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decim 22-11-2016 07:44 PM



Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea (Post 1062839720)
Donald Trump scolded media big shots during an off-the-record Trump Tower sitdown on Monday, sources told The Post.

“It was like a f???ing firing squad,” one source said of the encounter.

“Trump started with [CNN chief] Jeff Zucker and said, ‘I hate your network, everyone at CNN is a liar and you should be ashamed,’ ” the source said.

“The meeting was a total disaster. The TV execs and anchors went in there thinking they would be discussing the access they would get to the Trump administration, but instead they got a Trump-style dressing-down,” the source added.


iamawaveofthesea 23-11-2016 01:54 PM

Gilad Atzmon "Trump's White Identity Politics Divide And Rule In Same Way As Left Identity Politics!

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/E7KATHMZS1A" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

iamawaveofthesea 03-12-2016 01:50 PM

Its strange how the fake-left always speak of the need for 'diversity' yet they are so intent on destroying 'whiteness' which suggest that they are actually against diversity!

It also seems that white people are to be made to feel as if they are dirty and that they should feel guilty for being white

It seems that all ethnic groups are to be allowed acceptance except for white people. When this is pointed out the PC brigade then say that only white people can be 'racist' therefore when racism is carried out against white people and they are told they should be removed that doesn't count as racism

This from davids headlines today:

New UN Chief to Europe: Ignore Voters, Open the Borders
Written by Alex Newman Thursday, 01 December 2016 07:00

Incoming United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres last week urged European Union politicians and bureaucrats to ignore voters and open up their borders, claiming the growing Islamic tsunami of African and Middle Eastern immigration into the West was “inevitable” anyway. Critics were outraged. Speaking like a committed globalist, the Socialist UN boss also argued that “multi-ethnic,” “multi-religious,” and “multi-cultural” societies would be the only ones to succeed.

On a visit to Communist China this week, though, not a word was said by the new UN chief about the brutal regime's penchant for kidnapping savagely persecuted North Koreans and sending them back to be tortured and then murdered by the most barbarous totalitarian dictatorship on the planet. Instead, Guterres praised the communist tyrants in Beijing, currently engaged in what experts call the “cultural genocide” of Tibet, and encouraged the regime to continue pursuing its leadership role in what the UN refers to as “global governance.”

iamawaveofthesea 03-12-2016 02:07 PM

We Run Rap Music - The Puppet Masters Of The Music Industry - Satanic Illuminati Exposed Part 1

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/gkyuy3_HR2c" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

part 2

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/8GMLA2YRV8w" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

part 3

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/nLOrYaX4eI4" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

lone star 04-12-2016 06:54 PM

who do you predict trump picks as his Secretary of state?

if he gets another war hawk general on his team he is preparing for war

btw this war will not go nuclear. so no fear. honestly i doubt nuclear weapons even exist. that includes nuclear power plants. i dont trust nothing these fear mongers preach about.

iamawaveofthesea 25-01-2017 09:48 PM

Paul Craig Roberts says in a recent piece titled: ''are americans racist?'' that labour shortages in the southern states were first plugged with white prisoners but they did not have a resistance to malaria and died

This lead to the exploitation of africans who were already being traded as war prisoners from african chiefs to arab traders on the coasts.

Roberts argues that modern narratives of the exploitation of africans being based upon racism are incorrect and that the reason was much more coldly logical then that namely that they were resistant to malaria and could survive in the southern states; this doesn't excuse the inhumane exploitation of slave labour but it does change the narrative to one that is less charged with hate (see for example recent hollywood films that try and push a certain narrative to encourage hate and feelings of righteous vengence)

He also argues that the modern narrative that the american civil war was fought to end slavery is false and that it was fought to hold the union together as the southern states were agricultural and the northern states were industrial

He says most of the men fighting for the southern confederates were not slave owners but farmers who were fighting not to protect the right of rich land owners to own slaves but rather to resist the encroachments of northern armies into the south which wanted to break off from the north

It does seem that very simplistic narratives have been woven in modern times no doubt by the players behind critical theory and cultural marxism to encourage the deepening of divisions in society in order to fracture and destroy western society

here's an excerpt from the article:

It is amazing how proud some Americans are of their ignorance and how quick they are to hate based on their ignorance. In America the level of public discourse is so far below the gutter level that a person who ventures forth to tell the truth can expect to be met with violent hatred and every epithet in the book. Criticize ever so slightly the Israeli government’s theft of Palestine, and the Israel Lobby will immediately brand you an “anti-semite,” that is, a hater of Jews who wants to send them to the gas chamber. If you don’t denounce whites, especially Southern whites, as racists, you are not only a racist but also a member of the KKK who wants to lynch blacks.

