ryan, a joint fundraising committee set up by Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, R-Wis., and $25,000 to Donald Trump’s joint fundraising committee.

In addition to his Children of Israel contributions to their Super PACs, Fox personally gave $2,700 to Huckabee’s presidential campaign, as well as the $5,400 maximum to the campaigns of Cruz and Marco Rubio.

Fox also used a company called Mercury Trust in 2012 to donate $1 million to American Crossroads, a Super PAC co-founded by Karl Rove, and $425,000 to Restore Our Future, the Super PAC supporting Mitt Romney. Mercury Trust was later discovered to be affiliated with Fox’s private equity company.

(Thanks to Celine O’Hara for telling me about the Fox fundraiser.)

largejack 02-09-2016 01:10 AM

Is Trump NWO?
Icke has been right about most things, but I'm not sure whether he's right about Trump. He says he's establishment playing the left/right thing, but the establishment, both through the republicans and democrats have tried, and failed to stop him.

Even if he is fake, surely he is symbolic at least of those who want change. Not the msm Obama Mr Change, but change, the msm doesn't want us to have. Is Trump much different to Farage?

Cryptoverse 02-09-2016 04:12 AM

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/SzFReTs12kY" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Newt Gingrich seems to think he's not.

I know all to well, anyone can be mind controlled. Trump has some vulnerabilities to be used like a puppet, like him saying we should pump up the military. As if we don't spend enough money on it already. -_-

Dude111 02-09-2016 08:07 AM

Well they sure want him in bad enough FOR A REASON!!!!!

alfredo79 02-09-2016 08:13 AM

The argument is being faced off just in this thread on politics/elections section:

Already posted evidences about the membership of Donald Trump to NWO or however the system.

whatsinaname 02-09-2016 08:26 AM

Controlled opposition obviously has to appear to actually be opposition.

bryan 02-09-2016 11:44 AM


Originally Posted by surfer12 (Post 1062785168)
CFR Globalist Richard Haass speaking on CNN in a segment on Libya titled: "The New World Order"

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/3sxHs6fBjLw" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Richard Haass is arguing against military action in Libya. Robert Kagan is arguing for more military action in Libya. Kagan is a neocon who supports Hillary for president.

vancity eagle 02-09-2016 02:28 PM


Originally Posted by whatsinaname (Post 1062789530)
Controlled opposition obviously has to appear to actually be opposition.


Thing is that it's not even a very good job of "appearing to be opposition"

There are so many shady connections to the elites and so many terrible policy positions.

You have got to be either very naive or so invested in his anti immigration stance that you literally don't care about anything else.

mr man 02-09-2016 10:35 PM


Originally Posted by surfer12 (Post 1062785130)
I'm starting a new thread on this topic because this video contains important information about Trump and the hidden forces working behind him...

Donald Trump is Part of the New World Order

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/PY6zxGQ0epU" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Well Trump is very close friends with the Clintons so in a word my response is a resounding Yes.

ramirez 02-09-2016 10:41 PM

Of course he is working for them.

The fact he is even running proves unequivocally that is the case, not to,mention his NY real estate means he simply has to be working for them, I think he is a Rockefeller pick, the Rothchilds Prefer the drugged up Hillary, then again she could 'win' it, then 'suddenly' die, leaving Obummer to carry on wth his hermaphrodite 'wife'.

The main hope is that maybe, just maybe the lower Elite are in the shit enough for him to at least initially be true to his non PC campaign, until the Chess board looks more favourable.

whatsinaname 02-09-2016 10:52 PM

Ask yourself why Trump doesn't dish the real dirt on the Clintons...

Why doesn't he draw attention to the trail of bodies they've left in their wake...

Or maybe this?...


princess_alexandra 04-09-2016 02:35 AM

You have people who say "how can Trump be 'establishment' when the Establishment is against him?"

Two words: Controlled Opposition.

Politics is like pro wrestling. The two "sides" trash-talk each other but at the end of the day the same guy signs their paychecks.

Just a dog-and-pony show. I plan on voting for Darrell Castle, the Constitution Party candidate. Just found out he'll be on the Ohio ballot.

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