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lightgiver 11-05-2014 10:22 AM


Colonel Sir Archibald David Stirling, DSO, OBE (15 November 1915 – 4 November 1990) was a Scottish laird, mountaineer, World War II British Army officer, and the founder of the Special Air Service..Stirling was commissioned into the Scots Guards from Ampleforth College Contingent Officer Training Corps on 24 July 1937.. In June 1940 he volunteered for the new No. 8 Commando under Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Laycock which became part of Force Z (later named "Layforce"). After Layforce (and No.8 Commando) were disbanded on 1st August 1941, Stirling remained convinced that due to the mechanised nature of war a small team of highly trained soldiers with the advantage of surprise could exact greater damage to the enemy's ability to fight than an entire platoon..

After a brief period of training, an initial attempt at attacking a German airfield by parachute landing in support of Operation Crusader was disastrous. 42 of his 61 officers and men were killed, wounded or captured far from the target after being blown off course or landing in the wrong area, during one of the biggest storms for thirty years. Escaping only with the help of the Long Range Desert Group (LRDG) who were designated to pick up the unit after the attack, Stirling agreed that approaching by land under the cover of night would be safer and more effective than parachuting. As quickly as possible he organised raids on ports using this simple method, often bluffing through check posts at night using the language skills of some of his soldiers..

In North Africa, in the 15 months before Stirling's capture, the SAS had destroyed over 250 aircraft on the ground, dozens of supply dumps, wrecked railways and telecommunications, and had put hundreds of enemy vehicles out of action. Montgomery of Alamein described Stirling as 'mad, quite mad' but admitted that men like Stirling were needed in time of war...Stirling was the founder of the Capricorn Africa Society - a society for promoting an Africa free from racial discrimination. Founded in 1949, while Africa was still under colonial rule, it had its high point at the 1956 Salima Conference.. However, because of his emphasis on a qualified and highly elitist voting franchise, Africans opposed it.. Conversely white settlers believed it to be too liberal..During the mid to late 1970s David Stirling created a secret organisation designed to undermine trade unionism from within..According to John Aspinal, Stirling had the reputation of having personally strangled 41 men...


Stirling was born at his family's ancestral home, Keir House in the parish of Lecropt, Perthshire.. He was the son of Brigadier General Archibald Stirling, of Keir, and Margaret Fraser, daughter of Simon Fraser, the Lord Lovat, (a descendant of Charles II, King of Scots).. His cousin was Simon Fraser, 15th Lord Lovat, and his grandparents were Sir William Stirling-Maxwell, 9th Baronet and Lady Anna Maria Leslie-Melville.. He was educated at Ampleforth College and Trinity College, Cambridge.. A tall and athletic figure (he was 6 feet 6 inches (1.98 m) tall), he was training to climb Mount Everest when World War II broke out.. Raised in the Roman Catholic faith of his mother, he attended the Benedictine Ampleforth College..During the social troubles of mid-1970s Great Britain, David Stirling became increasingly worried that an "undemocratic event" would occur and decided to take action. He created an organisation called Great Britain 75 and recruited members from the Aristo-cratic clubs in Mayfair; mainly Ex-military men .. The plan was simple.. Should civil unrest result in the breakdown of normal Government operations, they would take over its running.. He describes this in detail in an interview from 1974, part of which is present in Adam Curtis's documentary "The Mayfair Set", episode 1 - Who Pays Wins...Stirling was the founder of private military company KAS International..He was knighted in 1990, and died later that year aged 74..In 2002 the SAS memorial, a statue of Stirling standing on a rock, was opened on the Hill of Row near his family's estate at Park of Keir...

lightgiver 11-05-2014 10:40 AM

Operation Crusader

Operation Crusader was a military operation by the British Eighth Army between 18 November–30 December 1941 during the Second World War. The operation successfully relieved the 1941 Siege of Tobruk..Location Egypt and Libya..Following the costly failure of Operation Battleaxe, General Archibald Wavell was relieved as Commander-in-Chief Middle East Command and replaced by General Claude Auchinleck.. The Western Desert Force was reorganized and renamed the Eighth Army under the command of Lieutenant-General Alan Cunningham..The 8th Army's initial plan to destroy the Axis armoured force before advancing its infantry came apart when, after a number of inconclusive engagements, the British 7th Armoured Division were heavily defeated by the Afrika Korps at Sidi Rezegh. Lieutenant General Erwin Rommel's subsequent advance of his armoured divisions to the Axis fortress positions on the Egyptian border failed to find the main body of the Allied infantry, which had bypassed the fortresses and headed for Tobruk, so Rommel had to withdraw his armoured units to support the fighting at Tobruk. Despite achieving some tactical successes at Tobruk, the need to preserve his remaining forces prompted Rommel to withdraw his army to the defensive line at Gazala, west of Tobruk, and then all the way back to El Agheila. It was the first victory over the German ground forces by British-led forces in the Second World War..

On 22 November General Scobie ordered the position to be consolidated and the corridor widened in the hope that Eighth Army would link up. The 2nd York and Lancaster Regiment, with tank support, took strongpoint Tiger leaving a 7000 yard gap between the corridor and Ed Duda, but efforts to clear the ‘Tugun’ and ‘Dalby Square’ strong points were repelled. In the fighting on the 22nd, the ‘Tugun’ defenders brought down devastating fire, reducing the strength in one attacking British company to just thirty-three all ranks..On 23 November, the 70th Division in Tobruk launched another major attack against the 25th Bologna in an attempt to reach the area of Sidi Rezegh, but elements of the Pavia Division soon arrived and broke up the British attack as a German post-war report recorded..After a sudden artillery concentration the garrison of Fortress Tobruk, supported by sixty tanks, made an attack on the direction of Bel Hamid at noon, intending at long last unite with the main offence group. The Italian siege front around the fortress tried to offer a defence in the confusion but was forced to relinquish numerous strong points in the encirclement front about Bir Bu Assaten to superior enemy forces. The Italian "Pavia" Division was committed for a counterattack and managed to seal off the enemy breakthrough...On 26 November Scobie ordered a successful attack on the Ed Duda ridge and in the early morning hours of 27 November the Tobruk garrison had linked up with a small force of New Zealanders...

On 23 November Rommel gathered his 2 panzer divisions in a co-ordinated attack with the Ariete Armoured Division to cut off and destroy the rest of XXX Corps. In this he was somewhat optimistic but in the pocket were the remains of 7th Armoured Division, 5th South African Infantry Brigade and elements of the recently arrived 6th NZ Brigade.. There was desperate fighting with heavy losses on both sides.. By the end of the day 5th SA Brigade was destroyed and what remained of the defending force broke out of the pocket, heading south towards Bir el Gubi.. Following his success at Sidi Rezegh the Italian supreme command (Comando Supremo) in Rome agreed to put the Italian XX Mobile Corps, including the Ariete Armoured and the Trieste Motorised Divisions, under Rommel's direct orders..In the early hours of 27 November Rommel met with Walter Neumann-Silkow and Johann von Ravenstein, the commanders of 15th and 21st Panzer at Bardia. It was becoming increasingly pressing for Afrika Korps to return to the Tobruk front where the 70th and New Zealand Divisions had gained the initiative.. On 25 November, heavy fighting flared up again on the Tobruk front. In the 102nd Trento Infantry Division’s sector, the 2nd Battalion Queens Royal Regiment attacked the ‘Bondi’ strongpoint but were repelled in heavy fighting and ‘Bondi’ was not to be evacuated by the ‘Trento’ until the Axis general withdrawal 2 weeks later.. In the meantime, the ‘Tugun’ defenders (reduced to half their strength and exhausted and low on ammunition, food, and water) surrendered on the evening of 25 November, after much fighting in the predawn darkness..


AfterMath - Auchinleck's determination and Ritchie's aggressiveness had removed the Axis threat to Egypt and the Suez Canal for the time being..Over the following ten days Rommel's forces withdrew to a line between Ajedabia and El Haseia, maintaining his lines of communication and avoiding being cut off and surrounded as the Italians had been the previous year. As his lines of supply shortened and supplies to El Agheila improved he was able to rebuild his tank force while correspondingly the Eighth Army lines of supply became more and more stretched.. On 27 December he was able in a three-day tank battle at El Haseia to inflict heavy damage on the 22nd Armoured Brigade forcing the leading echelons of Eighth Army to withdraw. This allowed the Axis forces to fall back to a tactically more desirable defensive line at El Agheila during the first 2 weeks of January without having to deal with pressure from the enemy...On 21 January Rommel launched from El Agheila a surprise counter-attack. Although the action had originally been a "reconnaissance in force", finding the Eighth Army forward elements to be dispersed and tired, in his typical manner he took advantage of the situation and drove Eighth Army back to Gazala where they took up defensive positions along Rommel's old line. Here a stalemate set in as both sides regrouped, rebuilt and reorganized..While it may have proved a limited success, Operation Crusader showed Rommel's Afrika Korps could be beaten and is a fine illustration of the dynamic, back and forth fighting which characterized the North African Campaign...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLOwX8qe0os
http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...1&postcount=21All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when we are able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must appear inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near...http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...&postcount=584

lightgiver 11-05-2014 10:51 AM


Lieutenant John Steel (Jock) Lewes (21 December 1913 – 31 December 1941) was a British Army officer prominent during World War II. He invented an explosive device, the eponymous Lewes bomb, and was the founding principal training officer of the Special Air Service..Its founding commander, David Stirling said later of Lewes: "Jock could far more genuinely claim to be founder of the SAS than I"..Lewes was born in Calcutta to a mother from Sydney, Australia and a British father. He grew up in Sydney and attended The King's School, Parramatta..He attended at Christ Church College, Oxford. Lewes was president of the Oxford University Boat Club 1936–37, but gave up his place in the 1937 Blue boat which ended up winning the 1937 University Boat Race, ending a 15 year Cambridge winning streak..Lewes was engaged to marry Mirren Barford, an Oxford undergraduate..