Yes, I know. It works also in the other direction. If you don’t hate the left, you are one of them. Because I criticized the George W. Bush regime for its war crimes, conservatives branded me a “pinko-liberal-commie” and ceased to publish my columns.

Hardly anyone, even southerners, understands that racism in the South originated in the horrors that were inflicted on the South during the Reconstruction era that followed the military defeat of the Confederacy. The North inflicted blacks on southerners in ways that harmed prospects for relations between the races and gave rise to the KKK as a resistance movement. As Reconstruction faded, so did the KKK. It was later revived as a shadow of its former self by poor whites who were ambitious for personal power.

The question remains: How can President Trump or anyone unite a country in which historical understanding is buried in myths, lies, and the teaching of hate?

Try to imagine the expressions of hatred and the denunciations that this factual article will bring to me.

If we care about humanity and the creatures on Earth, our task is to find and to speak the truth. That is what I endeavor to do.

When the left abandoned Marxism and the working class, the left died. It has no doctrine to sustain itself, just hatreds based on historical ignorance and misunderstanding of the limits within which life is lived. Humans are not superheros or magicians who can reconstruct humanity by waving a wand or smashing evil. Everyone lives within limitations, and the many submit more than do the few.

It is the few who fight against the limits to whom we owe the defense of our humanity.

It is the haters who are the barriers to moral and social progress.

raburgeson 26-01-2017 10:13 PM

Let's get back on topic for a minute. Manson has been in the news for a long time. They keep talking about it because he struck the NWO. Jeffrey will never get the attention that Manson has gotten. Race wars we do not need. We are all in the soup together. Everything is rigged against you and I do not care what color you are. The better question is are you ready the fight the NWO? They have been fighting a war against you since the WW2. How many Doctors and scientists have to be found floating face down in the river does there have to be before you identify the enemy?

iamawaveofthesea 31-01-2017 12:04 PM


Originally Posted by raburgeson (Post 1062875402)
We are all in the soup together.

a bill being put to the New York Assembly would enable the population of New York to opt out of the federal roll out of wifi emitting SMART meters thereby enabling them to protect themselves from having their DNA disrupted by RF frequency radiation. Meanwhile americans (US) elsewhere would have their DNA disrupted by harmful wifi radiation

Looks like someone somewhere is looking out for the interests of people in Jew York

New York Bill Would Allow Customers To Opt Out Of Smart Meters, Undermine Federal Program
January 30, 2017

By Mike Maharrey

A bill introduced in the New York Assembly would allow customers to opt out of installing “smart meter” technology on their homes and businesses. Passage of this bill would allow New Yorkers to protect their own privacy, and it would take a step toward blocking a federal program in effect.

Asm. Michael DenDekker (D – East Elmhurst) introduced Assembly Bill 3066 (A3066) on Jan. 26. The legislation would allow New Yorkers to opt out of any utility company smart meter program with no penalty.

Smart meters monitor home energy usage in minute detail in real time. The devices transmit data to the utility company were it gets stored in databases. Anybody with access to the data can download it for analysts. Without specific criteria limiting access to the data, these devices create significant privacy issues. Smart meters can also be used to remotely limit power usage during peak hours.

iamawaveofthesea 02-02-2017 10:49 AM

The US is now a polarised tinder box with trump supporters on one side and black lives matter on the other talking openly about declaring war on white people

they're not talking about declaring war against the banksters or oligarchs, they are telling people that white people are the enemy

All this situation needs now is a spark and as another forum member suggests this could come in the form of the assassination real or staged of donald trump which would then trigger the militias

Black lives matter could then tell people the death of trump was a good thing and then declare war on the trump supporters and then you have civil war

The globalists can then call in the UN troops to bring peace and the FEMA camps could be filled with veterans and gun owners and the US could be declared a failed state and absorbed into the UN

iamawaveofthesea 08-02-2017 02:23 PM

civil war part of the agenda?

