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f13ticket 02-05-2011 05:08 PM

Should art media make NWO References?
Is it okay for people to make New World Order references in books, TV, movies, and video games if they cast the NWO as evil? On one hand, it could be considered predictive programing to get people acclimated to the NWO so they get used to them and stand down. However, on the other hand, it makes sense putting media out in an artful way gives an archetypal face and understanding to the NWO. This can show people how the NWO works, warn people about it, and inspire people to fight against them in the information war.

Look at Emperor Palpatine. Does he and others like him get people acclimated to the NWO or warn people of the NWO? What do you think?

Thank you.

dvdboring 04-05-2011 11:23 PM

Yes, I do think it has a valid point.
As a artstudent/artist myself and gradually as my wake-up or what to call it has deepened so does it reflect in the themes of my art, when you realise some of the conspiracy stuff its hard not to bring in the themes in the own practice. Also the other side of it, the conscioussnes(Alex gray to name one that makes it really good). Im still early on this theme myself but just look at the spielberg/lucas and so on, If you know this shit offcourse you wanna put it in your work.
One thing ive found rewarding is to make for example a painting and combine it with free dvd'sor cds with information, like documents, books, audiobooks (david icke presentations), links to documentarys/interviews and so on, I do believe in the concept of the 100th monkey theory so if you burn 50cds and use the attention you get from doing a galleryshow to make people encuraged to take the information and perhaps it will affect someone in a positive way and than a snowball effect can occur.
for the moment im working on a comicbook with story in bohemian grove(with David as a character :) called David Bike but that shit is copyrighted guys,:P,lol
hopefully it'll be good nuff to publish somehow.
got some stuff on stilskolan.tumblr.com if someone is intrested. and if any scandinavians working with art or has galleryspace and making people aware toss a mail to [email protected] you never know

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