Lewes was first commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant, University Candidate, General List in 1935, whilst a student at Oxford.. After graduation he transferred to a Territorial Army unit, 1st Battalion, the Tower Hamlets Rifles, Rifle Brigade before joining the Welsh Guards..In 1941, Lewes was a group of volunteers assembled by Lieutenant David Stirling to form a unit dedicated to raiding missions against the lines of communication of Axis forces in North Africa. For counter-espionage purposes, this PlaToon-sized was initially named "'L' Detachment, Special Air Service Brigade"..To destroy Axis vehicles, members of the SAS surreptitiously attached small explosive charges. Lewes noticed the respective weaknesses of conventional (blast) and incendiaries, as well as their failure to destroy vehicles in some cases. He improvised a new, combined charge out of plastic explosive and cans of petrol. The Lewes bomb was used throughout World War II..Jock Lewes was killed in action in December 1941. He was returning from a raid on German airfields when the Long Range Desert Group truck he was travelling in was attacked by a lone Messerschmitt 110 fighter. Lewes was fatally wounded in the thigh by a 20mm round from the fighter and bled to death in about 4 minutes.. He was buried on the site where the attack happened but the whereabouts of his grave are now unknown. He is commemorated on the Alamein Memorial...

The only available bomb at the time was too cumbersome to be carried by a paratrooper. Lewes experimented with various types of incendiary and explosive materials, using trial and error. The final design used a pound of plastic explosive, mixed with a quarter pound of thermite and a small amount of diesel oil. Inside the mass was inserted a 2 ounce dry guncotton booster, plus a detonator attached to a thirty-second fuse. Alternatively, Lewes bombs could be triggered by pencil detonators or booby-trap firing devices such as pressure release switches..It is not clear what was used as a container for the X-plosive, though it was probably a small canvas bag of some sort. In use, the device was placed inside the cockpit or on the wing of an aircraft in order to ignite the aviation fuel stored within...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=El8bqkFmVHk
http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...&postcount=122It is the rule in war, if 10 times the enemy's strength, surround them; if 5 times, attack them; if double, be able to divide them; if equal, engage them; if fewer, be able to evade them; if weaker, be able to avoid them..For to win 100 victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill.. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill...http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...postcount=1712

lightgiver 11-05-2014 11:12 AM

Colditz Castle

Colditz Castle is a Renaissance castle in the town of Colditz near Leipzig, Dresden and Chemnitz in the state of Saxony in Germany. It gained international fame as a prisoner-of-war camp during World War II for "incorrigible" Allied officers who had repeatedly escaped from other camps..The castle lies between the towns of Hartha and Grimma on a hill spur over the Zwickauer Mulde and had the first wildlife park in Germany..Colditz - Ghosts..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThAo2Nub-qE
In 1046, Henry III of the Holy Roman Empire gave the burghers of Colditz permission to build the first documented settlement at the site. In 1083, Henry IV urged Margrave Wiprecht of Groitzsch to develop the castle site, which Colditz accepted. In 1158, Emperor Frederick Barbarossa made Thimo I "Lord of Colditz", and major building works began. By 1200, the town around the market was established. Forests, empty meadows, and farmland were settled next to the pre-existing Slavic villages Zschetzsch, Zschadraß, Zollwitz, Terpitzsch and Koltzschen. Around that time the larger villages Hohnbach, Thierbaum, Ebersbach and Tautenhain also emerged..As a result of family dynastic politics, the town of Colditz was incorporated into the Margraviate of Meißen. In 1430, the Hussites attacked Colditz and set town and castle on fire. Around 1464, renovation and new building work on the castle were carried out by Prince Ernest, who died in Colditz Castle in 1486. Under Frederick the Wise and John the Gentle, Colditz was a royal residence of the electors of Saxony...For nearly 100 years, from 1829 to 1924, Colditz was a sanitorium, generally reserved for the wealthy and the nobility of Germany. The castle thus functioned as a hospital during a long period of massive upheaval in Germany, from slightly after the Napoleonic Wars destroyed the Holy Roman Empire and created the German Confederation, throughout the lifespan of the North German Confederation, the complete reign of the German Empire, throughout the First World War, and until the beginnings of the Weimar Republic..Good Moaning Compilation - YouTube


Between 1914 and 1918, the castle was home to both psychiatric and tuberculosis patients, 912 of whom died of malnutrition. The castle was home to several notable figures during its time as a mental institution, including Ludwig Schumann, the second youngest son of the famous composer Robert Schumann and Ernst Baumgarten, one of the original inventors of the airship..When the Nazis came to power in 1933, they turned the castle into a political prison for communists, homosexuals, Jews and other undesirables. Starting in 1939, allied prisoners were housed there..Captain Patrick R. Reid, who successfully escaped from Colditz in 1942, wrote two detailed books about the living conditions and various escape attempts at Colditz from 1940 to 1945: The Colditz Story and The Latter Days at Colditz.. In the early 1970s, these were made into a BBC television series starring David McCallum, Edward Hardwicke and Robert Wagner..In April 1945, US troops entered Colditz town and, after a 2-day fight, captured the castle on 16 April. In May 1945, the Soviet occupation of Colditz began.. Following the Yalta Conference it became a part of East Germany. The Soviets turned Colditz Castle into a prison camp for local burglars and non-communists. Later, the castle was a home for the aged and nursing home, as well as a hospital and psychiatric clinic.. For many years after the war, forgotten hiding places and tunnels were found by repairmen, including a radio room set up by the British POWs, which was then "lost" A-gain only to be re-discovered some 10 years later..Stirling Castle was used to represent the outside of Colditz Castle in the Colditz TV series...

http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showt...191985&page=13Be Extremely Subtle, even to the point of formlessness..Be Extremely Mysterious, even to the point Of soundlessness..Treat your men as you would your own Beloved sons...http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showt...185800&page=23

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I Spy W M Little I

The blue ling (Molva dypterygia) is a member of the cod family. It is usually 70 to 110 cm long, but the maximum length is 155 cm. Blue ling feed on fish (flatfishes, gobies, rocklings) and crustaceans and benthic invertebrates. The fish reaches sexual maturity at the age of 6 to 12 years..(菱) species are floating annual aquatic plants, growing in slow-moving water up to 5 meters deep, native to warm temperate parts of Eurasia and Africa. They bear ornately shaped fruits, which in the case of T. bicornis resemble the head of a bull or the entirety of a flying Bat.. Each fruit contains a single very large starchy seed. T. natans and T. bicornis have been cultivated in China and India for at least 3,000 Years...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XgFtQPgHyek


The XP-losive in C4 is RDX (cyclonite or cyclotrimethylene trinitramine), which makes up around 91% of C4 by mass.. The plasticizer is diethylhexyl (5.3%)or dioctyl sebacate and the binder is usually polyisobutylene (2.1%).. Another plasticizer used is dioctyl adipate (DOA).. A small amount of SAE 10 non-detergent motor oil (1.6%) is also added.. C4 is manufactured by combining the noted ingredients with binder dissolved in a solvent.. The solvent is then evaporated and the mixture dried and filtered. The final material is an off-white solid with a texture similar to modelling clay..A major advantage of C4 is that it can easily be molded into any desired shape.. C4 can be pressed into gaps, cracks, holes and voids in buildings, bridges, equipment or machinery. Similarly, it can easily be inserted into empty shaped charge cases of the type used by military engineers..The British military uses a very similar plastic explosive known as PE4. Like C4, it is an off-white colored solid and its explosive characteristics are nearly identical to C4. The type and proportion of plasticizer used differs, and PE4 has a slightly greater velocity of detonation, 8,210 m/s (26,900 ft/s).. Semtex is a somewhat similar plastic explosive..Composition B, colloquially "Comp B", is an explosive consisting of castable mixtures of RDX and TNT.. It is used as the main explosive filling in artillery projectiles, rockets, land mines, hand grenades, sticky bombs and various other munitions.. It was also used for the explosive lenses in the first implosion-type nuclear weapons developed by the United States..An explosive lens—as used, for example, in nuclear weapons—is a highly specialized explosive charge, a special type of a shaped charge. In general, it is a device composed of several explosive charges that are shaped in such a way as to change the shape of the detonation wave passing through it, conceptually similar to the effect of an optical lens on light.. The explosive charges that make it up have different rates of detonation.. To convert spherically expanding wavefront into spherically converging by single boundary between fast and slow explosives, the boundary shape must be a hyperboloid; to convert spherically diverging front into the flat one - paraboloid, and so on. Several boundaries can be used to reduce aberrations of The final wavefront...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUDe6saJFmM

http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...&postcount=281Little Nelly got a hot reception..4 big shots made improper advances toward her, but she defended her honour with great success.. You can watch it all on TV...http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...postcount=1307

