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the tealady 03-02-2018 08:21 AM

Raw fresh honey
Back in October, a swarm of bees adopted our garden, taking up residence in an unused tank. We decided to keep them and arranged for a hive to be made etc.

This morning it was warm, sunny and still so we went to scrape down the comb they had laid down between the tops of the frames and the lid (we are waiting on a super for them).

This honey is sublime. I have never liked honey but there is something totally different about it. Could it be all the enzymes etc that make the flavour different? :peace:

elshaper 03-02-2018 10:15 AM

Were they all out when you went to get the honey?
I guess they had to pay their ground rent. :lol:

MalvernMick 07-02-2018 09:49 AM

Different pollens from different plants / trees cause tastes to be different.

Rape Seed will produce a honey that "crystalizes" quickly, so Bee Keepers have to remove it from the hives very quickly.

Lavender Honey is produced from lavender plants.

Lime Trees also produces different flavoured honey.

The different honey's will be different in colour. However it is very difficult to produce honey just from one particular plant. Tens of thousands of bees will explore your local area up to about a three mile radius around your hive.

Tip: Have a bird bath with a few stones on it as Bees need water. Bees are not naturally aggressive, but a lack of water can induce an aggressive behaviour.

Good luck with your hive. If you need any help be sure to contact your local Bee Keeping Association. I'm sure they'll be only too pleased to help.

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