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jglee430 17-05-2018 05:14 AM

Motor Vehicle-Transforming Station For Electric Power!!!
"(s) "Motor vehicle" means every vehicle that is self-propelled or propelled by electric power obtained from overhead trolley wires, but not operated upon rails, except vehicles moved exclusively by human power, an EPAMD and electric motorized bicycles as defined in subsection (g) of this section, and motorized wheelchairs."- Rhode Island Statutes Section 31-1-3

The motor vehicle is a transforming station for electric power. It is not a trolley car because trolley car operates on rail. The trolley wires are the high power lines. The word "or" can mean "and" in legal definitions. Don't be fool.

What you call your car is powered by an engine and not a motor. The motor is the transformer because it is a bundle of wires that step down electric that can be resold in lower power.

The motor vehicle transport persons or property. The word trans means to convert or exchange. The word "port" means ends of wire of. The computer has port. The motor vehicle convert the power from property or person.

"Person" defined. The word "person" extends to and includes co-partnerships and bodies corporate and politic. "-Rhode Island Statutes Section 43-3-6

The person is a corpse because the Frankenstein monster which are corpses provide electric power.

The word "drive" means physical control of the motor vehicle or one employ conducting.

The "drive" in commerce terms is to push the sales. The drives involves with electric power futures contracts or negotiable loans to push the sale of electric power.

The state operates the power lines that is called the highway. They want their person to get insurance (insurance of license which is the driver license) for issuing electric power future contracts or negotiable loans for the sale of electric power. Propel involves with advancement or credit extension. "Pro" means before or advancement.

Statutes are regulating promises to pay money or property. The statutory world is in the promise world using paper called commercial paper.

The driving of the motor vehicle is regulated under a few articles of the Uniform Commercial Code. The motor vehicle is under the transmitting utility section of the Uniform Commercial Code.

The motor vehicle for hire is either the motor vehicle for rent (hire) or usury (interest on negotiable loans).

The intersection involves two power lines. The person operating the motor vehicle cannot overdraw the power. They may have to let the other vehicle (power station) have the power in certain situation.

"foot (v.) c. 1400, "to dance," also "to move or travel on foot," from foot (n.). From mid-15c. as "make a footing or foundation." To foot a bill "pay the entirety of" is attested from 1848, from the process of tallying the expenses and writing the figure at the bottom ("foot") of the sheet; foot (v.) as "add up and set the sum at the foot of" is from late 15c. (compare footnote (n.)). The Old English verb gefotian meant "to hasten up." Related: Footed; footing."
-Online Etymology Dictionary

The pedestrians are the one that pay entirely so they have the right to the electric first. The motor vehicle has switches to determine who gets the power. The person who pay first are entitled to no interruption to their electric. The person who didn't pay the bill must yield their power to the one that pay first.

The con game is to make believe what you call a car or truck to be a motor vehicle. That is how you get your right to travel.

jglee430 17-05-2018 10:53 AM

The word "control" is found in UCC. It is involved with Securities. A control is a security. Physical control of the motor vehicle involves security of the motor vehicle.

jglee430 17-05-2018 10:13 PM

The motor vehicle is actually a participate in property. It is a share in the public utilities. There are street names in stock broker's account. All the words in statutes deals with financial terms.

What happen is your car become collateral for the note of indebtness that is called a motor vehicle through word trickery. Your car is not the motor vehicle. Electric power in legal terms means the electric right.

"power n. the right, authority and ability to take some action or accomplish something, including demanding action, executing documents, contracting, taking title, transferring, exercising legal rights and many other acts."-Law.com Dictionary

Since the motor vehicle was leased on margin, the owner which is the tenant have to pay the margin by sharing the dividend from the participate which is a share with the stock broker. Your car was turn into collateral to the broker's margin.

The cop doesn't know the difference so they catch you and write a nice story for the attorneys to do commercial paperwork behind the scene. That is how they con you into paying for something that you never see. The dividend is held in the ALL CAPITAL NAME account. You never have access to it so you dig out of your pocket to pay the broker's margin.

A collateral is a form of security because it can be taken if the debt is not satisfy. The motor vehicle is held in the Social Security Trust account. Your car is social security for the note of debt which is attach to the share called the motor vehicle.

raburgeson 19-05-2018 10:02 PM

Unless you have an electric motor driving the power train the car has an engine in it. The term automotive does not refer to the power plant but, the action the power plant produces. If registered the car is to be used legally as "official use". I urge all of you that do not understand official use to look it up. It is a clause that can be used against your rights and the legality of it is in question.

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