<iframe width="703" height="395" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/RViYDdzGWdM" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

iamawaveofthesea 17-02-2017 08:31 PM

The NWO cabal are mobilising black people against the nation of america to use them as their shock troops to destroy the US from the inside to justify the creation of a world government run by the rothschild cabal

ironically that same cabal are responsible for many of the failings of the US that has made so many black people so dissollusioned

The 'liberal' el-ite are hodling beyonze up as some kind of paragon of godliness as if she is about to give birth to the NWO anti-christ or something!

She's a fucking singer! She hasn't invented a cure for cancer or done anything valuable for society, she's a singer who sings other peoples songs!

The Grammy Awards 2017 Were About Protesting the King and Worshipping the Queen
February 14, 2017

Believe it or not, Trump’s election was the best thing that could happen to the elite’s agenda and the entire mass media system supporting it. In the past years, traditional media (including news and entertainment) was growing stale and losing influence. Trump’s election deeply re-energized this entire system by giving it a new sense of purpose. The elite’s agenda can now be presented as the solution to defeat Trump who is #notmypresident.

It can now be associated with revolt and rebellion, two things that young people find appealing. The Agenda is now “fighting the power” and its message to the youth this year is “resist”.

iamawaveofthesea 19-02-2017 08:26 PM

Is The Obama Administration … Fully Operational?
By Bernie Suarez
February 19, 2017

Incredible as it seems it is now widely reported that Barack Obama never left. That’s right. He is parking himself in Washington D.C. and will run an operation fully dedicated to sabotaging President Donald Trump as if the current deep state war to sabotage Trump is not enough. Of course one would be foolish to think that one sabotage effort is somehow independent of the other. No one should be that naive.

Americans must realize that we are on the cusp of something. Some say civil war, the mainstream media calls it “chaos,” truth seekers (like yours truly) call it “engineered chaos” designed to induce some kind of “order.” Yet others say martial law is coming and some even approve of this martial law thinking it will be “temporary.” I suppose the formula for martial law involves causing enough chaos and then the rulers can present martial law as the “solution.” Personally I’m entirely against martial law because it is unconstitutional and there are equally better ways that local governments can handle mass chaos.

So no one should be surprised by what we are hearing now as reported by the NY Post. Obama has outdone himself now by declaring he will lead an army of over 30,000 civilians to fight and sabotage Trump every step of the way. This is not only wildly unprecedented for a former president to do, but in some ways this shouldn’t surprise anyone who has been paying attention given what we know about Obama’s now proven fraudulent birth certificate “document” posted on Whitehouse.gov for almost 6 years. This is just one issue for which there is 100% proof of a crime committed. You think this guy doesn’t know he’s looking at serious jail time or much worse? Thus in this context none of the recent developments should surprise anyone.

iamawaveofthesea 27-08-2017 11:25 AM

Violent “Color Revolution” in America? Attempted Overthrow of Trump? Threatens to Shred Fabric of American Society
Manufactured Civil War, Guided Anarchy
By Larry Chin
Global Research, August 26, 2017

A race war and a civil war are being incited by the US political establishment and Deep State opponents of Donald Trump, in order to foment violence towards Trump’s removal from the White House. The events in Charlottesville, together with “Russia-Gate” are being used as a “defining moment of crisis” and a pretext to justify Trump’s overthrow.

