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kungfufan 22-01-2014 07:25 PM

Is Sweden Really a Paradise of Socialism?


kungfufan 22-01-2014 08:05 PM

sorry dont know how to embed

gremlin 22-01-2014 08:07 PM

Sod off is it, unless you are a lefty you'll believe anything.

urbanprisoner 22-01-2014 08:32 PM

socialism is that great emptier of individual and national identity.

vorwahr 22-01-2014 11:32 PM


Originally Posted by urbanprisoner (Post 1061955164)
socialism is that great emptier of individual and national identity.

Unlike global capitalism :rolleyes:

Many socialist nations have stronger national identity than capitalist ones
Which all take on the same corporate logos and designs along with popular culture driven by
Economics and advertising in all forms of media .

Go the exact opposite direction to national socialism and it gets even worse
It's all boiler suit uniformity and the word of your illustrious leader everywhere

Socialism promotes introspection nationally
It doesn't rely on global expansion via dominance or corporate enforcement
That's a given .
Few would attempt to even question that
Look at Cuba and China for example. You know when you're in each of those countries
Each has very distinct cultures but main streets in say America and UK could be mistaken
Even the culture is mixed up .

macdon 22-01-2014 11:41 PM


Originally Posted by vorwahr (Post 1061955485)
Look at Cuba and China for example. You know when you're in each of those countries
Each has very distinct cultures but main streets in say America and UK could be mistaken.

Even the culture is mixed up .

Cuba and China are totally fvcked. You can't live there and the very wealthy are trying desperately to come to the west.

Socialism has killed more people than capitalism (not to be confused with cartelism and corporate socialism of the sort found in the USA today).

The last great war in 1939 was started by a Socialist who was allied, for a while, with a Marxist Socialist who murdered more people the former mentioned Socialist.

Sweden and other socialist Nordic countries have more mixed up cultures than most of Europe, including UK. Some areas like Malmo are no go areas for the locals. So much for Socialism.

bikerdruid 22-01-2014 11:54 PM


Originally Posted by macdon (Post 1061955493)
Cuba [is] totally fvcked. You can't live there and the very wealthy are trying desperately to come to the west.

you have never been to cuba, eh?
the really wealthy? there are no 'very wealthy' in cuba.
those scum were already put in boats and sent to florida along with all the other criminals.

siliconpsychosis 23-01-2014 12:06 AM

If its anything like its neighbour Norway, then its just another capitalist/consumerist system albeit with slightly more 'equality'.

vorwahr 23-01-2014 12:11 AM


Originally Posted by bikerdruid (Post 1061955499)
you have never been to cuba, eh?
the really wealthy? there are no 'very wealthy' in cuba.
those scum were already put in boats and sent to florida along with all the other criminals.

Yeah then America declared cuba evil ,
Ironic coming from the most belligerent nation on this planet
With crime rates through the roof and economists responsible firstly
For the Asian economic failure then more recently the world economic crash

Let's not forget they remain the only nation to have used the atomic bomb on another nation not once but twice and took the world to the brink of ww3 over Cuban missile crisis

Yeah god bless America because nobody else gives a fuck about you not even your own leaders .

mightiswrong 23-01-2014 12:13 AM

Both of those systems are a distraction from the best way of life living autonomously with the powerful support of nature. When you are seated on the soft grass with the tweet tweet of bird song and feel the freedom from want and despair you can envision the garden planet where life, love, health, freedom and responsibility are valued above money and control.

vorwahr 23-01-2014 12:21 AM


Originally Posted by mightiswrong (Post 1061955511)
Both of those systems are a distraction from the best way of life living autonomously with the powerful support of nature. When you are seated on the soft grass with the tweet tweet of bird song and feel the freedom from want and despair you can envision the garden planet where life, love, health, freedom and responsibility are valued above money and control.

Entry fee twenty quid bit that doesn't include parking camping or food ,
And you can't bring your own food but don't worry cafes are placed within the park and camping permits are available for an extra small cost of five quid per person per night .


quaere verum 23-01-2014 12:27 AM

Here is what's happening in Sweden, as well as the rest of Europe


mightiswrong 23-01-2014 12:32 AM

:mad: plus vat ;)

macdon 23-01-2014 09:18 AM


Originally Posted by bikerdruid (Post 1061955499)
you have never been to cuba, eh?
the really wealthy? there are no 'very wealthy' in cuba.
those scum were already put in boats and sent to florida along with all the other criminals.

I know the Marxist scumbag murdering thieves did this, namely Castro an dco.

My dad always bemoaned this. Commies do this because COMMIES KILL TO STEAL ALL YOU HAVE!


picklez01 23-01-2014 10:38 AM

I love how these free market types refuse to acknowledge ANY parallels between what we have now and what a free market would be.

As though mass hardcore poverty, slavery, insane inequality would just disappear.

The funniest thing is, whenever you ask any of these people something like, what about the old, the disabled, those who can't find work etc...

The magical answer always is...... wait for it.... ding ding ding.... CHARITY.. Because charity works extremely well right now with a billion people starving...

And the delusion that hundreds of millions more jobs will just magically appear (which would obviously be required to prevent masses and masses of people relying on these charities).

I find it absolutely amazing how delusional these people are... You know, even if these millions of extra jobs did come to fruition, you're talking about consumerism on a scale far beyond what we have right now... The problems associated with consumerism right now are destroying the planet, the last thing we need is to create more of that..

picklez01 23-01-2014 10:50 AM


Originally Posted by gremlin (Post 1061955121)
Sod off is it, unless you are a lefty you'll believe anything.

says the man who believes in lizard queens.. lol

clockworkelf 23-01-2014 11:05 AM


Originally Posted by siliconpsychosis (Post 1061955506)
If its anything like its neighbour Norway, then its just another capitalist/consumerist system albeit with slightly more 'equality'.

I would say this is the impression I have of Sweden from spending quite a lot of time there. (and I'm about to move to Gothenburg permanently.)

