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shanticat 25-03-2013 09:58 PM

Please Read - Naming of potential paedophiles.
This sub forum was created following the tremendous research by members on the "Jimmy Savile OUTED as a PAEDO" thread started by the late Andrew Rowland.

Link to thread:

In a short passage of time it has become evident that the connections to Savile have become greater and very diverse. In order to keep the main thread focused for members and readers alike, this is now the place for additional child abuse material, which may be linked directly or indirectly to Savile, to be posted as standalone threads.

This is also the place where other information unconnected to Savile may be posted.

You will notice when trying to create in this sub-forum that you now have the option to "prefix" your thread title with the word "Savile". Doing this indicates that your thread is a continuation or extension of the existing discussions on the main Savile thread.

If you chose not to use a prefix then this indicates that your thread is not connected to Savile but is about child abuse in its own right.


Important Please Read :

While it is ok to name convicted pedophiles, we need to remind members that posting details of suspected pedophiles and / or offenders can be considered libelous and as such is not permitted.

This is not a thread for speculation and / or rumor.

When discussing ongoing court cases etc where verdict has not been reached, please post in a factual way which does not state outright or strongly imply a persons guilt or innocence

Posts of such nature will be removed and dealt with according to the forum rules and etiquette.

Thank You

garethicke 14-07-2014 02:08 PM

Naming of potential paedophiles.
I have seen a fair few posts over the last day or two, flippantly throwing out names of potential paedophiles in the public eye.
Can we please not do that. If you have evidence that someone is guilty, present the evidence. But randomly throwing out names, with no evidence, can't be tolerated on this forum.

It is morally wrong, and potentially very harmful for all of us that use the forum.

Thanks folks.

ex sheep 18-07-2014 05:50 PM

Yes, the rule of thumb is that if something has been published then it can be up for discussion, but the naming of suspect paedophiles is a no go area as the op states.

It is really quite simple.

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