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unicorn 10-02-2007 06:21 PM


Anyway, I reckon our mind can beat anything as long as we don't start getting 'afraid' then we're done for... fear IS the mind killer..
Well said. I feel safe in the knowledge that I can easily protect myself from anything that they throw (maybe a bit more practice needed at stopping bullets with my mind!! :D ) be it mind control, TETRA, jabs etc... but you need faith & knowledge to have this trust, & most people do not believe in their divine abilities... WE ARE ALL PRIME CREATOR and as such can be all that we can imagine

21 12 2012, mass consciousness, bit of a mind boggler, innit??!! :rolleyes:

deca 10-02-2007 06:24 PM

mind control via emfs is real
never heard of it before i was attacked...I still under attack even now as I write
the bastards that do this know that they are not going to get caught....people just don`t belive easier to write you off as a paranoid LOONEY

truthspoon 11-02-2007 04:34 PM

What makes you feel you're being harrassed?

deca 11-02-2007 04:59 PM

I know
said to much already I am a sitting duck

unicorn 11-02-2007 05:27 PM

Deca, hope you're putting up some protection (intent or other) to block this.

deca 11-02-2007 06:23 PM

got this hat
from hear
and this one
SilverTex Suit
plus a qlink a white one
and I earth myself when I sleep
I am also waiting on my paint from hear
plus I have a emf detector
i have the enzone that i got of ebay
they have turned it down since I got the meter I keep checking and if they turn it up I start filming and they don`t wont 2 get cought and turn it down
they know if i have no proof I am a crazy
I know If i have proof that am a danger to them
also have the Body Voltage Accessory
+DMM with PC Interface from lessemf
plus have
Silver Bobbinet http://www.emfields.org/screening/overview.asp
and head net
but they only dampen there signals
have you got any ideas to block there signals?

truthspoon 11-02-2007 06:45 PM

They're trying to scare you. If you get scared you're in trouble. No fear no threat.

Ask yourself what do you fear? You certainly won't be killed.. unless you lose your head so much you walk under a bus (careful)..

Remove the stress. Leave the situation. Leave the job, wierd friends, flat... whatever the source is leave it.

You need to control your thoughts and find peace. Easier said than done I know. Try getting fit, go running, push ups, Get fit get strong. Walk along the street with your fave tunes and don't give a fuck. Get your energy up then they can't get to you...

If you're weak and sapped then and ONLY then you're a sitting duck.

Book a holiday... Have a J. do something you enjoy. See your mum.. Talk to your best friends about it... You can beat this shit.

unicorn 11-02-2007 06:55 PM

Wow! What an entourage of gear! All I use is a copper diode / isolator (designed by Andre Puharich) which I make myself (easy & cheap) & wear under my watch, which protects me from radiation.

I also use harmonics to protect myself, as taught by the late Brian Jenner ( a dude who undoes damage from vaccines, HAARP, radiation, emotional stress etc...) who had the brainwave of using harmonics (as inspired by Bruce Cathy) & fractals for permanent & infinite possibilites (like blocking electrical stress from metal fillings, which interferes with the body's bioelectromagnetic communication) in restoring health.

If you're into dowsing, or (as I prefer) muscle testing, muscle test yourself for the 'optimum 12-digit harmonic to block ALL detrimental interference from whatever source', then get each number in turn until you have 12. Then put your fingers on your forehead (above each eye, between eyebrow & hairline) & say aloud to your body 'I now fully accept this harmonic for the total internal & external protection of my mind/body/energy field - say harmonic 3 times'. You can also print it off & keep it in your pocket, stick it on your bed etc... ;) (to see a diagram of re-programming your body to health, see http://www.qvkhealing.com/self-healing.htm)

Not forgetting a shield of intended white light with a deflective outer layer that either sends detrimental energy back to it's source (he he hee!) or transmutes it, whichever is for the highest good of all (not forgetting the love part!!)