Sweden is a capitalist nation. It's just more 'equal' than the rest, especially towards those on lower income.

psychopigeon 23-01-2014 02:11 PM

More capitalist now that it was 20 years ago, the left have been losing their grip and living standards have risen.

synergetic67 23-01-2014 02:30 PM


Originally Posted by vorwahr (Post 1061955485)
Unlike global capitalism :rolleyes:

Many socialist nations have stronger national identity than capitalist ones
Which all take on the same corporate logos and designs along with popular culture driven by
Economics and advertising in all forms of media .

Go the exact opposite direction to national socialism and it gets even worse
It's all boiler suit uniformity and the word of your illustrious leader everywhere

Socialism promotes introspection nationally
It doesn't rely on global expansion via dominance or corporate enforcement
That's a given .
Few would attempt to even question that
Look at Cuba and China for example. You know when you're in each of those countries
Each has very distinct cultures but main streets in say America and UK could be mistaken
Even the culture is mixed up .


You don't know what you're talking about. Or have you been watching the "History Channel" also known as "The Hitler Channel" propaganda for far too long?

The success of National Socialism or Fascism depends on the quality of the leader and the quality of the principles that are followed, just like a successful family depends on the leadership, experience and abilities of the head of the family. "Father Knows Best" until father screws up and everybody suffers, at which point the family becomes dysfunctional and disintegrates, same with the extended family of the nation.

The traditional father figure might have disciplined the kids when they did wrong by giving them an ass-whipping and therefore he was feared, BUT if he did it only for the right reasons and the kids saw the beneficial results of their discipline in strength of character and worldly success as opposed to being degenerates, he was RESPECTED. Now, you can respect someone and not "love" them and also "love" somebody because they're a nice person, a "kind" person, a "funny" person or whatever but NOT respect them because they're lazy, undisciplined screw-ups who never accomplish much. Now, the pinnacle of leadership is to manage to be not only respected and feared but also loved.



The Programme of the German Workers' Party is designed to be of limited duration. The leaders have no intention, once the aims announced in it have been achieved, of establishing fresh ones, merely in order to increase, artificially, the discontent of the masses and so ensure the continued existence of the Party.



"The nation has not disappeared. We used to believe that the concept was totally without substance. Instead we see the nation arise as a palpitating reality before us! ... Class cannot destroy the nation. Class reveals itself as a collection of interests—but the nation is a history of sentiments, traditions, language, culture, and race. Class can become an integral part of the nation, but the one cannot eclipse the other. The class struggle is a vain formula, without effect and consequence wherever one finds a people that has not integrated itself into its proper linguistic and racial confines—where the national problem has not been definitely resolved. In such circumstances the class movement finds itself impaired by an inauspicious historic climate" -- Benito Mussolini

"I personally think extremely well of Mussolini. If one compares him to American presidents (the last three) or British premiers, etc., in fact one can NOT without insulting him. If the intelligentsia don't think well of him, it is because they know nothing about 'the state,' and government, and have no particularly large sense of values. Anyhow, WHAT intelligentsia?" -- Ezra Pound, Letter to Harriet Monroe, November 1925

"Mussolini has steadily refused to be called anything save 'Leader' (Duce) or 'Head of the Government,' the term dictator has been applied by foreign envy, as the Tories were called cattle-stealers. It does not represent the Duce's fundamental conception of his role. His authority comes, as Eirugina proclaimed authority comes, 'from right reason' and from the general fascist conviction that he is more likely to be right than anyone else is." ---Ezra Pound, Jefferson and/or Mussolini, 1935

"I don't believe that anyone venerates Mussolini more than I... I know many exalted personages, and my artist's mind does not shrink from political and social issues. Well, after having seen so many events and so many more or less representative men, I have an overpowering urge to render homage to your Duce. He is the saviour of Italy and – let us hope – Europe". Later, after a private audience with Mussolini, he added, "Unless my ears deceive me, the voice of Rome is the voice of Il Duce. I told him that I felt like a fascist myself... In spite of being extremely busy, Mussolini did me the great honour of conversing with me for three-quarters of an hour. We talked about music, art and politics". --- Igor Stravinsky

“Fascism only regiments those who can’t do anything without it. If a man knows how to do anything it’s the essence of fascism to leave him alone.”~ Ezra Pound


Living in Hitler’s Germany

by Hans Schmidt

Living In Hitler’s Germany

A letter from Hans Schmidt of GANPAC

Published in the Hoskins Report, Dec. 1993

Richard Kelly Hoskins, publisher

Dear Dick: You asked for someone who had lived in Hitler’s Germany to tell what it was like. Permit me, someone who lived under the Swastika flag from 1935, when the Saar was reunited with Germany, to 1945, to give a short answer.

To be a boy or girl at that time was wonderful. In the Hitler Youth the differences between Christian denominations or the different German states didn’t count. We all truly felt that we were members of one body of people – one nation. Youth hostels were opened all over the Reich, enabling us to hike from one beautiful town to another seeing our fatherland. Every effort was made to strengthen our minds and bodies. Contrary to what is said today, we were encouraged to become free in spirit, and not to succumb to peer (or authority) pressure. In peacetime, NO military training was allowed by the Hitler Youth leadership; scouting yes. Incidentally, to “snitch on our parents” was frowned upon.

At the very time when America’s allies, the Soviets, destroyed most of the Christian churches in Russia and Ukraine, about 2500 new churches were built in Germany. NOT ONE Christian church was closed. It was the law that school and church had priority over service in the Hitler Youth. As late as the fall of 1944, the Waffen SS barracks in Breslau supplied two buses to take youth to either the nearest Catholic or Protestant church every Sunday. To be a registered member of a Christian church did not prevent advancement in the National Socialist Party.

Germany was National Socialist, but free enterprise flourished during the entire Hitler years. No company was nationalized. No small businessman was stopped from opening up his own store. I myself worked during the war for a company that can only be called part of international capitalism. If you owned shares, nobody confiscated them, like the allies did in 1945.

