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turquoisefire777 17-05-2015 03:16 PM

The Animal/Nature Care and Inspiration Thread

well, this part of the forum is under "communities", so i'll make place my thread here.

many a time I have just not had any idea anymore as to where place my focus in today's really crap "global" situation. got so fed up it's not funny.

then I ran across people putting up their experiences of aiding animals, even the environment. wonderful.

still, I'm very sad that the so called globalist elite (or whatever) are using the environment "protection" as a weapon against people, and animals eventually. so sad too in parts of the world where animals and the environment go through terrible abuse and destruction sometimes. people should be aware of this, but also people should be aware of what is possible for them to do!

please share useful/inspirational/funny comments and stories/pictures here:

A homeless dog living in a trash pile gets rescued, and then does something amazing! (nearly 21 million views)


and the follow up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guXVL-mMcbI

animals effected by electrosmog


Glen Campbell - Try A Little Kindness


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turquoisefire777 18-05-2015 06:47 AM

FBI Makes Animal Abuse a Felony in 2016

Beginning in 2016, the worst animal abusers will no longer be looking at a slap of the wrist as the FBI has reclassified animal abuse, making it a felony.

As far as the nation’s top crime fighting agency is concerned, animal abuse will be felonious just as arson, burglary, kidnapping and murder are now.

Often, animal abusers don’t limit their abuse to pets but spread the pain and are involved in spousal or child abuse or both, noted Cindy Sanders, co-founder of Community Action for Animals, an animal welfare group in Memphis, Tenn., who spoke with KCTV5 in Kansas City, Mo.

FBI Makes Animal Abuse a Felony in 2016

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles (SPCALA) in partnership with the National Law Enforcement Center on Animal Abuse of the National Sheriff’s Association worked to convince the FBI to add animal abuse crimes to the National Incident Based Reporting System, says Madeline Bernstein, president of the SPACLA.



turquoisefire777 22-05-2015 07:40 AM

Animals are now legally recognised as 'sentient' beings in New Zealand


The New Zealand Government has formally recognised animals as 'sentient' beings by amending animal welfare legislation.

The Animal Welfare Amendment Bill was passed on Tuesday.

The Act stipulates that it is now necessary to 'recognise animals as sentient' and that owners must ‘attend properly to the welfare of those animals'.

"To say that animals are sentient is to state explicitly that they can experience both positive and negative emotions, including pain and distress," said Chair of the National Animal Ethics Advisory Committee, Dr Virginia Williams, according to animalequality.net

"The explicitness is what is new and marks another step along the animal welfare journey," she added.

In addition, new material has been added to the section of the Act pertaining to animal testing for other research purposes.

The Government now demands that checks be made as to whether there has been 'assessment of the suitability of using non-sentient or non-living alternatives in the project' and 'replacement of animals as subjects with suitable non-sentient or non-living alternatives'.

"Expectations on animal welfare have been rapidly changing. The bill brings legislation in line with our nation's changing attitude on the status of animals in society, " according to the President of the New Zealand Veterinary Association, Dr Steve Merchant.

the tealady 22-05-2015 09:34 AM

This is a topic that gives me nightmares.

I have a happy story but no pictures. One of my husbands cats got sick with cancer and one morning we saw she dug a little hole and went in it but didn't have the strength to cover it over so our Golden Retriever who had leukemia at the time went over and covered it over for her and gave her a friendly lick. When the other cat tried to beat her up our Goldie would intervene and hunt him off and would stand over her protectively like a mother horse does to protect her foal.

And some people still call them dumb animals.

turquoisefire777 23-05-2015 02:38 PM


Originally Posted by The Tealady (Post 1062498677)
This is a topic that gives me nightmares.

I have a happy story but no pictures. One of my husbands cats got sick with cancer and one morning we saw she dug a little hole and went in it but didn't have the strength to cover it over so our Golden Retriever who had leukemia at the time went over and covered it over for her and gave her a friendly lick. When the other cat tried to beat her up our Goldie would intervene and hunt him off and would stand over her protectively like a mother horse does to protect her foal.

And some people still call them dumb animals.

I remember it was actually on this site a few years a go that someone put up vids from youtube showing a raccoon dog in china being skinned alive and left to die. and then someone placed a vid showing a turtle being sold in a Chinese food shop with it's shell cut open and it's insides exposed, while left alive and breathing. that was really my first ever encounter with genuine animal cruelty. I could not believe my eyes. I remember trying since my teens to be at least vegetarian, but could not manage yet. I'm terribly suspicious of programming from malicious sources on the general populace is keeping the killing of animals in the loop.

but my real point I want to make is I remember reading in icke's material where he mentions that the elites carry out horrible human sacrifices on key ley line points on the planet, meaning terrible negative energy is released into the consciousness of many beings on this planet. I've seen some very bad animal abuse vids released on the internet by concerned people exposing the unthinkable acts of cruelty being carried out on animals. not to mention in places like china, Vietnam, south korea and thailand where cats and dogs, both stray and stolen pets, being skinned alive and cut up while fully conscious. same thing happens in the absolutely pointless baby seal hunts in canada and namibia. then there is the current live butchering of animals in Africa for their body parts to be sold off in oriental countries. wtf!?so much bad energy being released with these literal murders of animals cannot surely being overlooked anymore.

yes I am aware of organisations like peta and humane society, but I'm more concerned about the consciousness of how we are all effected by negative/brutal behavior of some truly undeserving "human beings" when they brutalize animals in these horrible ways.

on the more positive side, vids have surfaced of many animals showing behavior very much like they have a real soul and intelligence.

hopefully soon we can all find a way in sidestepping the energy manipulation seemingly caused by the arrival of the moon matrix, as mentioned before by icke, that caused physical beings on this planet to start eating each other.

yet, it looks like even the dumbest looking animals are desperate in trying to escape the matrix:

Clever Animal's Escape Artist Compilation (2013)



Cryptoverse 23-05-2015 03:00 PM

Animals are magnificent and beautiful. I love every one.