Hope it helps! :o

deca 11-02-2007 09:14 PM

its not only your mind they attack
they can attack your body parts hart arms legs .... like to make you blink to.
hope the they don`t start to spam this forum.

deca 11-02-2007 09:21 PM

rude post
do you normal get a load of rude post ?

truthspoon 11-02-2007 10:02 PM

The attention you're getting is because you are potentially dangerous to them. It's time to stop being afraid and start astrally kicking the living shit out of them.

Equip yourself with astral weapons. Try to see the positive side of this and realise that they are giving you and us a heck of a lot of information. I am sure you are also gaining information as a result of your state.

Personally I can conjure etheric fire (a gift from an imaginary fire God I met once) and I fired flaming arrows at any humans who tried (they don't bother me anymore) to molest me psychically.

It may sound like dungeons and dragons nuttiness but the etheric realm is where we really live... this material world is just the surface layer of reality..

Nowadays because of training my will I can do some really cool things.

If you're having trouble with fear you can practice visualising your fear as a lever switch in your mind which you can pull down to turn it off. You may encounter resistance initially but stick with it and you mind will get used to request and will cut down on the fear..

Time to start fighting back... Those guys are the baddies and they know it.. their fear is so much stronger than yours, capitalise on this fact.

deca 11-02-2007 10:15 PM

Its hard to keep my mind focused they can change my mind brain wave state .block my thoughts replace them with theres feed back my own thoughts a different times. play into my wild fantaises trying to make my sense of realty screwed up and hard to function as a human. its amazing what they can do but what do they use it for abuse and cover ups control..not helping people....yeah its MI5 the bully boys of the elite ...fuck they all go to the same schools...if there any MI5 preps on here we are on you a can see write throw your shite............
think you made this guy too sugestable !!!!!!!!

truthspoon 11-02-2007 11:16 PM

Do you get much sleep? You need to sleep well which strengthens the mind. There is no excuse for not sleeping as long as skunk is available. If you can't sleep get stoned...

Do you live alone or with others? If with others then perhaps there is some funny business going on with your flat mates.. It was the case with me anyways...

You sound like a classic victim of mind control. You need to work very hard at focussing your mind. Get a couple of 3/4 days away someone to break the spell. Relax and really enjoy yourself. They won't follow you unless you believe they will. We really do create our own reality and when we start believing in portable microwave weapons we create a very harmful reality where anyone and everyone could be using weapons on us. Try to break this spell. Cease to believe in the weapons and the frequencies and all the rest of it. They can really only harm you if you believe they are real because remember everything here is an illusion.

Picture an object in your mind, try to keep it there. It will fade or transform into something else. Keep at it. After a few days your concentration will be stronger and you will have more control over your mind AND hence your reality.

PM me if you want to.

deca 11-02-2007 11:39 PM

hmmm I can`t win
Edelweiss I think you are very good loving person and have my best wishes at heart ...yep I sound like an over stressed paraniod looney I would before I got attacked monitored hooked up ...its done through mobile phone mast the whole of the uk is coverd plus most of the world and they probley use satilites to..because its an invisably to people around me even in the street ....you see you try explain this and it sounds like evertbody out to get you...dam I am in contack with other mc victoms theres plenty..now just please be open minded about this and try to spread the word and the links. Thanks

demonsnare 12-02-2007 12:08 AM

I have had problems with feds using cars and heavily buitl agents to try and intimidate me..but then I stopped smoking the skunk...I only smoke naturally grown ganja if I have to...the connection being that some drugs like mdma and skunk are allowed to be circulated and sold by the police and the feds because it alters the users connection with the users higher self making them much more susceptible to elf mind control technology....so try not using drugs...dont drink flouride infested tap water...and stay away from fake organic chemically enhanced tinned food from major supermarkets.....and above all...dont be afraid....if youre not afraid then how can they touch you?they're just low level demons anyway.....embrace light and love and all demons will perish in that bright truthful light

deca 12-02-2007 12:28 AM

I stop taken drugs a long time ago

used to smoke pot ,LSD and magic mushies in my teens

now in my thirtys newly divorced with a 6 year old

thought when this started I was having lsd flash backs or something knew there was something up. I know myself pretty well