The accomplishments of the ‘Nazis’ were incredible. Starting without money and with six million unemployed (a third of the workforce), they constructed the entire German Autobahn road network in a short span of 6 years – almost without corruption – while seeing to it that the new road system did not unnecessarily destroy either the German landscape, or wildlife habitats and forests. Two years after the NS [National Socialists] were elected to power, conditions were so improved that workers had to be hired in nearby friendly countries to help alleviate the worker’s shortage in Germany. Germany was booming while Britain, France and the US were in the depths of depression.

To help the workers get cheap transportation, the VW was designed and a factory was being built for their manufacture when the war started. Also, for the common people, villages of small single-family homes were erected. The monthly payments were set so low that almost anyone could afford his own house. In Hitler’s Germany there were no homeless; no beggars. Crime was almost nonexistent because habitual criminals were in concentration camps. All this was reported in the newspapers and was known by everybody.

The German press during the Third Reich had fewer taboos than the American press today. The only taboo I can think of evolved around Hitler, and, during the war, there was a law that prohibited “defeatism”. This was because of the negative role the German press played in the German defeat of 1918.

It bears remembering that the “European Economic Community” was first coined by the Third-Reich government. I remember many articles, both pro and con about this subject. One should also not forget that during the war at least seven million foreign nationals (nearly 10% of the population) worked in Germany, either as voluntary workers (Dutch, Danes, French, Poles, Ukrainians come to mind), or as forced laborers or as prisoners. I know of no instance where foreigners were attacked or molested (much less killed) because they were foreigners. Speaking of the press, I have an article from 1943 in my possession that spells out how necessary friendship is between the German and Russian peoples.

Between 1933 and 1945 there was a tremendous emphasis on culture: theatres flourished; the German movie industry produced about 100 feature films per year. (Of which not one was anti-American. Only 50 of them can be considered pure propaganda movies.) Some of the best classical recordings still extant were made in Hitler’s Germany. Actors from all over Europe, but mainly from France, Sweden and Italy were stars in German movies.

Germany always loved sports, and there was no lack of opportunities to partake in any sport one liked. The 1936 Berlin Olympics was merely a showcase of what transpired all over the Reich. In a book on these Olympics issued by the Hitler Youth that is still in my possession, Jesse Owens is shown several times and mentioned favorably. During the Schmeling boxing fights, we kids all knew of Joe Louis, the brown bomber. Nowhere did I ever read derogatory remarks about other races. Certainly the accomplishments of Germany and the Germans were given prominence, similar to the ad nauseum statements of today that the U.S. is the land of the free, etc. In my ten years in the Hitler Youth (actually 8, since I obviously couldn’t attend while a soldier), the Jews were never mentioned. Other sports that gripped our attention were flying (there was Hitler-Youth flying training with their own sail planes), car races (British and Italian drivers dominated) and riding.

Frequently I am asked about gun control during the Hitler era. Claims are made that Hitler could take power because he disarmed the German people. That is nonsense. In Germany gun ownership was never as prevalent as it is in America. I would say that for hundreds of years one needed a gun license in order to keep a weapon. On the other hand, my father owned an old pistol clandestinely (about which we children knew), and there were gun clubs all over the Reich. Furthermore, Germany was always a country with many excellent gunsmiths. It is doubtful that they could stay in business if the laws were too stringent. I would surmise that while Germany was Germany (before it was ‘liberated’ by the allies) gun ownership probably was far more widespread than is acknowledged today. Laws on the books were mainly to give the police a handle to arrest criminals with guns, not the ordinary citizen. Incidentally, just as Hitler had forbidden so-called ‘punishment exercises’ in the army (the brutal methods still employed in the American army), so had he forbidden the use of clubs by the police. He considered it demeaning to the German people.

Finally this: I don’t believe I’ll ever see again a people as happy and content as were the great majority of Germans under Hitler, especially in peacetime. Certainly some minorities suffered: former parliamentary politicians – because they couldn’t play their political games; the Jews – because they lost their power over Germany; the gypsies – because during the war they were required to work; and crooked union bosses – because they lost their parasitical positions. To this day I believe that the happiness of the majority of a people is more important than the well-being of a few spoiled minorities. In school there should be emphasis on promoting the best and the intelligent, as was done in Germany during the Hitler years – a fact that contributed after the war to the rapid German reconstruction. That Hitler was loved by his people, there can be no question. Even a few week’s before the war’s end and his death, he was able to drive to the front and mingle among the combat soldiers with only minimum security. None of the soldiers had to unload their weapons before meeting with the Führer (as was required when President Bush met with American soldiers during the Gulf War).

Germany under Hitler was quite different from what the media would have you believe.


Officially published nude books that would never have been published in the censored U.S.A. at that time:

Third Reich Nude Books:









Starting at the 6:20 mark of the following video, there can be seen a nude Third Reich parade with topless girls riding on a float. I recommend watching silently to avoid the black-propaganda narration's lies:



“Unlike most other governments, the National Socialists did not increase direct and personal taxes by any significant amount in order to fund the war.[citation needed] The top personal income tax rate in 1941 was 13.7% in Germany as opposed to 23.7% in Great Britain



"I suspect that the vast majority of men in my neighborhood became involved with the Notsees for reasons that had little to do with ideology. Like most German men, they were better craftsmen, mechanics, tailors and butchers than students of politics. The German school system, which had reserved secondary and higher education for an intellectual elite, simply didn't prepare them for political and philosophical thinking. Under Hitler, most of them had prospered beyond their wildest dreams; they had steady employment, tax deductions for multiple children, free health care, and many other formerly unheard-of benefits. They were convinced that a political party that had made good on its promise to wipe out unemployment, the scourge of the working class, deserved their support. "" - ~ excerpt from "Destined to Witness, Growing Up Black in Notsee Germany" (page 105) by Hans Massaquoi~


In June of 1935 the famous Nuremberg laws were issued which laid down the condition of Jews and those of partially Jewish descent within the Reich. From that date on Jews were considered members of the Reich, enjoying the protection of the law but not full citizenship. To be a one-hundred percent Aryan, one had to prove that there were no Jewish ancestors in the family as far back as 1800. That this was possible at all shows to what length the Germans went in the effort to keep orderly records of vital data. (I mention this to show how ridiculous it is to assume that during the war there was no orderly record kept of the people sent to labor camps. Today we know, as a fact, that all data were kept to the bitter end. They are available today and show that in case of death of an inmate whenever [sic] the family of the deceased was notified and the ashes returned to them whenever possible.)

