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noewhan 08-03-2015 07:19 AM

Illuminatus - Destory the Eye!
Enjoy :)

The game is built in Unity, you may need to install a plug-in. Don't worry, it's safe & well known.



It's a pretty easy game. All you have to do is match certain icons with icons by clicking & dragging them. Icons are not active, unless you click on them.

Level 1, you must match / destroy at least 15. On the 2nd level you must get 37. At the moment there is a glitch where the score is saved even if you press the play button... So it's kinda cheat-able.

The icons represent various Illuminatus factions:

--Area 51
--Chem Trails
--Manchurian Candidate
--Wall Street Crash
--Time Traveler
--Reptillian Shape Shifter
--EBE (Grey alien)
--Reverse Engineered Craft
--Shadow Person
--MK Ultra
--Men in Black

Some of them remove more then 1 faction. Good luck!

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