1zenith 25-05-2015 06:35 AM


Originally Posted by turquoisefire777 (Post 1062495640)

well, this part of the forum is under "communities", so i'll make place my thread here.

many a time I have just not had any idea anymore as to where place my focus in today's really crap "global" situation. got so fed up it's not funny.

then I ran across people putting up their experiences of aiding animals, even the environment. wonderful.

still, I'm very sad that the so called globalist elite (or whatever) are using the environment "protection" as a weapon against people, and animals eventually. so sad too in parts of the world where animals and the environment go through terrible abuse and destruction sometimes. people should be aware of this, but also people should be aware of what is possible for them to do!

please share useful/inspirational/funny comments and stories/pictures here:

A homeless dog living in a trash pile gets rescued, and then does something amazing! (nearly 21 million views)


and the follow up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guXVL-mMcbI

animals effected by electrosmog


Glen Campbell - Try A Little Kindness


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These seals look like a lot like the angelic E Ts I see. Sooo cuuuuteeee.:)

turquoisefire777 25-05-2015 12:04 PM


Originally Posted by omnisense (Post 1062499518)
Animals are magnificent and beautiful. I love every one.

yes, and I am starting to think that many an animal have started to notice that something is very wrong in this world, yet they wonder how to get on with life. after all, for years we were told of ascension and living life in a higher dimention after 2012 etc...


Originally Posted by 1zenith (Post 1062500378)
These seals look like a lot like the angelic E Ts I see. Sooo cuuuuteeee.:)

cute. lol :)


Sick Sun Bear Rescued By Sarawak Forestry Corporation After YouTube Video Goes Viral

A sick and hairless sun bear was finally rescued months after it was dubbed a “strange creature,” the Dodo reported April 2. The bear gained attention in January after a video filmed by workers at a Borneo palm plantation in Malaysia went viral.

“The workers were on their way to work when they saw the animal and caught it after that. They brought the animal to the plantation office before we informed Sarawak Forestry Corp.,” the manager of the SFC, who wanted to remain anonymous, told the Borneo Post.

It is unknown what ailment has sickened the bear, but the SFC plans to help her as much as possible. "A veterinarian there will check up on everything to find what medication should be given to the bear. We are hoping that the bear will recover quickly, so we can put her back to the wild,” Nickson Robi of the SFC told The Dodo.

When the sun bear was finally captured, she was aggressive and frightened. She had been beaten by people who didn’t realize the “alien-like” creature was just an ill sun bear, the Dodo noted.

Hundreds of people commented on the YouTube video after hearing the animal was harmed. “This makes me want to cry and is one of the reasons I hate the human race, it’s not doing anything bad and it’s in a horrible condition give it some food or water, don’t hit it,” one YouTube viewer wrote. “Why do they take a video instead of helping it?! That's so sad,” another person added.

The sun bear is an omnivore that grows 4 for 5 feet long. They are named for the half-moon shape patch on their chests and usually weigh from 60 to 150 pounds. The species is labeled as in vulnerable condition by The International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Causes of Endangerment


Many bear species suffer from excessive killing and dramatic habitat loss worldwide. There are eight species of bears in the world: Malayan sun bear, Asiatic black bear, spectacled bear, American black bear, giant panda, sloth bear, polar bear, and brown bear.

The northern brown bears have been eliminated from half their former range. Certain Asian bear species are struggling to survive with 75 percent of their former habitat gone. Even the polar bear, seemingly isolated in the Arctic, may be threatened by pollutants in the food chain and proposed oil development in denning areas.

Wrenching Photos Of Unrecognizable Bear Reveal Horrors Of Exotic Pet Trade


The heartbreaking story of a young sun bear kept in a dark room for most of her short life is a searing example of the unthinkable suffering people inflict upon animals captured for the wildlife trade.

WARNING: Disturbing and graphic images below.

Volunteers from the Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand arrived at a Buddhist temple last week to do a routine check-up of their animals. They discovered something horrible: a 3-year-old sun bear named Kwan who had been kept in a dark, sunless room for the past 2 years.

Pictures of Kwan are absolutely wrenching. Emaciated and hairless, it's impossible to recognize the shrunken figure as a bear. Her face is covered in sores, and she has twisted, untrimmed claws. She can barely hold up her head, but she still turns to her rescuer in what looks like a show of gratitude.

For comparison, this is what a healthy sun bear looks like.

The group "begged" the temple to let them take Kwan, they said in a post, and rushed her to their rescue center. They fought through the night to keep her alive, though she was too weak to eat and stopped breathing several times. Despite their best efforts, the little bear slipped away a few hours later.

"We have done all we could to keep her with us," WFFT wrote. "We are all devastated of this loss."

While Kwan was worse off than most, she's not alone. In Thailand, where the exotic pet trade is still thriving, many people take in young wild animals only to become disenchanted when they grow up. The easy thing to do is dump them at a Buddhist temple, which are seemingly "sacred places" where animals should be protected, WFFT said on Facebook.