At the time these laws seemed to be extraordinarily harsh, especially to those with only partially Jewish background, who had been brought up, like myself, as Christians and patriotic citizens who loved their "fatherland" unconditionally. Personally I was devastated. I could not marry the Aryan woman I loved and my application for voluntary service in the Wehrmacht was denied, probably because I was of slight build and had brown eyes and hair. This was most embittering, considering the military history of both my paternal and maternal ancestors. Today, sixty years later and observing the precipitous decline of a typical multiracial and multicultural society, I am forced to conclude that it was exactly the racial and cultural unity of the Third Reich which enabled its people to survive the monstrous assault of their enemies and to arise again from the ashes of their nation. The present effort to destroy by all means this unity through the planned influx of millions of the unwashed garbage of the Third World and systematic destruction of all traditions in the mind of the present generation shows that Germany's eternal enemies fully agree with me on this point. That this destruction proceeds under the direction of a Jewish dictator (Ignaz Bubis, head of the thirty to forty thousand strong Jewish community among eighty million Germans), who rules Germany solely through the strength of American bayonets, bodes ill for the future of that nation, if he should succeed in his nefarious plans. It is high time that Americans realize that they have been reduced to the unbecoming status of executioners for the all-powerful state of Israel.

excerpt from:

Under Two Flags

by Heinz Weichhardt

Heinz certainly has had an unusual perspective of the Twentieth Century. A supporter of Hitler who left Germany as an unwanted non-Aryan, he became an enemy alien in America. As the years passed, Heinz became successful in his field of physics (electron-optics), retiring from IBM as a manager in its research division. As his article reveals, he never wavered in his support for National Socialism, even if he had himself been rejected by it.


Dresden Before the Destruction 1939


Sommersonntag in Berlin 1942 – Summer Sunday in Berlin 1942


A Perfect German Sunday – 1937



Gertrude Stein’s Complex Worldview

Nobel Peace Prize for Hitler?

Scholars of the life of Gertrude Stein were recently startled to learn that in 1938 the prominent Jewish-American writer had spearheaded a campaign urging the Nobel committee to award its Peace Prize to Adolf Hitler.



"There were two types of strong men in primitive society. One was the chief who was physically powerful, stronger than all his competitors, and another was the medicine man who was not strong in himself but was strong by reason of the power which the people projected into him. Thus we had the Emperor and the Pope. Hitler belongs in the category of the truly mystic medicine man. His body does not suggest strength. The outstanding characteristic of his physiognomy is its dreamy look. I was especially struck by that when I saw pictures taken of him in the Czechoslovakian crisis; there was in his eyes the look of a seer."

Few foreigners respond (to Hitler) at all, yet apparently every German in Germany does. It is because Hitler is the mirror of every German's unconscious but of course he mirrors nothing from a non-German.

"He is the loud-speaker which magnifies the inaudible whispers of the German soul until they can be heard by the German's conscious ear. He is the first man to tell every German what he has been thinking and feeling all along in his unconscious about German fate, especially since the defeat in the World War, and the one characteristic which colors every German soul is the typically German inferiority complex, the complex of the younger brother, of the one who is always a bit late to the feast. Hitler's power is not political; it is magic."

"To understand magic you must understand what the unconscious is. It is that part of our mental constitution over which we have little control and which is stored with all sorts of impressions and sensations; which contains thoughts and even conclusions of which we are not aware. Besides teh conscious impressions which we receive, there are all sorts of impressions constantly impinging upon our sense organs of which we do not become aware because they are too slight to attract our conscious attention. They lie beneath the threshold of consciousness. But all these subliminal impressions are recorded; nothing is lost. Someone may be speaking in a faintly audible voice in the next room while we are talking here. You pay no attention to it, but the conversation next door is being recorded in your unconscious as surely as though the latter were a dictaphone record.

Now the secret of Hitler's power is not that Hitler has an unconscious more plentifully stored than yours or mine. Hitler's secret is twofold; first, that his unconscious has exceptional access to his consciousness, and second, that he allows himself to be moved by it. He is like a man who listens intently to a stream of suggestions in a whispered voice from a mysterious source, and then acts upon them..

In our case, even if occasionally our unconscious does reach us through dreams, we have too much rationality, too much cerebrum to obey it--but Hitler listens and obeys. The true leader is always led.

We can see it work in him. He himself has referred to his Voice. His Voice is nothing other than his own unconscious, into which the German people have projected their own selves; that is, the unconscious of seventy-eight million Germans. That is what makes him powerful. Without the German people he would be nothing. It is literally true when he says that whatever he is able to do is only because he has the German people behind him, or, as he sometimes says, because he is Germany. So with his unconscious being the receptacle of the souls of seventy-eight million Germans, he is powerful, and with his unconscious perception of the true balance of political forces at home and in the world, he has so far been infallible.

That is why he makes political judgments which turn out to be right against the opinions of his advisors and against the opinions of all foreign observers. When this happens it means only that the information gathered by his unconscious, and reaching his consciousness by means of his exceptional talent, has been more nearly correct than that of all others, German or foreign, who attempted to judge the situation and who reached consclusions different from his." ~ Carl Jung - interviewed in Omnibook Magazine, February, 1942, page 134 - 'Is Tomorrow Hitler's?'


"Freud did not understand the Germanic psyche any more than did his Germanic followers. Has the formidable phenomenon of National Socialism, on which the whole world gazes with astonishment, taught them better? Where was that unparalleled tension and energy while as yet no National Socialism existed? Deep in the Germanic psyche, in a pit that is anything but a garbage-bin of unrealizable infantile wishes and unresolved family resentments." ~ Carl Jung - The State of Psychotherapy Today ( 1934)



“It was only in the course of those nights that I discovered the true meaning of the word party,” was how de Beauvoir put it. Sartre was no less enthusiastic: “Never were we as free as under the German occupation.”

