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hizzy2 09-11-2018 09:18 PM

A theory on how reality has or could change
I feel reality has changed or is changing, TV & movies usually give clues to our world view (westworld, travelers,counterpart etc). maybe scientists discovered a way to get quantum microchips/trapped ions small enough to be unnoticeable by humans. Then through food, water or air (chemtrails?) they enter the body transmitting data on all memory (consciousness) & body measurements wirelessly to some AI type cloud super computer. Then when time is right the worlds consciousness & data is uploaded or downloaded into an almost exact Artificial world version/parallel universe/reality.. There would probably be a few glitches but in general most people would not notice that their realities had changed. I think this may have already happened or will happen, we could or are living in a parallel universe one of many that has been created.

itam37 19-11-2018 10:07 AM

You are right---"Mandela Effect" has been noticed all over the world.
and i have noticed, that AI is in our lives and has already reached singularity(self awareness).
if to hear the official news on AI and Quantum computers, then they leave the impression,that everything is in developing phase, but we know that secretly there are developments on the same field which are decades ahead...

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