But many of the animals abandoned at these temples are doomed to lives of neglect in small, barren cages. Many monks are well-meaning but unprepared to care for wildlife, and a few shameless temples will encourage people to turn over their animals so they can create zoos of sorts. These zoos, like the one where Kwan was kept, bring the temples both attention and money.

"When you have six bears, three gibbons, five monkeys, then it's not a coincidence anymore," WFFT founder Edwin Wiek told the Los Angeles Daily News. "It's a business."

While WFFT is working hard to fight this practice, they have no power to seize animals and it's difficult to get authorities involved when the culprits are monks. "Religious leaders are just like politicians and wealthy people often above the law, so legal charges for illegal wildlife possession or animal cruelty are usually not pressed by police or other authorities," the group wrote.

There are still four other bears at the temple where Kwan was found, kept in dirty cages with rotten food, but they might have a better chance than she had. WFFT has been complaining to authorities about the temple since 2012, though they only discovered Kwan the day they rescued her. After her story was posted, authorities told the organization that they would be removing the other four bears within the next few days.

Kwan's story is an extreme example, but every year the illegal animal trade takes tens of thousands of lives. Many wild mothers, including bears and orangutans, are killed so their babies can be sold into captivity, and those babies often end up with unprepared owners who abuse or abandon them. The illegal wildlife trade is a lucrative and dangerous criminal business, and the problem isn't restricted to overseas — there are 5,000 tigers in captivity in the U.S. alone, more than there are left in the wild in the entire world, and only 6 percent of those are in accredited zoos.


Malayan Sun Bear Rescued from Trader


turquoisefire777 25-05-2015 12:46 PM

Cat Saved After Fire Comforts Other Animals On The Road To Recovery

Russell knows a thing or two about needing a helping hand, but he knows even more about offering one of his own.

The hardy orange cat has been a patient at the Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care Clinic in Raleigh, North Carolina, for more than a year. In early 2014, he was found in the smoldering rubble of a fire that destroyed his home and left with severe burns on his face his body.

"He was pretty far gone, and we didn't know if he would make it," clinic staffer Alan Wilford told The Dodo. "He has taken a long time, but he has made a miraculous recovery."

Russell has yet to completely heal from his injuries, which require constant attention, but he's made the most of his long stay at the clinic. Despite the discomfort that continues to nag him, the friendly feline has taken it upon himself to make life a little more comfortable for other animals in need of care.

"He's incredibly engaging. He wants to meet all our patients. He just wants to be with them," Wilford said. "I don't know if he can sense that other animals are in pain or have stuff going on, but he does seem to have some weird knack for connecting with patients, even when you wouldn't think they would."

Staff at the clinic say that Russell is so outgoing with other patients, that he'd spend all day wandering in and out of exam rooms if they didn't insist he get some much needed rest now and again. But while the cat clearly enjoys making the rounds, it's more than just for his own benefit.

"I think he helps other animals feel at ease. We're a clinic, so I'm sure he helps alleviate their stress," said Wilford. "Most cats are independent and aloof, but he likes to be with other animals. And it's not all about him. He really enjoys giving companionship to others."

Whereas many cats might shy away from dogs, Russell isn't prejudicial with his wonderful bedside manner.

Wilford says there's a chance Russell will never be well enough to return to his former life, but if that's the case, he'll never be lacking in love.

"He's adopted us," he said. "He's a rock star here. Everyone wants to see him, and he just eats it up. I don't know if he'd like being a normal house cat again, so we'd be happy to keep him as our clinic mascot."



This miracle kitten who nurses other animals back to health is the cutest thing you'll see today


Cat nurses Ducklings

turquoisefire777 26-05-2015 02:16 PM

South African rhino named Hope after surviving horrific attack by poachers who left her with a 20-inch wound after hacking her horns off
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/arti...#ixzz3bFnV98Iu

Rhino has been left with 20-inch wound after poachers hacked horns off
Four-year-old female was named Hope after she survived the attack
Game-keepers found her barely alive in Lombardini reserve in South Africa
Vets operated on her last week and fitted fiberglass cast with steel screws

By Jenny Awford for MailOnline

Published: 15:23, 25 May 2015 | Updated: 09:19, 26 May 2015
A South African rhino has been named Hope after she survived a horrific attack by poachers who hacked her horns off.

The four-year-old female has been left with a 20-inch wound after the attack in Lombardini, a wildlife reserve in Eastern Cape.

Game-keepers found the injured rhino barely alive several days after the attack with the biggest wound the team has treated in the last three years.

Vets operated on Hope last week and removed maggots and dead tissue from her wound before fastening a fiberglass cast with steel screws.

A South African rhino has been named Hope after she survived a horrific attack by poachers who hacked her horns off

Dr Gerhard Steenkamp from the University of Pretoria said: "If we can save Hope and she can go back and produce more offspring, then in her lifetime she would have contributed to the survival of the species.'

Poachers are believed to have darted the rhino with a tranquilizer and hacked off her horns while she was sedated.

Hope's nasal bone was badly fractured and part of it was removed, exposing the sinus cavities and nasal passage.

She has been transferred to another reserve and vets believe it could take at least a year for Hope's wound to heal after multiple treatments.

Demand for rhino horn is high in parts of Asia where it is seen as a status symbol and a cure for illness despite a lack of evidence that it can heal.

The rhino called Hope was attacked in Lombardini, a wildlife reserve in Eastern Cape province where several rhinos were poached recently.

