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deca 13-02-2018 08:24 AM

Ground Zero Media - 'MK KILL KILL W/ DR. JOHN HALL'
Ground Zero Media - 'MK KILL KILL W/ DR. JOHN HALL'
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Ground Zero Media Podcast
Published on Dec 18, 2017
Ground Zero Media - 'MK KILL KILL W/ DR. JOHN HALL'
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The new TV series, Wormwood, will be airing on Netflix and this will focus on the history of the MK-Ultra program and how it is more than just the grand dad of all conspiracies – it also exposes truly criminal activity being carried out by the CIA. With this controversial six part series about the ugliness of covert "brainwashing' or mind control, it appears that ghosts of these experiments are showing up today with the same severity. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with mind control researcher and author, Dr. John Hall about MK KILL KILL.
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raburgeson 02-03-2018 08:05 PM

Watching the cold war BS. Also watching the masses and the effect of main stream on the lot. They will do anything to try to keep the people to busy to address the real problems at home. We have a crooked government trying to run an empire we do not want. Let's look at it this way, I understand the difference between a nuclear war and a nuclear false flag. Blowing up one or two cities is not a nuclear war and I am waiting for the false flag. Our crooks think if they kill millions it will keep them from going to jail. Here is what I have to tell you. There is no getting ready for a nuclear war. Those people that built underground will die there. Radiation will spread world wide and last for hundreds of thousands of years. Quit worrying, stress is a killer. Build in spite of them for the future. The people will not be allowed into space if they go nuclear. They will stay here and die at their own hands. You and I do not matter, we are just a number in their slavery racket. So, I'm telling these governments, specially the US put up or shut up. Leave the constitution alone and reinstate the original constitution with no amendments. The people are tired of your BS.

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