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The SAS Somerset was taken over from the South African Navy on 24 May 1988..A net laying ship, also known as a net layer, net tender, gate ship or boom defence vessel was a type of small auxiliary ship..A net layer's primary function was to lay and maintain steel anti-torpedo or anti-submarine nets. Nets could be laid around an individual ship at anchor, or around harbors or other anchorages. Net laying was potentially dangerous work, and net laying seamen were experts at dealing with blocks, tackles, knots and splicing. As World War II progressed, net layers were pressed into a variety of additional roles including salvage, troop and cargo transport, buoy maintenance, and service as tugboats..Net layers initially received the hull classification symbol YN (for "Yard Net Tender") but were later reclassified AN (for "Auxiliary Net Layer")..BriTish Admiralty knew such ships as a “boom defence vessel"..The first 32, all launched in 1940 (before the attack on Pearl Harbor), were built of steel.. Due to the chronic shortage of steel during the war, the next 30 were built of wood.. The last 15, laid down in 1944 and 1945, were again constructed of steel..Net layers have 2 prominent steel "horns" on the bow, used in laying nets..HMCS Ypres was a Battle class trawler used by the Royal Canadian Navy as a gate vessel.. She was sunk in a collision with British battleship HMS Revenge, but without loss of life..After this incident, the crews of other gate vessels would pretend to make elaborate preparations for a collision every time Revenge visited Halifax.In 1753, when Lawrence became governor, the Mi'kmaq attacked again upon the sawmills near the South Blockhouse on the Northwest Arm, where they killed 3 British..Mi'kmaq made 3 attempts to retrieve the bodies for their scalps.. At the instigation of the newly arrived Loyalists who desired greater local control, Britain subdivided Nova Scotia in 1784 with the creation of the colonies of New Brunswick and Cape Breton Island; this had the effect of considerably diluting Halifax's presence over the region..Confederate ships often called on the port to take on supplies, and make repairs. One such ship, the CSS Tallahassee, became a legend in Halifax when she made a daring midnight escape through from northern warships believed waiting at the harbour entrance. Halifax was also played a significant role in the Chesapeake Affair...Tombstone Head Canoe - YouTube


Bisbee is a city in Cochise County, Arizona, United States, 82 miles (132 km) southeast of Tucson.. According to 2005 Census Bureau estimates, the population of the city was 6,177.. The city is the county seat of Cochise County... Bisbee was founded as a copper, gold, and silver mining town in 1880, and named in honor of Judge DeWitt Bisbee, one of the financial backers of the adjacent Copper Queen Mine..Chief among the visionaries who turned the ailing mining town into the tourist destination it later became, were 3 men who saw Bisbee's potential during this time of exodus.The rediscovery of Bisbee by baby boomers in the 1990s saw it develop a more polished look, complete with coffee shops and live theater. Many of the old houses have been renovated, and property values in Bisbee now greatly exceed those of other Southeastern Arizona cities...In 2007, in what has been noted as the world's biggest-ever mining takeover, Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold bought Phelps Dodge Mining and has begun some preliminary work in the area...USS Arizona (BB-39), a Pennsylvania class battleship sunk by Japanese bombers in the attack on Pearl Harbor 7 December 1941..In the course of the 9th century we find mention of 9 places in Ireland (including Armagh, Clonmacnoise, Clones, Devenish and Sligo) where communities of Culdees were established as a kind of annexe to the regular monastic institutions. They seem especially to have had the care of the poor and the sick, and were interested in the musical part of worship. Óengus the Culdee lived in the last quarter of the 8th century and is best known as the author of the Félire Óengusso "the Martyrology of Óengus"..After the death of Maelruan Tallaght is forgotten, and the name Ceile-De disappears from the Irish annals until 919, when the 4 Masters record that Armagh was plundered by the Danes but that the houses of prayer, "with the people of God, that is Ceile-De", were spared. Subsequent entries in the annals show that there were Culdees at Clonmacnoise, Clondalken and Clones, at Monahincha in Tipperary,and at Scattery Island. Secular priests assumed the name of Culdees, lived in community and subjected themselves to monastic discipline though not bound by monastic vows. At Clones, Devenish, and Scattery Island, "Culdee" and "canon" are interchangeable terms..The Danish wars affected the Culdee houses. Clondalken and Clones disappeared altogether.. At Clonmacnoise, as early as the eleventh century, the Culdees were laymen and married, while those at Monahincha and Scattery Island gave way to the regular canons..The Annals of the Kingdom of Ireland (Annála Ríoghachta Éireann) or the Ann-Al of the 4 Masters are chronicles of medieval Irish history. The entries span from the Deluge, dated as 2,242 years after creation to AD 1616..After the American Civil War, the 5 CoLon-ies which made up British North America, Ontario, Quebec, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, held meetings to consider uniting into a single country.. This was due to a threat of annexation and invasion from the US...Tombstone Bitch Slap - YouTube

Lan Cao's debut novel Monkey Bridge traverses several opposing worlds. The novel consists of 2 narrators: Mai, a teenage Vietnamese immigrant, who flees to America on the day Saigon falls in 1975, and her mother, Thanh, who manages to join Mai a few months after Mai is settled in United States of America..3 years after their arrival in the United States, Thanh is in the hospital with a blood clot in her brain, suffering paralysis of half side. She has been calling out for Baba Quan, her father, in her sleep. Thanh and Baba Quan are supposed to meet in Saigon and leave for America together back in 1975, but this plan fails because Baba Quan, due to some unknown reason, does not show up. Since then, Thanh has "never truly recovered from the mishap that left him without the means to leave Saigon"...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDF_JbrH1d0

http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...&postcount=248 I just asked you to do 1 thing, to stay awake and watch me and to wake me up if it looked like I was having a bad dream..It is now 12, midnight and this station KRGR, leaving the Air - And now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the lord my soul to keep. And if I dye before I wake, I pray the lord my soul to take.. "A flower withers in a month's time..But the turquoise bee doesn't grieve..I will not grieve either..I have asked so much of you In this short life. May we meet again In the childhood of the next"...http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...postcount=1312

lightgiver 14-05-2014 10:47 PM

Hereford is a cathedral city, civil parish and county town of Herefordshire, England. It lies on the River Wye, approximately 16 miles (26 km) east of the border with Wales, 24 miles (39 km) southwest of Worcester, and 23 miles (37 km) northwest of Gloucester.. With a population of 53,516 people, it is the largest settlement in the county..The name "Hereford" is said to come from the Anglo-Saxon "here", an army or formation of soldiers, and the "ford", a place for crossing a river.. If this is the origin it suggests that Hereford was a place where a body of armed men forded or crossed the Wye.. The Welsh name for Hereford is Henffordd, meaning "old road", and probably refers to the Roman road and Roman settlement at nearby Stretton Sugwas..An early town charter from 1189 granted by Richard I of England describes it as "Hereford in Wales".. Hereford has been recognised as a city since time immemorial, with the status being reconfirmed as recently as October 2000..It is now known chiefly as a trading centre for a wider agricultural and rural area. Products from Hereford include: cider, beer, leather goods, nickel alloys, poultry, chemicals, and cattle, including the famous Hereford B-reed..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqVbOSEsJNo

After the Battle of Mortimer's Cross in 1461, during the Wars of the Roses, the defeated Lancastrian leader Owen Tudor (grandfather of the future Henry VII of England) was taken to Hereford by Sir Roger Vaughan and executed in High Town. A plaque now marks the spot of the execution. Vaughan was later himself executed, under a flag of truce, by Owen's son Jasper..During the civil war the city changed hands several times. On 30 September 1642 Parliamentarians led by Sir Robert Harley and Henry Grey, 1st Earl of Stamford occupied the city without opposition. In December they withdrew to Gloucester because of the presence in the area of a Royalist army under Lord Herbert. The city was again occupied briefly from 23 April to 18 May 1643 by Parliamentarians commanded by Sir William Waller but it was in 1645 that the city saw most action..Nell Gwynne, actress and mistress of King Charles II, is said to have been born in Hereford in 1650 (although other towns and cities, notably Oxford, also claim her as their own); Gwynn Street is named after Her..During World War I, in 1916, a fire at the Garrick Theatre killed 8 young girls who had been performing at a charity concet...


