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dmtevolver 10-12-2014 02:27 PM

Spiritual Practices
Spiritual Practices
by Stuart Wilde


Here is a beautiful spiritual practice that I have not mentioned for a while. It is very powerful and protective.


The Dies Irea

Lay down head to the north, feet to the south facing up. Visualize winged, angelic beings all around you, above you and below you, under you through the floor. This is important as much trouble and evil from the Aluna comes up through the floor, as well as to your right from the direction of NNE when you are facing north.

The evil is up 17 1/2 degrees from the level plane. It is a dimension of hatred and jealousy and self-importance that I named “17-up-right”. We term hyper-state dimensions we see from the directional vectors they are on, like the UFOs come from a vector at SSW that I named 240-down.

Play the video (for the sound track) and meditate to it asking for protection, it’s about 6 mins+ long. When you are very relaxed or deeply in trance, ask a question but only one and write it down before you start. Make it short. Long rambling questions never get an answer.

Where do I go?

What do I do?

What about the bloody boy friend?

Then wait for what you hear or whatever “download blip” you might get that you unravel in your feelings later.

Pray for protection at the start of this and be humble and pray for forgiveness for your crimes.

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