Turning American streets into war zones

America has never faced chaos of this nature in modern times: manufactured domestic political terrorism disguised as civil unrest, masking a coup. The stated goal of the agitators is “mass insurrection”and “all forms of violence” to make the country “ungovernable”

Just as the global “war on terrorism” is a criminality and treason disguised as “freedom fighting” and “the defense of liberty”, this war against Trump, labelled as the “new Hitler”, is part of an unfolding domestic terror operation, which ironically utilizes the propaganda techniques of Hitler and the Third Reich (Goebbels), not to mention the anarchist playbook of Saul Alinsky (and, by extension, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, both of whom are Alinsky disciples). (See also Ben Carson quoted in the Washington Post, “Hillary Clinton, Saul Alinsky and Lucifer, explained”, July 20, 2015)

From the violence and propaganda brainwashing to the manipulation and destruction of culture and history (statues and monuments, etc.). what is unfolding is a repeat of familiar institutional terror.

Goals are achieved through the weaponization and mobilization of indoctrinated and deceived masses as well grassroots activists, coupled with mind-controlled authoritarian thugs.

The larger “resistance” features a toxic combination of professional paid anarchists, brainwashed “social justice warriors”, and deluded protestors who are misinformed and invariably ignorant as to who is supporting and funding the “protest movements”. There is no rational conversation to be had, no reasoning, in such an atmosphere of ginned-up hysteria.

This large-scale extortion aims to devastate the United States from within, forcing Trump out of office. An already deeply divided and confused nation with an already shredded social fabric will be torn apart.

The mainstream corporate media, the engineers of delusion and mob-manipulating propaganda, is ginning it up, creating mass hysteria and mental affliction.

What is taking place is not simple protests from supporters of a losing political faction, but a domestic terrorism operation planned and executed by the establishment majority—supported by neoliberals as well as neoconservative Republicans—in defense of their system against perceived existential threat from anti-establishment movements. Mob violence has always been a weapon of the oligarchy. It was inaccurate and tactically stupid for Trump to call this insurrection “Alt-Left”. It is in fact a mainstream establishment operation, which uses “left”, “progressive” and antifa symbols to pursue its political objectives.

The ultimate objective is to create social divisions which prevent the development of a real and independent mass protest movement against the seats of corporate power.

This “chaos agenda”is a “color revolution”. The elites and Deep State figures behind today’s American anarchy are the same ones that funded and orchestrated “color revolutions” around the world, the toppling of Ukraine and the installation of the Ukrainian neo-Nazi Svoboda regime, unrest in Turkey, the destabilization of Syria, the European refugee crisis, and the Arab Spring. What worked overseas is now being applied within US borders.

The Purple Revolution began the night Trump won the presidential election that foiled the installation of Hillary Clinton. This warfare has escalated and intensified in the months ever since, culminating with Charlottesville.

The increasingly failing Trump/Russian hack narrative is being replaced by a variation on an old theme: Nazis. “Trump is a Nazi”. Nazis must die.

Trump’s repeated denials and long history of standing against Nazis, the KKK and white supremacists, and having nothing to do with them, are to no avail.


The mainstream media predictably fails to report the fact that Antifa anarchist groups are responsible for the majority of the continuing political violence, including Charlottesville, Boston, and the Battle of Berkeley, enabled by police stand-downs and incompetence. Local police forces, university police, and local mainstream media in heavily liberal cities (such as Berkeley) openly back the Democratic Party’s anti-Trump agenda and act in support of the anarchists.

Masked, armed authoritarian anarchists, provocateurs and terrorists are referred to blandly in mainstream media accounts as “counter-protestors”,when in fact they are the instigators and shock troops of the larger national coup, and vastly outnumber Trump supporters (not all of whom are “right-wing). These violent groups, operating under the banners of “peace and justice” in fact embody the opposite.

Antifa: a violent movement rises

Antifa: seeking peace through violence (CNN)

These supposedly leaderless domestic front groups, including Antifa, Black Bloc, Black Lives Matter, Occupy, Disrupt J20, By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) and others can all be traced to the Democracy Alliance, elite “civil society” foundations, establishment politicians, Democrats and Republicans, and assets of the Deep State. The connections between the Washington establishment and the myriad anarchist groups are well known. Moreover, these domestic front organizations –many of which include within their ranks grassroots progressive activists– are invariably funded (directly or indirectly) by corporate establishment foundations.

These various groups whose instigators mobilize “a progressive grassroots” have been combined and mobilized into one coordinated anti-Trump agitation apparatus. Like the terrorist networks that they are, they function like any other CIA covert operation, each cell inculcated from the others, with plausible denial in place for the organizers and leadership.

