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techman 18-07-2018 06:36 PM

Companies promoting mainstream stuff
Everytime I go to the gym, there are large screen TVs all around showing either bloody Bargain Hunt, the Football news or the MSN. They even have the local radio station playing with all the utter repetitive drivel played over and over. But what disturbs me most of the adverts that they play on the radio, typical mainstream thinking crap such as Cancer Research UK, McDonald's, KFC, and ads for Smart Meters. Having a McDonald's advertisement in a fitness centre, where the aim is to keep people fit and active and encourage healthy eating (and drinking), yet they allow these junk food ads to aired on the radio, just completely defeats their aim of getting people to live health lifestyles. Where are the ads for health eating, alternative health, etc?.

tom bombadil 19-07-2018 09:25 AM

Do what I do then!

If it's an array of screens and speakers, just ask. I find they don't care if you put on a bit of UK column or for radio Richie Allen because they look and sound professional (cos they is) and last a good forty mins at least.

If the vision is from one screen (like a TV on) then just get the app for that model and stream it to that set! I tend to download first and then mirror the phone.


berten60 19-07-2018 03:57 PM

Don't go to the gym.There,problem solved.
Gyms are a rip off anyway...

huyi 20-07-2018 02:19 PM

Get some headphones and listen to your own music and alternative news.

cosmic tramp 20-07-2018 05:17 PM

Amazes me how NHS have subcontracted WH Smiths into many larger hospitals selling gallons of chemical compound, sugary fizzy pop, E-flavoured sweeties, cholesterol laden crisps and chocolate to patients...just the stuff to get you well again (not). (no health or side effect warnings on any of these products, you'll notice) Why not Holland & Barrett instead ?

tom bombadil 21-07-2018 07:32 PM


Originally Posted by berten60 (Post 1063031913)
Don't go to the gym.There,problem solved.
Gyms are a rip off anyway...

I agree, but with a caveat!

If the will is strong and one has a control on their lives, then leaving a gym if one wants to by controlling their affairs, is an easy thing! Folk that say that they are caught in a loop of payments have not read the contract and we're lazy. A thirty pound (mine is £24) a month fee is piss easy way, at two or three pound a day if I go every three or so days, to keep fit!

I swim and shower and chill in the sweat room. Not bad for 24 quid!

But in a kind of oxymoronic way, I use the gym because I am lax in keeping fit! If I don't have the facility of the gym I turn into and old man!

I don't over do it mind! I just keep trim.

berten60 22-07-2018 07:07 AM

Over here the gyms always require access
to your bank account to get their monthly fee.
It is supposedly more convenient they say for
their clients,I say it is a rip off.They have no business
accessing my bank account for their fee.
They won't accept any other form of payment,
like prepayment in cash for example.
screw em...

This applies to large chains with gyms in
almost all cities,and not the small businesses
which are disappearing more and more because
those large chains are killing them off slowly or taking them over...

techman 22-07-2018 08:06 PM

Well in my situation I actually go the gym for free as I'm a carer for a disabled person, whom by the way has to pay which has, up until ear!y this year now gone from £3.80 to 4 quid a session. If it wasn't for this person there's no way I would go the gym, not necessarily because of cost but just that I don't have any time. Thus gym is run by the council or local authority (I think), so in no way is it independent, which doesn't surprise me as the radio ads they allow to be put on (a local radio station who've probably been given a leg up to promote the junk food ads) are of McDonalds, etc and promoting Smart Meters; and everyone walking around with their phones glued to their ears, which is know doubt causing health issues, not to mention WiFi everywhere. You'd think a gym would advertise healthy eating, but of course that's not in their interest, and if they did or wanted to they'd probably be out of business. They want to brainwash people into killing themselves with exercise, yet at the same time promote junk food and unhealthy lifestyles. The increase in middle aged and older people (even younger people in some cases) using mobility scooters is IMO an indication people arent living healthy lives, and I don't necessarily believe its to do with laziness, but more the crap that's in our foods, the WiFi, etc that's contributing to this. But people just bang on about this "ageing population" thing.

You're right about WHSmiths being in hospitals. Then again, who's gonna want to grab some health bar from Holland and Barratt when their visiting a sick relative?. They want to munch on a Mars bar, pick up of a copy of a crappy crime novel or MSM newspaper or gossip mag, drink a lot of sugar drinks and be on their way. Speaking of colestral, but didn't Icke say that this talk of low collestral being good for you is nonsense and that high collestral is good?. Is Icke talking bollckds there? I can imagine the amount of people disagreeing with him,but what the hell does the average Joe know other than friggin Dr Hillary Jones from Good Morning Britain tells them or even their GP?.

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