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doobyferkin 11-12-2013 08:51 PM


Originally Posted by wendypeace27 (Post 1061878761)

I saw this clip while I was watching some Sandy Hoax stuff.....it is relevent to this forum.

I think they like to think that they have ruler ship, but they just trick people into giving it to them.

If they had full control and didnt have to "trick" people all the time with fame and money -- we would all be robots by now. Organic ones, lol.

They can't do what they want to do with guns in the picture.

Its not the politicians that care about "gun control".

XF3 ARMY | The Secret Government - Uploaded on Jan 3, 2010



I chose this scene because everything Martin Landau says rings true with the 2005 Hurricane Katrina disaster. FEMA ordered a stand down, so it would look like they screwed up in the matter of a National Emergency, and therefore needed to be awarded even MORE unlimited power and resources to continue responding to crises. In 2010, FEMA has too much power and does anything but respond to National Emergencies. What are they gearing up for?

(Not to mention the Bush administration ordering a shoot-to-kill policy for people trying to survive by looting abandoned stores, and violating the 2nd Amendment by seizing citizens' registered weapons - but that has nothing to do with FEMA.)
EDIT: searched for a release date and the only information I can find is that it is a game called resist or serve, if any forum dwellers have played this game then please add any relevant info regarding its content in relation to fema etc...

doobyferkin 12-12-2013 07:25 PM


Nelson Mandela's funeral, farewell plans - a day by day breakdown - December 6, 2013


For the Xhosa people of South Africa, death is traditionally not something to be talked about or to be planned for, no matter how inevitable or close it may seem.

But those close to Nelson Mandela had little choice as the country's first black leader lay in a Pretoria hospital and then at home in Johannesburg on life support.

In the final years of his life, secret plans were hammered out between the government, the military and his family as they prepared for a fitting farewell for a great man.

Below is a breakdown of how those plans will unfold over the next 10 days, culminating in a state funeral to be broadcast to millions worldwide and a very private farewell for those closest to him.
Honoring Mandela's legacy
Small cell had a 'larger than life' man
Bizos recalls Mandela's life in prison

As is often the case with events of this magnitude, plans might change due to weather, security and other factors. But for now, this is what the authorities and the family hope will happen.

According to multiple sources involved with the planning of the final farewell to the South African icon, the 10 days of mourning will combine both Western traditions and those of the Thembu, Mandela's native clan.

Day 1 to Day 4

Mandela passed away at 8.50 p.m. Thursday (1.50 p.m. ET), surrounded by his family, South African President Jacob Zuma said. CNN understands that during his final hours, Mandela would have also been surrounded by Thembu elders. Importantly, at some stage - either at his home or in the mortuary - the traditional leaders will gather for a first ceremony, a tradition called "the closing of the eyes."


The South African flag that is expected to be draped over the coffin will be replaced with a traditional Xhosa blanket, symbolizing the return of one of their own.

Xhosa people


The Xhosa (pronounced [kǁʰɔsɑ] ( listen)) people are speakers of Bantu languages living in south-east South Africa, and in the last two centuries throughout the southern and central-southern parts of the country.

Xhosa-speaking peoples are divided into several tribes with related but distinct heritages. The main tribes are the Mpondo, Mpondomise, Bomvana, Xesibe, and Thembu. In addition, the Bhaca and Mfengu have adopted the Xhosa language. The name "Xhosa" comes from that of a legendary leader called uXhosa. There is also a theory that the word xhosa derives from a word in some Khoi-khoi or San language meaning "fierce" or "angry", the amaXhosa being the fierce people. The Xhosa refer to themselves as the amaXhosa and to their language as isiXhosa. - wikipedia

keksi 13-12-2013 03:15 AM

Advertisement for watches always use 10:10.


doobyferkin 13-12-2013 10:17 AM


Originally Posted by keksi (Post 1061881071)
Advertisement for watches always use 10:10.


I did not realize, thanks for pointing out! :)

yes there seems to be a lot......

image - omega co-axial at 10:10

10:10 = X X and 22:10 also = X(chi) X

doobyferkin 15-12-2013 11:05 AM

follow up to post 183 and 190

NASA picks SpaceX to lease idled shuttle launch pad - Fri Dec 13

NASA will turn over one of its mothballed space-shuttle launch pads to privately owned Space Exploration Technologies, or SpaceX, which intends to set up a second site in Florida for its Falcon rockets, officials said on Friday.