The Justice Department has done virtually nothing about these groups, while CIA-connected media such as CNN devote puff pieces to puff pieces in support of Antifa’s “peace through violence” agenda, and then scrubbing the (accurate) title post-facto for more favorable publicity.


Charlottesville was not a spontaneous eruption of violence but the new stage of civil war.

The Charlottesville Clash: Protest and Counter-Protest, Politicized Media Propaganda

The white nationalist events were long planned. The removal of Confederate statues led to the incitement. While this was the largest gathering of various white nationalist groups in recent history, these relatively small, fringe, politically insignificant groups are routinely monitored and/or infiltrated by the FBI. The idea that US domestic intelligence and law enforcement, and Virginia and Charlottesville authorities were not fully aware of, and ready for, any possibility of violence is preposterous. Permits were granted.

There is compelling evidence that the police stood down. (Also see here) The venue was turned into trap, a kill zone, with alt-right nationalist participants crammed inside barricades, surrounded at chokepoints by Antifa.

It is no coincidence that Charlottesville was set up in virtually the same fashion as the spring 2017 Battle of Berkeley, where outnumbered Trump supporters gathering for an event were also trapped behind barricades and surrounded by Antifa, and forced to fight off attacking mobs. In Charlottesville as well as Berkeley, hours of open street warfare were allowed to take place unabated by the police.

(see also the following related report White nationalist fires gun into crowd, police do not move (New York Times)

While chaos in Charlottesville erupted on all sides, many accounts strongly suggest that the Antifa forces instigated the violence. Also demanding investigation is evidence of orchestration and staging and other highly suspicious anomalies.

The presence of the FBI and other intelligence agencies must be noted. Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe is a notorious long-time Democratic operative and Clinton surrogate. Unite the Right Rally organizer Jason Kessler was a member of Occupy and an Obama supporter. Crisis actors were hired for the event.

The man who drove a car into a crowd, killing Heather Heyer, committed an act of terrorism and murder by any definition. But this act of murder occurred after hours of street warfare that was stopped, and allowed to escalate.

It is also not clear who the driver actually was. Was it James Fields, the man who was arrested, or was it someone else? Whoever it was had the skills of a stunt driver. Adding to the confusion are questions about the identity and behavior of those who were attacking the vehicle with baseball bats.

Was Charlottesville a staged false flag operation? Why was this melee allowed to explode? Who gave the orders, and who financed the fighters on both sides?

What is crystal clear is that the entire Washington political establishment, Deep State and mainstream media are benefitting. Trump’s opponents have their pretext and potent new propaganda weapons. They have Heather Heyer as a martyr and symbol of “resistance”.

Charlottesville is shamelessly being used as a fundraising tool. Heather Heyer becomes a symbol and martyr.

Ukraine connection to Charlottesville

As detailed by Lee Stranahan (and on Twitter) there are disturbing connections to Ukraine. These same connections were also noted by Julian Assange.

James Fields, the alleged driver, connected to Ukraine is spotted on videotape chanting “Blood and Soil” and torch-marching, the slogan of Nazi Ukraine Svoboda Party. The Charlottesville torch march was identical to the torch marches in Ukraine. In fact, Ukrainian flags were flown in Charlottesville.

Is it merely a coincidence that elements of the CIA/Obama/Clinton Ukraine coup show up here? The Washington politicians now spewing outrage about racism and Nazis at Trump today, including John McCain are active collaborators with the Ukrainian Nazis.

Is it also coincidental that these Ukrainian Nazis, working in conjunction with US establishment DNC and Republicans alike, also happen to be the central figures behind the completely false Trump/Russia hack narrative that never seems to die?

Intimidation of thought and ideas

Staged mob violence and authoritarian threats are not limited to the streets. Thought itself is under attack.

Not only Trump supporters, but all opponents and critics of the political establishment cannot express themselves without threat of reprisal, censorship, and violence.

A full-scale assault is being carried out against alternative media.

