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itam37 25-11-2018 02:36 AM

what does disclosure of TR-3B really means...
first, TR-3B is space capable..as was the Nazi German "Vril" (UFO) machine.
it warps time and space, it s not just simply antigravity...think what that means...
you have a space capable flying time machine...and it is declassified
and at the same time we are struggling to build a propulsion system to get to Mars..!!!
this all leads to conclusion, that the powers behind TR-3B are superior to our currant world developing level !
researchers of all kind are putting together crumbles of info about the totally another reality, what was kept secret at least 70 years...and despite of researchers efforts remains secret, cause no one in "right" mind would believe the real thing !

oz93666 25-11-2018 05:12 AM

This is an artist's rendition ...


It's been widely spotted by UFO hunters , and so the official web , and Wikipedia has been forced to cover it , they imply it's a super secret aircraft we're not suppose to know about ...

Those in the SSP describe it as the smallest and most commonly used spacecraft , used for transporting up to 1,000 people. Can land at military bases on Earth to pick up personnel/slaves for drop-offs on the moon and other bases around the solar system.

itam37 25-11-2018 11:05 AM

the fact--TR-3b means, that all these whistleblowers on SSP and colonizing new planets are actually true,
it also means, that we have a time machine--so many stories heard on this subject..
this "breakaway" civilization is real---that s what it means and "they" are rubbing it to our face...
nice, isn`t it !

itam37 25-11-2018 11:52 AM

heard story about the coin from the future, a German coin "Neue Alemania" from 2044 something...
also heard stories of a time travelling into the WW2 in 1970-ies allegedly to help to win the war...but actually what "they" did is that "they" created an alternative timeline, where in the future this "breakaway" civilization actually is located..
this isn t a nice civilization, cause its post nazi regime all over the world...
they have conquered some other planets already and are incorporated into some big interstellar Empire...
totally crazy stuff, but this is what these SSP whistle blowers are actually telling us

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