As with all of the UK, Hereford experiences a maritime climate, with limited seasonal temperature ranges, and generally moderate rainfall throughout the year. The nearest Met Office weather station for which 30-year averages are available is Preston Wynne weather station, about 5 miles (8 km) north east of the city centre.. Since 2001 a weather station at Credenhill, under 4 miles (6 km) to the west, has provided data..There have been plans for many years for a north–south bypass and currently the plan is for a nine-mile (14 km) dual carriageway; however, HM Government as yet has refused to grant permission or supply funds. Until then the A49 Trunk Road, A465, and A438 continue to run through the city centre..There is no airport in or near Hereford...RAF Hereford was a non-flying station of the Royal Air Force located nearby to Hereford. It was the home of a wide variety of training schools from 1940 until it closed for RAF training in 1999. Subsequently the Special Air Service (SAS) moved their base to there from its previous location in the City.. There is a clocktower in Hereford where the names of dead SAS men are inscribed..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZH7hyzPIbp0


Hereford is home of Hereford United Football Club, best known for beating Newcastle in the FA Cup in January 1972, when they were still a non-league side and Newcastle were in the top division of English football. They had a spell in the Football League from 1972 to 1997 reaching the second tier of English football in 1976, and were relegated to non-League status in 1997 before returning to beat Halifax Town A.F.C. 3–2 in the Nationwide Conference play-off final in 2005–06 to book a return to the Football League. They were again promoted, this time automatically, during the 2007–08 season, projecting them to this level of football for the first time since the late 1970s. As part of the regeneration of Hereford City Centre, the football club are renovating their ground..When he was nine, he was chosen for the junior school's football team. It was the first time he had succeeded, and he came to see football as his way out of poverty. He played in goal, which he writes suited the loner in him and gave him a sense of living on the edge between hero and villain..He met his 1st wife, Linda Atherton, in May 1971 at a dance at the Chesford Grange Hotel near Leamington Spa; she was working as a van driver for a Garage.. Despite often being in agony during training, he managed to play part-time for Hereford United – including in the first team when they were in the Fourth Division of the English Football League, and when they were promoted to Division 3 – before the pain in his joints forced him to retire in 1973 at the age of 21..He worked for 2 months in Saudi Arabia in 1975, helping them run their national football team; it was intended to be a longer-term position, but he missed his wife and new daughter so much that he decided not to return after his first holiday back to the UK..He and Linda were married on 30 September that year,4 months after they met.. A daughter was born in March 1975, followed by a son in December 1981 and another in November 1992..The spirit world was going to pass ideas to him, which he would speak about to others, sometimes not understanding the words himself. She said he would write 5 books in 3 years(=8)..What followed was what Icke calls his "turquoise bee period"..Now look, I once stood exposed to the Dragon's Breath so that a man could lie one night with a woman. It took me nine moons to recover..Herefordshire is 1 of only 3 English counties not to have a university.. However, until 77 Hereford was home to Hereford College of Education, a higher education institution ..The Royal National College for the Blind – One of the top colleges in Europe for blind and visually impaired students, and one of only 2 in Britain. ..Cathedral School – A co-educational independent school and 6th form, and a member of the Headmasters' and Headmistresses' Conference.. The earliest existing records date from 1384 though it is likely that a school was associated with the cathedral from its foundation in the late 7th Century..Dates from 1079 and contains the Mappa Mundi, a medieval map of the world dating from the 13th century which was restored in the late 20th century.. Annually it holds a large display of named cider apples, during the cider festival, when the apples are pressed in the Old Way.. It also contains the world famous Chained Library...Twin towns..Vierzon, France (1994)..Dillenburg, Germany...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFdas-kMF74
http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...&postcount=134Looking at the cake is like looking at the future, until you've tasted it what do you really Know-Merlin the magician brought you to me when you were newly born, and bade me raise you as my own.. And then, of course, it's too late..The Dragon. A beast of such power that if you were to see it whole and all complete in a single glance... http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...postcount=1463

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Herford is a town in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, located in the lowlands between the hill chains of the Wiehen Hills and the Teutoburg Forest..The former Hanseatic town of Herford is situated in the chain of hills south of the Wiehen Hills (Ravensberg Hills).. The highest place is the Dornberg (240 m) in the Schwarzenmoor district; the lowest point (56 m) is located in the Werretal in the Falkendiek district. The River Aa joins the river Werre in the centre of the town.. The Stuckenberg is located east of the town..Neighbouring town..Bielefeld historical centre of the city is situated north of the Teutoburg Forest line of hills, but modern Bielefeld also incorporates boroughs on the opposite side and on the hills..Founded in 1214 by Count Hermann IV of Ravensberg to guard a pass crossing the Teutoburg Forest, Bielefeld was the "city of linen" as a minor member of the Hanseatic League..The League was created to protect economic interests and diplomatic privileges in the cities and countries and along the trade routes the merchants visited...

In late medieval times Herford was a member of the Hanseatic League.. It was a Free Imperial City, i.e. it was directly subordinated to the emperor. This status was lost after the Peace of Westphalia (1648), when Herford was annexed by Brandenburg-Prussia.. It was administered within the Province of Westphalia following the Napoleonic Wars, and made part of the new state North Rhine-Westphalia after World War II..The Herford Minster (Münsterkirche) is a late Romanesque hall church, built about 1220-1250 for the Fürstabtei Herford (Herford Monastery). It is one of the earliest hall churches in Germany..Herford is the location of the headquarters of the 1st (UnKi) Armoured Division and Signal Regiment part of British Forces Germany.. Currently there are 870 soldiers serving at 3 camps (WentWorth Barracks, Hammer-Smith Barracks, and Hare-Wood Barracks).. Herford has a British military postal address of BFPO 15.. Including civilian staff and families, 2200 British people live in Herford.. is Twinned with.Fredericia, is a town located in the Eastern part of the Jutland peninsula in Danmark, in a sub-region known locally as Trekanten, or The Triangle..Hinckley, is situated near the larger town of Nuneaton has a history going back to Anglo-Saxon times.. By the time of the Domesday Book in 1086, Hinckley was quite a large village, and grew over the following 200 years into a small market town—a market was first recorded there in 1311..


15 is a triangular number, a hexagonal number, a pentatope number and the 4th Bell number..15 is the double factorial of 5.. It is a composite number; its proper divisors being 1, 3 and 5. With only 2 X-ceptions, all prime quadruplets enclose a multiple of 15, with 15 itself being enclosed by the quadruplet (11, 13, 17, 19). 15 is also the number of supersingular primes...15 is the magic constant of the unique order-3 normal magic square..15 and 16 form a Ruth-Aaron pair under the second definition in which repeated prime factors are counted as often as they occur..15 Madadgar is designated as an emergency number in Pakistan..Phosphorus is a nonmetallic chemical element with symbol P and atomic number 15...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfg0Wv4YM2k
http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...&postcount=616 I met a wild gypsy girl in the heather..I have everybody breathing down my neck: the Admiralty, the Government, the Ameracans..and the Good boys. My 5 lucky stars.. Almost purrfect..Up here in front, on lead, we've got my best girl Maya found in Pali and Sanskrit literature 70 times in Rigveda and around 27 times in the Atharvaveda...http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...postcount=1311

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Jäger is a German military term adopted in 1631 by the landgrave of Hesse when he first formed an elite infantry unit out of his professional hunters (Jäger) and rangers (Forstleute) in the Hessian Army..During the Age of Enlightenment in German-speaking states (and others influenced by them) Jäger is used to describe elite Light Infantry,Especially Skirmishers, scouts, sharpshooters and couriers.. Jäger, which means "hunter" or "huntsman" in German, came by extension to denote light infantrymen whose forester background made them suitable for skirmishing as individuals rather than as a drilled and regimented body of soldiers..The Battalion 23 is a high mountain moving infantry Association of Austrian Armed Forces in the states of Tyrol and Vorarlberg..Housed are the 5 companies of the Battalion in garrison locations Bludesch and Landeck , where the battalion command under the leadership of Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Belec in the Walgau barracks located in Bludesch. The Battalion was put up 23 in 1999..In 2 Garrisons there are 5 companies and the battalion command.. In Bludesch in Vorarlberg Bludenz command of the Battalion, the headquarters company, the combat support company and the 1st Infantry Company are housed in the Walgau barracks. In the Pontlatz barracks in Landeck further exist the 2nd and the 3rd Infantry Company..The battalion is part of the 6th Jäger Brigade,which in turn the command and control command is assumed..The effort of all and the personal commitment of Each individual for the common goal are the key to the success of soldiers of the Battalion 23... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZ1KEaetIwM

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http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...1&postcount=93..Name when literally translated means "master of hunters"..It is a title for a high-ranking official in charge of matters related to hunting. The term Jägermeister had existed as a job title for many centuries. It was redefined in 1934 in the new Reichsjagdgesetz (Imperial Hunting Law), which applied the term to senior foresters and gamekeepers in the German civil service..Hermann Göring was appointed Reichsjägermeister (Imperial Gamekeeper) when the new hunting law was introduced.. Thus, when Jägermeister was introduced in 1935, its name was already familiar to Germans—it was sometimes called "Göring-Schnaps"..In 2012, Jägermeister launched premixed drinks as a brand X-tension. The drinks come in 2 flavours, "raw" and "lime..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NbsIh4XbVBE..Personnel undertake Survive, Evade, Resist, Extract training.. The test stage for this training phase requires the candidates to undergo an evasion exercise, dressed in greatcoats to restrict movement and operating in small groups.. A Hunter Force from the Special Forces Support Group provides a capture threat..The Fantastic Level and the Realistic Level are the 2 levels upon which we live. Miss Fellowes is a highly Moral person.. If she ever recognized the truth about a Green TankTop, instead of Golgotha, the Place of the Skulls..On a Cross, with nails Through the Wrist...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BgjCHNBORZchttp://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...&postcount=238


