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Dude111 01-03-2019 02:36 AM

Please dont take this site we have loved for many years!!!!

I know its hard to run it and your tired but you dont have to be here buddy,you have staff members to run this place!!!

You havent been here since 20/2 and things are fine!!!


white light 01-03-2019 02:48 AM

As long as I can continue to enjoy the closing down party.

But I'd be happy for the forum to still be around tomorrow. I've invested five years of my life here. It's not insignificant. I feel it. I'm a thinking feeling thing. Not an AI bot. Here at the last there's only a few posters. I wonder why?


leighcgilbert 01-03-2019 03:56 AM

Where is the advertising for the new forum? David rarely mentioned the old forum either, except to criticise it, so I get the impression that he's not particularly bothered. I hope he and Gareth prove me wrong with the new forum.

illuminumnuts 01-03-2019 07:09 AM


Originally Posted by Dude111 (Post 1063061241)
You havent been here since 20/2 and things are fine!!!

Yes, but he probably can't just abandon it, while also leaving it live, for legal reasons.

grimstock 01-03-2019 08:02 AM

It needs to be locked and secured, but remain as archive - it is a wealth of truth that must not be lost to those that wish it would disappear. This forum is worth much more than just chit-chat. The new site caters for all that.

Half measure(which I do not really recommend) - subscribers only.

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