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lightgiver 29-11-2011 11:09 PM

Nazi Concentration Camps
Dachau concentration camp (German: Konzentrationslager (KZ) Dachau, IPA: [ˈdaxaʊ]) was the first Nazi concentration camp opened in Germany, located on the grounds of an abandoned munitions factory near the medieval town of Dachau, about 16 km (9.9 mi) northwest of Munich in the state of Bavaria, which is located in southern Germany. Opened 22 March 1933 (51 days after Hitler took power), it was the first regular concentration camp established by the coalition government of the National Socialist Party (Nazi Party) and the German Nationalist People's Party (dissolved on 6 July 1933). Heinrich Himmler, then Chief of Police of Munich, officially described the camp as "the first concentration camp for political prisoners."


Dachau served as a prototype and model for the other Nazi concentration camps that followed. Almost every community in Germany had members taken away to these camps. Newspapers continually reported of "the removal of the enemies of the Reich to concentration camps", and as early as 1935 there were jingles warning: "Dear God, make me dumb, that I may not to Dachau come" ("Lieber Gott, mach mich dumm, damit ich nicht nach Dachau kumm").

Crematorium in operation...

"Propaganda tries to force a doctrine on the whole people... Propaganda works on the general public from the standpoint of an idea and makes them ripe for the victory of this idea." Adolf Hitler wrote these words in his book Mein Kampf (1926)...


rorschach 29-11-2011 11:22 PM

there was a programme on covering the lifes of british bomber crews during ww2 ,
in it they described how hitler placed them in buchenwald camp ,
one old guy described the jews inside as living dead , zombies , they were starving skinny barely human any more .
the brittish airman spoke of the gas chambers and furnaces also ,
and how they narrowly avoided similar fate when german luftwaffe general took them back to dedicated pow camp .

its sickening to think the ;likes of the bnp used raf logo and battle of britain stuff to promote their party , i wonder if they would call that witness at buchenwald a liar .

lightgiver 30-11-2011 01:47 AM

Dachau 1945

Dachau Concentration Camp, Germany.

Various shots of the American soldiers inspecting piles of dead bodies at Dachau concentration camp. Various shots of the American soldiers at the entrance and around various buildings, internal railway etc. Close up shot of a plaque on one of the buildings reading 'Zentralbauleitung Der Waffen SS U. Polizei Munchen Dachau'. Various shots of the survivors waving and cheering to camera. Top shot of the survivors waving, many children seen. Various close up shots of the survivors. Various shots of the Americans fishing dead body out of canal, checking piles of clothes, wooden coffins, huge piles of dead bodies, most naked, all skeletons. Several shots of the furnaces, more piles of dead bodies, buildings etc.


History is mythology recreated by each generation....

lightgiver 30-11-2011 02:02 AM

Quantification of forensic DNA from Teeth

Originally Posted by bjornyvan (Post 1060402104)

Oh no! They holocausted teeth there! Oh no! Oh no! Poor, poor people!

("600 trillion innocent teeth were dentalcausted in the dentyplentyholocaust. Relatives of dead teeth are still cryingandsighing today. Oh no oh no. Amen.")


When the use of traditional forensic identification methods such as fingerprints or dental radiographs is difficult or impossible, identification by DNA analysis has proven valuable. In situations such as explosions or airplane crashes, identification is even more difficult because human remains are often fragmented and may be commingled. Teeth are a useful source of DNA and can often survive extreme environmental conditions. However, teeth may be fragmented into several identifiable regions. Therefore it is important to determine if DNA is present in forensically significant yields in all regions of the tooth. The main objectives of this study were to determine which region(s) of the tooth contains quantifiable DNA, if all regions contain similar yields of DNA and whether there is enough DNA in all regions to justify DNA extraction from a found tooth fragment. Results demonstrate that there is sufficient quantity of DNA in the crown body, root body, and root tip to support DNA extraction. Additionally, the root body is the region with the highest yield of DNA. This information will aid forensic DNA analysts in producing a useful DNA profile in a timely and cost-effective manner.


petras 30-11-2011 02:09 AM

@ lightgiver

What about the "Nazi-camp brothels"?