The Jäger March Op. 91a (Finnish:Originally Jääkärien marssi) was composed by Jean Sibelius in 1917 to the words written by the Finnish Jäger, Hilfsgruppenführer Heikki Nurmio who served in Libau, in the Royal Prussian 27th Jäger Battalion of the Imperial German Army.. This unit was fighting against the Russian Empire, of which the Grand Duchy of Finland still was a part. The words were smuggled into Finland to Sibelius, who Composed the song in Järvenpää.. Jäger March, a military march, was originally written for male chorus and piano, and Sibelius later arranged it for male Chorus and symphony orchestra..First public performance of Jäger March was in Helsinki January 19, 1918 by Akademiska sångföreningen, led by Olof Wallin. The Finnish Civil War began on the same day between the White and the Red troops.. The march is the honorary march of many Army Detachments formed into the Royal Prussian 27th Jäger Battalion...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVso_dj_3h0
http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...&postcount=215 In 1992, the Serbian Army invaded neighboring Bosnia, starting a war marked by large scale Massacres of civilians in the name of ethnic cleansing.. More than 200,000 people died in the genocide, the most in any European conflict since World War II.. In 1995, American military forces and their NATO allies finally intervened, launching Operation Deliberate Force..For 18 years I have Waited...http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showt...1060&page=1266

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In mathematics, a natural number n is a Blum integer if n = p×q is a semiprime for which p and q are distinct prime numbers congruent to 3 mod 4..Uranus is the 7th planet from the Sun.. It has the 3rd-largest planetary radius and 4th-largest planetary mass in the Solar System.. Youranus is similar in composition to Neptune, and both are of different chemical composition than the larger GAS giants Jupiter and Saturn. For this reason, astronomers sometimes place them in a separate category called "ice giants"... Like the other GIANT planets, Uranus has a ring system, a magnetosphere, and numerous Ban Ki Moonies.. This large stork has a heavy yellow beak with a down-curved tip that gives it a resemblance to an ibis.. The head of the adult is Bare and orange or reddish in colour.. The long tertials are tipped in bright pink and at rest they extend over the back and rump. There is a distinctive black Breast band with white scaly markings...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5di1sfvLIYY

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Cornershop Brimful of Asha - YouTubeThe 93rd United States Congress was a meeting of the legislative branch of the US federal government, composed of the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives..December 19, 1974: Vice President Nelson Rockefeller inaugurated-May 9, 1974: Hearings on the Impeachment of President Nixon began - National Highway 93 (NH 93) is a National Highway in India entirely within the state of Uttar Pradesh. NH 93 links Agra with Moradabad and runs for a distance of 220 km (140 mi)..93 is a repdigit in base 5 (333).. It is a lucky number a cake number, and an idoneal number..The most stable isotope of neptunium, neptunium-237, is a by-product of nuclear reactors and plutonium production, and it can be used as a component in neutron detection equipment..In classical Persian finger counting, the number 93 is represented by a closed fist..38th Spirit is Halphas, or Malthous.. He is a Great Earl, and appeareth in the Form of a Stock-Dove. He speaketh with a hoarse Voice.. His Office is to build up Towers, and to furnish them with Ammunition and Weapons, and to send Men-of-War 1 to places appointed.. He ruleth over 26 Legions of Spirit...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UQWcQkiuJ4...http://www.londonbusroutes.net/times/093.htm


Michael Asher was born in Stamford, Lincolnshire, in 1953, and attended Stamford School. At 18 he enlisted in the 2nd Battalion the Parachute Regiment, and saw active service in Northern Ireland during The Troubles there in the 1970s..He studied English at the University of SGT Leeds, at the same time serving in B Squadron, 23rd SAS Regiment. He also studied at Carnegie College, Leeds, where he qualified as a teacher of physical education and English..In 1978-9 he worked for the RUC Special Patrol Group anti-terrorist patrols, but left after less than a year. He took a job as a volunteer English teacher in the Sudan in 1979..The author of 21 published books, and presenter/director of 6 TV documentaries, Asher has lived in Africa for much of his life, and speaks Arabic and Swahili..Disillusioned by his experiences as a police anti-terrorist officer in Northern Ireland, Michael Asher went to the Sudan in 1979 to work as a volunteer English teacher in remote regions. In his first vacation he bought a camel and rode 1500 miles across Kordofan and Darfur, joining up with a camel-herd being taken north to Egypt along the ancient caravan-route known as the Darb al-Arba'in .. This experience was the basis of his first book, In Search of the 40 Days Road.. Asher reconstructed T.E.Lawrence's camel-journeys in Jordan and Sinai, trekked in the Hoggar mountains of Algeria, and the Aouker valley of Mauretania. Asher and Peru also trekked on foot through the rainforest of northern Papua New Guinea and canoed by dugout down the Sepik river: Asher has visited Mount Kailash in Tibet, where he performed the pilgrimage on foot..In 2000, Asher was commissioned to go to Iraq with a film crew to investigate the story of the ill-fated SAS patrol, Bravo Two Zero, celebrated in the popular books of two of its members, Steven Mitchell and Colin Armstrong, under the pseudonyms Andy McNab and Chris Ryan.. Following in the patrol's footsteps in the Iraqi desert, Asher interviewed many eyewitnesses in Arabic, and was able to cast doubt on the authors' sensationalized accounts..His view is that industrial civilization is a male-oriented dominator culture built on violence to the Earth and to humans and nonhumans. Industrial culture, he says, is a 'death culture' in which the mythic ideal is the dominant male capable of killing without empathy, typified by such figures as 'James Bond, 007' - ' a man in a suit with a licence to kill' - and the 'mythical' Andy McNab and Chris Ryan of popular imagination..Michael Asher began running treks by camel for small groups in the desert of Morocco in 2002. He later extended these to the Bayuda Desert of the Sudan, and in 2013-14 led a pilot trek in the Ennedi Plateau of northern Chad. Asher cites these expeditions as 'real thing' adventures, crossing true wilderness...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ilOhj2vP604
http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showt...100575&page=27Watching John with the machine, it was suddenly so clear. The terminator, would never stop. It would never leave him, and it would never hurt him, never shout at him, or get drunk and hit him, or say it was too busy to spend time with him. It would always be there. And it would die, to protect him. Of all the would-be fathers who came and went over the years, this thing, this machine, was the only one who measured up. In an insane world, it was the sanest choice...http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showt...181432&page=35

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VX, IUPAC name O-ethyl S-[2-(diisopropylamino)ethyl] methylphosphonothioate, is an extremely toxic substance that has no known uses except in chemical warfare as a nerve agent. It is a tasteless and odorless liquid. As a chemical weapon, it is classified as a weapon of mass destruction by the United Nations in UN Resolution 687. The production and stockpiling of VX was outlawed by the Chemical Weapons Convention of 1993..The VX nerve agent Isis the best-known of the V-series of nerve agents and is considered an area denial weapon due to its physical properties...

Ghosh, a chemist at the Plant Protection Laboratories of the British firm Imperial Chemical Industries was investigating a class of organophosphate compounds (organophosphate esters of substituted aminoethanethiols).. Like Gerhard Schrader, an earlier investigator of organophosphates, Ghosh found that they were quite effective pesticides. In 1954, ICI put one of them on the market under the trade name Amiton. It was subsequently withdrawn, as it was too toxic for safe use. The toxicity did not go unnoticed, and samples of it had been sent to the British Armed Forces research facility at Porton Down for evaluation. After the evaluation was complete, several members of this class of compounds became a new group of nerve agents, the V agents..With its high viscosity and low volatility, VX has the texture and feel of motor oil. This makes it especially dangerous, as it has a high persistence in the environment. It is odorless and tasteless, and can be distributed as a liquid, both pure and as a mixture with a polymer in the form of thickened agent, or As an aerosol..