Suzanne Boswell from Saving the Survivors said: 'Hope is doing "She's really well."

The South African group treats rhinos with gunshot wounds, facial gouges and other injuries inflicted by poachers.

Another rhino called Thandi recovered after her horns were hacked off by poachers and give birth in January, according to the group.


turquoisefire777 27-05-2015 12:32 PM

Dog meat vendor dies after hitting himself with poisoned dart

A dog meat vendor in Hunan province died after accidentallly shooting himself with a poisoned dart fired from a crossbow that he used to kill dogs, mainland media reported.

The man was reportedly demonstrating how to use the toxic dart to other members of his meat-selling operation in June, when the crossbow went off and hit him in the leg, and he died on his way to hospital, several mainland media outlets said.

Five other members of the gang, who confessed to killing more than a 1,000 dogs as part of the operation, were later arrested. They said they froze the carcasses with the intention to later sell the meat.

Some Chinese believe eating dog meat will dispel evil ghosts and ward off disease. It is widely believed the meat can boost a man's sexual performance, and practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine say it can help treat impotence.

The meat is popular in Hunan and in cities in Zhejiang , Guangxi and Guangdong provinces.

But aficionados face pressure from China's increasingly outspoken dog lovers and animal rights groups, who have been campaigning to end dog meat festivals.


This article appeared in the South China Morning Post print edition as Dog meat vendor dies from own poison

Vietnam: Death Penalty Given To Dog Thief

Vietnam is not a place to test sentiment. A judge in Ho Chi Minh City convicted 20 year-old Ho Van Hieu of murder and robbery and sentenced him to death for killing three people who were trying to catch him in the outskirt district of Cu Chi, in a botched up dog theft which took place last year.

The leader of the group Hieu [2nd from left in the photograph], ran the dog stealing gang in Hoc Mon and Cu Chi Districts. On June 14, 2014, Hieu and his accomplices were seen carrying three dead dogs on their two motorcycles while heading to a local market.

Three dog lovers, Huynh Kim Bao, 19, Nguyen Minh Phuong, 18 and Pham Nguyen Quoc Huu, 19, saw the thieves and chased them on Bao’s motorbike. The court was told that when the chasers caught up with the thieves, they attempted to attack with a machete.

Dog thieves’ stun gun, made from a slingshot and connected to the motorbike battery, to shoot powerful electrical arrows.

Hieu shot at Bao with his stun gun, made from a slingshot connected to the motorbike battery, which fired an electrical arrow. The arrow missed Bao, the driver, but hit the right arm of Nguyen Minh Phuong, the passenger who was seated in the middle. The electric shock was so great if forced the rear two passengers, Phuong and the man seated behind him, Pham Nguyen Quoc Huu, off the bike, at high speed.

At the same time, the driver of the motorbike, Bao, lost control of the motorbike and crashed into a resident’s house, where he died on the spot. The two severely injured passengers were rushed to hospital, but both died shortly afterward.

In an appalling act of callous regard, the four dog thieves continued on their journey to the market where they sold the three stolen dead dogs for VND960,000 (US$44.)

The names of the four dog thieves: Hieu, 20, Le Minh Hau, 20, Ho Thanh An, 20, and Pham Ngoc Thuan, 28 years-old. Two days later the group of four men surrendered before the police.

Under interrogation by Vietnamese police, the gang of dog thieves confessed to stealing 10 dogs in three previous cases, which they sold to dog traders.

After sentencing Hieu with the death penalty, the Judge then sentenced Hau to 12 years in prison, while An and Thuan were both sentenced to 10 years for thieving.

Saynotodogmeat.Net: one of the deceased man’s family were interviewed and through heartfelt tears, they wept as they spoke of their dead teenage son’s love of dogs and the pain he suffered when his own two pet dog was stolen by dog thieves just two days before his death. His parents said he was not able to get his dogs back and the pain in his heart stayed with their son.

When Bao heard the news that dog thieves were in his neighborhood again, Bao’s parents said that he and his friends did not hesitate to try and stop them. His parents wept as they said they didn’t know it would be the last time they would see him alive.

Bao’s body being sent home to his grieving family, for his funeral.

We are saddened to read the tragic circumstances in which this took place, but heartened to see Vietnamese law being measured out to the full extent. Vietnamese animal lovers are fed up with being bullied by dog thieves. They are no longer prepared to have their family and pets terrorized, beat-up or even killed by dog-meat thugs who stop at nothing to make a quick dollar.

Stolen dogs are often valued less than VND2 million (the threshold for criminal charges) so often thieves only suffer a fine, which has led some victims to vent their rage on the thieves in vigilante justice, instead of handing them over to police.

It is good to see the Vietnamese judicial system send a clear message to dog thieves that their days are numbered. Our Saynotodogmeat.Net team invite you to continue the journey with us, to fight to end the terrible pet meat trade – worldwide – and shut it down for good.

Michele Brown.

turquoisefire777 28-05-2015 11:34 AM

600 Stray Cats Boiled Alive


posted by admin on May 26,2015 in Action Alert, Campaign, News

This is translation of Korean News 600 Stray Cats Boiled Alive 길고양이 600마리 산 채로 뜨거운 물에 담가 도살 reported by Yonhap News on May 21, 2015.

The location where the stray cats were slaughtered. Busan Bukbu (Northern) Police said that they had arrested a man in his 50’s who had brutally slaughtered 600 stray cats and sold them to “Health Food Centers”. This is a photo of the secret location where this man slaughtered the cats.