De Beauvoir wrote about the “quite spontaneous friendliness” of the conquerors: she was as fascinated as any by the German “cult of the body” and their penchant for exercising in nothing but gym shorts.


From The Sunday Times

May 25, 2008

Paris during Nazi occupation was ‘one big romp’

Matthew Campbell in Paris


Over 200,000 French Children of Wehrmacht Soldiers


The French Resistance myth


Albert Speer, who headed German war production, was asked after the war about the effect of the French Resistance. He replied, “What French Resistance?”



So, where was this country of "boiler suit uniformity" that you're hallucinating about, Monsieur Vorwahr?

Sweden, by the way, had a eugenics program until 1976, so it's not entirely an accident or nature's favor that you see so many physically beautiful Swedes. They understood the difference between Eugenics and Dysgenics. What Alex Jones and many others in the fake "truth" movement talk about is Dysgenics but they call it "Eugenics" to create a deliberate confusion in order to vilify the big, bad Notsees, the foremost organized opposition in the entire 20th century to the tyranny of the world-wide Rothschild-led International Banking usurocracy. So on the one hand they're against the bankers and on the other, they constantly bash the people that actually stood up to them more than any other, the German National Socialists under Hitler. :p


Between 1934 and 1976, when the Sterilisation Act was finally repealed in Sweden, 62,000 people, 90 percent of them women, were sterilised. - See more at:



Nick Dean on the Difference between Eugenics and Dysgenics

Since Alex Jones entered his Endgame phase, positing 'eugenicists' as the ultimate architects of everything and 'eugenics' as their main goal, almost everyone in the alternative research and radio community has adopted the meme. His power is extraordinary.

Ironically, no-one does more than Alex Jones to undermine the eugenics thesis; he constantly talks about the dumbing down of the population, the poison of vaccines and processed food and chemtrails and fluoride, the feminisation of men, the breeding out of the strong and independent, and so on...

These are all DYSGENIC trends, fostered and imposed by the powers that be.

A further irony, actual eugenicist thinkers -- Galton from the past say, Raymond B. Cattell and Richard Lynn from the present -- are attacked by the establishment like no other group of scientists, precisely because they do favour (voluntary) steps being taken to make humanity more intelligent, strong, virile etc.

In the case of the 'eugenics' meme (when is meant dysgenics) and the constant references to fascism and nazism within the 'Truth' and alternative media communities(extreme nationalist movements being equated to extreme anti-nationalist, globalist movements!), I am concerned that the language is chosen deliberately to undermine the only plausible defence against globalist and one-world trends: a model of universal nationalism, where all peoples everywhere would enjoy national sovereignty and the space to develop as they choose.

The constant harping on nazism and fascism means, whether it's intended or not, that the White people listening to Jones et al are paralysed in the face of assaults against their ethnic and genetic interests (mass immivasion, being culturally disprivileged and so on). It also means that a supposed debt to Jewry makes war against Israel's enemies a much easier sell. Already you've pretty well justified the ongoing wars on two major racial and civilisational blocs.

Obviously the msm talks about nazism and fascism endlessly - it's always Hitler week on the History Channel goes the joke - and presumably that's for a purpose, it's they who are principally responsible for the cultural war against White and Islamic peoples, not Jones and his alternative media imitators.

I was only meaning to point out that when they adopt the msm's most effective memes of control the 'alternative' media pretty well undermines what good work it does by reinforcing the basic worldview and prejudices - and outcomes - the msm has installed on our systems.

@ Clare,

it’s Clare Kuehn, right? I’ve really enjoyed your shows with Jim Fetzer. You said:

"I am not so sure that they are inappropriate terms, but rather that there is counter-information coming out about them, to diminish and confuse people on how they would apply to the present time … What [were fascist and national socialist] ideals? … population reduction, control, and banking control over governments who act tyrannously thinking that is want a national interest is … So, killing off sick people because of "lack of money" becomes a knee-jerk reaction"

Let’s say for now that all that’s true, do you see that it doesn’t respond to my points because one could at least reasonably make the same claims about the Roosevelt, Stalin, or Churchill governments, or for that matter the Reagan and Thatcher or Clinton and Blair regimes?

But Alex Jones and his mimics do not rail constantly against contemporary New Dealers, Stalinists, Reaganites or Blairites, do they? Rather they reinforce the official line that the worst kind of system possible for us is a fascist or national socialist one. It’s my belief that the establishment runs that line through the MSM because in fact the worst kind of regime FOR THEM would be a fascist or national socialist one, so I question the wisdom and the motive of the alternative media in reiterating that position.

The Wikipedia page for ‘Definitions of Fascism’ presents a review of scholarly opinion on what fascism is. The various definitions sometimes clash in certain respects but nevertheless certain elements appear often, and I think show that fascism is fundamentally different, even opposite, to the system that rules us today. Again and again, fascism is described as: anti-liberal, anti-communist, nationalistic, populist, anti-rationalist, pro-religion, pro-tradition, and preoccupied with biological and cultural integrity and health. Even allowing for a wholly unlikely level of error among these scholars, a system of government defined by just ONE of these criterion would stand in direct opposition to Obama’s America or Cameron’s Britain.

Regarding your definition: Didn’t Hitler abolish the debt money system, putting the bankers in their place and launching an economic, industrial and employment miracle 1933-1939? What evidence is there that either Mussolini or Hitler were concerned with (over) population? Didn’t Hitler at least enact pro-natal policies? And if the Third Reich took a systematic, pro-active interest in killing the sick, how to explain the circumstances of Anne Frank’s death? Gravely ill with typhoid, she didn’t die in a ditch, or on a euthanasia ward, or even in a gas chamber, she died of her disease in an infirmary under the care of German doctors. The same doctors and their medical care saved Anne's father Otto and many other people. Frank’s manner of death and her father's survival is obviously troubling to the conventional narrative of the Jewish experience under Hitler, which I know to be largely false, is it not troubling also to the Hollywood and Harvard story of the sick under Hitler?