NASA's decision to lease out Launch Pad 39A at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida to SpaceX followed a challenge by rival bidder Blue Origin, a startup rocket company owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

On Thursday, the Government Accountability Office dismissed Blue Origin's protest over NASA's bidding process. Privately owned Blue Origin had proposed a multi-user concept for the launch pad.

In its ruling, the GAO said NASA was free to consider both exclusive and multi-use operational concepts for the launch pad.

GAO's review of the protest delayed NASA's plan to turn over the launch pad by October 1, 2013. NASA has said it spends around $100,000 a month to maintain the site.

The terms of the lease agreement with SpaceX were not immediately disclosed.

"NASA will begin working with SpaceX to negotiate the terms of its lease for LC-39A. During those ongoing negotiations, NASA will not be able to discuss details of the pending lease agreement," the agency said in a statement.

SpaceX already is flying its Falcon rockets from a leased launch pad at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, just south of the NASA spaceport. It also has a launch pad at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, and is considering developing a commercial complex in Texas.

The company, founded and run by technology entrepreneur Elon Musk, has a backlog of more than 50 missions for NASA and commercial customers.

doobyferkin 16-12-2013 11:17 AM

LA Times

23andMe's genetic tests are more misleading than helpful - December 15, 2013

image - 23 and me X logo


Cutting edge companies often walk a tightrope between regulators trying to keep their technologies under control and marketers trying to push them out to consumers as fast as possible.

That's where a Silicon Valley company named 23andMe is today. The Mountain View, Calif., firm has been hawking genetic tests for you to take at home. You spit into a receptacle and ship your saliva back to the company so it can analyze your DNA for a mere $99. Eventually you get a readout detailing your genetic susceptibility to hundreds of diseases.

At least, that used to be the case. At the end of November, regulators at the Food and Drug Administration instructed the firm to shut down its genetic analysis service, declaring — with plenty of justification — that the company's marketing claims were running well beyond what was valid, or legal. The service fell within the legal definition of a medical diagnostic device, the agency said, and demanded data demonstrating the tests' technical validity. It warned 23andMe to ratchet back its marketing claims for the service, which it said requires agency approval before it can be sold to consumers....



23andMe is a privately held personal genomics and biotechnology company based in Mountain View, California that provides rapid genetic testing. The company is named for the 23 pairs of chromosomes in a normal human cell. Their personal genome test kit was named Invention of the Year by Time magazine in 2008

The company was founded by Linda Avey, Paul Cusenza, and Anne Wojcicki to provide genetic testing and interpretation to individual consumers. Cusenza left the company in 2007 and has been CEO of Nodal Exchange since 2008. Avey left the company in 2009 to establish a foundation to study the causes and treatment of Alzheimer's disease.....- wikipedia
reference to post 91

j35p3r4d0 17-12-2013 01:54 PM

Look, I don't know for sure but I'm going to now post some things that perhaps have not been posted here.... and to me they seem far more obvious and relevant than all this mind control bullshit that seems to have been posted....


firstly... The Octahedron.


secondly... The Cardinal Directions.


thirdly... You can make a cube out of eight smaller cubes. The Tao.


fourthly... You can make a cube from 6 pyramids (halved Octahedron)



(Edit: The Octahedron is a 1d cube in a way, because you need 3 of them for a cube (Six pyramids)

(Edit 2: Come on, you're posting some silly logo for a company. Get to your geometry.)

doobyferkin 17-12-2013 03:52 PM

/\ thanks for sharing j35p3r4d0, this will help with my kids maths homework!



doobyferkin 17-12-2013 09:36 PM


Poll: What Is the US Air Force's Mysterious X-37B Space Plane Doing in Orbit? - December 13, 2013


What do you think the U.S. Air Force's robotic X-37B space planes are doing on their months-long mystery missions in orbit?

Space weapon tests: It's a secret project to make war in space.

Space surveillance: It's the world's best spysat platform.

Space tech tests: The U.S. military is pushing the robotic spaceflight frontier.

Peaceful uses in space: The X-37B is quiet because it's a robot and doesn't talk.

keksi 18-12-2013 03:58 AM


j35p3r4d0 18-12-2013 09:50 AM

I get the feeling you guys don't really take on board what the point of my post was.

This preoccupation with the letter x is not a proper evaluation of the symbol of a cross.

How is this going to help your kids homework when you do not understand to teach them?

doobyferkin 18-12-2013 06:10 PM


Originally Posted by j35p3r4d0 (Post 1061890660)
......How is this going to help your kids homework when you do not understand to teach them?