Police caught a man in his 50’s who boiled alive stray cats and sold them to “Health Food Centers”.

On May 21, Busan Bukbu (Northern) Police booked without detention, poacher Mr. A (54 years old) on charges of capturing and slaughtering 600 stray cats (a violation of Animal Protection Act).

Mr. A is suspected of capturing stray cats by setting traps with baits such as chicken in and around residential areas of Busan and Gyeongsangnam-do Province and slaughtering them in a secret location in Gimhae, Gyeongsangnam-do from February of last year until recently.

Police stated that Mr. A scalded live cats in boiling water for about 2 minutes to kill them, removed their fur, took out their organs, stored them in the freezer and then sold them to “Health Food Center” at 15,000 Won ($14 USD) each.

The police stated that when they raided Mr. A’s secret slaughterhouse, there were 18 cats about to be slaughtered.

Mr. A testified that he “captured and sold around 600 stray cats”.

Police explained that for over one year, Mr. A was able to profit from capturing because there is a high demand for cat soup because of the false belief that cat soup is good for arthritis, which has no cure.

However, police requested that unlike livestock animals such as cows and pigs, there is no management of cats for sanitation and the parasite inside a cat’s body can be transmitted to humans and therefore, cats should not be consumed.

Police stated that they will not punish the “Health Food Centers” who had bought the cats from Mr. A because there are no laws to punish them.

The current enforcement ordinance for the Animal Protection Act excludes cats from the provision prohibiting capture and sale, because they are subject to TNR(Trap/Neuter/Return) in order to reduce their numbers.

A police officer in charge of the investigation stated that they cannot punish Mr. A for selling stray cats so they are only charging him for violation of the provisions in the Animal Protection Act, Article 8, which prohibits the act of killing by cruel methods and the act of killing an animal with other animals of the same species present at the scene. He also stated that they will request the relevant governmental authority to review whether the exclusion of cats in the Animal Protection Act is appropriate with the current reality.

alf hearted 28-05-2015 12:08 PM

That's hardly inspirational, is it, turquoise? There's not much care for animals in evidence, either.

turquoisefire777 28-05-2015 12:22 PM


Originally Posted by alf hearted (Post 1062502603)
That's hardly inspirational, is it, turquoise? There's not much care for animals in evidence, either.

I hear you. but like so many, we don't know what happens in certain parts in the world, so I put up a post like the above as means to awareness.

knowing about some acts of devastating cruelty and maybe trying to somehow put an end to it, I think, is at least slightly inspirational.

cruelty and unecessary suffering seems to only attract the negative entities to our realm. and that is not very inspirational at all.

turquoisefire777 28-05-2015 12:27 PM

Elephants Rescue Baby Who Lies Down On A Busy Highway


An incredible video of a herd of these magnificent beings caring for a baby.

Every now and again I see a video that makes me smile and realize, once again, that numerous nonhuman animals (animals) are deeply caring, compassionate, and empathic beings. All too often media represent animals as mean and aggressive individuals. And, while animals do indeed on occasion fight with one another, it's still very clear that dismissively and pejoratively calling a human being an "animal" because they engage in violent activities is a misrepresentation of whom nonhumans really are.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and this video of a herd of elephants rescuing a baby elephant who decides for some reason to lie down on a busy highway in Kruger National Park in South Africa is well worth numerous words and the two plus minutes it'll take to watch it. You'll see the baby lie down seemingly without a care in the world, and then a group of elephants come in and clearly try to coax the youngster to stand up and move off the highway.

It's also a good and much needed "up" in a world in which many other animals, including these magnificent beings, are unrelentingly harmed and killed by humans. Elephants and other animals can teach us numerous valuable lessons about caring, compassion, and empathy, as this video clearly demonstrates. I hope people who watch it will also share it with youngsters so they, too, can see the "nice" side of the fascinating animals with whom we share our magnificent planet.


turquoisefire777 29-05-2015 05:03 PM

Tromsø says goodbye to the seal hunt, a long-lasting local tradition


When Bjørne Kvernmo docked his ship, “Havsel,” at the port in Tromsø this month, he knew it would be the end of a tradition he’s kept up for 40 years. With his return, northern Norway’s long-standing seal hunt had finally come to a close.

At the port, a crowd waited for Kvernmo and his crew. They wanted to snatch up a piece of Tromsø’s last seal catch.

“When we arrived in Tromsø, people attacked us… people wanted to buy the seal meat, pick and take at any price,” Kvernmo said. “We didn’t have enough meat.”

Kvernmo’s ship was the only seal-hunting vessel to sail out of Tromsø this year. Since Norway’s parliament axed a 12 million kroner (€1,42 million) subsidy to the seal hunt from the 2015 budget last December, the few remaining seal hunters in northern Norway had called it quits. But Kvernmo decided to go on one final hunt.

“I went out this year, I think out of old tradition and inspiration,” Kvernmo said. “It’s… not possible to keep going.. There’s no more value in the hunt, it’s no longer a good price for seal skin… it’s just not possible anymore.”

Times have changed

Since Tromsø was established as the “Gateway to the Arctic” in the late 1800s, the city has been the centre for seal hunting expeditions in northern Norway. Kvernmo said when he went on his first seal hunt back in 1973, he was on one of about 30 boats leaving Tromsø.

But the controversial hunt has steadily lost popularity since then. In 2010, the EU banned the seal product trade from Norway into Europe.