As their name suggests, nerve agents attack the nervous system of the human body. All such agents function the same way: by inhibiting the enzyme acetylcholinesterase, which is responsible for the breakdown of acetylcholine (ACh) in the synapse. ACh gives the signal for muscles to contract, preventing them from relaxing...Initial symptoms following exposure to nerve agents (like sarin) are a runny nose, tightness in the chest, and constriction of the pupils... Soon after,the victim will then have difficulty breathing and will experience nausea and drooling. As the victim continues to lose control of their bodily functions, they will involuntarily salivate, lacrimate, urinate, defecate, and experience gastrointestinal pain and vomiting. Blisters and burning of the eyes and/or lungs may also occur...This phase is followed by initially myoclonic jerks followed by status epilepticus. Death then comes via complete respiratory depression, most likely via the excessive peripheral activity at the neuromuscular junction of the diaphragm..The effects of nerve agents are very long lasting and increase with successive exposures. Survivors of nerve agent poisoning almost invariably suffer chronic neurological damage. This Neurological damage can also lead to continuing Psych0iatric effects...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpJoMuuE3Eg

48 is a 1996 alternate history horror novel following an American Pilot stranded in a dystopian London after Hitler, moments before being completely defeated, uses a biological weapon in the shape of V2 missiles, that wipes out the human race with the Blood Death - aside from those who suffer the Slow Death and those with AB blood type..The story is written in first person from the viewpoint of the American pilot, Hoke, and tends to ramble in his thoughts which sometimes leads us to question his sanity - even he suggests several times that he may not 'have all his marbles'..The story follows an American pilot, Hoke, who lives alone in the streets, constantly hidden and on the run from a gang of diseased and terminal Blackshirts, afflicted with the 'Slow Death', who attempt to capture him to use his blood to save their leader, Lord Hubble, via a blood transfusion..Desperate to capture Hoke as his life draws nearer to its end, Hubble sends his entire force out to capture the American pilot. Hoke escapes thanks to the aid of 3 fellow 'ABneg' survivors -2 women and a German navigator, shot down over Britain long ago..With the V2 missiles came 2 types of the same disease. First is the Blood Death which kills the subject instantly in a gruesome way... The arteries become blocked and X-plode, the skin splits and blood pours from every orifice... The Slow Death has the same climax but takes longer to work, up to years, and weakens the subject, blackens their fingers and hands and bruises their body internally..VX is an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor,it works by blocking the function of the enzyme acetylcholinesterase. Normally, an electric nerve pulse would cause the release of acetylcholine over a synapse that would stimulate muscle contraction. The acetylcholine is then broken down to non-reactive substances (acetic acid and choline) by the acetylcholinesterase enzyme. If more muscle tension is needed the nerve must release more acetylcholine. VX blocks the action of acetylcholinesterase, thus resulting in initial violent contractions, followed by sustained supercontraction restricted to the subjunctional endplate sarcoplasm and prolonged depolarizing neuromuscular blockade, the latter resulting in flaccid paralysis of all the muscles in the body. Sustained Paralysis of the diaphragm muscle causes death by asphyXiation...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjts5DrcdiU
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Grizzly Adams

The Glock 17 is a 9mm short recoil-operated locked breech semi-automatic pistol that uses a modified Browning cam-lock system adapted from the Hi-Power pistol..The hammer-forged barrel has a female type polygonal rifling with a right-hand twist..The method by which Glock barrels are rifled is somewhat unusual; instead of using a traditional broaching machine to cut the rifling into the bore, the Glock process involves beating a slowly rotating mandrel through the bore to obtain the hexagonal or octagonal shape..The .44 Remington Magnum, or simply .44 Magnum, is a large-bore cartridge originally designed for revolvers. After introduction, it was quickly adopted for carbines and rifles. Despite the ".44" designation, all guns chambered for the .44 Magnum case, and its parent case, the .44 Special, use bullets of approximately 0.429 in (10.9 mm) diameter..Ruger introduced its first long gun, a semi-automatic carbine chambered for .44 Magnum, in 1959, and Marlin followed soon after with a lever action model 1894 in .44 Magnum..Experts recommend limiting hunting ranges to 100 yards (91 m) when shooting .44 Magnum cartridges, less if practical accuracy requires it..The Ruger Redhawk is a double/single action large frame revolver that was first introduced in 1979 by Sturm, Ruger & Company. Made from high grade steel, it is available with either a blued or stainless steel finish..Adventurer Sir Ranulph Fiennes carried a Redhawk on the 14 month long Fiennes-Burton Transglobal Expedition and used it to ward off a polar bear..Introduced in 2005, the Ruger Super Redhawk: Alaskan is a short-barrel, big-bore revolver..Barrel length 2.5 in (64 mm)..Glock pistols chambered for the .45 GAP (and the .45 ACP) feature octagonal polygonal rifling rather than the hexagonal shaped bores used for models in other chamberings..Octagonal rifling provides a better gas seal in relatively large diameter rifled bores, since an octagon resembles a circle more closely than a hexagon..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPauXWjY4T8


On April 17–18, 1995, McVeigh and Nichols removed their supplies from their storage unit in Herington, Kansas, where Nichols lived.. They loaded their bomb supplies into a Ryder rental truck..The 2 then drove to Geary Lake State Park, where they nailed boards onto the floor of the truck to hold the 13 barrels in place and mixed the chemicals using plastic buckets and a bathroom scale.. Each filled barrel weighed nearly 500 pounds (230 kg).. McVeigh added more explosives to the driver's side of the cargo bay, which he could ignite (killing himself in the process) at close range with his Glock 21 pistol in case the primary fuses failed.. During McVeigh's trial, Lori Fortier (the wife of Michael Fortier) stated that McVeigh claimed to have arranged the barrels in order to form a shaped charge.. This was achieved by tamping the aluminum side panel of the truck with bags of ammonium nitrate fertilizer to direct the blast laterally towards the building.. Specifically, McV-eigh arranged the barrels in the shape of a backwards J; he later said that for pure destructive power, he would have put the barrels on the side of the cargo bay closest to the Murrah Building; however, such an unevenly distributed 7,000-pound (3,200 kg) load might have broken an axle, flipped the truck over, or at least caused it to lean to one side, which could have drawn attention...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_1sScojy_A
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Hi,My name is Sargon..I’m the Guy Moses copied
Mahalia Jackson - Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho - YouTube

Jake steps up to become a leader in Jericho, fighting to protect the town and its citizens..The events of the movie happen in the span of 7 days.. On Moonday, the detectives discover an obese man who was forced to feed himself to death, representing "Gluttony." The next day, they discover a fatal bloodletting of a rich attorney, representing "Greed". The detectives find a set of fingerprints, as well as additional clues at both murder scenes, and believe they're chasing a serial killer relating to the 7 deadly sins..The Movie Was released in the United States on September 22, 1995. Grossing $327 million at the box office internationally, Se7en was a commercial success, and received positive reviews..He is commonly designated as En-zu, which means "lord of wisdom". During the period (c.2600-2400 BC) that Ur exercised a large measure of supremacy over the Euphrates valley, Sin was naturally regarded as the head of the pantheon. It is to this period that we must trace such designations of Sin as "father of the gods", "chief of the gods", "creator of all things", and the like. The "wisdom" personified by the moon-god is likewise an expression of the science of astronomy or the practice of astrology, in which the observation of the moon's phases is an important factor..My mother was an Enitu priestees, I did not know any father..My mother conceived me and bore me in secret. She put me in a little box made of reeds, sealing its lid with pitch.. She put me in the river...The river carried me away and brought me to Akki the drawer of water.. Akki the drawer of water adopted me and brought me up as his son... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92ygYJw9CSE

Create something from nothing (無中生有/无中生有, Wú zhōng shēng yǒu)...A plain lie. Make somebody believe there was something when there is in fact nothing...Stomp the grass to scare the snake (打草驚蛇/打草惊蛇, Dá cǎo jīng shé)...Do something unaimed, but spectacular ("hitting the grass") to provoke a response of the enemy ("startle the snake"), thereby giving away his plans or position, or just taunt him..Come on brother have you lost your touch or have you gone and lost your way...But, you can't make an omelette without breaking some eggs..Tell me something, My friend.. You ever dance with the devil in the Pale moonlight...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZVvn8YcjTGQ
Sargon of Akkad - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...4&postcount=30Doctor Lancaster, Reverend Steenwyck, Notary Hardenbrook, and Magistrates Philips, who tried to cut and run, and lost his head..4 frightened men, arguing on the very night Magistrate Philipse was killed.. There's a conspiracy here. The doctor, the reverend, the notary, and the magistrate. What is the secret that unites them? Magistrate Philipse knew there were 5 bodies to 4 graves, knew the widow was pregnant, but would not tell me the name of the frater.. What does this point to K- We must proceed by a process of ELIlmination.. I shall make a list of all the Women in Sleepy Hollow...http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...&postcount=217

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Nyx & Erebus

A strange gentleman with a beard to demonstrate his weirdness..In contrast, the subject of the fanatic's obsession may be "normal", such as an interest in religion or politics, except that the scale of the person's involvement, devotion, or obsession with the activity or cause is abnormal or disproportionate..In 2003 or 2004 he organised an Islamic-themed camping trip, at which Bakri lectured, on the 54-acre (220,000 m2) grounds of the Jameah Islamiyah School in E.Sussex. Advertised by word-of-mouth, the trip was attended by 50 Muslim men, most of whom were members of al-Muhajiroun. Bakri later claimed the camp's activities included lectures on Islam, football and paintballing.. In September 2006, following allegations that it was used in the training and recruitment of terrorists, police searched the school. According to testimony from Al Qaeda suspects held at the Guantanamo Bay camp, in 1997 and 1998 Abu Hamza and groups of around 30 of his followers held training camps at the school, which included training with AK47 rifles and handguns, and a mock rocket launcher.. No arrests were made, and students and faculty were allowed to return on 23 September 2006,1st day of RAmaDAN..Flashers wear a green macintosh and sport a beard highlighting that they are from weird..Liberty is the quality individuals have to control their own actions. Different concepts of liberty articulate the relationship of individuals to society in different ways. Some concepts relate to life under a social contract, existence in an imagined state of nature, and therefore define the active exercise of freedom and rights essential to liberty in corresponding ways. Understanding liberty involves how we imagine, and structure, individual's roles and responsibilities in society in terms of free will and determinism, which involves the Larger domain of MetaPhysics... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=py3w5fttedA