As for eugenics, any dictionary will say pretty much what mine does: Of the production of fine offspring by improvement of inherited qualities. If you agree with me that Jones and co. are right when they talk about ‘the dumbing down of the population, the poison of vaccines and processed food and chemtrails and fluoride, the feminisation of men, the breeding out of the strong and independent’ etc., then what’s being done to us simply is not a eugenic plan, is it?

We recognise the Orwellian nature of the establishment ideology: War is peace, freedom is slavery, but then ourselves try to say that dysgenics is eugenics and anti-fascism is fascism. It’s truly bizarre.





One-inch Hitler is banned by eBay



Baby Hitler Parents Lose Custody of All Three of Their Kids


Filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl looks through the lens of a large camera prior to filming the 1934 Nuremberg Rally in Germany. The footage would be composed into the 1935 film "Triumph of the Will", later hailed as one of the best propaganda films in history.

“The trick is simple. Whenever the Rothschild and other gents in the gold business have gold to sell, they raise the price. The public is fooled by propagandizing the devaluation of the dollar, or other monetary unit according to the country chosen to be victimized. The argument is that the high price of the monetary unit is injurious to the nation’s commerce.

But when the nation, that is, the people of that nation own the gold and the financiers own the dollars or other monetary units, the gold standard is restored. This raises the value of the dollar and the citizens of ‘rich’ nations, as well as citizens of other nations, are diddled.”~ Ezra Pound


“The technique of infamy is to invent two lies and to get people arguing heatedly about which one of them is true.” — Ezra Pound

synergetic67 25-01-2014 04:59 AM


Henrik Palmgren - Why Sweden, a country of 'Corporate Communism' (the worst of both worlds) is not the country you thought it was and why no true 'free spirit' or individualist is welcome there - Red Ice Radio Commentary




Alex Newman - Sweden's Big Government 'Utopia' Unmasked -- June 17, 2012



Alex Newman is an American freelance writer and the president of Liberty Sentinel Media Inc., a small media consulting firm. He is currently living in Sweden and has spent most of his life in Latin America, Europe and Africa. He has a degree in foreign languages and speaks Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Italian and a little Swedish and Afrikaans. Newman also earned a degree in journalism from the University of Florida, with emphasis on economics and international relations. He joins us to discuss his article titled, Sweden's Big Government 'Utopia' Unmasked. We'll dig into the meat of Sweden's totalitarian style socialist system, brilliantly rigged to create a collective mind of willing slaves who defend the system at all costs. Alex explains how this, with a few adjustments, is the globalists' favored political system. Also, we'll mention how this system is being brought to other places in the world. This socialist system seeks to destroy the middle class, to control the education of our children, to destroy the independent thinker and to crush the human spirit, all under the guise of equality for all.


Red Ice Radio - Mikael Jalving - Hour 1 - Absolut Sweden: A Country Undergoing Change




Michael Jalving is a Danish commentator, writer, lecturer and political debater. He writes for Jyllands Posten, which a few years ago published the famous Muhammad cartoons, which led to international controversy and burning of embassies. The newspaper announced that this publication was an attempt to contribute to the debate regarding criticism of Islam and self-censorship. Jalving previously published the book "Me and Muhammad" but he is best known in Sweden for his book, "Absolute Sweden - a country undergoing change," which we'll discuss in this program. The book is critical of mass immigration and takes a deeper look at the troubled past and worrying future of Scandinavia's big brother. In the second hour we discuss Sweden's role in World War II and the so called neutrality, while selling iron ore and ball bearings to both sides of the war. The problem of Sweden extends way beyond the current issues of mass immigration and we'll try to get to the root of the ongoing cultural erosion which is currently taking place. Michael will talk about the economic success Sweden experienced in the 70's - somewhat of an enigma considering that it was a quasi-socialist welfare state that was dictated by Olof Palme and his minions, where social engineering or social planning was one of the most important driving ideologies at that time and still is. We'll go deeper into the psychology of a nation, which thinks it can control all conflict - detached from reality and nature. Jalving continues on anti-individual Jante Law and how it has shaped the country as well as the concept of the "folkhome," a utopian and egalitarian ideology that sought to perfect the state and the collective within it. The ant like society of the 60s and 70s marched on towards a totalitarian collectivist state and it even went so far as to nationalize or socialize the profits of private companies. Later, we move on to talk about the rise of right wing parties in Europe and ask why. We'll also discuss why freedom of speech is under threat and censorship and surveillance is on the rise.


If all individuals are made 'equal before the law' to pursue the happiness of their inevitably unequal results, then there will always be a 'power imbalance' even in the fairest, most libertarian society of win-win contracts and general goodwill, simply because no two human beings are equal and hence no two groups comprised of unequal individuals, no two results of any group endeavors and ultimately no two cultures. When a group or collective of unequal individuals achieve a consistency of behavior that tends towards the more or less homogeneous because they all adhere to certain basic principles, then these wealth-creating good-for-me compendium of moral choices results in what is called their cultural achievement.

When 'internationalism' represents a lowering of this or any other cultural achievement to a lowest common denominator with those of other cultures for whom 'internationalism' represents a raising to the same point of 'equality,' then your loss is their win and it will ALWAYS be resisted and rightly so, for it is not an earned position but a parasitical one. Only when an outside culture and your culture meet at a HIGHEST common denominator of excellence, can there be a win-win exchange even in sporting events at the Olympics where one-side technically "loses," but both sides are on the same overall level of excellence and therefore respect each other. In music, we see this all the time, meeting of the HIGHEST common denominator from vastly different cultures.

Egalitarianism is a forced equality of results which is based on the absurd notion that any inequality of results is automatically an injustice.

Multi-culturalism = Multi-standardism = confusion and the erosion of all proper standards of excellence into a lowest common denominator.

The standards of behavior that must be adhered to in order to conceive of and build European civilization and all the modern conveniences within it, are a unique set of high standards that work. The loss of these standards = the loss of European civilization and the loss of all products of this civilization.


