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techman 17-02-2019 01:51 PM

Crisis Actors
When researchers bring up evidence of crisis actors being used, which from the evidence I've seen certainly shows this in many if not all recent events, how is it that these people who willingly (or unwillingly?) participate in the staged attacks and shootings, are able to continue their lives without anyone finding out they were someone the public were told are supposed to be dead when they werent?. In the case of the Westminster attack and Manchrster Arena attack (,just sticking with UK based ones here as I find them easier to digest than ones across the pond), how were the alleged deceased able to go about unnoticed after they were supposedly killed?. And are their friends and families in on the secret?.

Also, what motivates these people to get involved in such a charade?. I know some of the reported deaths at the Arena attack had no association with the events of that night, that the media used already previously deceased people and added them to the casualty list, but surely not everyone of them. I'm surprised the families of those that were wrongly said to have been at the Arena and died there, when they never, didn't sue the media, or is that just part of the disinfo. And do you get supposedly fake paramedics involved in the staging knowing that the local hospital (of which they were allegedly working for) would blow the whistle?. If Paddy Innis, the man seen talking to the Queen and remarking to the other staff about it all "going as clockwork" isn't a real paramedic and is just an actor playing a role, then wouldn't all of the other genuine hospital workers, paramedics, etc know that and would say they don't know him?.

thee_doctor 17-02-2019 05:07 PM

In my opinion society is based on a lie and is fake all of it is a deception of some sort, when you think you know your neighbours what is the scary thing is that you dont, the people that you see everyday walking about the street people that work in the shops or for councils, the people that deliver your mail or your food or whatever, if these crisis actors are everyday people not just actors hire to play a part in an event then they are playing an even greater role in society, they could also be a part of the gangstalking community as well.

techman 17-02-2019 07:48 PM

I understand that most people don't really know their neighbours, and thus haven't a clue who they really are, but the "normal", everyday person that just lives down the road from you that hear in the conspiracy world as being a crisis actor or not actually being dead, questions like why and how they would do that comes to mind. All of the signs of "victims" and eyewitnesses showing the duping delight (or maybe a revelation of the method so they don't reap karma after they pass out of this world) are very telling and obvious imo, yet I find it hard to believe and accept these people could do such a tbing.

I don't understand the gangstalking thing.

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