Categories-Consumer fanaticism - the level of involvement or interest one has in the liking of a particular person, group, trend, artwork or idea-Emotional fanaticism-Limerence - Obsessive and addictive psychological tendencies towards the object of an individual's affections-Ethnic or racial supremacist fanaticism-Nationalistic or patriotic fanaticism-Political, ideological fanaticism-Leisure fanaticism - high levels of intensity, enthusiasm, commitment and zeal shown for a particular leisure activity-Religious fanaticism - considered by some to be the most extreme form of religious fundamentalism. Entail promoting religious views-Atheist fanaticism - sometimes considered part of religious fanaticism-Big Picture fanaticism-Posting overemphasized Pictures early in the morn that take 24 hours to get through-Bandwidth fanaticism - high levels of intensity surrounding sporting events.. This is either done based on the belief that extreme fanaticism can alter games for one's favorite team (Ex: Knight Krew), or because the person uses sports activities as an ultra-masculine "proving ground" for brawls, as in the case of football hooliganism..Antifanaticism: A Tale of the South Reg Kentis an 1853 plantation fiction novel by Martha Haines Butt..The Yale–Brown Obsessive Compulsive Scale, sometimes referred to as Y-BOCS, is a test to rate the severity of obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD) symptoms..Repetitive hand-washing is a common OCD symptom K..Hepatitis B is an infectious illness of the liver caused by the hepatitis B virus (HBV) that affects hominoidea, including humans. Originally known as "serum hepatitis", the disease has caused epidemics in parts of Asia and Africa, and it is now only endemic in China..The virus is transmitted by exposure to infectious blood or body fluids such as semen and vaginal fluids, while viral DNA has been detected in the saliva, tears, and urine of chronic carriers..Washing one's hands, a form of hygiene, is the most effective way to prevent the spread of infectious disease A.. (formerly known as infectious hepatitis) is an acute infectious disease of the liver caused by the hepatitis A virus (HAV).. Many cases have little or no symptoms especially in the young.. The time between infection and symptoms, in those who develop them, is between 2 and 6 weeks.. When there are symptoms they typically last 8 weeks and may include: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, yellow skin, fever, and abdominal pain..Virions are secreted into the bile and released in stool. HAV is excreted in large quantities approximately 11 days prior to appearance of symptoms or anti-HAV IgM antibodies in the blood...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsFpyUgkdrY
http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...&postcount=447Just look at me! Look at me! I am trained to get inside the criminal mind.. And now I'm stuck in my Own with you!.blimey, if that skirt was hitched any higher I could see what you had for Breakfast...http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...&postcount=467

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35K =19-1+9 = 10-O Gods and Muses! give me grace for this-To match my wine for sweet with Lola’s kiss...

The A42(=7) is a major trunk road in the East Midlands region of the United Kingdom. It links junction 23A Hilary of the M1 motorway to junction 11 of the M42 motorway.. The A42 is in effect a continuation of the M42, and its junctions are numbered accordingly..It is built to a similar standard to the M42(=19-1+9 = 10), being a grade separated dual carriageway.. T 6-mile (9.7 km) Measham and Ashby-de-la-Zouch bypass section was opened in August 1989(=27) at a cost of £33m...


35KA42 = 17..The modern M42(1+3+4+2=10) does interchange with the ghost of the old A42 at J4, (Stratford Road now being numbered A34 to the north of the junction and A3400 to the south)..The A42 was built by the UK Government in 1982 to link the M42 Northern Section to the M1; although it was not designated as MWay Shitty, and has no hard shoulder, the road is fully grade separated and runs with 2 lanes each way..The Tank, Infantry, Mk IV (A22) was a British heavy infantry tank used in the 2nd World War, best known for its heavy armour, large longitudinal chassis with all-around tracks with multiple bogies, and its use as the basis of many specialist vehicles. It was one of the heaviest Allied tanks of the war..Kappa Alpha Order (commonly known as Kappa Alpha, KA, or "the Order") is a social fraternity and a fraternal order. As of 2014, the Kappa Alpha Order lists 122 active chapters, 7 provisional chapters, and 33 suspended chapters were originally founded as Phi Kappa Chi on December 21, 1865 -2X10 =20)...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zu-zAsSX_98
http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...&postcount=547You bring the clowns to my city steps. You insult my queen. You threaten my people with slavery and death! Oh, I've chosen my words carefully, Persian. Perhaps you should have done the same AlTal!.. is an object which is believed to contain certain Magical or sacramental Properties...http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...&postcount=611

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Todo es de Color

El Patio 3A..

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufIX2Edmm0UUltimate 1 episode 2 part 1 YouTu..Ultimate Force is a British television drama series that was shown on ITV, which deals with the activities of the fictional Red TroopSpecialo Forces..The progromme started on 16 September 2002 and 4 series were produced...It was co-created by Rowlands Gill, a former TA soldier who was a member of the famous 22 Zero patrol during the 1991 Gulf War, with the show produced by Bentley Productions..Ryan appeared as a SAS soldier in the first series of the show playing "Blue Troop" leader Johnny Bell...Ultimate Force - The Killing House Part 1 TubeITV then announced there would not be a 5th series, partially due to low ratings - hence the cutting of series 3 and 4 midway Grizzly arrives at the pub to square up to The laser designator then switches to inside the van, but the Blaupunkt radio cassette and visible heater controls and stick on steering wheel on the dashboard are that of a 2003 Rover 22...Ultimate Force - Series 2 - Episode 2 - Mad Dogs - Video Dailymotion In Commonwealth forces (unlike American forces) if you are not in uniform, or if you are in uniform but do not have your beret on, you do not salute - just come to attention or turn your head as the situation requires, and add a .."Love Potion No. 9" in 1959 by Jerry and Mike 4 leaf them alone Clovers, who took it to #23 that year...http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...&postcount=401The Clovers-Love Potion No.9 YouTubeBackmasking Revolution 9 - Test Tubehttp://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...&postcount=410It's just... you say only 3 more have to be killed. I don't know if I can do it anymore. It's in all the snoozepapers.. I'm just a simple chap, sir.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtU-9EMSYu0. I'm not a great man like you.. I just don't know where I am anymore.. No Ordinary Half Moon...http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...&postcount=127.Comex clients - 800,000 ounces of gold with a value of about $220 million..I'm retired now. But 5 years ago I helped blow up the WTC complex. I was paid a half million dollars, tax free, for my time and trouble. I don't know what the rest of my crew was paid--maybe a little more, maybe a little less. Not that I care much. In operations like this one, where dozens and dozens of top technicians operated like a team, nobody knew the entire operation or who was who, or what everybody got paid---the big picture, as people call it...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhNzfMKty-o

http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...&postcount=450Who loves you, eh? That's right, Mummy loves you, you little monsters. Mummy loves you more than anything - more than all the cakes, more than all the jewellery, more than all the chocolate in the world..You are not people any more. You are not human beings. You are part of a machine. You do not wear what you want to, think what you want to - you wear what we tell you, think what we tell you, eat when we tell you, sleep, shit and foook when we tell you!..http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...postcount=1315

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Donald "Lofty" Large (27 September 1930 – 22 October 2006) was a British soldier and author..Having joined the Army as a boy, Large fought in the Korean War and was wounded and taken prisoner at the Battle of Imjin. He spent 2 years in a POW camp, where his injuries went untreated and he lost more than a third of his body weight. After his release and rehabilitation, he joined the Special Air Service (SAS) and went on to serve in various conflicts around the world, hunting communist guerrillas in Malaya, suppressing rebellions in Oman and Aden, and conducting deniable cross-border reconnaissance and raids during the Indonesia–Malaysia confrontation..An imposing figure – he was almost 6 feet 6 inches (1.98 m) tall – he was given the nickname "Lofty" after joining the Army..After his retirement, Large wrote 2 books about his Army career, preceding such authors as Andy McNab and Chris Ryan. Andy McNab has said that Large and his books were "instrumental in Setting the Template for future members of the [SAS] Regiment...