The campaign against “hate speech” and “hate content” labels any anti-establishment media as “hate”. The attack is so broad-brush that entire networks are branded right-wing or “alt-right”, when in fact, many are not right-wing, and many are non-partisan. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, among others, are engaged in campaigns of censorship and control, including the policing of content, the demonetization and suspension of sites, control of political content, and outright censorship through deletion.


While Trump is no “Role Model” of political and moral behavior, he has been branded a Nazi and white racist, despite his disavowal and criticism of white supremacists, Nazis, David Duke and the Ku Klux Klan. According to Israel Shamir:

President Trump condemned both sides participating in the brawl‚ both white nationalists and Antifa. It is exactly what his opponents were waiting for. His attempt to stay above the brawl was doomed to defeat: liberal hegemonists immediately branded him a racist and neo-Nazi. Trump reminded them that not all defenders of the monument were white racists, but this argument didn’t work. (Global Research, August 26, 2017

Despite the fact that he spoke out forcefully, many times. (Trump spent much of a recent rally in Phoenix detailing his many responses. See here.) The mainstream media offers no quarter.

Screenshot: Trump quoted in Vox, August 15, 2017

Similarly, the majority of Trump supporters have no association with extremist groups of any kind, and have long opposed white nationalists and the “Alt-Right”. Violence has been aggressively disavowed by most of Trump’s base, including Mike Cernovich, who has forcefully denounced violence, and Jack Posobiec, who organized anti-violence rallies weeks prior to Charlottesville. The mainstream media refused to report on these events, while continuing to label him a right-wing extremist and Nazi.

Meanwhile, the establishment “Left” has persistently engaged in violence, without disavowing violence. Project Veritas has exposed and proven the fact that violence is a routine method utilized by Democratic Party operatives. Former president Barack Obama openly encouraged the mobs, pushing them to continue “expressing themselves”. Former Attorney G Loretta Lynch called for blood in the streets. Democratic members of Congress openly call for Trump’s assassination.The Alexandria mass shooting was the work of a Bernie Sanders supporter. The mainstream media ignores or refuses to accurately report these stories.

Staged anarchist agitation and violence—“protest culture”—is not only being normalized, but popularized. The masses are being successfully indoctrinated. Witness the pervasiveness and viciousness of Hollywood and sports celebrities, who have not refrained from calling for violence against Trump.

Orwellian madness on steroids

Even as establishment-guided mobs intimidate and commit violence, their victims are blamed for violence and hate crimes.

Trump is vilified as a world-ending Nazi/fascist/racist/misogynist, the symbol of tyranny, while the true tyrants and criminals continue to walk free.

Peace is achieved through violence.

Mob violence is noble and heroic.

Attacked from all sides

Trump is under attack and increasingly isolated.

Glen Greenwald beg’s the question: What’s worse: Trump’s agenda or empowering generals and CIA operatives to subvert it?

In addition to being assaulted from outside (Purple Revolution, Russia/hack, Robert Mueller, impeachment threats, etc.), he is being sabotaged and subverted from inside the White House, and from inside his innermost circle, by the likes of National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster, Dina Habib Powell and the West Wing globalists including Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, Gary Cohn, and Steve Mnuchin.

McMaster has purged the administration of Trump loyalists and populists, and replaced with Bush/Obama/Clinton/Deep State operatives, and runs foreign policy with vice president Mike Pence. Pence routinely issues statements contradictory to Trump’s own ideas. He has not been the focus of any mainstream media criticism. This Bush loyalist is in perfect position to become president in the event of Trump’s removal (by whatever means that occurs).

The neocon generals—Mattis, McMaster, Kelly—“oversee” and control Trump on all matters, treating him like a child. Kelly controls all information to and from Trump.

Trump often seems not to understand what is happening. On the day Charlottesville occurred, Trump applauded the Virginia authorities and Terry McAuliffe, who were more likely involved in causing the disaster. Trump also congratulated the anarchists in Boston—on Ivanka Trump’s urging. Was he oblivious to the fact that the 4,000 Boston protestors were protesting him?

For Trump’s Afghanistan strategy address to the nation, Kelly insisted that Trump walk back the controversy of his remarks on Charlottesville. McMaster and Mattis also insisted, and Trump agreed.