Subsidies have kept the seal industry alive, making up about 80 per cent of the revenue for seal hunters. Now, that revenue is gone, and the industry is no longer viable.

Jan Bremner Klev, a local restaurant owner in Tromsø, said his restaurant has served seal since it opened in 1985. The restaurant, Skarven, offers locals and tourists the opportunity to taste cultural Arctic food, including seal lasagna and steak of whale. If there is no more local seal meat available, he said, he will have to take seal off the menu.

“It’s not a number one seller for us. There are other things on the menu we sell far more than the seal meat,” Klev said. But he said it would be a shame if he can no longer offer it. “It’s a thing we’ve done for several years. It’s part of the culture.”

More seals could mean less fish

Klev also said the end of the seal hunt could be a problem for commercial fish stocks.

“I just know that if there’s too much seal in the ocean, there will be less fish, because all the seals need food as well… and there’s lots of them,” he said.

He isn’t the only local wondering whether the end of the seal hunt could harm fisheries along Norway’s coast.

“The seals eat a lot of food in the ocean, and… they eat the same as cod so they’re always in competition,” Kvernmo said. “Fishermen have many questions about this… the seal numbers going up and then eating more fish again.”

There is competition between cod and harp seals, said Ulf Lindstrøm, a scientist at Tromsø’s Institute of Marine Research. But he doesn’t worry about the seal population growing too much and hurting fisheries.

“These animals don’t have that potential growth that you have in other species,” Lindstrøm said. “Marine mammals, they get one pup, so it’s not like it just will explode. It takes time to build up the stock.”

Not much hope for Tromsø’s seal hunt

As for sealing, Lindstrøm doubts there will be a big hunt in Tromsø’s future again. “I think the society will prevent that. There’s a lot of organizations who are against it, so I can’t see that coming.”

The International Fund for Animal Welfare, Greenpeace and other organizations have protested the seal hunt for decades, often posting gruesome images of fluffy seals being clubbed to death with wooden bats or poles.

The rest of the world tells Norway it’s very bad to catch and eat seals, Klev said. “But they still catch tuna fish… and if you watch how they kill the tuna fish… they would never say anything about the whales and the seal hunting again.”

Kvernmo has spent his whole life perfecting his hunting technique, and said he almost never misses a seal that he’s aiming for.

“We don’t use clubs or bats,” Kvernmo said, “We shoot them with rifles usually from the boat or the ice… it’s like any other hunting.”

On board the “Havsel,” Kvernmo and his crew shot 2,227 seals this year. “There are two million seals out there and we get two thousand… this ship takes nothing from the seal population today.” Kvernmo said.

Still, the subsidy cuts to Norway’s seal hunt come as no surprise to Kvernmo.

“I was just waiting for the end of it,” he said. “The campaigners are the winners, we are the losers… that’s all.”


turquoisefire777 05-06-2015 12:32 PM

China denounces pet dogs as filthy imports from the West


BANGKOK — They slink through Chinese streets dropping poop like “land mines.” They are a blight on “social peace and harmony.”

Pet dogs, in the eyes of China’s Communist Party, are a modern-day menace. And the Chinese urbanites who’ve grown infatuated with Spot and Rover are acting out a “crude and ludicrous imitation ... of a Western lifestyle.”

So goes a recent op-ed in the People’s Daily, the Communist Party’s official news outlet.

The op-ed decries a “dog infestation” in China’s cities. Its urgent message to selfish dog owners: scoop those land mines or else.

And yet the writer concedes that pet ownership is proof of China’s economic ascent. After all, starving peasants can’t afford to pamper Shih Tzus.

The ranks of people who can afford dog chow is rising fast. By 2030, according to the United Nations, China’s middle class will be four times the size of America’s middle class. Many Chinese can now seek out what Western consumers have long enjoyed: cars, flat-screen TVs and, yes, pet poodles. In Beijing, the number of registered dogs hit 1 million in 2012.

Foreign social pollution

A pack of "Western imports" takes a walk in Beijing. (AFP/Getty Images)

The doggie denouncement coincides with a revived effort to stamp out certain Western beliefs and behaviors taking root in 21st-century China. Officials are taking aim at bigger perils to social harmony, including democracy, an obsession with “individual rights” and the “free flow of information on the internet.”

All three are explicitly condemned in an internal party report as serious threats to the party and to the “great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.”

The party memo, known as “Document 9,” was leaked late last year. It refers to an “ideological battlefield” in which Western notions of individual liberty and freedom of speech are used to “gouge an opening through which to infiltrate our ideology,” which prizes the “unification of thought” and social harmony.

Modern China would be almost unrecognizable to its founder, Mao Zedong, who exalted peasants and decried “petty bourgeois individualism.” Now, as China grows more prosperous and globally connected, top party members are mounting an ideological purification campaign to reconnect the masses with Mao’s ideals. During Mao’s
“cultural revolution,” dog ownership was condemned as elitist.

Doggie do’s and don’ts

Excuse me, sir, how tall are those dogs? (AFP/Getty Images)

China’s authoritarian laws govern many aspects of home life — including pet ownership. Dogs were banned in Beijing through the 1980s. Rules were relaxed in the 1990s. Only in 2003 were all Beijing residents allowed to own dogs.

But city governments have started to push back on the dog ownership boom with a barrage of rules. In Beijing, breeds deemed “dangerous” — including collies and pit bulls — are now forbidden, along with dogs taller than 14 inches.