I was working nights at the time in some boring factory job when this started
became sugesable at first getting funny thoughts out of the blue ...thought the people on tv were speaking to me personaly written letters words and signs had coded hinded messages ...then the voices started they acted like police saying they were the emargancy services and I was blocking there signal ..thats the voices in my head.. but know I have found out about mind control electronic harrassment my life got much better...its all well documented the effects of mc
I am still scared to talk about this and whats happend to me.
think most mc victoms are

seamus 12-02-2007 09:12 AM

If you have phone tower problems, you need to get gifting. Make or buy some orgonite and gift the DOR out of that tower.


P.S. and carry some on your person while you're at it

truthspoon 12-02-2007 12:01 PM


Originally Posted by deca (Post 6398)
Edelweiss I think you are very good loving person and have my best wishes at heart ...yep I sound like an over stressed paraniod looney I would before I got attacked monitored hooked up ...its done through mobile phone mast the whole of the uk is coverd plus most of the world and they probley use satilites to..because its an invisably to people around me even in the street ....you see you try explain this and it sounds like evertbody out to get you...dam I am in contack with other mc victoms theres plenty..now just please be open minded about this and try to spread the word and the links. Thanks

I'm taking an interest because I have been a victim of mind control. I tried to make that clear. There are ways to fight this thing and actually come out of it with the upper hand. I just suggested what worked for me. What started it all off for you? obviously I don't know enough about your particular case to know exactly how to help you. There is always a way out of every situation, that applies equally to mind control, satanic possession. Maybe you have to search inside yourself for the answer. This may sound callous but try to stop being a victim.. Believe in your self and fight back. No amount of mere metal towers and frequencies can actually steal our soul.. do you really believe they can? Maybe the belief you're pouring into their system is not helping you to free yourself.

I will refrain from sending out those links because I believe that if you invest something with fear and belief then it becomes powerful. I was once a victim of sincere human occult mind control but later I found myself lapsing into the same trance because I believed I was being zapped by microwaves, it turned out to be utter nonsense, it was merely a heating system making a funny noise. I then learned the power of fear and belief. The stuff about tetra masts may be a fear virus that will have everybody in their rooms quaking with fear and powerless to do anything to stop these invisible signals.

Fear comes from within not from without and fear is the name of the game.

The final word: Meditation. Thought control. Learn to control your thought. Put an instant block on any thoughts you do not want, blank your mind. Visualise. Takes time but it's worth it.

deca 12-02-2007 12:50 PM

hmm the people that are doing this to me are real somedays I have good conversations with them throu thought ....at first they hid there actions in heating pipes the wind background noise...think I figured it out or was shouting
back at them..making a scene and making up wierd thoughts to explain what was happening e.g aliens ...plus they made out I was an indestruckable robot and I attacked somebody for no reson I got done for that wich is out of charactor for me....most of the time the tell me to move and keep quite.
not sure whats goning to happen that I have started on internet making this known . Yep they attack my will, amp my bad thougts. Hummor has been good for me plus arguing my case why this bad for humanity...i have won that one and it pisses them off.
I going to look a orgonite...
my qlink helps a bit.

truthspoon 12-02-2007 01:08 PM

What you are suffering from is schizophrenia... Or schiz-gnostic illumination as I call it.

People have been suffering from this for thousands of years and is the cornerstone of the secret society method for discovering unknown facts about this world and the next.

But they didn't have Tetra masts and mobile phones back in those days. Nor do they have them in remote shamanic communities where schizophrenia is known as 'shaman's illness'...

I cannot tell you who you are really talking to. It may be yourself, it may be aliens (demons?)... I don't know. I could never figure it out myself either.

I just think it's worth being aware that what you're going through has been around a very long time...

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