The swamp is not being drained. It is being filled to overflowing. With all of this damage, some of it self-inflicted (why has Trump allowed it?), how will this president hope to deal with a manufactured civil war?

No end in sight

The Summer of Rage is in full swing, but the rage is far from over.

There continue to be anti-Trump events in all major cities in the country, seemingly every weekend. Ginned-up Antifa mobs are being mobilized in response to small pro-Trump “Freedom of Speech” events scheduled to take place in San Francisco and Berkeley on the weekend of August 26. The upcoming clash is already being called the Battle of Berkeley 3.

With the fervent and unanimous support of the San Francisco Bay Area political establishment—all of whom are Democratic Party faithful who (including Congresswoman Jackie Speier, Nancy Pelosi, etc.) are openly calling for Trump’s ouster—it is expected that yet another comparatively small gathering for “prayer, patriotism and free speech”—Trump supporters—will be swarmed and viciously shut down by mobs of Trump-hating Antifa and “social justice warriors”.

The media ignores the fact that the organizers of the pro-Trump rally condemn Nazis and white supremacists, and prohibit them from attending. Headlines continue to brand the event “far right” and“Nazi”, in order to incite.

iamawaveofthesea 27-08-2017 11:43 AM

10-day march from Charlottesville to DC to take on white supremacy
Sun Aug 27, 2017 1:25AM
Human rights activist are planning to take part in a 10-day march against white supremacy with a clear demand: Remove US President Donald Trump.

The march will start Monday from Charlottesville, Virginia, where national turmoil began following deadly violence at a white supremacist rally.

"The March to Confront White Supremacy," is set to start on August 8 and end in Washington, DC, on Wednesday, September 6.
An occupation of Washington, DC, will follow with subsequent peaceful demonstrations set to be held on a daily basis there, according to the organizers.

"This is the time to confront white supremacy in our government and throughout our history. We demand that President Trump to be removed from office for allying himself with this ideology of hate and we demand an agenda that repairs the damage it's done to our country and its people," read the website for the march. "This will be a sustained civil disobedience campaign, so bring what you need to stay.”

iamawaveofthesea 29-08-2017 08:10 PM

WARNING: The Race War is Being Engineered
Derrick Broze
August 27, 2017

The corporate deadstream media continues to stoke the flames of an alleged brewing race war. Is there any truth to this tale or are we witnessing something much more nefarious?

There is a division brewing. At least, that’s what the “mainstream” media would have you believe. If you have been plugged into the deadstream corporate media (TV, Internet, magazines, etc.) over the last year, you would likely have spent at least some of your time being afraid of the following:

– Russia
– North Korea

Now you can add white supremacists and anti-fascists to the list of things that should keep you up at night. This is not to say that any of these topics are completely irrelevant. What I am getting at is the fact that the corporate media (which is owned by a handful of corporations) have the power to influence your thinking and, as a result, keep you afraid or angry. The media (and the people behind it) are working together to create conflict. To stir the pot. To stoke the flames. In reality, for the average American these issues truly represent a small slice of the issues which are of immediate threat to their freedoms and livelihood.

While I believe all people should oppose low-level, primitive thinking such as racism and bigotry, we should be hesitant to let these stories and pundits play on our fears and push us into violent action. Also, we should remain skeptical and be aware there are infiltrators and provocateurs involved with promoting these fears. That is what I would like to focus on today. We must consider the possibility that the threat of both white supremacists and violent left-wing activists is being blown out of proportion to manipulate the public’s emotional state. A second possibility: These incidents of violence are being provoked by a State agency in order to create further conflict and justification of police state measures in response to this faux race war.

As I first wrote in December 2016, the purpose of a Donald Trump’s presidency is to radically divide the American people. He has not only emboldened conservatives who grew tired of mainstream politics and neoconservatism, but his actions and words have lit a fire under the extreme right wing of American politics. This extreme, or “Alt”-Right includes white nationalists, white supremacists, anti-Semites, former anarcho-capitalists and libertarians, and others who do not quite fit in with mainstream (or even independent) politics. Of course, not all Donald Trump supporters are racist bigots and not all those who choose to identify as Alt-Right should be considered racist bigots. Still, there is no denying that Trump’s policies and speeches have given the bigots a glimmer of hope that their ideas might become mainstream.