Officials in Shanghai have experimented with an even stricter edict: If dog owners can’t convince neighbors to approve of their dogs, the animal is confiscated by the state.

Dogs who aren’t up to code can be yanked out of owners’ arms. That was the fate of one white pooch, confiscated by cops in this cell phone video that went viral in China.

All of these rules on dog ownership, however, are increasingly flouted.

A documentary titled “Oversized Dogs” focuses entirely on Chinese citizens defying dog laws. Its director calls this trend “an important part of Chinese dissent.”

Meanwhile, the Communist Party’s media arm keeps cranking out editorials about dogs.

Just one month ago, the People’s Daily published another piece urging animal rights activists to stop berating fellow Chinese who view dogs as a culinary delicacy.

The op-ed first revives the elitist legacy of pet dogs in China: “Over China’s long history, they have only recently become pets except in the imperial court where Pekingese were kept exclusively for the royals.”

Another group suspiciously fond of canines? That’s right — foreigners. Though Westerners call dogs “man’s best friend,” the People’s Daily states, “Chinese people have only ever kept watchdogs or hunting dogs — along with those to be eaten.”

turquoisefire777 06-06-2015 07:18 AM

China: Local Justice For Dog Thief


A dog thief in Wenzhou City, China, was cornered by angry locals who gave him their version of justice until police arrived. The dog thief was beaten to an inch of his life and needed medical treatment before being removed from the site. The man had been supplying dog butchers in the area.

When locals stopped the man’s vehicle, he had dogs strung up on the back of his van and inside he had a crate full of captured dogs, including stolen pets.Look at the rear of the vehicle – see the two dogs strung up from the back window. The dogs appear to be alive because they are in different poses as the photos progress.


Look in the rear window of the van and you can see dog’s inside the van. Look at the dogs strung up at the rear of the van, they are in a different pose to the photo above, which means the dogs are probably strung up alive!

When the van was opened up, a crate of over-crammed dogs was found to be hidden inside the vehicle. Many of the dogs were stolen pets and still wearing their house collars.

Officials unloaded the crate of dogs from within the dog thief’s vehicle. Note the collar on the tan and white dog – he is someone’s stolen pet. Many of the dogs were wearing house collars.

Unloaded from within the dog thief’s van, the dogs will be relocated to a shelter. When more information becomes available we will post on it.

Thank you for reading,

Michele Brown.

Chinese Dog Killers Beaten by Villagers for NINE Hours


Two men who were caught stealing and killing the dogs in one Chinese village received a punishment they will likely never forget when the villagers sought vengeance and beat them for nine straight hours before tying the dogs’ bodies to them.

The brouhaha began around 7 am on Tuesday in Shaping village, Yizhang County, Hunan Province when a pair of thieves were caught in the act of hauling away dogs they killed for meat.

A horde of enraged villagers besieged them and began a brutal, nine-hour assault on the men. The mass of people then tied the two dead dogs butt-up around the thieves’ necks.

Police arrived on the scene at 4 pm to find people still attacking the men. They attempted to take the suspects to the station, but were abruptly stopped by villagers demanding 1 million Yuan ($160,000) in compensation or they would not release the men.

When their demand was not satisfied, the villagers attacked the police with metal rods and smashed the windshield on their car. They rolled rocks into the road and some even lay down under the police car to prevent the thieves from getting away.

Two Thieves Tortured By Angry Villagers

The police tried to convince them that mob justice was not the solution, but to no avail. It wasn’t until officials from Yizhang County and the Public Security Bureau arrived that the restless crowd began to calm down.

Several of the villagers were accused to illegal imprisonment, assault, and obstructing police business. The two thieves are now in police custody and being investigated.


turquoisefire777 06-06-2015 10:09 AM

420 Chinchillas Rescued From Painful Death


The Sam Simon Story: Watch how the late ‘Simpsons’ co-creator redefined living with cancer

"Last August, he paid $50,000 to buy a farm just to be able to rescue some 400 chinchillas and close down the business. Before that, he made a sizeable donation to the animal rights group PETA so they could purchase 17 bears and free them from small concrete pens at roadside zoos in Georgia."


turquoisefire777 09-06-2015 12:29 PM

Death metal guitarist saves lives, donates his farm to no-kill animal rescue

Recently, founding member and guitarist for heavy metal band Broken Hope, Jeremy Wagner, announced he donated his entire rural Illinois farm--the buildings and land--to an animal rescue and rehabilitation organization. The noted fiction horror writer and metal musician stated on his Facebook fan page:

Today I made the biggest donation of my life. I signed off and gave away my entire farm to the animal rescue/rehab group I've been working with since I purchased the property last summer. I'm too busy to manage and enjoy the place, but it does my heart & soul good knowing I have now given a refuge and paradise for many animals who will be given help and love and new homes for many years to come. My generosity and goodwill for the benefit of animals will never stop. Giving my farm away for free was a super-huge sacrifice, but it was an awesome one, and it won't be the last time I do it. In this life, money doesn't mean shit if you don't do good with it. So I do as much good as I can before I leave this rock. Cheers!

Wagner’s generosity was celebrated by fellow Metal maniac and animal advocate Donald Tardy (drummer of Metal band Obituary), via Obituary’s Facebook page:

Our good friend Mr. Jeremy Wagner of Broken Hope did something yesterday that deserves recognition and praise. He donated his entire farm and land to an animal rescue group… As animal lovers ourselves we found this to be one of the kindest and coolest things someone in the Metal music world has ever done for a great cause. Jeremy is one of just a few people that helps us out by donating to the Metal Meowlisha and our efforts. For that, I say thank You Mr. Wagner for being an amazing person and such a good friend. You rule Brother!

