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mannybash 20-05-2018 05:29 AM

Paris design
Not sure if it’s my imagination but is Paris designed like a giant hexagon? At first sight it seems that way because from the arc de triomphe there seems to be six roads leading from it. With the comments David made about Saturn’s hexagon vortex seem particularly significant and maybe the structure is used in some way. If there are people who know more about Paris and for that matter other major cities. How are they built? I would appreciate any input

TheArranger 11-11-2018 04:34 PM

I once saw a mildly terrifying TV doc over urban planning, more precisely 'urban plotting' in the occurrence and how 'geniuses' like Baron Haussmann had decided of how cities should get improved 'for the good of all'...

in England they purposely made bare and low lighted sidewalks in quarters intended to the poor, so that the darkness, ugliness of the places and feeling of insecurity would lead workers to get straight back home at night to just sleep and get ready for the next working day...

in Paris the avenues were conceived so that a rioting population would get easily contained and trapped at each end, things like that, and as a matter of fact it's the whole French territory that's called an 'hexagon'...


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