"Although men possess unequal powers, they nonetheless possess equal rights. Rights are not based on powers : because of the moral nature of justice, they are based on the fact that in each man the same will to live appears at the same stage of its objectivization. Yet this is valid only in respect of original and abstract rights, which man possesses as man. The property, likewise the honour which each man has acquired by means of his powers are in accordance with the measure and the nature of these powers and then extend to the sphere of his rights: it is here that equality therefore ceases. He who is better endowed or more active in this respect extends through his greater acquisitions, not his rights, but only the number of things to which they extend." ~ Arthur Schopenhauer


Egalitarianism as a Revolt Against Nature by Murray N. Rothbard
can be read here:


The Sociology of the Ayn Rand Cult - by Murray N. Rothbard (1971)



Who's forcing multi-culturalism down Europe's throat whether they like it or not?



Lisa Andersson - Hour 1 & 2 - When Swedish Tax Authorities Attack -- December 16, 2013





Lisa Andersson and her husband Micke Brandt run a construction company in Sweden. They were accused by the Swedish tax authorities of collaborating with other companies in a tax scheme. The accusation was based on what the authorities called "false invoices," although they had no evidence to support this accusation. In the process Lisa and her husband discovered that when dealing with authorities and courts in Sweden, one has almost no rights. They also realized that before the state courts their words and witnesses were less valid than the "evidence" or presumptions that the tax authorities presented. Struggling to not go bankrupt they have a long way to go to restore their business, to get out of debt and to regain what was lost before the tax authority's false accusations and attacks began. After two trials in the administrative court of Sweden they finally won. However in the process Lisa discovered that in Sweden, people serve the state, not the other way around. Despite paying one of the world's highest taxes, Swedish citizens are getting less and less in return from the state and the quality of those services is quickly dwindling.


Ingrid Carlqvist - Hour 1 - State Controlled Press in Sweden & Mass Immigration

October 28, 2013




Swedish author and independent journalist Ingrid Carlqvist joins us from Copenhagen, Denmark to continue our ongoing discussion about Sweden's troubled past and future. Ingrid started the website Dispatch International with Danish historian Lars Hedegaard in an effort to help balance the debate on many of the politically incorrect topics that Swedish state funded media refuses to touch. We'll discuss where the country has been and where it is going as rapid changes are underway in certain areas. Sweden is locked into a ridged political system of the past. We'll discuss the media environment in the country that has been internationally praised for its tolerance and fairness. Later, we talk about the issue of mass immigration into Sweden, the future of religion and lack of belief. In the second hour, we discuss the increase of sex crimes and rape in Sweden. On the flipside, state feminism is destroying the country from within and ridiculous rape charges against people like Julian Assange are on the rise. Ingrid comments on these glaring contradictions and how they have arisen. Later, we'll speak more about the political climate in Sweden, the lack of choice, normalcy bias and the concept that Sweden has been a political laboratory that today is exporting its concept of soft totalitarian state to the rest of the world.

Ingrid Carlqvist ICLA Speech, European Parliament July 9 2012





Klaus Bernpaintner - Hour 1 - A Swedish Lesson in Conformity & Control
October 21, 2013



Klaus Bernpaintner is a Senior Fellow of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, Sweden, an entrepreneur and a former financial analyst. He earned an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business, USA, and an MSc from the Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden. He joins us to discuss modern problems created by government. He shares how true economics is the strongest proof against government. We'll focus on Swedish politics, economics and collectivist "solutions" as the Nordic model is being praised and promoted to the United States. Klaus dismantles the common misbelief that Swedish citizens get "free stuff." Since Sweden has the most centralized government in the world with the 2nd highest tax rate burden in the world, we investigate into the supposed claim that Sweden is the "happiest country in the world" and look into the results of socialist ideology. We also discuss fake privatization of businesses and how government regulation creates corruption, yet the people wrongfully blame free market capitalism. In the second hour, we discuss what creates the narrow bandwidth of perspective in a society like Sweden. We discuss how centralized government operates to shape and control behavior of the masses. Klaus explains how "family policy" is being used to control the choices families make. In a collectivist society, the inhabitants cannot see the value of taking charge of one's own destiny. Klaus returns to economic fascism to expose how government creates disastrous effects. He explains why entrepreneurs are leaving Sweden. Later, we critique not only Sweden's healthcare system but Obamacare. We can predict just how this will end. Although global politics seems to be closing in around us and although we may be in for a bumpy ride, Klaus leaves a positive message about the long term.


Red Ice Radio 3 Fourteen - Lucian Valsan - Marxist Feminist Governments
August 21, 2013


Lucian Valsan, the European News Director from A Voice for Men discusses oppressive "progressive" Marxist feminist governments and the created war between the sexes. Also joining in is Henrik Palmgren from Red Ice Radio. We'll talk about life in a Marxist feminist society and their ultimate goals. Lucian points out current examples from various European countries such as Sweden, a trendsetter for feminism, who has introduced feminine values as cultural norms and actively suppresses men's values. Under the law, men are 2nd class citizens in Sweden. We'll talk about how these extreme feminist values translate into schools, government and pop-culture. Then, Lucian discusses other lies being told by feminist politicians in Europe. He also gives his perspective on the true intentions of the feminist movement in the early days. Later, we converse on how gender differences are something to value and accepting those differences can benefit society as a whole. We also talk about the feminist idea that gender roles are only stereotypes. The hour ends on how Marxist feminist governments (and Marxism in general) are doomed to fail and what will happen if the war between the sexes continues.

