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1zenith 29-04-2015 08:02 PM

Have you tried it??

Well actually I just bought a WIN 8.1 PC. IT rocks!!!!

I use my tv for the monitor and I download FREE apps.

Windows 8.1 is half I- phone/Ipad and half desktop PC. I like it!!!!!

I just tried the Ghost Radar ClassiC and was wondering if I should use it like the OUIJA board aka talking board.

I have all sorts of 'spirits' coming up on it. Green dots, RED dots, Blue dots.

Question #1 : What do the colors mean???

Question # 2: How do I know it isn't reptilians posing as spirits/ghosts???

The other night a male voice said "Jimmy" on my new pc.
The night before that on my sister's tablet a female voice came through. I wasn't really paying attention at that time. NOT sure what her name was.
SO one night i get a male voice and another a female? SO i guess the APP (game) is working!!!

Anyway i am a NEWBIE at this 'game'.

But NOW i think it is for REAL, kinda like the ouija board.

I found out who my spirit guide was on there. Then she came to me.
She rocks!!!!! Her name is ZON aka Zenith.

Question # 3 : should I be treating Ghost Radar just like the Ouija Board??

The reptilianz haven't been given me NO action lately. NO REPLY AT ALL!! Heheee. SO during this DRY time maybe I can draw in spirits for awhile and 'play' with them from the heaven realms on this GHOST RADAR 'game'.

So anyway the first time i started paying close attention to this game was the other night when a male voice said and spelled "JIMMY".

The words like this came up : ' Drowning' ,' Wheels'.

SO apparently "Jimmy" died by driving his car into a pond and DROWNED!!!!

So qst # 4: Should I start interacting with 'Jimmy'?
Next time i turn on Ghost Radar -Classic or before hand, should I 'talk' to JIMMY and ask him some qsts and see if he answers me back
on the Ghost Radar??

That is gonna freak me out if he comes through again and says "Jimmy" on the ghost radar.

But in the end, how do I know it isn't the E ts messing with me and posing as JIMMY??

Well If i can get HIM to come to me and show himself in my consciousness or dream I will pretty much know if he is a real spirit .

Oh excuse me, my reptilains HAVE been given me action but only by created-dreams for me. They haven't been given me outta body experiences lately.
They are ALWAYS active with my DREAMS.

1zenith 04-05-2015 07:36 PM

Well,I turned 'Ghost Radar Classic' on last night.
His name was Andy and mentioned something about a DRONE.
He mentioned something about the Ground too.

Maybe a drone will soon crash to the ground. lol

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