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Winter blues
Allready the gvt as put aside money for pot holes and of course there will be cold weather payments for unemployed,a bit of a insult if you ask me.See linkhttps://www.gov.uk/cold-weather-payment.
Most of my life ive worked out doors doing various jobs while moveing around with the companies that ive contracted too.
So whats this post about,simple how to keep warm and your family.i live shall we say in a house 3 stories high.Kitchen liveingroom bathroom 2 bedrooms large and a attic.Ive got a cold streak in me where in winter i only have the heating on to dry my clothes and then turn of the heat.I have a 2 kilowatt heater that i carry around the house for warmth in the rooms that i may be in or sleep.
OK my price of electric is 1kilo watt is 14.7p.im up at 6 til 11pm and the heater is on all the time in my liveing room so lets work out the cost.
14.7p x 17 hrs = £2.49
now about a week ago i did an experiment,i had the gas on all day 24 hrs and every room was hot.curtains shut was like a nudeist camp in jamaica.The cost was only £5.33.over 7 days it was about £40 quid a week
now if i had heaters on at 2 kw in each room the cost would b £124.50.i hope thats right so ill have the heating on full.makes sense.IM WORTH IT.

iamawaveofthesea 04-11-2018 08:01 PM

Just put another jumper on

merlincove 05-11-2018 07:49 PM

Just think yourself lucky, you could live on a boat in a lakes or a marina or something :)

Ink it up to time of year ;)

It'll get warmer, the seasons will change into something new, just like everything :)

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