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saturn010 16-04-2018 04:56 AM

00001111 :chemistry: - 0ri0n/Reticuli. ^11>5<7>?!!!
:sourced from source that isnt the Auth0r:


"Its The Grays and Z3tA's Behind this, not Reptilian related as they can naturally do things as they appear in the document above.

<3 <3 <3

This post is not intended to flip/wigg people out in a paran0id state, its more so to raise awareness.

If you are concerned by your experience after reading this document, need not worry.

The only thing you need to take into c0nsideration as that it is solely the effort of general Satellites.

Peace to you all :) <3

saturn010 16-04-2018 06:12 AM

Haha, is anyone going to reply to this with their views on the t0pic???

Im interested to see what people have on their minds regarding this?

Cmon guys/girls, - its good research therapy.


saturn010 10-06-2018 08:02 AM

Sorry, is it the state of my $0uL or do you just not like my cheeks :P ? They aren't colagen and im not from Earth in case you were wondering. :) <3

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