In reaction to the rise of racist factions of the Alt-Right, we are seeing the growth of the American AntiFascist Action (Antifa) movement. Despite the reports from the corporate media, this tactic has historical roots. Since at least the 1930s, anti-fascists and anti-racists took the streets of Europe to fight actual fascists. In America 2017, the Antifa activities have tended to focus on pro-Donald Trump rallies, freedom of speech rallies, and the growing American Alt-Right.

The purpose of this piece is not to argue that white supremacists do not pose a danger or that Antifa has not used violence. The purpose is to punch holes in the idea that these conflicts over race and identity are 100% organic.

read on here http://www.activistpost.com/2017/08/...ngineered.html

lone star 30-08-2017 06:44 PM

Your wasting your talent. And I say this cos Ive done it all my life.

Yes you are exposing the left vs right race wars very clearly. And more and more people are waking up to it. But I disagree about the race war being a bad thing. This is what a country does before its about to begin a multi front war. Clear out all the idiots in the house. Beautiful design stolen from the Nazis. Looks like art to me. Trump may be the most in the know president we have ever had. Playing his script perfectly.

Btw I called this war a few posts above last year. And trump now has a general called “mad dog” by his side constantly.

You should focus you hyper intellectualism more on learning how to be more awake in our dream, this takes us away from thinking about life as just some line moving straight.

You are the soros jew financing the left, I am the demon feeding off our collective soul.

Never get identified with any fixed reference point of a separate self, (good or evil) this limits our freedom, and entraps our creative potency. The people on the stage dont mean crap. Just like your characters you dream up at night. Whats real is not important. we use the word reality, and try and make it real. like real estate. The debate about secret groups manipulating us is not important. we should instead focus more on the possibilities of our selves manipulating reality. The Nazi cult looked deep into occultism for a good reason.

The universe unravels from infinite limitless no~thing. It cant be understood in the external, but we immediately define reality as good or evil.

anyway I have no doubt we can tap into this infinite limitless no thing

we have barely tapped into this potential source of near limitless power!

iamawaveofthesea 31-08-2017 06:57 PM


Originally Posted by lone star (Post 1062956512)
The Nazi cult looked deep into occultism for a good reason.

maybe they had time to reflect on that as they waited in their cells at nuremburg to be hung

lone star 31-08-2017 07:55 PM


Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea (Post 1062956698)
maybe they had time to reflect on that as they waited in their cells at nuremburg to be hung

Honestly I have no doubt that the nazi mystics lived happily ever after lives after the war. Of course they first had to teach the leaders of our countries about this power. I know its hard for our little minds to grasp this, with all our expectations and perceptions. But im experiencing glimpses of it now, and its taken me years to be able to see its power. They probably used the dark side to open its door, but that makes no difference.

My plan is to use hate, anger, and rage to kick in gods door, and rob and pillage his home. Cos im worthy ;)

When I was I kid I looked at adults as half alive. They even looked grey to me, like in a old black and white movie film. I vowed I would never grow up, and end up like them. Im still trying not too haha

Feelings is what connects us to the mystery, but stay the F away from love ..

“At first we cannot see beyond the path that leads downward to dark and hateful things but no light or beauty will ever come from the man who cannot bear this sight.” Jung, Modern Man in Search of a Soul

iamawaveofthesea 31-08-2017 08:00 PM


Originally Posted by lone star (Post 1062956714)
Honestly I have no doubt that the nazi mystics lived happily ever after lives after the war. Of course they first had to teach the leaders of our countries about this power.

oh i think the occultists in the US and UK were doing just fine before operation paperclip what with them already having created the biggest empire the world has ever seen

the nazis were a fart on the breeze

lone star 31-08-2017 08:11 PM


Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea (Post 1062956716)
oh i think the occultists in the US and UK were doing just fine before operation paperclip what with them already having created the biggest empire the world has ever seen

the nazis were a fart on the breeze


i dont know what "operation paperclip" is, but if you know about its power, why are you wasting time with their low budget scripts?

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