Your profile picture showing wide spread female thighs whith an eye between them insinuate that you are an expert.

lightgiver 30-11-2011 02:17 AM

Joy Division

Originally Posted by petras (Post 1060402152)
@ lightgiver

What about the "Nazi-camp brothels"?

Your profile picture showing wide spread female thighs whith an eye between them insinuate that you are an expert.


The name "Joy Division" stemmed from the sexual slavery wing of a Nazi concentration camp in the 1955 novel The House of Dolls...

petras 30-11-2011 02:19 AM


Originally Posted by lightgiver (Post 1060402161)


The name "Joy Division" stemmed from the sexual slavery wing of a Nazi concentration camp in the 1955 novel The House of Dolls...

STALAG stemmed from sexual phantasies too

so what about reality?

lightgiver 30-11-2011 02:29 AM

Ravensbrück Memorial Museum
A new exhibition in Germany opens up a subject that has long been taboo -- the use of female concentration camp inmates to provide sexual services to male slave laborers as production incentives during World War II.

A visitor to the exhibition looks at a map showing the location of the Nazi brothels which were created in ten concentration camps.
"Hardly any other topic from the history of the concentration camps has, on the one hand, been kept so quiet and repressed and is, on the other hand, so tainted with prejudice and distortion, as the forced prostitution of female camp inmates for male camp inmates by the SS," commented Insa Eschebach, the director of the Ravensbrück Memorial Museum, at the opening of the exhibition.

Between 300 and 400 women were forced to become sex workers in brothels in ten concentration camps, including Auschwitz, Dachau, Buchenwald and Sachsenhausen. A visit to a brothel, known as a "special barrack," was part of a system of incentives intended to boost the productivity of concentration camp slave laborers. These bonuses were not, however, extended to every group of inmates -- Jews in particular were excluded. The idea for the forced prostitution came from Heinrich Himmler himself, as a letter from the SS leader on display in the exhibition shows.

Among the around 200 exhibits are index cards where the prisoners, who came mostly from the Ravensbrück concentration camp, are identified as "brothel women," documents about the bureaucratic organization of the sexual slavery, and audio recordings of male inmates talking about their visits to the brothels. Photos are on the whole not included in the exhibition "to avoid possible voyeuristic expectations," the spokesperson of the Foundation of Brandenburg Memorials, Horst Seferens explained.

Also on display are vouchers which male inmates received from the SS, entitling them to a visit to the brothels. "The brothels were supposed to function as an incentive to increase the productivity of the prisoners in the armaments industry," Seferens said. The sexual slavery was also intended to prevent homosexual behaviour from spreading, something the SS leaders feared.

Hardly any of the women, who suffered severe physical and mental damage as a result of their experiences, applied after 1945 for compensation for their suffering because they felt talking about their experiences was too degrading, Eschebach said. "Sex slavery was not identified as such in the judicial cases dealing with the SS crimes," she added.

The exhibition, which runs until Sept. 30, is taking place at the Ravensbrück Memorial Museum in the former Ravensbrück concentration camp , located around 90 km (55 miles) north of Berlin. The camp was unusual it that it held mainly women inmates. Over 130,000 women and children from more than 40 countries were registered as prisoners there during World War II.


petras 30-11-2011 02:37 AM


Originally Posted by lightgiver (Post 1060402189)



lightgiver 30-11-2011 02:47 AM

Sex slavery in Nazi Germany

Originally Posted by petras (Post 1060402206)

petras 30-11-2011 03:02 AM


Originally Posted by lightgiver (Post 1060402217)

Documentation by Jewish film makers:

Ari Libsker

Yoav Shamir

lightgiver 30-11-2011 03:07 AM

German camp brothels in World War II
In World War II Nazi Germany established brothels in the concentration camps (Lagerbordell) to create an incentive for prisoners to collaborate, although these institutions were used mostly by Kapos, "prisoner functionaries" and criminal element, because real inmates, penniless and emaciated, were usually too debilitated and wary of exposure to SS schemes. In the end, the camp brothels did not produce any noticeable increase in the prisoners’ work productivity levels, but instead, created a market for coupons among the camp VIPs...The women forced into these brothels came mainly from the Ravensbrück concentration camp, except for Auschwitz, which employed its own prisoners... In combination with the German military brothels in World War II, it is estimated that at least 34,140 female inmates were forced to serve as prostitutes during the Third Reich.

Camp brothel in Gusen, Austria

The first camp brothel was established in Mauthausen/Gusen in 1942. After 30 June 1943, a camp brothel existed in Auschwitz, and from 15 July 1943, in Buchenwald. The one in Neuengamme was established in early 1944, Dachau's in May 1944, Dora-Mittelbau's in late summer, and Sachsenhausen's on 8 August 1944... There are conflicting dates for the camp brothel in Flossenbürg: one source claims summer 1943; another states it was not opened until 25 March 1944...

In addition to using camp brothels as a means to control inmates, encourage collaboration, and prevent riots and escapes, Heinrich Himmler also intended them to be used as a means of teaching pink triangle prisoners "the joys of the opposite sex", i.e., as "therapy" for their homosexuality. Heger claims that Himmler directed that all gay prisoners were to make compulsory visits to the camp brothel once per week as a means of curing them of their same-sex attraction...

Germany established brothels in the concentration camps for sexual gratification of collaborating prisoners (Lagerbordell). The women forced to work in the concentration camp brothels came from the Ravensbrück concentration camp,Soldier's brothels (Wehrmachtsbordell) were usually organized in already established whorehouses or in hotels confiscated by the Germans. The leaders of the Wehrmacht were interested in running their own brothels when sexual disease spread among the soldiers. In the controlled brothels, the women frequently had a medical check for her own and the German soldiers' benefit.

It is estimated that a minimum of 34,140 women from occupied states worked as prostitutes during the Third Reich... In Eastern Europe the local women were often forced into prostitution... On 3 May 1941 the Foreign Ministry of Polish Government in Exile issued a document describing the mass raids made in Polish cities with the aim of capturing young women, who later were forced to work in brothels attended by German soldiers and officers... There were often escape attempts, with at least one mass attempt by women in Norway...

rorschach 01-12-2011 11:04 AM


Originally Posted by bjornyvan (Post 1060402896)
I would take all of this with a big grain of salt.

i have to take most of your info with a handful of valium :D

rorschach 01-12-2011 11:05 AM

how can prisoners barely able to walk on diaretic soup until they get gassed think about humping ,
try it next you have flu or something :rolleyes:

lightgiver 01-12-2011 07:31 PM

Bjorn again Pro pagan da



bjornyvan 01-12-2011 07:37 PM

No brothel for them, I agree. But this was at the end of the war and these were not all that were in the camps.

Why so skinny, btw? Typhus. Read about it.

lightgiver 01-12-2011 07:42 PM

Nazi scum

Originally Posted by bjornyvan (Post 1060407641)
No brothel for them, I agree. But this was at the end of the war and these were not all that were in the camps.

Why so skinny, btw? Typhus. Read about it.

I have read and seen more than you can Imagine..you nazi apologists cannot pull the wool over my eyes...

They should not have been there in the first place...and why give people striped clothing...DISGUSTING.


bjornyvan 01-12-2011 08:09 PM

I agree - those guys shouldn't have been in the camps. And such camps shouldn't have existed. I'm sure even the Nazis would agree with me about that.

Striped pajamas? Well, I don't think that ever hurt anybody. If you have a camp you need to be able to tell the difference between the inmates and the staff.

What about shaved heads? A necessity. If you wanna keep people healthy. Lice was a big problem.