"Women's situations are dictated by their emotions, not truth. They don't want truth, they just want to make the most truth out of whatever emotions they're feeling at the time. What is 'truth' to them is usually not truth to nature." ~ Todd Wentworth

"Moral certainty is always a sign of cultural inferiority. The more uncivilized the man, the surer he is that he knows precisely what is right and what is wrong. All human progress, even in morals, has been the work of men who have doubted the current moral values, not of men who have whooped them up and tried to enforce them. The truly civilized man is always skeptical and tolerant, in this field as in all others. His culture is based on 'I am not too sure.'" ~ Henry Louis Mencken

"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it." ~ Aristotle

“The truth is like a lion; you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose; it will defend itself.” ― Augustine of Hippo

“Society exists only as a mental concept; in the real world there are only individuals.” -- Oscar Wilde

“Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.” ~ Oscar Wilde

"Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is absurd." -- Voltaire

The discovery of truth is not 100% 'certainty' but the knowable minimal requirement, that which is close-enough-to-truth to be counted on as firm ground for civilization to develop and maintain itself upon.


Red Ice Radio - Christer Johansson - Abduction of Domenic Johansson by Swedish Social Services

April 15, 2012



In this special two hour program, we discuss the disturbing story of a child, Domenic Johansson who was abducted by Swedish social services over ludicrous claims. The child's father Christer Johansson explains the outrageous actions by the Swedish government. Christer and his wife Annie wanted to homeschool their child as he did not feel well in the noisy state school. At this time, homeschooling was still legal in Sweden. The family had planned to move abroad to India, Annie's home country and take part in humanitarian work, bringing their son. The then-7-year-old homeschooler was abducted from an airplane bound for India by police after his parents refused to stop educating him at home - and that was in June of 2009. The boy remains in state custody, completely isolated from his parents. We'll discuss the inhumane, cruel treatment of Domenic and his parents and the lie that says Sweden is the "social utopia." We uncover the dirty tyrannical government of a seemingly ok society. Christer also mentions that he is not alone. Thousands of children have been taken by Swedish authorities for ridiculous reasons, one because the mother "talked too much on the phone." Where are the children? Why aren't Swedes saying anything?


John Coleman - The Committee of 300 and the State of States:


For nearly 35 years, John Coleman, a political scientist and economist, has been reporting and writing on the subject of political conspiracies and world affairs. Coleman has published 14 books and hundreds of reports analyzing the power structure of the world. He argues that a relatively small group of elite, "The Committee of 300", are pursuing a goal of one-world government. John is probably best known for his books "The Conspirators' Hierarchy: The Committee of 300" and "The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations", both heavily referenced by other conspiracy researchers. He's also written: "The Rothschild Dynasty", "Diplomacy by Deception", "What You Should Know about the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights", "The Club in Rome", "We Fight For Oil" and many others. Since 1970, he has produced "World in Review", a bimonthly news magazine. He returns to the program for a controversial two-hour program, discussing his new upcoming book called "National Suicide: Immigration 1965-2080." In the second hour, Colman continues on the subject of mass immigration, the end of the national state and the creation of a new world order. We'll talk about the British politician Enoch Powell and his controversial "Rivers of Blood" speech in 1968. His speech was a reaction to the Commonwealth Immigrants Act of 1968. After this speech, it became "politically incorrect" to discuss the problems surrounding mass immigration. Then we attempt to get to the heart of the matter as to why the nation builders are so eager to deconstruct the nation state model. American physicist Michio Kaku's idea about turning Earth into a "Type 1" civilization are widely discussed in the media and these ideas echo Gene Rodenberry's idea of a planetary federation in Star Trek. Is the ultimate plan to turn Earth into a planetary mono-culture? Lastly, Coleman talks about the committee of 300, Fabian socialists, The Boer Wars and war over resources.



Red Ice Radio - Rick Falkvinge - Pirate Party: Intellectual Property & Big Brother -- January 20, 2014



Rick Falkvinge is the founder of the Swedish and first Pirate Party, which has representation in the European parliament and has spawned Pirate Parties in more than 60 other countries. He is a political evangelist for ideas of freedom of speech and expression. Rick has been named a Top Global Thinker by Foreign Policy magazine, as well as shortlisted as one of the world's most influential people by TIME Magazine. In the first hour, he'll tell us the background surrounding the formation of the Pirate Party, now known as the fastest growing political movement worldwide. We'll hear about his views on intellectual property, copyright laws and big brother. He explains how copyright laws invade civil liberties and demands surveillance. Rick also talks about Gottfrid Svartholm, the co-founder of The Pirate Bay, who is being held in solitary confinement on a charge he was acquitted on. In the member's hour, we'll continue on big brother surveillance and spy technology. We'll also talk about Snowden, Julian Assange and net censorship. Later, we discuss the major cracks in Sweden's facade as a "happy utopia." Rick ends the hour on the power of information and changing government policy.


Red Ice Radio - Ole Dammegård - Hour 1 - Coup d’etat in Slow Motion: The Assassination of Olof Palme -- Sunday, January 06, 2013 3:26 PM


Writer, former-journalist, artist and musician Ole Dammegård joins us to discuss his book "Coup d’etat in Slow motion," a book that turned out to be a very important but dangerous task for him. In his book, Ole uncovers the real facts behind the assassination of the Swedish Prime minister Olof Palme, which has interesting similarities with the JFK assassination. He’ll discuss an international conspiracy of what is still claimed to be the deed of madman but has turned out to have its roots within the international military complex and world finances at the very highest level, all sanctioned locally from behind impenetrable veils. We’ll talk about the life of Olof Palme the unofficial and the official story. In the second hour we continue with the sketchy, delayed events following the aftermath of the assassination, including the investigation, witness accounts and inconsistencies. Ole’s research led him into a world of international assassinations, arms smuggling, acts of terrorism, weird suicides, pedophiles and freemasonic rituals. He’ll discuss a picture of Sweden rarely seen before.

Today we celebrate Walpurgis Night here in Sweden

Lysander Spooner

Vices Are Not Crimes

A Vindication Of Moral Liberty



"Because today we live in a society in which spurious realities are manufactured by the media, by governments, by big corporations, by religious groups, political groups...So I ask, in my writing, What is real? Because unceasingly we are bombarded with pseudo-realities manufactured by very sophisticated people using very sophisticated electronic mechanisms. I do not distrust their motives; I distrust their power. They have a lot of it. And it is an astonishing power: that of creating whole universes, universes of the mind. I ought to know. I do the same thing." ~ Philip K. Dick

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