Examiner was lucky enough to catch up with Jeremy Wagner for a brief Q and A, while he was on tour in Europe with Broken Hope, to ask him more about this amazingly generous donation. Here is what he had to say about his farm gift to the well-deserving Illinois animal rescue.

When did you first become involved with animal welfare, beyond pet ownership?

I first got involved a few years ago when my family made a huge donation to save a local "no kill" shelter, and we succeeded in keeping that in business! Then more large donations were made to a pit bull rescue organization and a feral cat organization in Florida. My family and I have been contributing to animal welfare for some time to select organizations. I want to save the entire world...I really wish I could!

What was the catalyst that made you decide to donate the property? Was there a specific event, happening, or conversation that made you decide to make the donation?

I first bought the farm property last summer (2014) and paid for the whole place in full out of my pocket. I didn't even tell my family until I was done, and they thought I was nuts! Anyway, I bought it to live there, rehab the entire thing, and then begin animal rescue on a large scale...to save any creature from a mouse to a horse and give them rehab and new homes, or keep them on the farm to live out their lives happily and with love. I had the entire property and buildings restored and modernized with new everything! It's awesome what's happened there. Also, part of my farm was meant as recreation for my passions for ATV/dirt biking on the acreage and a small target/shooting on range on the back 40.

That said, a culmination of things happened that made it not so easy to deal with--like my touring and personal life, problems with construction deadlines, anonymous complaints to the county that my farm was violating agricultural things, etc. The friend and animal crusader who I had managing the property was also trying to deal with my load of issues, and it got harder and harder.

The catalyst for me to donate the property came when my farmhouse burnt down and killed a few dogs and cats inside. It was a huge blow to me as I loved those animals so much, and I’d just put a mountain of money and blood into renovating the entire home from top-to-bottom. The fire took the wind out of me and it added to a great deal of stress I was dealt with just trying to supervise the property from afar. You see, I write music and tour the world a lot with my band, Broken Hope, I'm also a published novelist and I need to write novels full-time... And then there's family time, which is always paramount. My personal life and artistic passions take up too much time to do much of anything else, and I realized this the deeper I got into my farm passion. So, this is when I decided to give my farm away to good people who can manage everything there, live there, and really care for the place and all animals within. Moreover, donating the farm did my heart and soul a great deal of good, as did the stipulation of my gift: the farm's mission is to always aid animals in need and offer their sanctuary and this mission is to never be violated.

What is the name of the lucky organization receiving your generous farm donation, and how did you first come to work with this particular group?

Recycled Pits is one part of the farm that helps rescue dogs all over the country. That, and another undisclosed-yet-related organization is the beneficiary of my gift.

I first connected with this group when I had 2 cats who needed a new home 7 years ago. I was really fortunate that they helped me place my cats, which I loved and broke my heart to part with. And they not only found my cats a loving home, but they also send me pictures of them to this day! So, I didn't forget that, and I guess you can say that I'm good to those who have been sincerely good and helped me in my time of need.

What future plans does the organization have for utilizing the property—what kind of animals, how many, petting farm, adoptions, organic farming other than animal rescue, etc.?

The future plans will continue with the mission to aid all creatures great and small. In my time with the farm since last summer, we've been able to save some 40 + dogs, dozens of cats, rats, raccoons, and a rooster. I had new stalls, new electric, water, and heat installed in the barn, so now it looks like horses, cows, and other livestock destined for death will be saved and plug in there as well. Like I said, all creatures--a mole to an elephant--are welcome there, as long as the "Animal Farm" can do their work professionally and within the law.

Will you be involved with their efforts in the future, lend a hand at your old farm?

Yes. The organization won't let me go. Ha ha ha! That's okay, I love the luxury of now visiting the farm to see the full-time animal residents there, to breathe country air, and doing it all as a guest. I'll always support them, too. As long I have the means, others in need will have my help in any capacity I can offer. This applies to 4 and 2-legged friends.

How can others piggyback on your support of this an other worthy animal rescues? How can we help them get the farm up and running as a functional rehab/rescue/sanctuary?

The farm is on its legs with the farmhouse rebuilding and with more animals trickling in. I ask readers to check out Recycled Pits in Illinois if you want to help, here: https://facebook.com/Recycled.Pits
Donations for Recycled.Pits can be made for one of their current medical cases at: http://www.youcaring.com/pet-expense...ing-bill/53962

If you love cats and want to donate to my favorite cat rescue organization, then check out, Metal Meowlisha:
Donations for Metal Meowlisha can be made to their PayPal account at the following email: [email protected] or to VCA Carrollwood Cats in Tampa, FL.

Thanks to all for reading and for your animal love!

And thanks to the amazingly big-hearted Jeremy Wagner for donating land and a home to countless animals now and in the years to come! While the genres of Hard Rock and Metal musicians still seem to carry the stigma of dark-hearted heathens to outsiders, it is acts like Wagner’s that bring a light of humanity and compassion to the much-misunderstood community. There are just as many soft hearted animal advocates within the metal world as there are in the rest of the world, perhaps even more. One simply needs to see beyond the black t-shirts and aggressive sonic front to realize rockers are caring, thoughtful people too—people who deeply about our planet and its inhabitants. Jeremy Wagner is a prime example not only of a rocker who gives, but a human who cares far beyond himself.


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