In rhetoric, chiasmus (from the Greek χιάζω, chiázō, "to shape like the letter Χ") is the figure of speech in which 2 or more clauses are related to each other through a reversal of structures in order to make a larger point; that is, the clauses display inverted parallelism.. Chiasmus was particularly popular in the literature of the ancient world, including Hebrew, Greek, and Latin, where it was used to articulate the balance of order within the text. As a popular example, many long and complex chiasmi have been found in ShakeSpeare and the Greek and Hebrew texts of the Bible.. It is also found throughout the Book of Mormon..The elements of simple chiasmus are often labelled in the form A B B A, where the letters correspond to grammar, words, or meaning. For example John F. Kennedy said "Ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country"..A "But many that are first B shall be last; B1 and the last A1 shall be first." Jesus (Bible: Matthew 19:30.)..In Christian poetry, chiasmus takes on added meaning since Chi is the first element of Chi Rho, the first letters of "Christ" in Greek, and since the "X" that characterizes chiasmus stands for the cross on which Christ was crucified.. In a very real sense, it is the other way round.. Human rights invented America!..The UNODC made a study in 2012 that includes most countries of the world. The following lists show only the most recent data. Rates are calculated per 100,000 inhabitants.. Intentional homicide in this case is defined as unlawful death purposefully inflicted on a person by another person The reliability of underlying national murder rate data may vary...United States 14,173 -Northern America..Who sheds the blood of a man, by a man shall his blood be shed..; Real Pain for my Sham Friends...Champagne for my Real Friends..In music, arch form is a sectional structure for a piece of music based on repetition, in reverse order, of all or most musical sections such that the overall form is symmetric, most often around a central movement..The most popular arch-form structure is ABCBA...G Of D...
http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...&postcount=606I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy..By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail..Mankind must put an end to war or war will put an end to mankind..America did not invent human rights..What counts is not necessarily the size of the dog in the fight—it's the size of the fight in the DoG...http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...postcount=1729

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One night his unit is set upon by a group of North Vietnamese Army (NVA) soldiers, who retreat after a brief confrontation (fire fight).. New recruit Gardner is killed while another soldier, Tex, is maimed by friendly fire from a grenade thrown by Sergeant "Red" O'Neill, with Taylor being mistakenly reprimanded by the ruthless Staff Sergeant Barnes.. Simple, free your mind and the ass will follow..Then the worm has definitely turned for you, man. Feel good- Yeah, it feels good. I got no pain in my neck now..The Long Range Desert Group (LRDG) was a reconnaissance and raiding unit of the British Army during the 2nd World War.. The commander of the German Afrika Corps, Field Marshal Erwin Rommel, admitted that the LRDG "caused us more damage than any other British unit of Equal Strength"...


Elias takes Taylor, Crawford and Rhah to intercept flanking enemy troops. Barnes orders the rest of the platoon to retreat, and goes back into the jungle to find Elias' group.. Barnes finds Elias and shoots him, returning to tell the others that Elias was killed by the enemy.. While they are leaving, a wounded Elias emerges from the jungle, running from a group of North Vietnamese soldiers..What happened today is just the beginning...Anyone got a coupe a Gerry cans to lug around, might make us move faster..and be a cripplegate at the roman forum by 40.. In '65, yeah..Bob, I got a bad feeling on this one, all right? I mean I got a bad feeling! I don't think I'm gonna make it outta here! D'ya understand what I'm sayin' to you...
http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...&postcount=192Somebody once wrote: 'El is the impossibility of reason.' That's what this place feels like.. Elle. I love it already and it's only been a week.. Some god-damn week, Grandma.. The hardest thing I think I've ever done is go on point 33 times this week - I don't even know what I'm doing. A GooK could be standing 3 feet in front of me..what do you call a 1 eyed chinese man.. We get up at 5 am, hump all day, camp around 4 or 5, dig a foxynoxyhole, eat, then put out an all-night AMBush or a 3-man listening post in the jungle.. It's scary, 'cause nobody tells me how to do anything 'cause I'm new and nobody cares about the new guys.. They don't even want to know your name.. The unwritten rule is a new guy's life isn't worth as much 'cause he hasn't put his time in yet - and they say, if you're gonna get killed in the Naan, it's better to get it in the first few weeks, the logic being you don't suffer that much.. If you're lucky, you get to stay in the perimeter at night and then you pull a 33-hour guard shift, so maybe you sleep 3, 4 hours a night, but you don't really sleep...http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...&postcount=589

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All regular spaces are preregular, as are all Hausdorff spaces. There are many results for topological spaces that hold for both ragular and Hausdorff spaces. Most of the time, these results hold for all preregular spaces; they were listed for regular and Hausdorff spaces separately because the idea of preregular spaces came later. On the other hand, those results that are truly about regularity generally don't also apply to nonregular Hausdorff spaces..The administrative centre was the village of Haus, where Haus Church is located..Aye, aye, I’ve never known nowt like this before.. When I see her, I get all tongue-tied.. Me! Shivers doon me neck, butterflys and sweaty palms..I went to a séance in Edgbaston once.. I tried to contact my Granny...

Bünde was first mentioned, as Buginithi, in 853.. It has one of the oldest church foundations of Westphalia, the 'Laurentius Church' (founded about 778 - 840). During the Cold War, it was home to a British military base (part of the BAOR) which closed in 1993...About 30 million-year-old fossils were found in the Doberg, including a skull of a toothed whale (Easqualadon langewieschei) and a skeleton of a manatee (Anemotherium langewieschei).. Both were found 1911-1912 by Friedrich Langewiesche, who became an honorary citizen of Bünde.. The fossils are presented in 'Doberg Museum' in Bünde..The Nordwestdeutsche Philharmonie (North West German Philharmonic) is a German symphony orchestra based in Herford. It was founded in 1950 and, along with Philharmonie Südwestfalen and Landesjugendorchester NRW, is one of the 'official' orchestras (Landesorchester) of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia..The coat of arms of the city of Bünde features the 2 Epic Germanic Warriors Hengist and Horsa taking an Oath and sealing it with a Handshake...

http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...&postcount=470What's it feel like, Love W, I mean, what's it like...I wouldn't jump a Mate's B, not at 3 in the afternoon anyway.. I read this research report..Right, they use Ultrasound scans to eggsamine the testicles of 45 mountain bikers and they compared them with 39 sets of testicles of non-riders, and all but 2 of the cyclists had scrrrrotal abnormalities..Aye, very funny. Look, we're not going off to repel some marauding mexicans yer Know!..http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...&postcount=624

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Anders Frederik Emil Victor Schau Lassen VC, MC & 2 Bars (22 September 1920 – 9 April 1945) was a highly decorated Danish soldier who was a recipient of the British Victoria Cross in the 2nd World War.. He was posthumously awarded the UK's highest gallantry award for his actions on 8 April 1945 at Lake Comacchio in Italy in the final weeks of the Italian Campaign..The Danish officer was ordered to lead a raid that would give the impression that a major landing was being undertaken. Lassen fulfilled his mission in the face of overwhelming enemy numbers by single-handedly taking out 3 enemy positions before being mortally wounded.. As his men's lives would be endangered in the withdrawal, he refused to be evacuated from the area..Anders Lassen was the son of Emil Victor Schau Lassen and Suzanne Maria Signe Lassen, of Nyhavn, Copenhagen (he was a first cousin of Axel von dem Bussche; a German Resistance member who unsuccessfully tried to kill Adolf Hitler in 1943)..In early 1943, No. 62 Commando was disbanded and its members dispersed amongst other formations. Lassen was among a number who went to the Middle East to serve in the Special Boat Section, then attached to the Special Air Service.. Others joined the 2nd SAS under the command of Bill Stirling, elder brother of David Stirling.. During his time in the SBS, Lassen rose in rank to become a Major by October 1944. During his service he fought in North-West Europe, North Africa, Crete, the Aegean islands, mainland Greece, Yugoslavia and Italy. He was awarded 2 further bars to his Military Cross on 27 September 1943 and 15 February 1944...


The Special Boat Service (SBS) is the special forces unit of the Naval Service of the United Kingdom. Together with the Special Air Service, Special Reconnaissance Regiment and the Special Forces Support Group they form the United Kingdom Special Forces and come under joint control of the same Director Special Forces..The SBS can trace their origins to the 2nd World War, when they were formed as the Special Boat Section in 1940. They became the Special Boat Squadron after the Second World War and the Special Boat Service in the 1980s..The Special Boat Section was founded in July 1940 by a Commando officer, Roger Courtney. Courtney became a commando recruit in mid-1940, and was sent to the Combined Training Centre in Scotland. He was unsuccessful in his initial attempts to convince Admiral of the Fleet Sir Roger Keyes and later Admiral Theodore Hallett, commander of the Combined Training Centre, that his idea of a folding kayak brigade would be effective.. He decided to infiltrate HMS Glengyle, a Landing Ship, Infantry anchored in the River Clyde. Courtney paddled to the ship, climbed aboard undetected, wrote his initials on the door to the captain's cabin, and stole a deck gun cover.. He presented the soaking cover to a group of high-ranking Royal Navy officers meeting at a nearby Inveraray hotel.. He was promoted to captain, and given command of 12 men, the first Special Boat Service/Special Boat Section..PAshDown served in Borneo during the Indonesia–Malaysia confrontation and the Persian Gulf before training as a Swimmer Canoeist in 1965..The Helsinki documents involve political and moral commitments aimed at lessening tension and opening further the lines of communication between peoples of East and West..Lassen is buried at the Argenta Gap war cemetery grave II, E, 11.. His VC medal is on display at the Frihedsmuseet (Museum of Danish Resistance) in Copenhagen, Denmark...
http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...&postcount=118G promised ABraham that he would not destroy Sodom if he could find 10 righteous men..I have a feeling that for G it may come down to 1..The Valkyrie; handmaidens of the G's, choosing who will live and who will dye, sparing the most heroic from an agonizing D..One cannot understand NatIONal 19ocialism if one does not understand 23AGner...http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp...&postcount=157

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