I will repeat my sentence with an emotion.......

this will help with my kids maths homework! :rolleyes:

if you do not get it then try this thread......

Misinterpreting a post/comment


doobyferkin 18-12-2013 06:38 PM


Originally Posted by keksi (Post 1061890441)

thanks keksi for the image.......


0 = 15 =1+5 = 6

S = 19 =1+9=10=X

thus Mac 6XX = XXX


previously Mac OS X, is a series of Unix-based graphical interface operating systems developed, marketed, and sold by Apple Inc. It is designed to run exclusively on Mac computers, having been pre-loaded on all Macs since 2002. It was the successor to Mac OS 9, released in 1999, the final release of the "classic" Mac OS, which had been Apple's primary operating system since 1984. The first version released was Mac OS X Server 1.0....- wikipedia

image - Apple Inc logo

is this logo informing a dynasty, heritage, tradition or none of these?

image - adam and eve with apple painting

1984 - Orwell coincidence?

monklink 18-12-2013 07:07 PM

The mass worshipping the X.

They keep playing this one this year.

And if you have a minute why don't we go
Talk about it somewhere only we know?
This could be the end of everything,
So why don't we go
Somewhere only we know
Somewhere only we know
X marks the spot.

keksi 19-12-2013 06:05 AM

And of course,fist Apple was $666.66.


j35p3r4d0 19-12-2013 12:58 PM

So doobyferkin....

you're just being condescending to people who don't think you faffing around and mass worshiping these general symbols is really getting anywhere and simply perpetuating?

I suggest you really form your own reasonable interpretation of the symbolic method behind this, instead of just going on and on and immersing yourself in the improper manipulation of that symbol.

Do you realize that you're showing all these ridiculous meanings for this symbol which are as useless as saying it doesn't mean anything and ignoring them?

In neither case are you really figuring this out.

I know ignorant people don't like being told they're being ignorant; funs over.

Edit; Not surprising you're clearly an arrogant manipulator because you immerse yourself in all this filth. Stop wallowing.

Edit; Arrogance is a symbiosis with ignorance.

j35p3r4d0 19-12-2013 01:03 PM


Can you please tell me how it is that zero equals fifteen for you?

edit; Oh god you're using the alphabet.

doobyferkin 19-12-2013 05:32 PM


Originally Posted by j35p3r4d0 (Post 1061892663)
...........Do you realize that you're showing all these ridiculous meanings for this symbol which are as useless as saying it doesn't mean anything and ignoring them?.......

as you have been following me around this forum, you must get something positive from my posts otherwise you are just wasting your time. I will repeat a post that was for you on the other thread of mine that you have been commenting on, just in case you did not get the message first time.....

Out of Body Experience
- post 17


Originally Posted by doobyferkin (Post 1061395639)

I do not know all the answers to the subjects that I am covering. I am just relaying them based on my instincts and my perception and not based on other people’s analysis. I guess that much of what I state has been covered many times before, on and of this forum and by many people.

I could be totally wrong in much or all of my observations; I will leave up to you who read to decide and to time. This goes for most if not all my threads and posts. I am happy to receive criticism and other people’s ideas.

This forum has my best interests at heart and I only post for food for thought and the sharing of ideas.

I apologise if you perceive me as pain as I can tell by many of the comments that at times I might come across as being annoying.

I am trying to make sense of a world that does not make sense.

Peace and love to all who come here. :)

(posted on my current threads)

will you allow me to continue with this thread as i started, if you feel that my posts are "ridiculous", then please stop reading, put me on your ignore list or even still make your own counter thread.

Thank you in return :)

doobyferkin 19-12-2013 05:33 PM


Originally Posted by keksi (Post 1061892332)
And of course,fist Apple was $666.66.

WOW another "bread crumb"!

doobyferkin 19-12-2013 10:39 PM

also see post 59

Vatican City officially Vatican City State, is a landlocked sovereign city-state whose territory consists of a walled enclave within the city of Rome. It has an area of approximately 44 hectares (110 acres), and a population of around 840. This makes Vatican City the smallest internationally recognized independent state in the world by both area and population. - wikipedia
..... therefore the Vatican is an an embassy on earth?

The Vatican flag contains a big X containing two smaller x's either side, thus symbolizing xXx.

The image is a key therefore the Vatican flag is the "key" to identifying what the Vatican dwellers represent.

image - Vatican flag

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