What needs to be understood is that the Nazis could have just killed them all had they wanted to. But they didn't. They gave them clean, warm clothes, hygiene, good food and heated barracks. And far better care than most people in the world today get when they are put in a prison or concentration camp.

Honestly - if I were some working class guy in Germany or Poland in WWII Auschwitz is where I would have liked to have been. There I was guaranteed an OK place to sleep, good food, hygienic conditions and access to a doctor. And most importantly: there I wouldn't have bombs falling on my head.

As a matter of fact - many regular working class people went to camps like Auschwitz to get paid work. Some of those we see in the photos are in fact people who went there voluntarily. Their conditions were not very different from the conditions of the Jews and others who were taken there by force.

You'd be hard pressed today to find any kind of work camp/concentration camp/prison with as good conditions as those that were in the Nazi camps.

People were executed on the battlefield? Of course they were. It was war! Do you think the German Nazis could just walk around and hand out flowers to people? To people who tried to kill them?

lightgiver 02-12-2011 10:44 PM

War crimes of the Wehrmacht
A woman weeps during the deportation of Jews from Ioannina on March 25, 1944... The deportation was enforced by the German army. Almost all of the people deported were murdered on or shortly after April 11, 1944, when the train carrying them reached Auschwitz-Birkenau...

When the National Socialists (Nazis) came to power, it was welcomed by many officers of the Wehrmacht as a way of creating the Wiederwehrhaftmachung of Germany, namely the total militariztion of German society in order to ensure that Germany did not lose the next war.As such, what both the Nazis and the German Army wanted to see was a totally militarized Volksgemeinschaft that would be purged of those perceived internal enemies like the Jews who it was believed had "stabbed" Germany in "the back" in 1918.

War crimes of the Wehrmacht - Hannes Heer

As such, many officers willingly embraced National Socialist ideology in the 1930s. Acting on his own initiative, the Defence Minister Werner von Blomberg had purged the Army of all its Jewish personnel in February 1934. On December 8, 1938, the Army leadership had instructed all officers to be thoroughly well versed in National Socialism and to apply its values in all situations. Starting in February 1939, pamphlets were issued that were made required reading in the Army. The content can be gauged by the titles: "The Officer and Politics", "Hitler's World Historical Mission", "The Army in the Third Reich", "The Battle for German Living Space", "Hands off Danzig!", and "The Final Solution of the Jewish Question in the Third Reich". In the last essay, the author, C.A. Holberg wrote:

The defensive battle against Jewry will continue, even if the last Jew has left Germany. Two big and important tasks remain: the eradication of all Jewish influence, above all in the economy and in culture; the battle against World Jewry, which tries to incite all people in the world against Germany

bjornyvan 02-12-2011 11:00 PM

Women often weep when they say goodbye. It's just state-orchestrated emotional manipulation that makes it worse that a Jewish woman in WWII weeps when saying goodbye than when a non-Jewish woman in 2011 weeps when saying goodbye.

It was war. Lots and lots of people had bad things happen to them. Lots of women cried for lots of good reasons.

Deportation and massacres? Do you have any idea what happened to x million ethnic Germans after WWII was officially over? Not to mention what happened during the war.



How do you feel about the Czechs burning German children alive? Ever read about that in the MSM or seen it in a Hollywood movie? No tears for them from the Jews. But a Jewish woman crying at a train station? Oh lordy, how terrible! What a catastrophe!



Originally Posted by lightgiver (Post 1060411202)
Almost all of the people deported were murdered on or shortly after April 11, 1944, when the train carrying them reached Auschwitz-Birkenau

Where is the proof?

lightgiver - you can't simply believe everything you hear. You need to have a skeptical mind and research everything for yourself.

The so-called holocaust never happened. And that's a good thing. It's a good thing that millions of Jews were not exterminated. At least I view it that way no matter how much I generally dislike Jews. What is a bad thing however - is how a whole nation has been vilified and punished for half a century for a crime they never committed. While the crimes of the Allies against the Germans are passed by in silence.

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